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Vegan burger joint opened here in 2018. Serves plant-based burgers using the impossible burger patty. Also has fries, tater tots, salads, sodas, and shakes. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-11:00pm.

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First Review by marci_mae


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26 Feb 2024

Yummiest burger ever!

I've been vegan over a decade and I think this was the tastiest of them all.

Pros: Yummiest vegan burger to date.

Cons: Not many options.



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27 Nov 2023


Especially loved the matches ice cream

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-27


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22 Nov 2023

10/10 vegan burger

Monty’s never disappoints it’s sooo good! The shakes are to die for too, lots of great flavors and you’d never be able to tell they’re vegan


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23 May 2023

Pretty Darn Good!

I ordered a “chicken” sandwich, fries, and a strawberry shake. Everything tasted great, but it wasn’t light on calories. Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for tasty vegan junk/fast food.


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Mostly Veg
09 May 2023

We love this place so much!

It was nearly an accident that we found it. Vegan milk shakes with cookies! My son has an allergy and it feels like we're almost normal eating here! No special nothing. Love it!

Pros: Delicious and friendly, Toddler approved and all plant based!, Open late!

Cons: Costly, Hard to find parking


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07 Mar 2023

Vegan burger and fries

It’s in an outdoor food court type of place. There’s other places in here that are vegan too. I went with a burger and fries. It was a tasty burger. They charge extra for fries and extra for dipping sauce. Drinks were extra, but I got a drink at the bar. I spent about $30 for fries and a drink with dipping sauce (including the $3 tip).

Pros: Plant based restaurant, Taste good and filling , Cute theme

Cons: Expensive , Everything sold separately , Parking sucks


11 Jul 2023


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16 Jan 2023

Hot and fresh

Food came out quick and piping hot. The best tots I’ve ever had at a restaurant - perfectly crispy and salty. The onion aioli was delicious to dip them in.

Pros: All vegan , Fast , Friendly service

Cons: Pricey


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02 Jan 2023

Always Perfect

I get Monty's once a year, and without fail they consistently have the best ingredients and never mess with what is perfect. Being from California, it gives a nod to the classic California style burger that I grew up with and it's even better than the original - sorry In-n-out. Tried the Matcha shake this time around, and it was perfectly balanced, 11/10!


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Mostly Veg
30 Dec 2022

Love love love

Always a treat! I love their burgers and 50/50 tater tots and fries. Their cola is delicious as well.


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24 Dec 2022

Perfect for burger craving

One of the better vegan burgers I’ve enjoyed! This location is in a food hall, so there are lots of options for various diets. I ordered a single burger, a side of tater tots and a strawberry lemonade, for about $20.
The burger was great - moderately sized, juicy burger, convincing melty American cheese, fresh toppings, and pleasantly saucy without being messy. Yum! The side of tater tots would be plenty to share with a few friends. They were hot, beautifully crispy and dry, not greasy at all. The strawberry lemonade was fresh and well balanced. Great vegan meal!

Pros: All vegan, Relaxed, trendy dining hall

Cons: A little spendy


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24 Nov 2022

Vegan Five Guys/In N Out ✨Vibes✨

I’ve been here twice now and I’ve been so impressed each time. Burger or chicken sandwich or Fries or Tater tots, you can’t go wrong eating here! Also love the mini shake! Perfect size for when you’ve got a sweet tooth

Pros: Everything vegan, Tastes great, sauce options

Cons: Little $$$, In a food court with a lot of people


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04 Nov 2022

Vegan In n Out and beyond!

Another amazing happy cow find on a hungry quest to find good vegan food! This place is legit and we were happily surprised and sufficiently satiated. In addition to the normal fare you would find at In n Out, this place offered a plant based chicken sandwich, chicken tenders, tater tots, 6 different sauces, and cookies. Salivating just writing this review 🙃 😋 🤤 Last but not least, people here are super friendly. Several came up to us asking about the food ❤️

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-04


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15 Aug 2022

YUM!!! Double w/fries & craft soda~

Awesome vibe and good times at this location in the Riverside Food Lab!

Pros: All plant based options! Yay, Burger fabulous , Crispy & hot fries

Cons: No cons…. , Need a Monty’s closer to home!


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08 Aug 2022


Best vegan burgers in Socal. Similar to in and out. Pricey. tied with the pizza place as the best vegan food at the food lab.

Updated from previous review on 2021-01-22


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24 Jul 2022

Great service but extremely pricy for what you get

This location is located in a super cool food hall. There are many different food options here, many of which also has vegan options.
The staff at Monty’s were extremely welcoming, helpful and nice. Some of the friendly staff I’ve experienced in awhile- which seems to be going extinct nowadays.
I ordered a single cheeseburger with fries and house sauce. The burger was good. They use impossible meat. My only downside to it is that the buns were so plush that the bread to burger ratio was not very good. It definitely drowned out the meat taste. Burger was also a little on the small side. Veggies were fresh and the presentation was very nice.
The fries were shoestring and were fine. Just normal fries- nothing special.
The house sauce was super good- kinda like a Big Mac sauce. It definitely had some pickle in there and I was loving it. However you only get one tiny cup of sauce for your whole meal which wasn’t enough by a landslide. If you want more sauce you have to pay.
Arnold Palmer was delicious.
Overall the meal was good but just a regular fast food meal and nothing to write home about.
I got the strawberry shake and this was definitely the star of the show. I have no words. It was so creamy and delicious and the strawberry chunks were to die for. I would come back for the shake in a heartbeat.
The total was over $30 for everything. This price is EXTREMELY high and not worth the meal in my opinion. I feel like I can get much nicer meals for half the price, so the price alone would definitely stop me from coming back for a meal but I would still come back for the shake every once in awhile.
Upside is that they had free stickers which was cool.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-24

Pros: Strawberry shake , Free stickers, Nice staff

Cons: Very expensive


25 Jul 2022

Unfortunately this price is becoming more of the norm now 😕 I paid $44 in Colorado for one meal a few weeks ago. Astonishing and disgusting 😑


25 Jul 2022


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16 May 2022 good!

