Ima's Vegetarian Restaurant

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46 Fernandez Street, Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Serving a range of international vegetarian cuisine including burritos, pizza, jambalaya, salads, soups, sandwiches, and vegetarian burgers. Portions are small so order a few dishes. Has Wi-Fi. See website for map and menu. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-9:00pm, Fri 11:00am-3:00pm, Sat 6:30pm-9:00pm, Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

Categories: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Western, Take-out, Filipino

21 Reviews

First Review by JohanHWB

ample cheap & delicious menu choices - Edit

Very friendly staff. Large menu options. Recommend the enchilada, tostadas, tofu steak & the coconut shake.

Pros: plenty of healthy options & cheap

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Great food, great service - Edit

I ate here last night and was greeted warmly and seated right away. The menu was vast and had many different delicious sounding options - salads, soups, burritos, pizzas, tempeh steaks, and so on. I opted for the gado gado and tempeh fries - both were very tasty! Make sure you check opening times before going as I think they close early on Fridays. Definitely worth checking out if you're in Puerto Princesa.

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Worst Restaurant I have ever been to!!! - Edit

This is literally the worst restaurant I have ever been to in my life. One star is way too much to give this restaurant. It deserves negative 5 stars. They literally did every single thing wrong that a restaurant is supposed to do. And the food is absolutely terrible here. I'm not sure if any of the people who rated this place good actually know what they are talking about. The place is a disgrace to the restaurant industry.

I took a date there and I ordered a soup to start, we both ordered drinks, and she ordered her entre. Unfortunately little did I know that the drinks were the only thing that would have any flavor that night.

I told the waitress I would order my entre after eating my soup and that I wanted to start with that. She didn't seem to be listening because I had to repeat it a bunch of times.

Then our drinks were brought out and my dates entre was brought out, but not my soup. One thing a restaurant is supposed to do is bring out peoples entre's together.

So I sat there super hungry because I had just gotten off a plane and not eaten all day, watching my date eat so her food didn't get cold, while I waited for my soup. Then I got so hungry that I ordered my entre. And I said I wanted guacamole on the side because I had ordered jambalaya. I told the waitress that I did not want any wheat or soy products because I am allergic to them.

Then instead of bringing out my soup like I was waiting for, she brought out my guacamole, which was supposed to be on the side of my jambalaya. Obviously she hadn't been listening as she hadn't before. But whats worse is that she brought it out with tortilla chips made out of wheat. Now I have to sit here hungry looking at food that I cannot eat or I will have an allergic reaction. Thats a health and safety violation right there. I reminded her of my dietary restriction but she didn't care, she just left them there.

Then after my date was done with her entre, out came my jambalaya, and then after I had gotten started on that out came my soup. I was like WTF? I thought they had forgotten it, why are they bringing me that now. I told them, why are you bringing me these out together? I said I wanted the soup to start? Now one of them is going to sit here and get cold while I eat the other. They offered to keep my jambalaya warm for me but I said no then it will get dried out. I told them to keep the soup warm.

I mixed the guacamole into the jambalaya and tasted it. Nothing. No taste no flavor what so ever. I kept trying different parts, still nothing. The sausage had no flavor. The vegetables, the rice, the sauce, the guac, it was all flavorless. I tried a little bit of what was left over of my dates pasta, the same, flavorless. I ate it because I was hungry otherwise I would have left.

I complained to the waitress and the cook that my food was flavorless and the most bland food I had ever eaten and that they had done everything wrong that a restaurant is supposed to do. I asked if my soup was going to have any flavor and they said yes. So I tried it, but no, it was basically rice noodles and vegetables in water. I was hungry so I just loaded it up with soysauce and chili sauce so I could taste something. But honestly the food was a complete disgrace, as was the service.

I complained to the staff again saying that they obviously didn't use any herbs or spices. I complained to the owner too telling her about my whole experience. She didn't offer me any kind of resolution, instead she simply argued with me. Obviously she doesn't know what it means to be in the service industry. I'm going back to America where the restaurants actually know how to serve real food and care about their customers. This one doesn't do any of that. And it ruined my date!

So once again, I repeat, this is the worst restaurant I have ever been to. Don't go.

Pros: There are no pros

Cons: Worst service imaginable, Worst food imaginable, No refund offered

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Great for Philippines - Edit

Nice vegeterian|vegan restaurant in PP...

