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4130 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, California, USA, 90230

Its 2nd restaurant which also house Kindkreme raw ice cream bar. Menu here is more extensive than its other locations. Large space with full bar. Food is vegan, from sandwiches, grain bowls, and tacos to pizza, starters and salads plus hot pretzels. The only non-vegan item is honey for sale and in a few ice cream flavors. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-11:00pm, Sat-Sun 9:00am-4:00pm, 5:00pm-11:00pm.

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25 Reviews

First Review by Chia

Cool atmosphere, good food - Edit

Cool atmosphere and lots of food options. Cauliflower wings were the best I've tried. Cauliflower picatta was good but a little small.

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wrong restaurant - Edit

This review was meant for the sunset blvd sage

Pros: Staff

Cons: Everything else

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LOVE - Edit

One of my favorite spots - great service, tasty food, lovely atmospheres

Cons: parking

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Sage is Kind - Edit

The restaurant design layout is convenient outside.

Pros: Vegan options, Salad, Server listens well

Cons: Needs more raw vegan options, Has processed vegan foods, Place feels a bit scattered with so many features

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My favorite vegan restaurant in Los Angeles. So many delicious options. It is a little pricey but worth every penny.

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One of the best in the Los Angeles area - Edit

Well I could endlessly talk to you about Sage. First of all, of the mid-priced vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in the LA area, this was undoubtedly my favourite.
The food is just incredible and the menu is huge. You can go raw, fast food, and anything in between. I came back three times in two weeks and tried as much as possible. My absolute favourite were the raw tacos with walnut cranberry meat. But don’t miss out on the cauliflower hotwings either. The ceviche could have been better.
Now the atmosphere is absolutely great. Their patio is gorgeous, a little vegan paradise. The ambiance is casual, dress any way you like. The staff is absolutely lovely. One downside, their bottomless mimosas are made with cider instead of champagne, in fact, they do not serve champagne at all.
Sage is completely vegan. Any vegan knows the joy of not having to think about anything when ordering. But don’t hesitate to take your non-vegan friends. They will be happily surprised.

Updated from previous review on 2017-06-22

Pros: Completely vegan, Gorgeous patio, Huge menu

Cons: No champagne

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Favorite Restaurant, amazing food and atmosphere! - Edit

The food here is delicious, loved by both vegans and omnivores ;) and the atmosphere is great. I love eating outside under the beautiful tree. The perfect spot for lunch and dinner, great for casual or a date. My favorites are the raw bowl and the buffalo cauliflower.

Pros: organic, great food, great atmosphere

Cons: no reservations for small groups

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Solid vegan option with vast menu - Edit

The meals here are always satisfying. You can easily forget that you're at a vegan restaurant, as the food is very hearty. The menu is quite large, featuring many snacks/appetizers, a wide variety of pizzas, pasta, bowls and entrees. The restaurant itself is quite big too, including a large amount of outside seating (covered). While I wouldn't say it's quite as beautifully decorated as The Butcher's Daughter in Venice, it's definitely well-done.

I've been a few times, enjoying similar dishes each time. We've had the brussel sprouts, summer squash, & tempeh bacon sauteed in garlic sage butter small plate - VERY good. The veggies are sautéed and the tempeh bacon doesn't try to be bacon, but it instead its own tasty treat. The garlic sage butter is the perfect topper to add a bit more flavor without being too much. The avocado bruschetta is good and a big serving size, but beware it is extremely garlic-heavy. There is a lot of avocado on here, though, which is a bonus compared to the minuscule amounts other restaurants will give!

We always get a pizza too. You can get a relatively plain one, but their ones with toppings are truly incredibly loaded down in the best way, yet the pizza crust still stands firm and holds together nicely! Our favorite is the blta pizza. It has tempeh bacon, hemp seed pesto, and follow your heart mozzarella piled with chopped romaine lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, avocado, all topped with ranch. The toppings may sound weird for a pizza, but they really work! Each topping contributes to the flavor of the pizza: the lettuce & tomato provide a refreshing crunch, the avocado and ranch a creaminess and the bacon and hemp seed a smokiness & nuttiness.

