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Opened in March 2010, Sprig & Vine is an upscale and stylish vegan restaurant in Union Square. The seasonal menu changes regularly and features locally sourced produce. Sample menu items include slow-roasted root vegetable pave, beet and lemon-almond ricotta ravioli, miso-maple-mustard glazed tempeh, tiramisu, rhubarb-cashew cheesecake and more. Kid's menu available. Brunch on Sunday. Open Wed-Sun 3:30pm-8:00pm. Closed Mon and Tue.

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First Review by Ishani


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20 Feb 2024

Best vegan dinner spot

This area sorely lacks vegan restaurants. This one is amazing. It’s been around a long time, and they seem to operate very smoothly.
Delicious menu options which seem to rotate. We ate outside, which was nice - nothing fancy, but it he food is what we came for! Came here with a non vegan who also had a great experience.
They were accommodating to allergies, and good service.

Updated from previous review on 2024-02-20

Pros: Flavor/presentation

Cons: Not a ton for GF options



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21 Jan 2024

Inventive and delicious

The restaurant is attractive and comfortable. The front of the house and servers were kind and attentive, but I was the delicious food that made us cancel our reservation for the next night and come back here.
We shared a few items for the table— the black eyed pea cakes were a standout. My meal the first night of chickpea stew was also wonderfully flavorful. And, oh, the chocolate stout cake…well, you get the idea. Highly recommended.

Pros: Amazing food , Reasonable cost , Friendly service


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03 Dec 2023

Lovely vegan dining

Came here for dinner on a recommendation from a friend after an animal sanctuary tour in NJ, it was the Saturday after needless-turkey-murder-day and we luckily were able to show up without a reservation. The decor and atmosphere is elegant without being overly stuffy, just enough to make it feel like an elevated experience. Was in a 'seasonal mood' so ordered the Almond-Coconut Nog to drink and shared the special seitan sliders with herb stuffing, mushroom gravy and cranberry sauce, the Roasted Autumn Squash & Sweet Potato Bisque and the Crispy Smashed Potatoes. Everything was delicious, would definitely go back next time in the area.

Pros: Delicious food, Nice atmosphere , Friendly service

Cons: Just heads up it's BYOB which we didn't know


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19 Aug 2023

Not a single miss

Everything was so good in my party of 5. Not a single complaint and I was the only vegan! Unfortunately the risotto was out so couldn’t try it 😕 tiramisu was delish. Great service as well


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16 Aug 2023

Healthy vibes

Risotto was good! I wish I tried dessert.


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07 Aug 2023

An incredible vegan dining experience!!

I first went to Sprig and Vine in 2013 as a new vegan and was astounded at the high quality food items and the use of in season, fresh produce. The owner/chef was kind enough to chat with us after our meal!

I have returned many times with high expectations since then and I’ve never been disappointed. Cozy atmosphere and incredible food, an absolute must stop!!


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05 May 2023

Our go to spot for celebrations. Great, innovative vegan food.

Great food, service, and ambiance.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Expensive, BYOB


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03 Apr 2023

Wanted to love this place! But definitely didn’t😡

Drove in with my partner to visit this place that we wanted to love, but the service left much to be desired. After ordering two appetizers, an entree and a dessert, our server brought out another special dessert that we said we might want but it came out cold - which was not stated on the description. The other savory meals we had were delicious but this dessert tasted like cold cinnamon covered lard - after spending $85 on a check we thought it would be alright to send one dish back as it was inedible.

Multiple staff members came out to sneer at us for our basic politely expressed request, saying “we don’t do that” and us both having food service experience have simply never heard of that. We observed multiple femme presenting servers act genuinely scared to confront the manager that we unfortunately had to ask to receive a small deduction off the check.

When he came out - we understood why, his toxic masculinity was on full display as he stared at us with his arms crossed and scowled for a good two minutes before opening his mouth. He started aggressively raising his voice at us and making a huge scene in his own establishment. The other guests were visibly uncomfortable. We had a few bites of this large dish that we hated and we left the meal hungry which included several plates , because we were so rubbed the wrong way from this obscenely rude interaction.

Safe to say we won’t be coming back, and one member of the staff ruined the experience for several guests. Despite talented chefs being at sprig and vine, I wouldn’t recommend if you have a sweet tooth or if you expect decent business practices and good customer service at the restaurants you go to.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-03

Pros: Good savory options

Cons: Rude, no ambience, paid parking, Gross desserts , Bad business practices


05 Jul 2023

I'm genuinely sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience at the restaurant, especially since I've enjoyed my visits there. I agree with your perspective that a good restaurant should prioritize customer satisfaction, and refunding an unsatisfactory dish seems like a reasonable expectation, especially considering the cost of your meal.

As a regular patron for the past year, I've generally found the staff and management to be friendly and accommodating. For instance, there was a time when I mistakenly left without paying due to confusion with the payment system. The manager handled the situation with grace and even offered me a discount as an apology for the confusion, even though it was arguably my mistake (I refused the discount because I did not believe I deserved it).

However, your review has made me reflect on the potential for different experiences, and I'm sorry yours fell short. It's concerning to hear about the staff's interaction with the manager. Although I've not personally witnessed this, it's something I will keep an eye on in the future.

Despite your recent experience, I hope you'll consider giving the restaurant another chance, as it's one of the few vegan places around. It is really in a league of its own. If you're looking for other options, P.S. & co. and Vedge in Philly are good choices as well—and the closest nearby. Again, I'm sorry for your experience, and I hope your next dining outing, wherever it may be, is a pleasant one.


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25 Mar 2023

Reliably good vegan food

My husband and I frequent sprig & vine and have never been disappointed. Their tiramisu is out of this world!

