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Serves meat, vegan options available. Gujarati Indian restaurant, previously fully vegetarian. The server brings you what is being offered for the day, typically a vegetable stew, dahl (lentils), soup, rice, naan bread, a variety of nice sauces. Re-fills are offered through the meal. Vegan thali available. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-2:30pm, 5:00pm-10:00pm.

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25 Reviews

First Review by audrey


Points +209

04 May 2023

rest and relax here

Quiet environment with very understanding wait staff. Quick with the food and kind. Wish I came more hungry because it’s to go box time for sure. the pani puri is top tier. Boo thang like the vegetable samosas which could’ve been a meal for me alone.

Pros: mango juice, pani pur, thali



Points +99

06 Oct 2022

Delicious vegan friendly Indian food in Atlanta

The staff here is really friendly and knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions about what’s vegan and what isn’t! They even mark on the mobile menu what’s vegan/vegetarian. I had the channa Masala and it was sooo good, spicy but not too spicy, generous portion and good prices.

Pros: Great vegan options , Friendly and knowledgeable staff , Good prices


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12 Sep 2021

Great option in the area.

Had the vegan thali. Nom. Wish the menu was easier to use for a vegan, but at least their English is good enough to easily order anyway.

Pros: Value, Easy to communicate

Cons: Not all-vegan, Unlabeled menu


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04 Jan 2020


I found this restaurant on Yelp 2 weeks ago. It’s super close to the house so we decided to try it. Long story short it’s amazing. The vegan Thali is 11 dollars and all you can eat, although we’ve never managed to finish what we were given.
We’ve been three times in two weeks and will keep coming back.
If you plan on going you might want to bring your own containers for leftovers otherwise they will bring you ALOT of styrofoam.

Pros: Delicious , Fast , Inexpensive

Cons: Decor. , Styrofoam , Nothing else


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15 Aug 2019

Gustatoric elation.

Very nice indeed.


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14 Apr 2019


This has become by far my favorite place to get Indian food from. The staff is friendly, attentive, and very efficient. My go to dish is the Chana Marsala- so flavorful and delicious! The portion sizes are more than enough. The prices are very reasonable and good value for what you get. I highly recommend this place.


Points +36

17 Mar 2019


I got the Thali and I was so satisfied with the flavors and portions! The staff is so nice too


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10 Dec 2018

Delicious food and assorted nutrition

This is a must visit for vegetarian indian food lovers. Trust me, it is not as spicy as the usual Indian food.


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13 Sep 2018

A must visit gem!

Visited with two of my non-veg friends, one a very picky eater. We all left full after ordering two vegetarian and one vegan thali. Highly recommend it! Wonderful owner loves new customers, very friendly and ensures prompt service. You have to go if you’re vegan in the Atlanta area!

Pros: Excellent filling vegan thali, Vegan-friendly staff, Nice selection of grab and go snacks


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Mostly Veg
25 Jul 2018

Tasty and light

I love Indian food but usually struggle with the amount of butter that most restaurants use. So I was really happy that Vatica take a different approach and prepare their food very light. I don't think they use any butter at all actually.
The food is served piping hot. And the flavors are bold so don't expect a watered down experience for the western palate. I found the dishes quite authentic (i.e. spicy) and absolutely delicious.

Pros: Offers Vegan options , Unlimited tasty fresh food for just $11, No grease used


Points +28

06 Aug 2017

soooooooo satisfying!

The food was amazing and they were very nice! I try to avoid oil whenever possible, and the food here was not at all greasy which was great. The flavors were amazing, and even my omni parents enjoyed it.

Pros: vegan options (everything is mostly vegan with the


Points +22

23 Jun 2017


All you can eat lunch is absolutely delicious! Service is extremely friendly, prompt and helpful! Our first time here. We will be back.

Pros: lots of vegan options

Cons: .


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20 Mar 2017


I really love this place! The thali is always extremely delicious. They only offer vegetarian or vegan thali (you have to request a vegan one) and there is a set menu for thali, though they do have a menu you can order from, too. Their pakoras are extremely delicious and everything has really good flavor and spices. So good!

Pros: Delicious, Vegan options per request, Flavors on point

Cons: None!


Points +68

13 Nov 2016

Everything tasty!

I love going to Vatica. Whoever is serving you will ask if anyone is vegan before you even have to tell them! The family that runs it is so nice too. The thali platter is ready quickly, and everything is delicious. It's also not super spicy, which may be a pro or a con for you!


Points +44

28 Feb 2016

So delicious!!!

