Serves Chinese and Filipino food and also sells some herbal products. Previously named Vegetarian House. Open Mon-Fri 10:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by BettyxB


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18 Apr 2023

I ❤️ Namaskar

The best vegetarian food portal in Puerto Princesa. Highly recommended. Food, services, home-y ambience.

Pros: Good food

Cons: .



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08 Mar 2023

hit and miss

pretty good amount of options of menu and a decent place when there isn’t a lot of option around. shrimp noodles however were not very tasty or flavoursome unfortunately and quite liquidy. the spring rolls and bbq tofu skewers were however really tasty so hit and miss with what you order. service was okay but not the best we’ve ever had


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20 Feb 2023

Great food at great price

Namaskar is probably the oldest vegetarian eatery in Puerto. It offers a huge menu of mostly vegan dishes from the Vietnamese-Filipino. All dishes are VERY cheap but not very big, so if you're arriving hungry, you'd better order 2.
Don't expect a restaurant to European standards. This is a small, traditional eatery which normally well crowded, far from spotless and very hot inside. Staff is very nice and welcoming though.
The drinking water on the tables isn't always the best, so better order a bottle of water or bring your own.

Pros: Huge menu of mostly vegan dishes, Very cheap, Friendly staff

Cons: Can get very hot , Not so good water


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28 Nov 2022

Lots of options for cheap

Nice food with plenty of options, cans definitely recommend


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25 Nov 2022

Affordable and tasty

Definitely the cheapest food we’ve had in the Philippines (about 80 pesos for a plate and the portions are average) we ordered two plates each and were so stuffed we probably didn’t need to do that. Lots of options that you can’t find elsewhere! Also the fastest service we’ve had here.

Pros: Lots of options, Super cheap, Very quick


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24 Oct 2022

Affordable food

Lots of options to make vegan. Good basic food with low price.

Pros: Many vegan options

Cons: Good price


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01 Jan 2022

Very friendly lots of choice

Choice and lots of options, visited a while ago but found photos recently

Pros: Choice , Friendly


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06 Mar 2020

Great selection, very affordable

We visited Puerto princesa for three days, and we ate here every one of those days. So delicious! Every dish is vegetarian and those that are vegan are noted on the menu (I would estimate 90% or more is vegan) Very affordable prices, I think the most expensive item was 260 pesos and every other dish was between 50-70. We loved the French rice (full of flavor), crispy salmon, the sweet and sour pork and the squid rings. We did try the kung pao chicken, it lacked spice and flavor but still edible. The calamansi iced tea was good for a drink. All in all, highly recommended to come and eat and then come back again!

Pros: Cheapest meal in the Philippines, Spoke English, very nice staff


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05 Mar 2020

Cheap and outstanding

The restaurant is humble but beautiful and the food is fantastic! I had fake shrimp noddles and Danny had chaolong. Both extremely delicious


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07 Feb 2020

Super cheap and tasty!

Ordered a few noodle dishes (including a noodle soup). The rice noodles were delicious and thick and the flavours were nice and just all round good hearty food. Didn't get too adventurous but if I ever go back to the Philippines I'd definitely go here again😄


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03 Feb 2020

Great food

Very tasty with lots of options, very reasonable priced tasty and healthy 😊


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09 Jan 2020

My favorite

Super cheap, simple but tasty food and loads of options. Portions are small but worth the cost. Order 2-3 portions if you're really hungry.


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Mostly Veg
04 Nov 2019

I love that there are a lot of options. From Rice Meals to Noodles!

The experience was wonderful would definitely come back!

Pros: Lots of Options, Affordable Price

Cons: Bathroom not so clean


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08 Oct 2019

loved this! tasty & cheap

my boyfriend and i really enjoyed our meal here! we ordered 3 dishes (chicken nuggets, squid rings & sweet & sour) and could hardly finish it all! it might not seem much but it’s very filling!!
i’m a sucker for mock meat and this was insanely good😄
prices are incredible, so it’s amazing value for money!
i had a calamansi ice tea, my boyfriend a smoothie (they asked if with or without milk which is great for vegans) and both were delicious!

highly recommended!

Pros: so many choices!!, taste, many drink choices


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28 Sep 2019

Really good food, quick, and variety of options

The food is very low prices 45-65 pesos and portions are small but that makes it fun to order a couple different items.

Shakes are delicious as well.

Pros: Inexpensive, Fast, Friendly staff


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23 Jul 2019

hardly edible

Don't let the name fool you, this is not an Indian restaurant. They serve mostly the things I dont' really like, mushrooms, gluten...
If you're a fan of Chinese style food, then maybe it's for you. Not for me though.
I would go to Ima's. The food there is more expensive but a little tastier.

Pros: it's cheap

Cons: small servings


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05 Jun 2019

So tasty

So many choices, super local, it's all veggie and super tasty, especially the spring rolls! I went there three times during my 2 day stay!


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24 Feb 2019

Tasty mock meat meals

They have a lot of fake animal meals. Chicken,squid, prawns, beef etc. the portions are quite small so order several! It’s really cheap though! The open times could have been better😄delicious food, so I recommend this place!

Pros: Lots of unique options, Cheap, Tasty

Cons: Opening times


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24 Jan 2019


Not sure if we got unlucky or chose the wrong dishes, but the food was far from the praises I had read. The food was below average. But then again we can't complain as it's great that there are vegetarian restaurants around. I deifntley prefer 'Imas' restaurant though.


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11 Dec 2018

Great food, busy place.

Very busy place, which is a good sign. However you might have to wait over an hour for your meal. When it came out it was definitely worth it though! Delicious and lots of options. Just don't go in peak time when you're super hungry.


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24 Oct 2018

Cheap and cheerful

Great price for decent food. Watch out as I think the shakes have milk in so I ended up not drinking mine. Heavenly salad was a little exaggeratedly named, was fine though, and Japanese tempura was fairly dece. Seems pretty popular among locals. They also sell soya coffee mix here (!)

Pros: Very cheap

Cons: Vegetarian but not vegan


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28 Jul 2018

Good vegan friendly food

The menu is the same for this restaurant namaskar 2. The food is good and really cheap. The owner is nice but when it gets busy you could wait a little bit for your dish...It's really a chance to have this place in puerto princessa since the vegan options are really limited


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14 May 2018

Very cheap vegetarian resto in palawan

I love to eat here everytime I'm in Palawan


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19 Jan 2018

really good and cheap!!!

The faux salmon and bbq meat was amazing!

Pros: many vegan options, good faux meat


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28 Dec 2017

affordable and popular with locals

We have eaten quite a few meals at this place. It’s always popular with locals having the Chao long. Personally we like the Saigon noodles and France rice the best. The portions can be a little small - get some
Spring rolls. Shakes are great and the prices are wonderful.

Pros: price , locals eating here too , lovely staff

Cons: maybe you need to add another dish if you are hung


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09 Aug 2017

nice place, cheap food, good taste

The food is nice and cheap and fast but the servings a bit small (for my appetite).
The faux fish is amazing!
And last but not least if you are missing bread, the French bread is also nice!

Pros: cheap, fast, many, many choices

Cons: small servings (but cheap)


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Mostly Veg
26 Jul 2017

great! and cheap

Great, cheap food. Max. Is about 60p

Highly recommend! Shakes 40p

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