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Plant-based food truck offering a daily changing "high vibration menu" including house-made burgers, wraps, nachos, sweet treats, kombucha and other vegan dishes. Brunch on Sun. Take your own dish and cutlery to help combat waste. Est. 2017 formerly as FoodTank. Check Instagram for updated schedule and announcements. Open Thu-Sat 4:00pm-9:00pm, Sun 11:00am-2:00pm.

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First Review by Hausfrau


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24 Sep 2023


Husband and I went hiking all day and chowed down here. The grilled cheese was delicious, and the tomato soup was simply to die for! Both the khichdi and baja bowl had lots of kick to them but were also wonderful. Chocolate rose, raspberry cake—say no more, AMAZING! Very quaint and pleasant place to eat food while listening to nice music and enjoying the fresh air. Owners were delightful. Will happily eat here again next time that we are in the area! Note that the menu changes often.



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22 Jun 2023

Good food, small menu

The food was pretty good. However, the menu is very small. I ordered the chickpea sandwich and the strawberry smoothie.


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03 Nov 2022

Phenomenally Vegan

Most amazing meal in Moab 🥰 can’t wait to come back.

Pros: Ultra friendly proprietors , Amazing delicious food, Heart-centered business


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25 Sep 2022


I had to walk through dirt/sand and over a closed bridge to get there (flood damage), but I am glad I persevered! The food is excellent - interesting, complex flavors, all plant-based. Such a treat. I had the brunchito (I tasted coconut milk and spices in the sauce), and enjoyed every bite.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-25

Pros: Complex/fancy flavors in food truck food, Service


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15 Aug 2022


Don’t get the nachos. They are incredibly overpriced for what you get and they were not good.


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29 Jul 2022

Had the homemade Kombucha

Was super yummy. Lovely staff! They also offer donation based yoga classes and cocoa ceremonies


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22 May 2022

Great place!

Very cute area for great vegan food. We got the burger sandwich and Buddha bowl which were both great! The homemade burger patty was one of the best I’ve ever had. Nice patio area to sit outside too.

Pros: Great homemade vegan options , Nice outside eating area


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02 May 2022

Delicious vegan brunch

This is 100% plant based restaurant. Lovely people and seating area. The pancakes I had for brunch were divine! The peanut butter bar was so good I ordered a second to go. It was a little hard to find and has a small parking area. But it was so worth it. If they were open today, I’d go back for lunch.

Pros: All vegan some organic, Delicious and fresh

Cons: Outdoor only seating


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08 Apr 2022

Tasty Food

Went there during our stay in Moab. Food was very tasty. We reached when they were just opening but took a bit long to prepare the food.

Pros: Tasty, Friendly staff

Cons: Time to serve


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04 Dec 2021

Amazing food and ambiance!

Some of the best vegan restaurant food I've had and such a cool vibe. It's a food truck so seating is outside but they have a fire and heaters. They went out and picked chard from their garden for our food! So cool! A must visit if you're in Moab.

Pros: 100% vegan, gluten free - friendly

Leah Stolar

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14 Nov 2021

Delightful & Delicious!

Moab Kitchen was a perfect introduction to Moab on our first night in town. We ordered the Aloo Gobi and Falafel Wrap with a side of sweet potato mac ‘n cheese. Everything was yummy! Loved the vibe and the warm hospitality.

Pros: Chill vibe, Delicious food, Lovely hospitality


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11 Oct 2021


Super amazing and delicious. Will
Return again.

Pros: Pay what you wish, Honest , Delicious.

Cons: Hard to find, it is hidden in a backyard


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18 Aug 2021

Delicious food!

We ordered a couple of the dishes, and they were both wonderful. We got a chickpea omelet with potatoes, a stew, and a peach smoothie. It was a pay-what-you-can system, which was great. They rotate vegan chefs, and the ones who was there when we visited was wonderful.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-18

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-18

Pros: All vegan, Incredibly tasty, Great people


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Mostly Veg
04 Aug 2021

Hidden Gem & Hangout

This amazing farm-to-table plant-based truck doesn’t feel pretentiously vegan, even though the food totally is high vibe, gourmet! I’ve eaten here three times in the last week. The food is organic, fresh, simple, and delicious. And I love that they encourage bringing your own bowl/utensils/cup to reduce waste!

