Also known as Pure Sweets and Co, a vegan, organic, kosher, gluten-free cafe and bakery in Rittenhouse Square since 2014. Offers vegan food and drinks, such as breakfast yogurt and sprouted muesli, lunch wraps and bowls, afternoon tea and baked goods. Drinks include milkshakes, hot tea, cold pressed juices. Takes custom orders for baked goods and cakes (by the dozen, 72hr notice required). NOTE: take-out only as of Sep 2021 (packaging is recyclable & compostable), but some picnic tables are available directly outside the restaurant. See daily menu here: Open Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:00pm, Fri-Sat 6:00pm-9:00pm, Sat 10:00am-4:00pm, Sun 10:00am-5:00pm.

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07 Jan 2024

Inedibly sweet and overpriced

Great service but the food was meh. I tried the amaranth porridge and blueberry protein muffin and found both aggressively sweet. The porridge was overly sweet and still topped with candied nuts and a jam that tasted like smuckers strawberry jam (fake and candy-like), so the combination was inedible for me.
The muffin was nice flavor and texture wise. Lots of blueberries in there, which I loved, but again, way too sweet.
I would have gone for something savory, but I’m not a fan of soy and most things had tofu or tempeh. I feel like this place lacks some more wholesome options and could half the sugar in their recipes.
Prices also felt high for what the food was.
Overall, I won’t be returning.

Pros: Friendly service

Cons: Pastries and porridge are way too sweet, Few soy-free savory options , Overpriced



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20 Nov 2023

Just okay

Had the noodle soup and the stewed chickpeas - both were just okay. The chickpea dish was more of a warm salad, it was mostly kale which I still enjoyed but was not what I was expecting.

Cons: price


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Non Veg
30 Oct 2023


Absolutely amazing food quality and taste! Entire restaurant is vegan as well as gluten free! Baked goods, juices and prepared meals are fantastic. Got the forbidden bowl and the spicy Caesar as well as tahini chocolate chip cookies. Bakery items are a bit pricey but delicious.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-30


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24 Sep 2023

Quality! Delicious!

We had a lovely lunch here and I really enjoyed the Forbidden Bowl. I also the cinnamon hot coffee, which was a bit heavy for me. For dessert we shared a cinnamon roll and it was divine.

Pros: Top notch vegan baked goods , Quality ingredients , Great portions

Cons: A bit pricey


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24 Sep 2023

Ok Desserts, extremely overpriced

I purchased 1 cupcake and 1 brownie that cost $30.00. It wasn’t worth it. I hope this place can stay open….


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06 Sep 2023


I would give this place one star if I could. The ‘caesar salad’ here was the worst I’ve ever had. A ton of hard kale, a ‘glazing’ that had zero flavour as the spicy BBQ sauce was just spicy, there was no other flavour. Just slabs of lukewarm tempeh, not properly grilled or even warmed up. Totally uncooked inside. The portion was big and tempeh blocks were really good size. But no flavour in the whole dish.

Cons: Flavourless food , Expensive


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31 Aug 2023

Delicious healthy food

This restaurant is so cute - I love all the plant decorations! It is also 100% organic, plant-based, and gluten-free. The food is so flavorful, fresh, and healthy. Additionally, they have a large selection of delicious baked goods 🤤

Pros: All vegan, organic, and gluten free, Delightful atmosphere and friendly staff, Baked goods!


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20 Jul 2023

Yummy, Poorly-Labeled

The desserts are great, though they don't necessarily match traditional counterparts. For exampls, the "scones" were moist inside - more of a dense cake than the traditional dry/crisp texture of a scone or soda bread. Still quite yummy, though!

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-20

Pros: Fruit tarte , Thumbprint cookies taste like marzapan!, Range of options: tartes, cakes, quickbreads, etc.

Cons: Expensive, Unpredictable flavors/textures (but still good!)


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18 Jun 2023

expensive but so good!

especially love the forbidden rice bowl


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14 Mar 2023

Best vegan GF flatbread

Flatbread was my favorite. It had a chewy gluten-like bite that I miss with most GF bread. The sweets were a little too sweet for my taste, but very flavorful. A bit expensive, but worth it if you're looking for high quality vegan, GF, organic everything.


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21 Feb 2023

Every Single Thing is Incredible

I often crave the nachos, forbidden bowl, and mango lassi. Despite having had all of them many times, they are always delicious and always hit the spot. My go to sweets are the jam thumbprint cookie and black bean brownie, but everything else I have tried is amazing. I am always super excited when the fruit and pumpkin tarts are available! The owner and staff are so kind and thoughtful and make every visit enjoyable and relaxing.


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31 Jan 2023

Gorgeous Cakes

Really beautiful cakes with interesting flavors. On the pricey side though for sure. Nice for a special treat.


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03 Dec 2022

Satisfied but not stunned

I was so pleased to go to this entirely vegan and gluten free cafe! I liked my food a lot and it was tasty and fresh. The dessert was delicious, too!

Pros: All vegan, All gluten free, Friendly staff


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14 Nov 2022

Good but not great

The place is super cute but SO EXPENSIVE. They told me it was $17 for a slice of cake and I was like what?!? Everything is vegan, gf and organic but $17 is a stretch. The staff is also not the most friendly…but could be worse. The food was good but not worth the price


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09 Nov 2022

Soup That Tasted Good and Made Me Feel Good

After eating vegan junk food for a day on the Jersey Shore, this was a welcome relief. Had lunch here, yummy, enormous bowl of sweet potato, peanut noodle soup. Wonderful flavors, complex, warming, soothing. Great lunch. Thank you.


