Serves meat, vegan options available. Extensive menu with a large selection of vegetarian items, several vegan ones. Bread loaves baked in-house. Open Mon-Tue 7:30pm-11:00pm, Thu-Sun 7:30pm-11:00pm.

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First Review by LilyIsAVegetable


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26 Jan 2024

Razoável e caro

As duas opções são veganas o wok de vegetales é bem básico chega a dar tristeza muito básico para o valor pago, o pastel de papas que é um escondidinho de soga e bem melhor, o molho de lentilhas que vem com um dos pratos é bom

Updated from previous review on 2024-01-26

Pros: Pastel de papas vegano, Opção vegana já que el calafate não tem muitas

Cons: Poucas opções veganas , Muito caro



Points +84

25 Jan 2024

Boa opções veganas, mas muito caro.

Tem boas e poucas opções veganas, mas são muito gostosas.
Também é bem caro. #Veganuary


Points +51

14 Jan 2024

Nice selection & cosy atmosphere

I liked the vegetarian and vegan selection. It was a nice restaurant to go to in a mixed company (friends who eat meat and gluten intolerant friend). Nice setting, kind staff, and good wines. We booked a table over phone, it can get a lil’ busy on the weekend.

Updated from previous review on 2024-01-13


Points +1234

13 Nov 2023


Excellent. Would have loved to give 5 stars. Everything was so well seasoned and on point. Had the bruschetta and the wok dish they served bread with a lentil dip on the side. Delicious! The best restaurant in Patagonia for me so far. Oh, and the staff / service was also amazing.

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-13


Points +250

09 Jul 2023

Sooooo good and tasty

One of the best vegan food I found in argentina.
Sooo good

Pros: Food, Location, Price


Points +2080

25 Apr 2023

Very tasty and great service

I ordered one lentil pie , Was delicious with potatoe on top , didn’t know what I would find in this little town , but quality is excellent, waiter was very nice same as the receptionist


Points +112

06 Apr 2023

A gem in El Calafate

I'm so happy I found this place in El Calafate. Cozy atmosphere, friendly waiters, delicious food! I had the pumpkin soup, absolutely perfect after a day of freezing at the glacier.


Points +1470

21 Mar 2023

Amazing!!! The food was so tasty and the service was flawless as well

They have a veggie/ vegan section on the menu a (and I think most of the vegetarian options can be made vegan)
They also give out bread to every table which is vegan and amazing.
We had the bruschetta (without the cheese), the pumpkin soup and the eggplant pie. Everything was delicious.

Pros: Definitely recommend the soup, Service is amazing


Points +62

19 Dec 2022

Beautiful place and nice food

Really cosy restaurant! Not many options for vegans but tasty dishes. Vegan shepherd pies is really good and also the pumpkin soup. Homemade bread as a courtesy of the house

Pros: Tasty food, Cosy place

Cons: Not many vegan options


Points +53

24 Oct 2022

Comfy cozy vegan food on a cold day

Amazing food. Huge portions but I actually ate it all after freezing by [censored] on the walk over! Lentil Shepard’s pie was just what I needed! Great atmosphere and very friendly staff! Came back 2 nights in a row!

Pros: Huge portions, Great vibe, Friendly staff


Points +54

18 Aug 2022


It’s notoriously hard to be vegetarian in Argentina. This place was a recommendation from a friend and it was everything I needed after days of eating pre-cooked pasta with canned tomatoes in meat restaurants. Incredibly cozy atmosphere, generous servings and it feels like you’re eating at your grandmother’s house.


Points +28

20 Apr 2022

Great food, lovely atmosphere

In a town with few vegan options, Pura Vida offered a nice break from preparing our own food.


Points +16

26 Mar 2022

Very good

This is a very good place. All homemade


Points +155

31 Dec 2021

Nice atmosphere, decent vegan options

A few vegan options on the menu which are clearly marked. I had the lentil potato pie and enjoyed it. Nice appetizer of warm bread with lentils as well. And a tasty lemonade. Good place for a town with few vegan options, and very friendly staff.

Updated from previous review on 2021-12-31


Points +1638

13 Mar 2020

Good service, good food

A few vegan options, friendly staff. Food is good but wouldn’t come again because it lacks flavor.


Points +1361

13 Jan 2020

Good to have options in a not so vegan friendly town

In a town where vegan options are scarce this is a nice to have. Food is well prepared and the taste was good. Based on the reviews, we were hoping for more options. Only one vegan option was available. The place is nice, well decorated and the staff was kind.

Cons: Very few options


Points +133

03 Dec 2019

Wonderful food & atmosphere

Pura Vida is a warm and cozy place with a vegetarian section on their menu as well as a vegan lentil potato pie on the menu. Food was scrumptious! Great wine selection as well. This is likely the best place for vegans in El Calafate! Takes credit card too. Yum!

Edit to say: we came back a second time and found the wok dish to be vegan as well and very delicious!