The atmosphere on the Hearthspace Plaza is relaxed, chill, friendly, and inviting. I felt comfortable eating and hanging out outdoors with friends without masks, and didn’t get any dirty looks from the chef or other patrons. It’s dog and kid-friendly; there were cute kiddos and doggos running around when I was there for lunch. Dinner has a cooler feel, with some people hanging out with guitars and drumming. There’s also a cute Moroccan-style coffee/tea bar non the plaza. It’s such a welcome relief from the madness on Main Street. What an awesome space!

I vibe on the fact that it’s donation-based, because it means I can gift as generously as I’m feeling, and anonymously, and I can feel good about supporting small local nonprofit. They take cash and Venmo.

The Guest Chefs are always amazing!

The only negative is that it’s only open Thursday-Sunday, 11am-7pm, and I wish they were open more!

Updated from previous review on 2021-04-12

Pros: Excellent food, Great vibe, Affordable

Cons: Limited hours


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03 Jul 2021

A disappointment.

The food was plant based, but that was it's only redeeming quality. This food was just so bad. It was closer to a faux tuna sandwich than a burger. It had no flavor at all. I think the wheat bread was the flavor profile. Part of me wonders if they prepared the wrong food for me. I probably just caught her on a bad night. I like what their doing I'm just so disappointed I drove past my room in Green River just to eat here and got served flavorless mush. I paid before I received my food because I was so confident in this place. I overpaid😞

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-26

Pros: Cute dog (Rhubarb), Good people

Cons: No flavor, No texture


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23 May 2021

Did I miss something?

After reading endless (except for one, with whom I agreed) 5 star raves about this place, we had to check it out. At the end of a dead end street which is not marked with a street sign, they have clearly proven that Haight Asbury and the love vibe of the 60s isn't dead. In contrast to the madness of Moab Main Street, this is a very relaxed, laid back, outdoor environment. As other have noted, their ethos of "pay what you can", bring your own bowls/utensils, etc., is inspiring, but the food was not (at least on our visit). Yes, everything is very fresh, but except for a lentil soup (which we did not try), all the main dishes were based around a beet based 'burger' (either as a patty or crumbles), sitting on a bed of greens, with various 'accessories' (some avocado, or some whole grain rice, etc.). I guess that day we just weren't feelin' it---peace out.

Pros: All vegan, Very relaxed atmosphere, Love and patchouli were in the air

Cons: Not a particularly interesting or inspired menu

Soul2Soul Educare

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11 May 2021

Hidden Gem - Great Find

This place is a hidden gem. It's at the very end of a dirt road. It's not fancy--but it has DELICIOUS healthy vegan Food, and has a really warm, communal vibe.

The Kitchen itself is a food truck parked in a dirt lot--and next to it there is a carpeted area with tables and cute seating including a parked school bus!

There are a lot of metal sculptures around with positive messages.

There is even a tea house with healthy teas.

Everyone is super friendly, and I cannot stress enough how delicious the kichadi was and the dessert! Mmm...Mmm.. Good!

Don't go here if you want to be waited on by servers at a fancy table. DO go here if you want to eat something healthy and scrumptious at a funky, cozy, off-the-beaten-path place.

They have a really interesting concept - pay whatever you want from your heart.

Wish I lived in Moab - I would definitely frequent this place!

Pros: all vegan, delicious, pay from your heart


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24 Apr 2021

Cool concept, but food not impressive

Fun pay-what-you-like concept, and the guys were really nice, but the food unfortunately was only average at best. Have been fully vegan for 5 years now and wasn’t that impressed. Wishing them good luck though.


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27 Oct 2020

Best crowd you can find anywhere. Had live music!

You might bring some cash with you as there is a donation based drink truck. The food was great too.

Pros: Cool Vibe, Live music

Cons: They just moved so you might have to look for it


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23 Oct 2020

Thank goodness for this place!

