Vegan cafe offering salads, sandwiches, rice bowls, flatbreads, smoothies, smoothie bowls, and more. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-8:00pm. Closed 25th of each month.

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First Review by Easy


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31 Aug 2023

Great Vegan food in busy little town!

The Siri bowl (Thai style noodles with curry and Tofu) got me coming back for more and more! Friendly cool owners, friendly and very professional staff!
The food is excellent there!
The place got Aircon so it feels great on hot hours of the day! I go there often for lunch as they close early in the eveningโ€ฆ
I also specially like that you are surrounded by plants, when you eat !
The only thing I miss there is my super cold fizzy Coca-Colaโ€ฆ. But gotta stay healthy right!!??๐Ÿ˜„shame on me โ€ฆ they only got those super healthy drinks in there!
They got a nice choice of vegan food for all kinds of tastes, their muesli bowls are great and big size too! Love it!
My kids love the place too!
Hope to meet the owners again as itโ€™s been a while!

Pros: The Muesli and the Siri bowl! , The plants, The friendly professional staff



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27 Jul 2023

Great meals

I found the food and service great. The meals are massive, so don't over order.

Pros: Very tasty , Great service

Cons: Location on busy road


13 Aug 2023

Hi Ian! Thank you so much for taking your time and giving us a review!


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26 Jul 2023

Great International Vegan Options

Ver De is similar to the one in El Nido, but with a very different decor, some different menu items, and significantly lower prices.

I ordered the fruit waffle which was as beautiful and tasty as I imagined.


13 Aug 2023

Hello there! Thank you so much for your review! We are delighted that you liked your experience with both branches of Ver De! We hope to see you again!


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10 Jul 2023

Crap opening hours

Great restaurant in El Nido but the one in Puerto Princesa is just never open...
Takes card
Good coffee
Good menu with good sized portions.

It shuts at 8 PM and last orders for dinner are at 7:30 PM, so if you arrive at 7:35 like we did (ie normal dinner time) they have already locked the doors and won't let you in...

Pros: All vegan , Takes card, Really good coffee

Cons: Expensive , Opening hours suck


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16 Jun 2023

Amazing vegan haven

It was so nice to have a good selection of vegan foods while staying in Puerto Princessa. We went there twice, for lunch and dinner. We tried the smoothie bowl, the siri bowl, the rice and grains bowl and the cakes and everything was amazing. Portions are really big, so perfect for sharing, its a bit expensive but about average for places like this

Pros: Friendly staff, Many options, Multi cuisine


27 Jun 2023

We appreciate your kinds words dester! We are glad that you liked everything! Please do come back! We'd love to serve you again! ๐Ÿ’š๐ŸŒฑ


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12 Jun 2023

The best vegan place in town!

We tried the El Nido branch first which was so lush and provided fantastic food! This Cafe esque restaurant is cheaper and just as tasty! We ordered the naked pizza which was pricey but is definitely enough to share for 3/4 and would be itโ€™s own meal. The gluten free waffles were super tasty and I had the special pesto spaghetti which was okay but not their best dish. We had a great time here and itโ€™s a must go to destination for any vegan foodie!

Pros: The food tastes amazing!, Portion sizes are huge!, Great vibe.

Cons: Not overly expensive but expect to pay more


27 Jun 2023

Hi Jack! Thank you so much for giving us a very detailed review! We appreciate it a lot! We hope we can see you again here at Ver De Palawan! ๐Ÿ’š๐ŸŒฑ


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29 May 2023

The best in Puerto Princesa

The food is very tasty, the lasagna roll and the pesto grilled cheese are my favorites.
It is been a mission be vegan here, and I after try all the vegetarians restaurants in the city(quite few only)
I can say for sure that Ver De is the best

Pros: Tasty food


27 Jun 2023

Thank you so much Maria for the kind words! We appreciate this a lot! We hope to see you again! ๐Ÿ’š๐ŸŒฑ


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29 Apr 2023

Amazing place

We loved this place. We came here to eat a lot of times while in PP. They also do delivery, just contact them on Instagram and theyโ€™ll deliver to you๐Ÿ˜„

Pros: Fully plant-based, Not too expensive , Friendly staff


17 May 2023

Hi there! Thank you so much for the amazing feedback! We hope to see you again! We appreciate this a lot!