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18 Sep 2022

Cute spot; gorgeous food

Colorful, fresh, diverse menu, with lots of juices, smoothies, bowls, entrées, and baked goods. Everything was beautiful and tasty. Prices out of this world. Enjoyed our outdoor table.

Pros: Innovative choices, Incredible color palette of the food, Everything tasty

Cons: Super expensive


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22 Aug 2022

Great concept, needs some work

So exciting to find a place that’s all organic, vegan, and GF! Unfortunately it ended up missing the mark for us. The savory food was tasty but very salty. Most of the sweets were good too, but many of them taste very similar because so many nuts are used in most of them.

It’s also very expensive, even for what it is. I’m not even seeing these prices at similar cafes/bakeries in NYC and LA — so that’s really saying something. Hopefully those profits are being invested back in the company because it’s a great idea but needs work.

Pros: All organic/vegan/GF!, Cute venue, Variety of food/drinks

Cons: Expensive $$$$ (even for what it is), Nice staff but overall weird vibe , Too heavy/rich


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22 Aug 2022

Best of the best

I wish PS & Co was open all day! They have the tastiest mindful food, amazing to go items, and the baked goods are perfect. Can’t say enough good things…

Pros: Allergy conscious , Friendly staff, Delicious

Cons: Expensive , Closes early


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20 Aug 2022

Delicious & Nutritious

Went one morning and was so overwhelmed with amazing options that I just got an Immunity Shot and Pistachio Rose Scone. Though there were many vegan spots we wanted to check out, I really wanted go back to eat a meal, so we returned the following morning and had the Waffle Club ($17) , BBQ Tempeh Kale Caesar Salad ($17), and a PB cookie ($6) Pricey, but it is all Organic, Kosher, Vegan 🌱 and GF, so that’s a rare find. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Atmosphere: clean, green, busy, but not chaotic. High end, but not pretentious.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-20

Pros: All Vegan , Organic!!!, Kosher and GF


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04 Jun 2022

Pricey vegan cafe with pastries

We stopped by for some takeout pastries today. The blueberry muffin- my daughter gave it 7/10 for presentation but aside from the actual blueberries on top, she felt it had more of a nutty and vanilla flavor rather than blueberry. The cinnamon roll was nice, but a little dense. The point is really that the food wasn’t horrible and I would consider eating it again if the prices were cut in half (or less!). I love to support vegan food options but this is a bit over the top for pricing. (We spent $42 for a cupcake, a cinnamon roll and a scone!!!)

Pros: All vegan place!!, Pastries!

Cons: Extremely expensive., Ridiculously expensive, Quality for prices does not match.


22 Aug 2022

We had a similar experience — the flavor of nuts took over most of the pastries.

Also agree that it’s overpriced. Organic vegan food in NYC and LA doesn’t even cost this much.


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04 Jun 2022

Fabulous dessert

Today I had a delicious passion fruit parfait. It was worth it, the flavors were fresh, the coconut was mellow and creamy, and the cake slices were divine. I will be back on occasion for a special treat. I haven’t had this bakery for at least a couple of years, and the price definitely hasn’t changed at all, so know that you are paying a higher price.

Pros: Really well thought out and delish desserts

Cons: Expensive


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09 May 2022

Overprice and standard

I got a chocolate cake slice that was $16. And it was honestly... an average slice of chocolate cake? I haven't tried anything else there as of yet but so far I'm a little miffed.

Pros: Decent food, Nice vibe

Cons: Overpriced


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09 May 2022

So delicious!

This place is so cute and friendly. And the food was surprisingly tasty. So tasty that it made it a little more worth the cost. The scallion mushroom scone was unbelievably good and such a new item. The chocolate chip tahini cookie has the most real sesame flavor out of any tahini cookie I've tried. I can't wait to find a reason to make the trip back out there.

Cons: Expensive


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30 Apr 2022

Cant wait to return!!!!

Had lunch here and got the waffle and meatball sub. Slice of cake and a smoothie. Omg everything was so satisfying fresh and homemade. If you are not gluten free do not be skeptical the bread and baked goods here are unreal!!! The staff was soooo sweet and there were so many enticing desserts it was hard to choose. Do not let the prices here intimidate you it is totally worth it. Great place to catch up with a friend

Pros: Unreal cake slices, Savory food is awesome also


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21 Apr 2022

Good, but absurdly expensive $$$$

This is a very cute little bakery in the center of town. The staff greeted us warmly and were helpful. I ordered a zucchini scone and a chocolate chip protein muffin for my son. The total was $15. Even for a New Yorker who's used to paying a premium for organic vegan speciality food, this was shocking. I'm glad I tried it, because the scone was very tasty, but not worth $7 or whatever.

Pros: All vegan, organic, Friendly staff

Cons: Expen$$$$ive


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06 Apr 2022

Great for sweets

I came here for lunch, and apart from costing a small fortune, the lunch itself was good, but the Cake was terrific.

I think there’s tastier more wholesome meals to be had elsewhere in Philly. But the cakes and desserts here, are really lovely.

Pros: Cakes

Cons: Expensive


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20 Mar 2022

A gem!

Coconut yogurt bowl with fresh fruit and granola, and a sweet scone was more than I could eat for lunch! So happy to have found a safe (everything is also gluten free!) place for me to eat while visiting Philly!

Pros: Water served at room temperature! Sweet!

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