Pros: Delicious , Veggie section of menu, Good selection of wine

Cons: Slow WiFi when crowded, Sometimes a wait for a table


Points +19

16 Oct 2019

Good and cozy

I went there yesterday for lunch.
The had 5 options to choose from and I picked the Pumpkin stuffed with corn and cheese. It was a big portion and very good.
All the vegetarian food for lunch cost around 8 Dollar.
The staff wad friendly and easy going. The whole place has a hippie -touch to it.


Points +78

26 Feb 2019

Great page of vegetarian options

Well executed vegetarian options. Lots of things with cheese but can navigate around that a bit. The vegetarian corn mash baked in a pumpkin shell one of our party had was reported to be awesome, but it had lots of cheese.

Pros: Very traditional spot, lots of “grandma’s” recipe, Several vegetarian options mingled among the meat, A few vegan options

Cons: Gets crowded at peak times


Points +696

27 Jan 2019

Friendly staff who gave vegan options

Really loved this place. There was only 1 vegan option on the menu (stif fried veggies with rice), but when I asked the waiter, he offered to do the baked eggplant with sweet potatoe mash as vegan. It was delicious and very fresh. My friend who I was with had the lamb casserole in pumpkin & was really happy. Friendly waiters who didn’t rush us. Nice hippy vibe. Would definitely come back!

Pros: Waiters suggested vegan options , Freshly baked bread , Nice chilled atmosphere

Cons: Only 1 vegan option written on menu


Points +75

25 Jan 2019

Great vegetarian menu!

We went here for lunch on a Friday at 2pm (they are open for lunch 12-2:30, then close and reopen for dinner at 7:30p). There was no wait at all. It’s a big place, so several tables were full, but several were open. The fresh-baked bread is SO good! I was itching for a fresh, well-rounded salad, and I happily got that from this place! My non-veg fiancé got the gnocchi, which was heavy on sauce but delicious. The baked dishes (pumpkin, eggplant, etc) seem to be their specialty and looked great when delivered to tables around us.


Points +23

20 Jan 2019

Great vegan sushi

Had the vegan shushi and vegetarian wok. Shushi was just awesome. The wok was tasty but I think could have done with more spices like ginger/salt/pepper. Overall great place and would visit again if had stayed longer.

Cons: Only 2 items on menu that we could order


Points +291

08 Jan 2019

Tasty & very busy vego restauarant

Very busy restaurant. Be prepared to wait for a table if you arrive at peak times. Tasty options, although mostly just vego rather than vegan.

Pros: Tasty options.

Cons: Very busy, Not cheap, Mostly vegetarian rather than vegan


Points +20

15 Sep 2018

Amazing experience!

The atmosphere is cozy and cool, waiters are very friendly, the food was delicious... Me and girlfriend were looking for a place to have a dinner to celebrate her birthday and found Pura Vida, they have a very nice warm bread made in the house, then we tried a great tomato soup, finally we’ve ordered a veggie lasagna and a potato with blue cheese, both very tasty, a pitty that it was too much for us😄the dessert was also really good... we strongly recommend it, very good and fair price

Pros: Food, Atmosphere, Service


Points +168

16 Sep 2017


Went here for dinner. Opens at 7.30pm. When I told staff I was vegan I was given two options - veggies with rice or an eggplant/sweet potato casserole. Opted for the casserole for something different. The casserole was a large serve and very filling but lacked flavour. Would not go back.

Pros: Friendly staff; Delicious warm bread to start

Cons: Main course lacked flavour


Points +1237

04 Jan 2016

hippie but only slightly vegan

Agree with previous reviewers. The menu: a dozen meat dishes, 5-6 vegetarian dishes and 3 that can be made vegan: rice/veggies, potato casserole, salad. It was nice to have something different than plain pasta/tomato sauce which is mostly what's available other places, but not so good I'd go back. The restaurant inside is warm and welcoming so that's a positive but we had to wait an hour for a table at peak dinner time.

It's slightly out of the center of town but still within walking distance.

Pros: nice ambiance, knew words "vegetarian" and "vegan"

Cons: limited selections


Points +313

08 Feb 2015

surprising good!

We were disappointed to find after looking at the menu and asking our server for more details, that as vegans our only option for main course was the brown rice and veggies! We could have settled for this, but we felt that it wasn't very exciting and was also something we could easily make for ourselves.

We had been by the restaurant earlier to look at the menu posted near the door, and it had looked very promising, unfortunately all of the other vegetarian options contained milk, butter or cheese, which wasn't detailed on the basic menu on the door. Even the corn empanadas aren't vegan. :(

Our server must have sensed our disappointment and suggested the eggplant pie with sweet potatoes instead of mashed potatoes to make it vegan. We happily agreed and the food turned out fantastic! Those were some of the best sweet potatoes I've ever had! It was served as a casserole, shepherds pie style with tomatoes and eggplant on bottom and a layer of sweet potatoes on top. It came out so hot the juices were still boiling!

The bread that is served before dinner is also really good, it comes warm from the oven and we ate 2 loaves between 3 people. We also tried the local beer. One annoyance: they wouldn't give us tap water when we asked, only bottled.

We found out at the end that our server was vegan, so I guess we got lucky and would have been eating brown rice and veggies otherwise.

Cons: no tap water allowed!!

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