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Formerly take-out only, now has limited seating for dining-in. Informal canteen-style with a serving line. Restaurant offers a variety of tofu and veggie mockmeat fast food. The lunch special contains three entres of choice, noodles or rice, and soup. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-6:00pm.

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First Review by playtherapy


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24 Feb 2024

Sooooo good!

In a city with amazing vegan food, amazing Vietnamese food, and truly amazing vegan Vietnamese food, San San Tofu stands out. The steam table stuff ranges from good to excellent, while the noodle soups and the banh mi are absolutely stellar. The BBQ “chicken” banh mi is perhaps our favorite anywhere, and we are banh mi aficionados. The soups are nicely spicy and full of veggies and fake meat. And there’s a well-stocked store for cooking at home.

Overall, San San might be juuuuust edged out for pure deliciousness by Duy (right down the street), but that’s some mighty steep competition, and both are truly exceptional. Try this place!

Pros: Fantastic banh mi and noodle soup, Great lunch specials , Very affordable



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29 Aug 2023

Great price

Good portion and great price. The food we got will last us a few meals. Radish cake was delicious! The food wasn’t labeled which was pretty confusing, there were some greens I got that were way too bitter because I wasn’t sure what they were


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03 Apr 2023

Delicious and affordable

Tons of vegan options, everything was super flavorful. Beautiful presentation


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07 Sep 2020

Good, but arrive early!

The lunch combo is reasonably priced (about $10)—generous and appetizing portions. However, you should come around noon for freshly cooked food—much of the food is cold or wrapped up after 2 p.m., and all food service stops 30 minutes before closing time.

Pros: Diverse selections, Appetizing meat substitutes, Cooked fresh daily

Cons: Dining service ends very early (about 2 p.m.)


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16 May 2018

lots of choices

It has a market inside with all kinds of goodies you can buy for making meals at home plus an awesome offering of foods to choose from you can sit down an enjoy in their eatery


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27 Dec 2017

Good value for quick meal and takeaway

Their combo meals are a fantastic deal. Noodles three entrees soup for ~$7 is unbeatable. They usually have a tofu dish, a mock meat dish or two, and a couple veggie dishes featuring greens, bamboo, etc. I’ve liked everything I’ve tried here.

They also have a nice assortment of dim sum options that are cheap and delicious. Most are $1 per piece. I like the bean curd skin rolls and some of the fried dim sum snacks.

Lastly, don’t forget to try the homemade soy milk and tofu fa dessert.

Pros: Affordable, Quick, Nice options


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18 Sep 2017

Decent Buffet

This place is vegetarian, NOT vegan. The older lady I spoke with at the cashier nodded and said yes as I asked her if the noodle dishes were vegan, and if they were free of mock meats with milk and eggs. I later found out it was vegetarian as I went to their freezer section and found the fish cake I was eating contained whey.

Some of the lunch special menu items are vegan but you have to ask. Although the first time I ordered the lunch special at the hot bar, there was a younger lady serving food, and she told me "yes it's vegan...except these 4" and pointed to some of the items. She knows English better than the older ladies and she knew what mock meats had milk and eggs, at least. I basically got tofu, bean curd, mixed veggies, and rice. They almost always use the vegetarian mock meats, instead of the vegan ones.

Beside the confusion there, the grocery they have here is nice. You can buy spices for pho, dried mushrooms, and fresh soy milk and tofu from the counter. Just be wary about what is and isn't vegan here. Be VERY clear about no eggs and no milk. I'll have to go again to ask for clarification... If someone is able to speak in their native language, please share info.

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Confusing


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29 Jun 2014

Veggie dim sum!

Here's the place to get a Saturday breakfast/brunch in Houston! Chinese dim sum style, of course. The lunch was also available starting from 9:30am or so. This resto/store has cafeteria style seating with hot items served from the buffet. Plenty of other items to go, like BBQ buns, "veg shrimp" spring rolls, fresh soy milk, etc. Also pantry items like beans, rice, jackfruit chips and lots of frozen mock meats in the freezer section.
We paid by cash but not sure if it is still cash only

Pros: veggie dim sum

Cons: not open late


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21 May 2012

Veggie Fast Food :)

My family comes here occasionally to buy their fresh Tofu Pudding (豆腐花) - fresh and soft tofu with ginger syrup - as well as their freshly made soymilk and for a quick stop in their frozen aisle for mock meats. Otherwise, I also come here for their cafeteria-style food - especially for my dimsum fix along with a styrofoam cup of tea. They don't have a huge selection for dimsum, but it's much better than going without. I've never tried their set meals where you can choose two or three side dishes with rice on the side nor have I tried their Vietnamese noodle bowls, but those are my parents' go-to items and they love it. In addition, they also sell freshly made buns and take out items like spring rolls and other sweets/snacks already prepackaged by the main check out counter by the entrance.

I just wish the seating area was a little bigger, because it can get pretty crowded.

Pros: veggie dimsum, good food and prices, convenient

Cons: small seating


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14 Jul 2010

Interesting place to eat and people watch

The food can be great or just interesting. You see what you're selecting - most tastes pretty good. They are a bit slow to get the food to you once you select it...which is odd since you point and they serve while you're standing there. Then you have to pay, which can be slow. By the time you sit down, the food may not be as hot as you want.

Pros: good food, fresh, inexpensive

Cons: not always hot


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Mostly Veg
14 Jul 2010

Tiny dining area and parking lot but good tofu

I have dined or shopped here 4 times. The selection of tofu and mock meats can't be beat. The small grocery also has a nice selection of Asian snacks and dried fruit. The hot food served on site is tasty, but a little daunting to order because nothing is labeled and their English is a little sketchy. It is a very good value and popular with local Chinese. The only drawback is that there are just a few small tables for dine in. On a Sunday afternoon, you can't get near the place. The parking lot is small and there is no street parking. Might be best to try on a weekday. Hope they find a larger location.

Pros: great tofu selection, healthy cuisine, grocery store

Cons: few tables, small parking lot


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Mostly Veg
06 Apr 2008

Best Soy Milk (Tan Tan/San San Tofu)

This review is for their little shop at the SE corner of Wilcrest & Bellaire (behind the Wells Fargo). We love their soy milk (sold still steaming hot, minimally processed), but it's not for everyone. It tastes like a soy bean, but that's what the soy milk is like in Asia. We also get their coconut pudding with plantains & tapioca and their lemongrass tofu. They have mangoes when they're in season and those are pretty tasty, too. It's a pretty random little shop and the owners are really friendly. NOTE: Last time we went (maybe 2 months ago), they'd changed their name to San San Tofu. They said they were opening a restaurant down the street (on Wilcrest towards Westpark) and didn't want it to get mixed up with Tan Tan restaurant at Ranchester & Bellaire. I'm not sure if they're going to close the shop, but I can't wait to try the new place!

Pros: minimally processed soy milk, friendly service, cheap

Cons: cash only (like most shops in the area)


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27 Sep 2007

Great place to get fresh cooked tofu; mock meat

Good range of vegan mock meats; lemon grass tofu @ $2.50 is a steal! Best veggie quick stop in town. Only negative is you have to have cash (unsure about checks). My kids love the mock beef and chicken balls!

Pros: Excellent selection of mock meat, Reasonable prices, Fresh tofu made there

Cons: Cash only(?)

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