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Small factory store with factory tours available. Taza is one of the few bean to bar chocolates made in the U.S. Shade-grown, stone-ground, certified direct trade, sustainably produced, light roast, organic, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, kosher chocolate. Delivered locally by bicycle and elsewhere by carbon neutral shipping. Products also available in stores in 48 states and various countries and online. Open Tue-Fri 11:00am-6:00pm, Sat-Sun 10:00am-6:00pm.

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Mostly Veg
26 Jul 2023


You can go and do a fun chocolate tour and eat chocolate samples and buy lotsa chocolate to eat chocolate on the way home!
Whats not to love ?!?!



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29 Jun 2022

Soo good

Delicious chocolate! If you take the tour you get lots of samples for the price.

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16 Sep 2021

Such good chocolate

The almond and sea salt chocolate is delicious. I’m sure all of their chocolates are probably amazing.
Worth visiting the factory as well!


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27 Aug 2019

Incredibly good

Their chocolate may be expensive but the flavor is exceptional and they have so many favorites I miss from when I ate dairy like chocolate covered nuts! Definitely worth a try - unless you don't like dark chocolate.

Pros: Vegan chocolate galore

Cons: Expensive


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09 Jul 2018

Get the coffee coffee buzz buzz

Love going here and getting vegan fair trade chocolate at a pretty good price!


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07 Dec 2017

So Tasty!!!

My husband and I are fans of Taza chocolate. It was such a treat to go to the factory store and see so many varieties that we can't get at home. Plus, there are free samples... yummy. Our favorite that we tried was the raspberry dark chocolate. Oh goodness, if you haven't tried Taza yet, please make your way here or to the Taza Bar to get some soon. All of their chocolate is vegan.

Pros: Delicious, vegan chocolate, The stone ground discs fit in your purse

Cons: Uh.... none?


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06 Dec 2017

literally the best chocolate ever

Have been enjoying these delectable treats at our local health food shop for years but then visited Somerville and took the chocolate tour, firstly the place is so neat and the employees seem very happy, secondly they gave us infinite free samples, and thirdly they had every product, even the yet to come out stuff at your fingertips, if only I lived closer I’d be here quite often.

Pros: nice people, great chocolate


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02 May 2014

Nothing better than Taza Chocolate

The chocolate is a little it on the pricer side, but it's something that I don't mind splurging on once in a while because it's worth it. My favorite is the coconut chocolate. All of my friends have also enjoyed the tour of the factory.


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24 Jun 2013

Texture & Tour

I went on the tour last year with my mom and it was a fun activity. Their chocolate is made in Mexican style and has a more "grainy" flavor/texture to it, which some people love and others dislike (I like it). All of their chocolates are "dark" chocolate and are vegan. Also, their chocolate is "slave-free" -- they work closely with their cacao farmers in Latin America to ensure they are farming sustainably and treating workers well (unlike most of the big chocolate manufacturers who often buy cacao from the Ivory Coast where child labor and slave labor are problems).

If you like chocolate, you should definitely try it. They also have interesting flavors like ginger. Veggie Galaxy uses Taza chocolate in some (maybe all?) of their chocolate-type desserts.

Note: I understand Taza makes only vegan chocolate, but they may sell to other companies that make non-vegan candies (which they may sell in their store), so be sure to read ingredients before you buy.

Pros: worker-friendly production, sweet chocolate!, sustainable production

Cons: a little expensive (because they care), some people don't like grainy texture


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30 Jan 2013

you have never had chocolate until you have Taza

Simply an astounding experience for those who love chocolate. The most intense chocolate eating experience you can have! Truly once you eat this chocolate all others start to taste like sugar and nothing more.

Pros: astounding chocolate

Cons: pricey


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16 Jul 2012

One of my favorite brands

I absolutely LOVE their chocolates. Have yet to try one that I didn't like. They offer a wide variety of flavors, all vegan & soy-free as far as I know, and made with simple, pure ingredients, which is exactly what I prefer. I also like their focus on fair trade and sustainability. Definitely come here and join the factory tour. You'll get to learn about their chocolate making process from start to finish, walk through the facilities, and - the best part - get to sample all kinds of chocolates! In the factory store there are a lot more products/flavors than you could ever find in other retail outlets. This is a must-see for chocolate lovers!

Pros: excellent chocolates, friendly staff

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