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27 Apr 2023


Big fully vegan menu, delicious and well presented food, tasty smoothies, and very friendly staff. Free wifi. Cheaper than the Ver De in El Nido, and expensive for Filipino standards but still reasonably priced for fresh quality food.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-27


17 May 2023

Thank you for sharing photos and giving us an amazing review! We appreciate this a lot!


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23 Apr 2023

The best vegan brunch spot we have been to on our travels.

The menu has so much to choose from I found it hard deciding as it all sounds so amazing. Amazing service and the food all tastes incredible, ate here every day of our stay!


17 May 2023

Hi Olive! Thank you so much for the kind words! We appreciate your review a lot! We hope to see you again!


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18 Apr 2023

Best vegan option in puerto

Really good vegan food ! Have been her twice in two days and also returning for a final meal this evening.
Between me and my boyfriend we have tried the lasagne, naan falafel wrap, tempeh hummus bagel and the breakfast burrito.
Good portions, free wifi and nice air con restaurant.


21 Apr 2023

Hello there! Thank you so much for taking your time to give us some feedback, we appreciate it a lot and we hope to see you again! ๐ŸŒฑโœจ


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24 Mar 2023

Highly recommend

Great little place for healthy clean food. With little choice in most eateries for vegan food we ate here 4 times in 2 days!


03 Apr 2023

Hi Julie! Thank you for the review! We appreciate this a lot! Hope we could see you again!


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12 Mar 2023

Love this place!

The food here is absolutely amazing. Ate here two times, once for lunch (banh mi) and once for dinner (chimichanga, the special of the day). The portions are generous and all the flavours are just right. The staff is very friendly and attentive. Wish I could take the restaurant with me to my country!


03 Apr 2023

Hello there! We are glad that you enjoyed your experience with us! Please visit us when you visit Palawan again! Take care!


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02 Mar 2023

I prefer the El Nido branch, but still good

The prices at this branch are lower than in El Nido and the menu is slightly different, but everything looked great.

I liked what I ordered but I think there are more impressive dishes to be had. I actually ordered a dish to eat at the restaurant and another one for takeaway, but they didnโ€™t start preparing it in advance even though I asked for that. I had ordered a sandwich to go, but after half an hour it still hadnโ€™t arrived. I asked about it and they said it would be another 15-20 mins (hadnโ€™t started preparing yet), so I had to cancel. The noodle dish I had was good but pretty average to me. Like I said, I think other dishes are much better there. The pesto grilled cheese looks amazing! I wish I could have tried more dishes but didnโ€™t have the time. The servers are very kind but the actual service is pretty slow. Donโ€™t have a flight to catch, like me!


03 Apr 2023

Hello there! We are glad that you also liked our El Nido Branch! We are consistently trying to give our guests the best vegan experience they could have whilst they're here in Palawan! We would love to have you again! See you soon!


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12 Feb 2023


Everything they have on the menu sounds fantastic. We were super happy about the food we had ๐Ÿฅฐ we had burritos, burger, smoothie bowl
The atmosphere is also beautiful and the service was good as well.
Would give 6 stars if possible


03 Apr 2023

Thank you Natalie for the great review! We appreciate it a lot! We hope to see you again!


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31 Jan 2023

Best vegan restaurant

This is one of the best vegan restaurants I have ever eaten. Vegan for 7 years and this restaurant blowed my mind.
Tried the other branch up in El Nido aswell. Keep up the good work and hopefully more places will adopt the plant based options.

Pros: Very good and creative food, Big portions, Friendly staff

Cons: A bit pricier but worth it imo


11 Feb 2023

Hi there! Thank you so much for your kind words, we hope to see you again! We are glad that you liked our food! Have a great day!


