Second floor restaurant in Harajuku opened Mar 2021 by the small ramen chain Kyushu Jangara. Offers an all-vegan menu of curries, ramen, tacos, grilled soy meats, and burgers. Different menus for lunch and dinner. Open Mon-Tue 11:00am-10:00pm, Thu-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by Tomo Okabe


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25 Feb 2024

Best Vegan in Tokyo

Loved the vibe and loved the food even more; Tasty, inexpensive and authentic with lots of options! Probably the best Ramen and Soy Meat we had in Tokyo.

Pros: Delicious , Variety , Authentic



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24 Feb 2024



Pros: 好吃, 傳統


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22 Feb 2024

Great ramen

They had a good selection of food, especially different ramen. I had the vegan kobonshan. It was very tasty with a thick and salty broth; the vegan pork was particularly good. I also had the caramel nut mousse cake, which was tasty and sweet. Staff were great and it was relatively cheap.

Pros: Tasty food, Friendly staff, Relatively inexpensive


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22 Feb 2024

Vegan ramen in Tokyo

Vegan ramen in Tokyo!

The food was good but I think could be healthier. It tasted quite salty. The food portions were a bit off so that wasn’t pleasant. The ramen was good not great

It felt unclean and disjointed.

Very friendly service, nothing to complain about here.

Inexpensive and should

Pros: Tasty food but not healthy


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19 Feb 2024


We got almost all the apps for the table to share and a few ramen mains. Everything was tasty, lighter than expected for the fried food. Staff was great just have to walk upstairs and you enter a whimsical vegan paradise with an amazing view


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19 Feb 2024


Nice staff, good food. We came exhausted and hangry and were well fed :)
Had the ramen and gyoza&karaage to share with my not-hungry travel companion. The ramen was filling. The gyoza and karaage must have both been good because I didn't get any.

Pros: Location , Staff, Menu


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13 Feb 2024

Good Ramen and friendly staff

Visited two Times during my stay in Japan and food was both times delicious. Also the staff was very friendly.

Pros: Flavourful Ramen, Friendly Staff


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12 Feb 2024


Had the vegan Kobonshan ramen: flavourful broth, great noodles and generally a very ‘layered’ meal! Will come back ✨


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11 Feb 2024

Yummy Ramen

Watch out for the address when heading here. Google Maps led me astray, directing me to a street behind the restaurant in front of a construction site. If you encounter the same issue, take the parallel main road and use the elevator to reach the second floor. I tried their ramen, which was quite satisfying. It had a delicate yet flavorful broth, and the portion size was just right. However, the dessert was disappointingly small and left me craving more. Despite that, I’d still recommend this spot for anyone craving delicious ramen.


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31 Jan 2024

Delicious but so spicy 🌶️

We had the spicy ramen and usually I can handle the spice but this was next level. It was still so delicious! I thoroughly enjoyed it although I did have tears in my eyes.

I’d definitely go again but would probably get the soy sauce ramen to actually sit and enjoy it more.

Amazing space and it had heaps of options of food. Well worth it 😊 #Veganuary


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28 Jan 2024

If you like T’s Tan Tan you’ll love this

(The owner is related to the T’s Tan Tan vegan ramen shop owner but they are technically different companies despite the design being near identical!)

I got the Juju Grill with extra veggies and extra soy meat (200yen extra for each), you can even have extra rice for free! If you’re a big strapping lad i recommend it.

The quesadillas were amazing but too small, even with the gyoza sides I was still hungry.

So many good things on the menu, hard to believe it’s all vegan! I will be coming back multiple times!!be

Pros: Quesadillas , Veggie grill

Cons: Portion sizes


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22 Jan 2024

Yummy and many options!

Good variety of foods.
Although there isn’t really a concept.
Ramen, quesadilla, burger… 😅
Easy accessible and always easy to get a seat.


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20 Jan 2024

Super good

Food was amazing, restaurant was confusing to find, go up the stairs until there is a random door,open it and the restaurant appears, going up that stair almost feels like going up a private building #Veganuary


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17 Jan 2024

Ramen is nothing special

I dined here on the evening of January 17, 2024 with a friend that lives in Tokyo. I had the Kobonshan Ramen. The noodles didn't have the texture of a really good ramen and the broth was so salty that I didn't actually drink any of it. I just used it as a dipping sauce for my ramen noodles. When the ramen arrived at our table it wasn't really very hot, best lukewarm.

The staff is really friendly and helpful.