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-14

Pros: All vegan, Staff is very nice

Cons: I wish they still had brunch


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21 Jan 2023

Amazing vegan food in New Hope, PA

This place is amazing! The food is always well made. I’m always impressed with the vegetable preparation, taste, and presentation of the food.

My one critique is that the kids menu chicken nuggets were too big and crunchy for my toddler. I ate them and they were delicious but just too hard/crunchy/big for a little kid.

Pros: All vegan, Delicious , Well prepared food


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19 Dec 2022

Fabulous Flavors

We had several dishes from here (for two vegans and three vegetarians), and they were all fantastic. One of the specials we ordered was a spicy tempeh with bok choi and jasmine rice cake. The flavors were spectacular and the aromatic jasmine rice cake was a really nice accompaniment to the spicy tempeh. The barbecue seitan sandwich was excellent (we can’t believe we ate the whole thing!) and the sesame tamarind seitan was delicious! Plenty to choose from.

Pros: Unusual flavors—all delicious, Great portion size

Cons: Pricy but worth it!


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04 Jul 2022


This is our go-to spot for amazing vegan food.


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03 Jul 2022


Great restaurant. A little on the expensive side and the menu is small, but I've never had a bad meal. Everything is super flavorful.


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09 May 2022

I can eat here everyday!

The best tofu steak I have ever tried! Desserts are amazing!!

Pros: They are open to doing half orders for young vega.

Cons: It sucks that we have to pay for parking.


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07 May 2022


What a find. We will be back. The fennel seed crusted tofu with mushroom gravy and garlic mash was so very delicious. Great cashew mac n cheese! Now for our dessert… wow.

Pros: Great choices, diversity of options, Really delicious, well-seasoned, Cozy and welcoming


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17 Apr 2022


Everything and I mean everything and everyone was MARVELOUS! We had roasted mushroom bisque; fennel seared tofu ; cornmeal crusted tempeh and chocolate cake....

Pros: Roasted asparagus and broccoli I!!!!!!!! , Garlic mash !!!!!!!! , Horseradish sauce! Arugula mushroom sauce!!!

Cons: Nothing. Absolutely no cons


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31 Mar 2022

Excellent start to finish

Tasted every ingredient listed . Nothing overpowered, well balanced dishes.

Pros: Vegan, Desserts


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26 Dec 2021

Delicious and High Quality Food

I've been eating at Sprig & Vine since it opened more than 10 years ago. They make delicious and interesting food that is consistently high quality. They have a wide array of appetizers, and sometimes I order several of them rather than an entree. Their salads are always fresh and tasty.

Pros: Excellent food

Cons: Not enough outdoor seating during pandemic


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17 Dec 2021

“fancy” vegan restaurant

What I love about this place is it feels like you are just at a nice restaurant. The food is so good even like side dishes and veggies they have great flavor. Good location and fun to explore new hope and lambertville definitely worth the trip!! Mac and cheese is my favorite and usually i think cauliflower is overused but they do it so well with this dish!!

Pros: Amazing flavor, Great service, Worth the price

Cons: Lil pricey so save up some $$


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22 Jun 2021

I can't stop!

Every other Friday I get a takeout feast from Sprig And Vine. Their menu changes fairly often and the food is all amazing. Ingredients are fresh with little to no corner cutting. There is not a single thing on their menu that isn't excellent. Their sauces and glazes make otherwise more mundane items into exceptional dishes. Even the desserts are unique, special, and change frequently.

Yes it is expensive, but it is also relatively unrivaled in the region.

Pros: Every single menu item is excellent, Reasonable portions, Great staff

Cons: Pricy... but not a bad value


26 Sep 2021


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12 Feb 2021

Fancy fancy!

When assessing the value of the dishes at Sprig & Vine, you have to go into it with the right mindset. This is a fancy pants fine dining establishment. Everything is going to be overpriced, but it’s because they spare no expense. Whatever you order can’t be compared to the same dish from another place. It will be better, fancier, and tastier. If you want an experience, this is the place to go. You probably won’t be stopping by once or twice a week, but that’s okay. This place is special and should be enjoyed as such.

Pros: Creative and original menu, All vegan, Friendly staff. Fancy atmosphere.

Cons: Expensive. But it’s supposed to be!


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01 Nov 2020


The food was amazing! Highly recommend!

Pros: So many great vegan dishes , Safe COVID measures, Great staff


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24 Sep 2020

Absolutely delicious! We drove almost an hour and a half- totally worth it!

Food was delicious and very reasonably priced, variety of dishes and size of dishes so you can sample parts of the menu if you don’t mind sharing with whoever you’re with. Tables spread out for COVID precautions, everyone wearing masks. Very impressed!

Pros: All vegan menu, Lots of options to share (small and large plates), Very safe COVID precautions


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05 Sep 2020

This has been our go to place for ten years!

Just adding a review now that they are rocking it with their takeout menu these days. Love the variety on the menu. The sandwiches and salads are always superb. Okay and the desserts and appetizers — and entrees, which are typically huge!

Pros: All vegan, great menu, friendly staff , Our non-vegan friends always love it too, BYOB


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30 Aug 2020

Makes me want to cry it's so good

I would eat here every day if I could afford it, and lived nearer. The food is amazing and I always leave happy and inspired.

Pros: Creative food, Nice presentation, Delicious

Cons: Expensive, Sometimes hard to get a reservation


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11 Jul 2020

Fully Vegan

Loved this restaurant. More formal then your average vegan spot and a nice change for a date night. Their food is delicious and plated beautifully


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30 Jun 2020

Yummy take out during COVID

Recently got takeout and was SO happy with the delicious food. Nothing was soggy, ice cream was cold and nothing melted!

Pros: Completely vegan, Added kids menu

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