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15 Jan 2023

So good we ate here every day

We absolutely loved this place. From the food, to the staff. They always have a new special dish of the day which is refreshing - their menu is just delicious! Such a chilled vibe as well.


30 Jan 2023

Hello there! It's great to know that you loved our dishes! We appreciate you taking the time to give us a review! We hope to see you again! ๐Ÿ’š


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10 Jan 2023

A must go in Puerto princesa

Food is so yummy, staff are kind and the vibe is so cosy. Fully vegan restaurant and lots of options


30 Jan 2023

Hey there Peachi! Thank you so much for sharing photos here! We appreciate it a lot! Thank you for the kind words! ๐Ÿ’š


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31 Dec 2022

So gutes essen!

Das essen schmeckt unglaublich gut! So eine tolle auswahl!

Pros: Alles vegan

Cons: Fรผr philippinische Verhรคltnisse etwas teuer, Auf jeden fall den preis wert!


05 Jan 2023

vielen Dank fรผr das wunderbare Feedback! Wir schรคtzen es sehr!


Points +24

22 Nov 2022

Absolutely delicious!

The Hummus, the Tacos and the Curry we tried were a 10/10 ๐Ÿคค
100% can recommend!


05 Jan 2023

Thank you so much for the recommendation! We appreciate it a lot!


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24 Oct 2022

Good food with great service

Went there two times and food was really good. Had the vegan burger and the Banh Mi. There are also delicious smoothies.
The staff was really friendly and the restaurant was cosy.

Pros: All vegan, Lots to choose from, Friendly staff

Cons: Expensive


05 Jan 2023

Thank you so much for taking your time to write us a review! We appreciate it a lot!


Points +152

15 Oct 2022

Can highly recommend this place! Clean food and so delicious.

Everything is clean food and vegan

Pros: All vegan


05 Jan 2023


Points +59

02 Oct 2022

Great vegan food

We loved that place! Lot of options to choose from. Everything we had was really delicious! Best vegan food we had here in the Philippines. And the staff is really friendly and helpful. We'll be back.

Pros: Lots of options , Good quality, Friendly staff


09 Oct 2022

Hi there! Thank you for an awesome feedback! We hope to serve you again! ๐ŸŒฑ๐Ÿซถ


Points +1456

03 Sep 2022

Amazing vegan food!!!

Everything is vegan!! And what I had was soooo tasty!!!

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-03

Pros: 100% vegan menu with gf options , Super tasty, Very cool drinks, giant cookies & more


01 Oct 2022

thank you so much for the amazing feedback! ๐Ÿซถ๐Ÿ’š


01 Oct 2022

thank you so much for the amazing feedback! ๐Ÿซถ๐Ÿ’š


Points +225

13 Aug 2022


The food was amazing! I recommend you to visit. Everything is vegan and there are many options to choose from. The environment of the place is very nice as well.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-11

Pros: Fresh and tasty, Nice environment , Good size portion


23 Aug 2022

awesome feedback! we appreciate this a lot! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’š


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10 Aug 2022

Great food in nice atmosphere

A purely vegan restaurant at Grande Vista Hotel. Pretty small, but very nicely designed with a lot of plants. The priciest choice for vegan food in Puerto, but the food is amazing, there's a big choice of dishes and servings are big.
The place to take your date or parents out to for dinner ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pros: Big choice of dishes, Decent servings , Nice atmosphere

Cons: Pricier than others, but totally worth it, A bit far to walk from Bayan


10 Aug 2022

Hey there! We are glad you enjoyed our food! We hope to see you again! And thanks so much for the feedback! ๐Ÿ’š


Points +38

09 Jul 2022

Amazing food

The food is incredible and of a really high quality. My partner and I have been vegan for several years and we live in London and both of us think this is the best food weโ€™ve ever had. They had specials on the days we went there, which were delicious. There is a vegan store next door where you can buy vegan milk, chocolate and different items by their weight, including protein powder.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Lovely staff , Great coffee


09 Aug 2022

What an amazing review! This truly means a lot to us! Thank you so much! ๐ŸŒฑ๐Ÿ’š

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