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Serves meat, vegan options available. International chain offering Japanese inspired cuisine. Offers options which include dishes like stir-fried udon and soba, katsu curry, fried rice, vegkatsu with rice, gyoza/dumplings, bao buns with mushroom and aubergine, and sorbet for dessert. Juice and smoothies on the beverage list. May not have a separate vegan menu at this location. Open Mon-Wed 12:00-21:00, Thu-Sat 12:00-22:00, Sun 12:00-21:00.

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First Review by EvelinedeJong


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07 Oct 2023

Good option

Fair few options available, nicely labelled on the menu. Easy to order with the QR code on the tables, and food came pretty quickly. Slightly on the expensive side for a quick service place, but the portions are generous and delicious.



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26 Aug 2023

Our favorite place to order

We love the katsu curry yasai and the ramen ♥️ Restaurant is quite busy so we don’t go there so often, but we do order there once a 1-2 months or so 😍

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-26

Pros: Katsu curry yasai ♥️, Kare burosu ramen 🥰, Very close to central station

Cons: The restaurant itself can be very crowded


Points +180

30 Apr 2023

My all-time favourite

Wish I could have given five stars. This is my all-time favourite restaurant, with a pretty big vegan menu. Everything is delicious, but especially the vegan curry. The service is also super fast.

Pros: Delicious curry, Vegan menu, Fast service

Cons: Food doesn't arrive at the same time, Mostly online ordering


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05 Apr 2023

Some vegan options

Some vegan dishes are good, like the Vegatsu, Mixed mushrooms, Bang bang cauliflower and Vegan gyozas. However, I really regretted ordering the Gyoza ramen, since it was way to spicy and contained only some simple ingredients.

They have cocktails as well, of which 2 are juices (from their juice menu) with a shot of alcohol. However, they’re quite good.

Cons: Busy


Points +262

18 Mar 2023

So much plastic

We’ve been frequent visitors to Wagamama, but last time we sat close to the open kitchen and noticed something quite worrying.. the dishes that were prepared close to us came from multiple plastic bags per dish. The udon noodles itself were the kind of pre-cooked ramen you can buy in the supermarket, also from a plastic bag. If you find this use of plastic a problem you might want to reconsider eating here.

Also the vegan options have been limited lately, they used to have a separate vegan menu but not anymore. The dishes we ordered were tasty as usual.

Pros: Tasty dishes, Quick service

Cons: Lots of plastic , No separate vegan menu anymore


Points +316

15 Feb 2023

Tasty Asian-style food

Cozy place serving several vegetarian and vegan options, including ramen, noodles, curry and others.

Pros: Tasty good food, Cozy indoor space, Normal sized/big portions


Points +833

10 Jan 2023

Great option

I tried the spicy vegatsu, which was very good! They have a few vegan options, definitely worth a try.


Points +3496

01 Sep 2022

Vegan friendly!

I had Edamame, vegan Ramen & the vegan dessert. All was tasty. All vegan options are labeled in the menu 👍


Points +426

29 Jul 2022

Great vegan options!

Wagamama has a lot of vegan options, and the food is great. Definitely worth paying a visit!

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-29


Points +5891

21 Jul 2022

Full belly 🥰

Good food, nice staff. You can order from the QR code on the table, works way faster! You get the food pretty fast. Bao buns were yummy & teriyaki was amazing! Super nice stop close to UC

Pros: Good prices


Points +112

19 Apr 2021

I love wagamama

Wagamama is one of my favorite restaurants ever! The food is sooo tasty and they have vegan options absolutely delicious!

Pros: Tasty food, Location, Price


Points +26

22 Jul 2020

A perfect place to eat

I want to give them 5 Stars but Happy Cow did not let me.
★★★★★ for their Vegan menu

I have been to Wagamama many times now. Friendly staff, very clean, and amazing food. They even have a separate menu for Vegans. What is even better they tell you that they have a separate kitchen to make the Vegan dishes. The kitchen is open, so you can see the separation. Highly recommended

Pros: Great food, Great staff, Saparate kitchen to cook Vegan dishes


Points +116

25 Jun 2020

Great curry!

Great curry! After 2 weeks we went again!


Points +450

23 Feb 2020

Try the yasai curry

It’s so nice to have a fast food spot that serves vegan food and even has a seperate menu

Pros: Seperate menu for vegan options, Vegan wine

Cons: Ambiance isn’t great


Points +35

30 Jan 2020

Nice but a bit pricy

With no expectations and a hungry stomach we walked in on a Thursday evening. Every table was occupied. After 10 minutes we had a table. A separate vega and vegan menu with something to choose from. And it all tasted nice.
Nice but a bit pricy for the quality of the food. The staff is nice and accurate as wel. If you hungry and need to eat it is a good place. Nothing romantic, just nice food.

Pros: vegan options, quick service

Cons: little expensive


Points +629

01 Jun 2019

Delicious curry and great vegan options!

We ordered edamame beans as a starter and they tasted very good. Not salty and perfectly tender. As for the main, I went for the yasai samla curry. This coconut and lemongrass curry with tofu, tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers was absolutely scrumptious.
This is one of my fave type of curries and it did not disappoint. Not in the slightest! It tasted very coconutey and fresh just like it should. It was garnished with fresh coriander, spring onions and chilli and it came served with steamed white rice. Delicious, very fragrant and not too spicy.

I must say that I was also very pleased to see that Wagamama has a fully vegan menu with a great variety of mouth-watering dishes. I will have to drop by at some point again to give another dish a go! :)

Pros: Full vegan menu, Food is fresh prepared and made to order, Central location

Cons: Not the cheapest (but still overall worth)


Points +6528

02 May 2019

Good but pricey

Quite cozy place right next to the central station. Separate vegan menu.
I got ramen - well, it was tasty, the portion was big enough, loved silky tofu and variety of mushrooms. 15€ for ramen is quite pricey though (usually it’s about 10€).

Pros: Tasty, Good location

Cons: Pricey , Not 100% vegan restaurant


Points +255

23 Mar 2019

Fine food, busy place

Seperate vegan menu, with which I was very happy. But its a factory place. Crowded, food is prepped by different cooks so you dont all get it at the same time. But it tasted just fine. Might go there again, but rather try other places first.

Pros: Seperate vegan menu, Quite some options


Points +58

07 Mar 2019

Expensive small meal size

I ordered take away Vegan Yasai Samla. It's half a meal for 15 euros. Taste was boring, just very spicy.

Pros: Vegan menu, Quick restaurant

Cons: Expensive, Small meal size


Points +26

29 Dec 2018

Delicious vegan options

The vegan ramen is one of the best vegan ramen I ever tried. The katsu curry and the vegan gyoza are also very tasty!!


Points +1200

11 Nov 2018

Exactly what I wanted

I ordered the kare burosu ramen and the yasai gyoza. Forgot to take a photo of the gyoza, but they look like the pic in the menu. The ramen bowl was gigantic and full of flavour! And again I forgot to take a picture until I already stirred through and ate a bit, so it looks prettier when it's just served.

We went during lunch time on a Sunday and were in and out in 45 minutes, in time for our train. The staff was friendly and speaks both English and Dutch.

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