The “vegan options” at other restaurants we visited during our trip to Moab were really vegetarian options and I had to explain myself and change everything I ordered, and hope for the best. We went to the food truck park with the family, and I was so disappointed at the junk food options. I searched and found this option on Happy Cow and my daughter and I walked down. It’s not a roving food truck- but it is easy to find. We ate outside. My daughter (nut allergic) had no trouble finding something to eat (burger) and I had a TMTA (tempeh “bacon” lettuce tomato and avocado). It was delicious, and I loved the hippy vibe of the place. I really appreciate being able to order anything without worry! I hope this place stays open for our next visit!

Pros: All Vegan, Quaint

Cons: Stationary food truck


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22 Oct 2020

Amazing food

I loved the curry dish and samosa I had! The flavors were spot on, and I seriously loved every bit of it. I’m not a huge jackfruit fan, but this was tasty. I highly recommend this place.

Pros: Amazing flavors, Good mix of tasty but not overly oily

Cons: Donation system a bit strange and hard to judge


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19 Oct 2020

Off the beaten path

All-vegan menu with laid-back vibes. They'd just run out of the burger, so we got a bowl of chili (fire!) and BBQ jackfruit sandwich. Both were delicious. Payment is donation-based. It was dark when we arrived, so we were unsure about the location -- it is tucked back off a residential street; gravel-turned-dirt path.

Pros: All vegan!, Pay-what-you-can model


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04 Oct 2020

Only all vegan spot in Moab

It was in a cute spot. Food was all right, but I would try something else next time. Glad to support an all vegan spot.

Pros: All vegan


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03 Oct 2020

Great food Great folks

Been following the comments on SLC Vegan Facebook group for a couple of years and finally made it down to Moab. Great little food truck tucked away in an oasis just far enough away from the main strip that is the craziness that is now Moab. Visiting this little place brought me back to the Moab of 25 years ago. Food was amazing. We had the nachos, wrap and burger topped off by a decadent chocolate peanut butter bar. Didn’t mind the donation payment system at all. You are helping to support a little community, not just a food truck. Got to meet the chef, Christina, as well as the owner of the property, Helena. We planned on grabbing a quick bite and ended up staying 2 hours. Great food, great conversation, great atmosphere. Five stars and two thumbs up from a couple of old hippies. ✌️

Pros: All vegan , Great food


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11 Sep 2020

Already want to go back

We just ate here and the food was so good! We had burgers, cheddar broccoli soup, and dessert. Everything was super flavorful. Also this place is by donation which is so great! We paid the suggested donation and felt like it was a really good deal.

Pros: All vegan, Delicious , Affordable


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07 Sep 2020

Cute All-Vegan Food Truck

If you're looking for vegan options in Moab, I'd highly recommend this hidden gem. This cute food truck, parked by a cozy, carpeted outdoor seating area, made especially welcoming with twinkle lights and friendly female workers, is just a bit off the main road, and an exciting find. Everything on the menu is 100% plant-based! When we stopped, they were out of several items, but what they had was delicious (and the four non-vegans I went with agreed) leading me to believe everything is good there. The paying system was somewhat stressful and portion sizes a bit small, but overall, this place--Moab Kitchen--is worth the visit if you're ever in Moab and looking for vegan options.

Pros: Everything is 100% vegan, Friendly, accomodating workers, Good food

Cons: Everything is by donation, Suggested prices not clearly marked, Small portion sizes


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31 Aug 2020

Incredible Curry and Friendly staff

Went there after hiking all day and the meal was exactly the right fix! We each had a curry plate with daal, cabbage, squash, and rice, as well as a small bowl of nachos. The curries all tasted different and yet each was delicious, well-seasoned, and fresh tasting. Can't believe there is food like this out in Moab! Definitely will be eating here any time I have the opportunity to pass through this town.

You choose what to pay as a donation; unlike the reviews below I did not feel pressured to pay a certain amount. We paid what we would normally pay at any other food truck and felt it was well worth it. Location is not difficult to find if you put it in Google Maps (although they said they will be moving a few blocks soon).

Pros: Excellent food, reasonable price, friendly staff

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