Pros: Tolle Auswahl, frische Produkte

Cons: Kleine Portionen

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Guter kleiner laden - Edit

Als Veggie sollte man dort Essen gehen wenn man in. Puerto Princesa ist. Gerade da ja man weiß das auf den Philippinen sehr viel Fleisch gegessen wird und die Auswahl für Veganer und Vegetarier nicht gerade die größte ist. Deshalb umso mehr erfreulich so einen Laden zu finden. :)

Pros: Gerichte gibt es auch Vegan

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A haven - Edit

A haven in Puerto Princesa. Relaxing interior. Healthy delicious juices and food. Service a bit slow, but good. Vegan-concious.

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Good choice in PP - Edit

This small restaurant is a delight in PP with few other veggie options. Service is a little slow as they seem to make one dish at a time so each of our group was served at a separate time. There are a lot of choices on the menu from burritos, pizza and Asian dishes including tempe and tofu. Most of the food was tasty. I like the tempe fries and the veggie steak. Dishes are a reasonable size without being too large. The buko (young coconut) shake was great. Very reasonably priced, most dishes around 100 pesos.

Can take reservations, seats about 30.

Pros: Good menu, friendly service

Cons: slightly slow

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Sobresaliente en Filipinas - Edit

Local pequeño cerca de Rizal Ave. El servicio fue amable pero poco profesional (el camarero que servía las mesas parecía estar empezando). Sin embargo otro de los camareros de sala y especialmente el amor que se veía en la cocina lo disculpaban. Comprendo que en otros países pueda ser un restaurante medio, pero simplemente por ofrecer tempeh en Filipinas (y fuera de Manila) merece 4 estrellas de puntuación. Probamos los burritos vegetarianos (que fue una de las opciones vegetarianas que encontramos en otros sitios) y el tempeh en dos recetas diferentes.
Pese a que algún error al tomar nota hizo que todas las mesas tuvieran largas esperas fue la mejor comida que como vegetarianos hicimos en Filipinas, donde las opciones son pocas y encontrar sustitutos de la proteína como el tempeh (tan habitual en Indonesia) prácticamente imposible.
Repetiría ... ahora mismo ;)

Pros: VEGETARIANO de verdad, Tempeh , Atmósfera de amor por la cocina

Cons: Servicio de mesas mejorable

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Ima's - Edit

Tons of stuff to choose from: pasta, pizza, burritos, rice dishes, sandwiches. Most dishes around 80-100 php, the pizzas closer to 300. Everything can be made vegan. A lot of juices and smoothies. To be honest our food didn't taste too much, even though the black beans were great. Really friendly staff. Closed on Friday evenings, but now opened on Saturdays.

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variety + price - Edit

This place is great! After a month traveling in Philippines, this is the first place I found truly vegetarian and even tho the food is not like the best thing you will ever eat, at least they do have variety and it's really cheap too! Came here a few times and tried most stuff of the menu as dishes are quite small, so usually order a starter and a main.

Pros: staff is really nice too

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Varied menu - Edit

I came here for dinner one night as it was near my lodging in Puerto Princesa. It took a while for the staff to show up from the back, even though there were other customers, but otherwise the service was good. They have a lot of variety on the menu, however, the portions are small for the price. The mixed vegetable burrito was tasty, but I was still hungry afterwards, so best to order two dishes if you are really hungry.

Pros: variety, nice vibe

Cons: small portions

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was great in July 2012 - Edit

I was there once in July 2012 and the food was great and the prices low. I don't know if it's still so.
I've tried almost all vegetarian restaurants in the Philippines and this one is top of the list in my book.

Pros: interesting dishes, low price

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Overrated - Edit

I think this place has some award for excellence and is hyped by a well used guide book. Not really sure why.

I think the cooks need to go off and do a course. The service is friendly but patchy.

The first dish I tried was the rice with tofu, veggies and mushrooms - tasteless! Next up the veggie steak (gluten) with potatoes was a slight improvement, but the rice was mush and this contrasted with the undercooked stingy amount of potato served with it.

The spicy beanburgers aren't bad, but not really very spicy at all.

Overall the food is moderately priced, but I wouldn't say great value. At least they provide drinking water, so you aren't forced to buy a drink if you are watching the pennies on a long trip.

I am sorry to have to report a negative experience about a vegetarian business in such an unvegetarian-friendly country, but I hope the owners / operators will make a few improvements.

Nice simple vibe though. I'll give em that.

Pros: There aren't many other options, Nice decor / vibe, Nice staff

Cons: the food!, not great value

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Disappointing - Edit

Was great to find a dedicated vegetarian restaurant in this backwater but was ultimately a disappointing experience. The service was terrible and the food poor.