Don't confuse this upstairs restaurant with the very popular ramen restaurant downstairs. I'm told that they are both owned by the same company, except that the upstairs restaurant where I dined is fully vegan.

Pros: Friendly staff, Easy to read menu in Japanese and English

Cons: Too salty, Ramen not of a good texture, Ramen served lukewarm


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13 Jan 2024

Really solid

We went twice, and I'm only giving 4 stars because I didn't enjoy the second ramen all that much (tonkotsu-style).
Good (albeit somewhat hard to find) location near Meiji Jingu and Harajuku shopping district. Look for the signs to take the elevator (you can also take the stairs). Long lines out front were NOT for the vegan place. We only had to wait a minute or three each time to get seated, and the service was friendly. They sell vegan instant ramen as well, which was neat.


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10 Jan 2024

Cool vegan place in Tokyo

The venue is very nice and cozy. I had the vegan steak and also tried gyoza. The taste was good and prices ok. Definitely worth a stop when in Tokyo.


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07 Jan 2024

Okayish Ramen for a good price

Had the spicy ramen with a salad and gyosas. Everything was okay but nothing special. The price for the combo was good and I felt full afterwards. As others mentioned are the ramen just spicy and taste not much like anything else.

Updated from previous review on 2024-01-07

Pros: Price

Cons: Taste is only okay


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07 Jan 2024

Solid ramen in a convenient location!

Visited multiple times, and enjoyed eating here each time! The ramen, although not the best I've had, is tasty and well portioned.

As other users have mentioned, it can be a little difficult to find at first, as it's on the second floor (and the entrance is often hidden by a long line for the establishment below).

They also sell vegan cup noodles in store, which are a great as a backup plan.

There isn't a ton of seating, and it seems to be quite popular, so I recommend visiting off peak if you can!

Updated from previous review on 2024-01-07


20 Jan 2024

Is this place English friendly? Or would you need to know some simple Japanese?


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03 Jan 2024

A vegan oasis

Don’t confuse this place with the omni restaurant downstairs that has vegan options. This place is fully vegan and has excellent, fully flavoured, rich ramen. Also has great gyozas.

Pros: Fully vegan, Japanese and Taiwanese style ramen, Delicate and crisp gyozas

Craig N

Points +90

29 Dec 2023

All Vegan Shop

5 stars for being completely vegan with lots of choices. Ramen was 3 stars.

Pros: Lots of vegan choices, Nice restaurant


Points +159

28 Dec 2023

Must try

The best vegan shop i ge tried in japan

Updated from previous review on 2023-12-28


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28 Dec 2023

Excellent - will be back!

Initially got confused as there was a huge line for the ramen place downstairs advertising a vegan section on their menu, but glad we figured it out - this place is up a narrow flight of stairs from street level.

My wife and I both got ramen and gyoza and everything was exceptional. There were plenty more non-ramen options on the menu we’d love to try, so we will definitely return!


Points +13

21 Dec 2023

Best Ramen I have ever had!

Loved the taste, the space and everything else! Waiting time could be long at times!


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14 Dec 2023

Good Tonkotsu Ramen, very good Gyoza

We had the Tonkotsu Ramen with Gyoza and caramel cream cake. The ramen was good and better than most typical vegan alternatives. The tonkotsu pieces themselves were great. Definitely get the gyoza, because they were very good. The cake is closer to frozen ice cream but tasty as well.

You will get free water refills at the table here. Dont be intimidated by the fact, that you have to get into an elevator for this restaurant. It‘s worth it. We were there at around 6pm and only had to wait for like 5 minutes without a reservation.

This place also sells vegan cup noodles.


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12 Dec 2023


abbiamo provato diverse portate tutte ci sono piaciute molto. Il ramen ottimo, consigliata la versione spicy solo per veri esperti perché è davvero piccante. Personale gentile tantissima scelta.
Ci è piaciuto tutto. Consigliato


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01 Dec 2023

Not as good as hoped

Very popular place. We seem to be a bit of an outlier because we didn't like their signature Ramen. It was very spicy - which is perfectly fine and we were told so beforehand - but it didnt taste much of anything else, no other flavor to balance the heat. The meat was good but there wasnt much of it. We went there at 4 in the afternoon on a weekday (after trying at other times/days without luck), which seemed to be the perfect time because there was a lot of space.

Updated from previous review on 2023-12-01

Pros: Friendly Staff

Cons: Bland Ramen


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26 Nov 2023

Soild Vegan Ramen

Plenty of options. The gyoza was super tasty. The garlic Ramen was a garlic lovers dream. Highly recommend

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