For dessert, we'd always gotten an ice cream sundae here. Originally, I liked it and thought they had an interesting mix of available ice cream flavors. However, recently when we've gone, I've found the flavors to be more icy than creamy, and the general sundae almost sticky-sweet, rather than a pleasant ice cream creaminess sweet. I'd avoid it, unless you're vegan and truly dying for something sort of resembling ice cream. Now there's so much in terms of options available (even Ben & Jerry's vegan!), that I'd likely skip.

One final note: while there's a big parking lot, it's usually very full, as it's shared with many other stores. You may have to do a few loops before getting a spot. All in all, it's certainly not the most unique vegan around, but there's something for everyone.

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I love Sage! - Edit

This is a cozy little spot, with a surprisingly serene tree lined outdoor dining space to be near a strip mall, they have managed to block that out. Staff was nice and helpful, I LOVED their jackfruit "Tuna" sandwich. Also good selection of beer and wine.

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amazing!! - Edit

All of their food on the menu looked so good! It was so difficult to decide what to eat, haha. I had the flautas and they were amazing! They have sweet potato inside :)

Pros: everything

Cons: nothing

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LA Vegan Oktoberfest - Edit

I visited their van at the LA Vegan Oktoberfest. As I don't drink I went exclusively for the food and Sage was on my must-try list. I quite enjoyed the cauliflower buffalo wings but the Kindcreme was not as tasty as I hoped and both were quite expensive.

Unfortunately I didn't get time to visit the actual restaurant and see the whole menu but if I am ever back in LA I will definitely do so! :D

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Delicious! - Edit

I loved my dinner at Sage while visiting LA. They have a nice craft beer list, and my friends and I split the buffalo cauliflower hot wings appetizer and the brussel sprouts with summer squash and tempeh bacon small plate (which as others have mentioned is so tasty). My entree was the butternut squash ravioli served with pesto and cashew cream over kale, and oh wow was it good. It is rare that I have vegan ravioli and these really were a treat. They have a great gelato bar, and I had the Coconut lime for dessert was quite good, too. We ate outdoors near a heater as it was chilly outside, and it was perfect. I would definitely go back if I have the chance the next time I am in the LA area.

Pros: Creative, large menu, Butternut squash ravioli, Great ambiance

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Disappointing - Edit

I was excited to try this place from the menu online, but unfortunately I was really disappointed in the execution.

We got the hearts of palm "mozzarella" sticks, fried artichoke hearts, eggplant parmesan sandwich, and portabella bacon chili cheese burger.

The hearts of palm were like they weren't even drained and tasted like hearts of palm straight out of the can. Which I like, and I'll put on a salad at home (after draining and rinsing), but not what I was expecting for "mozzarella" sticks. I make stuff out of hearts of palm at home, and you can't tell that I've used hearts of palm (same thing with carrot dogs, for example... you're not supposed to bite into and say, "oh, look, a plain carrot"). The ranch was also bland and didn't taste like ranch... it was more like plain, watered down v-mayo; practically no herbs in it.

The fried artichoke hearts were pretty good from what I recall. Greasy, but okay as an appetizer. But I can't make a meal out of those.

The eggplant parmesan was greasy and flavorless. I'm okay with unhealthy food now and then if it tastes good, but this was bland grease. I'm almost certain they used the Dominex frozen, thin, fried eggplant cutlets, and if they didn't, then they've done a good job of replicating the frozen supermarket quality. Not what I was expecting at all.

My big problem with the burger probably comes down to personal taste. The "bacon" was marinated in *so much* anise that it had an overwhelming licorice taste that permeated every other ingredient and it made the entire thing unpalatable for me.

My partner did really enjoy his coffee with ice cream.

I do agree with the other post that it was a little disappointing seeing real honey in about half the flavors of ice cream. And I agree with the other reviews that say the service is a bit slow and uninterested.

Cons: expensive, not tasty

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Pleasant dining - Edit

We sat outside. It was a little chilly, but not too bad. The setting is pleasant. The food was quite good. We had the brussel Sprouts appetizer, mushroom steak dinner, eggplant arriabiatta, and spinach basil ravioli pomodoro. It was a very enjoyable dinner.