I love the format of sampling a bit of everything they have. If you ask for the vegan version they'll make sure there's no dairy. The food is so delicious!!! I crave this place often!!!


Points +13

09 Feb 2016

Amazing find!!!!!

This little gem looks a little unappealing from the outside but don't be scared away. Whether you are a vegetarian or not you will find it delish. Staff super friendly and it has become one of our weekly staples.

Pros: Food is ALWAYS good, Eat till you pop, Remembers the locals

Cons: Decorations getting better, Unappealing from outside


Points +16

19 Dec 2015

Favorite Restaurant Ever!!!

This is just the best food ever! Most flavorful! We love the service too! The nicest people work here & we've made friends with them! Order samosas - they are the best & of course the vegan thali rocks our world!


Points +115

27 Nov 2015

Best Indian restaurant!

These guys know how to cook Indian food. Their Thali's are so good and they change it up daily. It is 100% vegetarian, but just ask for a non-dairy thali (vegan) and they'll get it for you. They are very vegan cautious and truly care. They are getting vegan desserts now too! They have amazing vegan veggie samosas, yum!

Best thing about this place is that the Thali's are ALL YOU CAN EAT! Come hungry!

We highly recommend it!


Points +51

20 May 2015

In Love!

This is definitely my new favorite place to eat at! Like others have stated, there is no menu; they bring out what they have cooked, about six different items, plus rice and breads. It is all you can eat for only $11(for dinner). For vegan, just let them know and they will easily accommodate by substituting out any dairy items for something else. Someone comes around throughout the meal and refills whatever you like as much as you'd like! They are in the middle of redecorating, so don't let the current presentation put you off at all(although I don't personally find any problems with it); with talking with the owner, he let us know that their priority has been the food before the décor, and you can absolutely tell. He is also working on experimenting with making vegan sweets! Hopefully those will be a thing in the future! The entire staff was welcoming and very friendly! Everything was so flavorful, with wonderful spices and textures. Even my partner who doesn't normally like lentils had his bowl refilled many times! I had to eventually stop myself before my tummy burst! I will be returning as soon as I can! Yuuumm ❤

Pros: Accommodating; friendly; good prices; delicious fo

Cons: none!


Points +3144

08 Feb 2015


I will absolutely return here. There is no menu - you are just brought samples of what they have prepared that day. Vegans must specify no dairy. Then, once you figure out what you like, they refill it as much as you want. Great food and service!


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Non Veg
20 Dec 2012


This place is great. Everyday, they have a slightly different menu plan. There is also NO MENU (which I think adds to the uniqueness of the place). They bring you a plate that has a variety of dishes on it and it is the perfect balance of spicy and cooling. It really feels like you are in someone's home having a meal. The owner is such a goof ball and a very nice man! If you're looking for a place where they pay close attention to the flavors in their dishes, and you are sick of the heavy salted, overpriced, pretentious Atlanta area restaurants, this is a great place to try! I am a foodie...I would know :)

Pros: Good, home made food!, Well priced, Great service


Points +11

Mostly Veg
05 Nov 2012

My favorite Indian restaurant

This is one of my family favorite. When we're craving for Indian food, we go to this restaurant and never be disappointed. Besides Thali, we like Samosa, which is really crispy, yummy but not oily at all. Oh! Mango lasssi is good too.


Points +67

15 Aug 2010

Interesting but just for a one time trip

I'm glad I tried the food here but I won't return except, maybe, to get something from their bakery area. I'm a foodie and love a variety of textures and colors but most of the food was creamy, kinda creamy, soupy, and mostly in the hues of browns, creams, and greens. It just wasn't balanced enough. With that said, the place was really interesting- especially the serving style.

Pros: Friendly Staff, All You Can Eat, Excellent Bakery Area

Cons: Bland food, Poor selection, Inability to serve onself


Points +1453

06 Aug 2008

Just OK

Pretty average south Indian fare, no flair or originality and not worth a special trip unless you're stuck for options. Served as a thali, and then a guy comes to refresh any items as much as you like. Not bad value for $11. Curries weren't really spicy, although this is common from the south. On the plus side, the dessert was one of the best gulab jamuns I have had, well worth the extra $1.75, and service was friendly.

Pros: quick service, exceptional gulab jamun, friendly

Cons: bland, unoriginal


Points +40

17 May 2008

Great food!

We used to go here all the time for great tasting Indian food that was all vegetarian. The people who run the place are very friendly. I miss it a lot. We rarely go these days because it is all you can eat and we don't care to stuff ourselves. We like taking the leftovers home. But if you are looking for a delicious meal, this is the place to go.

Pros: great people, great food

Cons: all you can eat

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