I would say this is the in n' out of vegan food. It is so good. Nothing there is bad. We had the max'd out tots, Double Cheese burger, and the Chicken sandwich. The meat is so much like real meat I was questioning if it was really vegan 😂😂. Aaahhh-mazing! Definitely going to be a regular spot when visiting riverside.

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-17


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11 May 2022

Meh for the Burger

It's just meh.

First off free parking around here is non existent. Had to pay for 1.5 hours minimum, cost $2.25.

Ordered a Single burger, tater tots and a chocolate shake. $24.47. I've come to expect vegan be drastically overpriced for those of us for whom Vegan isn't a novelty...I'm eating plants every day... why does a burger at a big chain include fries and a drink for $8-10... I digress. Anyway...

I had a VERY GENEROUS portion of tater tots. Well seasoned and the Sriracha Aioli was great. Enough tots for 3 or 4 people.

The shake was SUPER! VERY thick, like a sundae. I had to let it melt a little to prevent sucking my face into the straw. They gave me a spoon but, you know, it's a shake at a burger joint!

The disappointment was the burger. I don't know why processed meat substitute is a thing but to add it to this beautiful sandwich with a nice slice of tomato, grilled onion and bright leafy lettuce peeking out of this perfectly, soft brioche was a waste. The patty is incredibly thin and taste like nothing. Why does vegan have to live up to the negative comments of omnivores?

For the price I paid I got a great shake and yummy tots but MEH FOR THE BURGER.

Pros: 100% Vegan, no need to ask, Shakes and floats, FAST

Cons: $11 burger a la carte, Burger was just meh, , small, tasteless 'meat', Inconvenient parking


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03 May 2022

Love it!

Their burgers and milkshakes are so good. Everything is vegan made fresh and always delicious..


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21 Apr 2022

Vegan In-N-Out

Monty’s has very tasty options, my personal favorites are the chicken sandwich and the 50/50 dog pile that is on their secret menu. Though tasty, it is quite expensive, 2 meals can easily come out to about $50 ish. Aside from that, the list of options is very short, without resorting to the secret menu, the standard menu has 1 burger & 1 sandwich & 2 side options. However, the service is usually good & they do accept military discount. Overall, despite the social problems Montys has faced in the past, their food is worth trying.

Pros: Fun Environment , Quality Food , Military Discount

Cons: Chalky Shakes , Not enough options , Pricey


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15 Feb 2022

Just had desert.

Milkshakes aren’t bad but they are a bit spendy. Cookies however are tasteless dry and tiny for $5 a piece.

Pros: Cute retro vibe


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09 Feb 2022


Came from Calgary AB. Going back to Palm Springs in 5 weeks and I'm not gonna lie- it's partly for this place. My milkshake was the best I've had since being vegan- it tasted exactly like the original. And it was so thick it was almost like a Blizzard. The chick'n sandwich was INSANE- the batter is ridiculous. (Also the best chick'n sandwich I've had in these 6 years.) Got an order of tots as well, which was ENORMOUS. Save your appetite for this place for sure.

Pros: amazing ice cream, amazing chick'n sandwich, the founder is a dog

Cons: 1 hour drive from Palm Springs, Not in Canada


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28 Jan 2022

Overpriced for What You Get

It’s not as good as Plant Power, which is right down the street, and more expensive than most veg fast-food. Menu is limited compared to other businesses. I went once the good was fine, not good enough to go back for.


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06 Dec 2021


Burger was amazing, chicken sandwich was unbelievable and shakes were best I have had. Large portions, great staff and atmosphere.

Took my non vegan parents here and they loved it. Said they couldn't tell it was all vegan.

Pros: Large portions, Thick delicious shakes, Cooked fresh to order


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21 Aug 2021

Delicious Plant Based Burger

I eaten two options and was delicious.

Pros: A plant based burger


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21 Aug 2021

If you’re craving a greasy burger/chicken sandwich (vegan! Duh) you’ll love it!

The burger and chicken sandwich were delicious. Very greasy but satisfying! We also got a strawberry milkshake, middle of brownie cookie, and half and half dog style fries/tots! All delicious!

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Greasy AF.


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01 Aug 2021

"home of the good burger"

Burgers & fries, can't complain.
It's a simple menu. Love the spicy habanero sauce, that sauce doesn't play. It's a bit pricey but it's worth it.

I use to come a lot when it opened back in 2018, so I think i burnt myself out on Monty's. I don't find myself craving it. I find the burgers way smaller than other vegan burger joints.
(Plant power). Then again as I write about it, I'm craving it again.

Only "bad" experience was a time
they've forgotten to give me my tots, but they venmo'd me my money back - so that was nice. The shakes must of gotten a recipe change because they've gotten sweeter...

Pros: All VEGAN burger joint

Cons: Pricey, shakes are sometimes too sweet


Points +233

14 Jul 2021

This place is amazing!

Great burger, great tots, great fizzy pink lemonade, great brownie cookie, and very friendly staff.

Pros: Great Burger! , Nice counter to eat at. , Cool staff

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