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get the Brussel's sprouts - Edit

The Brussel's sprouts appetizer with tempeh bacon was my favorite dish. I would go back just for this. But there is more to go back for, including spacious patio dining, more good food, and really friendly wait staff. The Brazilian Bowl with plantains is good but the ravioli was even better. Warning: there was an entire jalapeno pepper in the Brazilian Bowl masquerading as a plantain. Mouth on fire. Ask for little/no oil and they will accommodate.

Pros: big portions, big menu, patio dining

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yum yum, and cool vibe - Edit

Loved this place. Relaxing vibe out on the terrace. The menu was extremely varied and I can't wait to try all of them. Been longing for chilaquiles for a long time and almost went off vegan to get them at any Mexican place, but the ones they had here were extremely awesome and totally legit.

Huge portions and very satisfying.

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inconsistent, not as great as the other location - Edit

Like others have said, I just don't get the issue with service here. There's always something a little off. One time, we were misinformed by our server about the beer options. Other times it's just been slow (even when the restaurant is not packed). There are also food issues with this location. I got nachos recently in which many of the ingredients (beans, cheese) were cold. The Mac and cheese balls are dry, although they're perfect at the other location. The cocktails are just okay and simultaneously expensive. I wish I could recommend this place more, because the other spot on Sunset is so great. I also think the menu doesn't accurately depict the real items! Sometimes I order something and it's completely different from what I expected. Other times, it seems like an amateur chef made the food. I really hope that Sage reads these reviews and takes the time to correct these issues. This Sage is closer to me so I would love to come here more often. I will say the pizza is delicious and you can only get that in the Culver restaurant.

Pros: pizza, beer, ambience

Cons: service, occasionally poorly prepared food

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Honey is not vegan! - Edit

I patronize only 100% vegan eateries, because I don't want to be around people hurting (eating) animals, I don't want to have to worry or ask about "hidden" ingredients, and I believe in using my limited dining dollars to support brave vegan restaurateurs. I've enjoyed Sage in the past, but now that I know some of their sauces include honey, I'll stay away. I've also read KindKreme's rationale about why they use "humane" honey, but the financial interest of the owners' beekeeping father-in-law makes it suspect. When Sage/KindKreme become 100% vegan, I'll return.

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Great space, lack luster service, mediocre food - Edit

I live in Culver City and was SO excited when Sage opened up. I have been back here at least six times, trying to give this restaurant another chance and I have to say I always walk away a little unimpressed (which KILLS me to say because I always want to support Vegan restaurants as much as possible so I hope they can improve)

The fish tacos aren't too bad, and some of their dinner entrees are ok too, but nothing I am over the moon for. Also, their beer selection is a bit dull at best AND they do not provide ABVs which I think is very irresponsible. The worst thing is EVERY time I have been to Sage the beer I order is ALWAYS out, without fail. It has actual become a joke between my husband and I every time we go to try to give this place another chance.

Lastly the service is pretty poor. The waiters seem very uniformed about the food they are serving and they are pretty slow.

I hope Sage can get their act together since the space is so cool and could be such a great place to make as a part of our vegan regular rotation.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday May 20, 2014

Updated from previous review on Tuesday May 20, 2014

Pros: Location, Ambiance, Space

Cons: Service, Beer selection, Mediocre food

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get here now - Edit

This place is awesome. Staff are friendly and make this place that little bit collet than it already is. The food is awesome you want to come back doting the taste everything. It's a shame I live in Australia

Pros: food - variety, beers - lots of choices

Cons: if you come after 6:00 parking is a bit tougher

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5-star food, 1-star service - Edit

My wife and I were both blown away by the food. The club sandwich was incredible, and they probably have the best vegan ice cream I've ever tasted. The service was not as impressive.

About 15 minutes after being seated, we were matter-of-factly informed by our waiter that he had forgotten about us. No apology, no attempt to correct the oversight. He continued to forget about us for the next hour and a half, and the rest of the staff seemed only slightly more helpful. The restaurant wasn't even half full. Only come if you're not in a rush.