It took over 20 mins for us to be served despite there being only 1 other group in the restaurant. The food took even longer to arrive. There was the usual misunderstandings with the waiting staff whose poor communication skills and training lead to wrong orders and incorrect information.

The shake was watery, the breads bone dry and very thin, the food spiceless. They do have vegan cheese though the staff do not seem to know this) and vegan sausages etc, though these are not very nice anyway.

Yes, it is cheap, but I'd rather pay a bit more for food that actually tastes nice and is filling.

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Poor service, Low quality food

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Great food, nice place, friendly staff - Edit

We went here three times in late December 2012 and found it fantastic. The inside environment was pleasant, the food good with a wide variety, and the staff were friendly and helpful. They were able to help us identify vegan options and understood this fully.

The first time we went we turned up around 9.30am and were told they didn't open till 11am. It did say this on the door but it differed from the details on Happy Cow at the time. However, in spite of it being outside their official opening hours, the woman receiving us (possibly Ima) opened shop and accommodated us.

The menus has a range of Filipino and Western dishes. I tried the tofu burger, the vegan sandwich and the mushroom-eggplant burger and they were all great. I had a vegan pizza with yeast flakes instead of cheese (although this cost a little extra)and it was delicious. There are delicious juices, all-fruit shakes, and smoothies with fruity and creamy varieties.

A great place to eat and plenty of options to return for.

Pros: Great food and varied menu, Friendly, helpful staff , Pleasant environment

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best tofu burger ever - Edit

We went there in December and where truly sad that we left the next day so we couldn't come back for more of the delicious food. (Therefore, we kept ordering dishes in an attempt to eat as much as possible ;)

We had the Garden Salad, the spicy Okra & Mango Pasta (could have been spicier for me), the Bean Burrito, Tempeh Fries, the Black Bean Burger and the best tofu Burger ever (though it wasn't served with a real bun but the delicious patty was stuffed between two toasted bread slices). The Mango pancake was a nice dessert and the tropical fruitshakes and juices we had were fresh and tasty.

The staff was very friendly and the restaurant a lovely calm refuge from the busy streets.

Be aware, though, that the portions are quiet small. However, the good side of this is that you get to try more if you come hungry :)

Pros: delicious food, friendly staff , nice calm atmosphere

Cons: small portions

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Very nice vegetarian restaurant - Edit

The owner is very friendly and he know about vegan. So you can order anything on the menu and he will do it in vegan if you ask him to do. The menu is not very large but really original and different that what you usually find in other asian vegetarian restaurant. This restaurant was elected by PETA on the top ten list of vegetarian restaurant in Philippines.

Pros: Vegan food available, Friendly, Tasty

Cons: Npt much choice for Filipino food.

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Vegetarian hero of the town! - Edit

Healthy, fresh and clean food. It takes a lot of time, there is only 2 cooks and 1 waitress, but I comes to your table, prices aren't bad and is really easy to find. My boyfriend loved the tostada and the bean burger. owners are super nice, helpful, truly charming people, I wish I can love the food as much as i like them.

Pros: Healthy, Easy to find, Owners are cool

Cons: Slow

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Amazing vegan chocolate shake!!! Excellent food x - Edit

Excellent veggie restaurant with amazing vegan selection. Small and cool with nice welcoming feel.
I had a carob and banana shake and also a coconut shake. And I shared a bean burrito and bean burger.
Def go here!!!!!
Loved it x

Pros: Vegan selection huge, Healthy, Very reasonably priced

Cons: Food took a while ( but worth the wait!)

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Inspirational restaurant - Edit

Ethnic style simple enviroment but clean and cool place. conscious owners with nice etnnic menu, average prices and vegan choices.
Great selection of shakes and smoothies. Healthy books to read as well.

Updated from previous review on Friday September 30, 2011

Pros: Conscious owners, Ethnic Enviroment, Ethnic menu

Cons: Toilet need Improvement

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Really good food - Edit

I was getting kinda desperate for some good and animal free food, when I found this place. A really welcome surprise. I don't remember exactly what I ordered, but I was very happy about it - and I returned the next day, equally happy.

The owners were very enthusiastic about vegetarianism and came out from the kitchen to chat between servings. Nice and clean place. Also, the open windows and the feeling of adventure when entering the place left an impression.

PS: At the time I was eating vegetarian, but I don't think the food had any animal products.. So could be suitable for vegans as well. Ask; I am sure they can whip up something anyway.

Pros: Good food, Clean Place, Nice people

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