Pros: Huge selection, Amazing sandwhiches, Amazing dessert

Cons: Parking, Indifferent servers, Slow

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Brunch, Two Days in a Row! - Edit

My friends were in town, and were excited to try every vegan restaurant in LA. Sage was top of the list. We went for brunch, and it was so amazing we went again the next morning before their flight out. We tried as many plates as our bellies could handle. Everything was tasty and worth the bucks. Along with the dishes, we also got a few samples of the KindKreme. Yum!
-Go Green Salad, Burrito Mole, Gluten-Free Spinach Potato Quiche, BLTA, Gluten-Free Biscuits and Gravy, BLTA Pizza, Orange Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Blueberry Strawberry Coconut Milk Smoothie, Green Tomato Bloody Mary.

Pros: Delicious Food, Friendly Staff, Beautiful Location

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large new space - Edit

Dirk and I finally checked out the new location with another couple on a weeknight. We arrived at 7pm and it was mainly empty which gave me a good chance to look around. The new location is spacious and thoughtfully designed. The outside patio is inviting and the interior is sleek with wood and metal finishings. The patio was packed by the time we left after dinner.

As for the drink and food, there is more available here than in Echo Park. There's a separate pizza menu and the beer on tap is posted on chalkboards (I got the chocolate stout). There is a separate cocktail menu as well as a couple of wines too. Our friend asked if all the alcohol was vegan and the waitress said yes. Then we noticed the honey beer listed on the wall and inquired about it. Yes, it's actually honey. That made us question the food as well. We found out that one of the dips for the pretzel has honey in it. Upon further inquiry, we learned that some sandwich dressings like the maple BBQ also contain honey. Kind Kreme has always labeled which flavors contain honey, but these items on the menu were not labeled at all and since they claim their menu is vegan and we have frequented their location in Echo Park, we would not have found this out unless our friend had inquired. Also, when we asked about it, the waitress started to defend their use of honey, but we told her that we are all vegan and do not want any in our food. She was able to swap out one of the pretzel dips for us. Vegans beware.

Except for the honey issues, we had a nice dinner. The service was attentive and we ordered the butternut squash ravioli which was divine as well as the chipotle sandwich which was decent, but not great. Our friends enjoyed their meals as well, a pesto greens bowl and a different ravioli dish. We got the espresso cheesecake and the brownie cheesecake for dessert. Both were tasty, but the espresso one was a step above.

Pros: nice large space, extensive menu, beer and cocktails

Cons: uses undisclosed honey

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Love this restaurant - Edit

I tried Sage for the first time with my daughter and her friend. I got the pierogis, which is one of the most outstanding meals I ever had. The texture of the pierogis was so firm and satisfying, the filling and sauce were delicious, and the bed of kale healthy and tasty. My daughter and her friend loved the pizza they shared. The service was excellent and food came promptly after being ordered. I will definitely be going back. I want to try everything on the menu, pretty much, but it will be hard not to keep reordering the pierogis. What a dilemma!

Pros: extensive menu, good service, great food

Cons: parking lot can be crowded

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Large space, good food - Edit

I saw on happycow that this place had just opened up (this month!) and had to come by to try it with my girlfriend. Was just here, and here's my Safe Vegan Bistro review + KindKreme review.

First, the savory part. The menu is very extensive with lots of classic modern vegan cuisine - bowls with either quinoa or rice with veggies and different dressings, vegan cheese pizzas, sandwiches, tostada and tacos, and some interesting appetizers.

My friend and I got a few things to try. The breaded eggplant pizza looked and tasted good & savory though the crust was burnt ($12-13). The jackfruit street tacos came with side of rice and beans; that was all right though jackfruit has a sour taste so I'll definitely get a different taco next time ($11). The fresh hot pretzel was heavenly; it came with 2 savory dips and 1 sweet one ($10).

You could also get fresh pressed vegetable juices as well large range of smoothie choices ($6-9).

The desserts are laid out in glass cases at the front by the entrance. There are cakes and cookies as well a large range of raw ice cream, some vegan some with honey. Honey is the only thing that's not vegan inside this restaurant.

The space is huge for a vegan restaurant. Simple, contemporary Southern California vibe. Gets noisy inside but you could opt to dine outside. Overall a good place get vegan food.

Pros: vegan soft serve, tasty food

Cons: desserts more pricey

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