Some doughnuts are vegan with the exception of the ones that have cream and custard inside. Employees know which are vegan but not marked. Also sells cakes. Take away only. Relocated from 6th Ave. Open Tue-Fri 6:00am-6:00pm, Sat-Sun 7:00am-4:00pm. Closed Mon.

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26 Nov 2023

A great spot for classic donuts

There's certainly a place for gourmet donuts (and gourmet prices), but most of the time I'm looking for a traditional donut without pretension. Le Cave's is one of the few donut shops in the U.S. that offers a decent range of typical donuts at typical prices -- but vegan!

Pros: Classic donuts, Decent prices

Cons: Not everything's vegan



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23 Jun 2023


Their vegan donuts are so good. Totally curbs any craving for the old days of Krispy Kreme and Dunkin.


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10 Apr 2023

Classic donuts

I wouldn’t have guessed it but Le Cave’s had a ton of vegan options! There was a great selection of vegan ones the employee pointed out to us. The donuts were huge and delicious! Classic style unlike a lot of the vegan donuts out there. You can go in or drive through.

Pros: Multiple options , Large, Helpful employee

Cons: Not all vegan


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26 Feb 2023


Was so excited to see that Le Cave's had so many vegan donut options! Most donut places that I've encountered before have few options, but Le Cave's has so many to choose from. Got a dozen to share with my non-vegan family and they were very impressed. Couldn't even get a photo for happy cow because by the time I brought them home, everyone wanted to try.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Drive thru

Cons: Pricey


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21 Jan 2023

The BEST vegan donuts, hands down

I had to stop coming here because it was turning into a weekly trip and one donut was turning into one dozen. Their vegan donuts are the most delicious vegan donuts I've ever had. I cannot recommend them enough.


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31 Aug 2022

My favorite food group

I haven’t been to Le Cave’s since it was located in South Tucson, and it’s been probably 20 years, before I became vegan.
This location isn’t far from the Tucson airport, where I was picking up family, so I decided to stop in. I was surprised how many vegan options there were! Before I switched to a whole foods plant based diet, I used to joke that donuts were my favorite food group!😂 These donuts certainly support that viewpoint! There were deliciously fresh and had amazing texture and flavor. I also love supporting local business! They also have pastries and empanadas, although I didn’t inquire if those had vegan options as I was a bit rushed, but if donuts are not your favorite, you still might find something you love here!

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-31


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09 Jul 2022

It’s easier to have them list what’s not vegan.

I walked in expecting to find one or two donuts labeled as vegan and instead none were labeled when I asked the person working the counter he Pointed out the few that we’re actually not vegan meaning that THERE WAS A HUGE SELECTION OF VEGAN DOUGHNUTS! For the first time in a while I was faced with having to choose! So much for my diet lol

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-09

Pros: Lots of vegan doughnuts


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Mostly Veg
20 Jun 2022

So delicious!

I am delighted that they offer a drive thru! The vegan maple donut was the best I've ever had. I'll definitely return soon.

Pros: Drive thru

Cons: No masks


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20 Jun 2022

Ooey gooey yeast donuts 😍

This place was a big hit for me.
Donuts weren’t marked vegan but staff was super knowledgeable on which donuts were. (Which is almost all of them!)
Also very very cheap. One donut was a little over $1.
Donuts are nice and fluffy, airy and the perfect yeasty consistency.
Solid option for a sweet treat.
I highly recommend the honey bun!


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13 Apr 2022


Finally! Vegan donuts that taste like traditional donuts! I’ve been waiting for this for a while. Sometimes donut shops over-do the donut and the traditional donut was what I wanted all along. Le Cave’s nailed it. Absolutely amazing. My favorite was the maple donut. You can’t even tell they’re vegan! My new favorite dessert shop!

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-13

Pros: Lots of vegan donuts , Traditional styles, Drive-thru

Cons: Hours


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04 Nov 2020

Amazing Donuts

Everything on the donut menu except the cream donuts were vegan... and they were all delicious... wish we had something like this in Chattanooga...

Pros: Lots of options!


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17 May 2020

Classic donuts flavors

The only difficult thing is deciding which donuts to choose, all the ones I've tried are good. The place itself is very simple, the attention is regular. Is a must if you are donuts fan.

Pros: Most of vegan options , Fair prices (not inflated cus vegan)

Cons: Should label the ones with dairy , Not a coffee place (it would be great)


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19 Apr 2020

Great donuts!

Nice treat every once in a while. The staff is very helpful.

Pros: Lots of vegan options.


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06 Jan 2020


My husband and I had a craving for some vegan donuts and Le Cave's really came through! As soon as we walked in the door were welcomed with a smile and shown to a nice selection of vegan donuts and non-vegan donuts alike. We ordered 4 different kinds and all of them were wonderful! Highly recommend a visit if you are in the mood for vegan donuts

Pros: Friendly service, fair prices, yummy vegan donuts


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04 Jan 2020

Best donuts!

Le Caves has the best donuts and so many varieties! They are definitely the best donuts in Tucson. I lived in Georgia, Oklahoma and just outside Austin Texas (a vegan mecca) and have tried donuts across the country, including Voodoo donuts, and these donuts are so much better than other places. And the prices aren't inflated like other places.

Pros: Lots of vegan choices


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21 Dec 2019

Soooooooo delicious!

The vegan glazed donut is fantastic! The new owners are super nice and the donuts are just as awesome. I love picking up Le Caves for the office. Everyone gets so happy! :)

Pros: Delicious, Inexpensive, Great people


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15 May 2019

Wowww how are these vegan?

I can't believe these donuts are vegan. There are no signs or notes about what is/isn't vegan, but if you ask the folks working there, they can tell you! If you like donuts, especially cheap donuts that will remind you of your childhood, go get these donuts!


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24 Feb 2019

Totally worth it!

I had been saying I was going to try out Le Caves for a while and finally made a stop. I have never been to the old location so I can't compare the two, but the new location is great and there is plenty of seating. The staff was friendly and knew right away which were the vegan doughnuts. It is 1.29 for the glazed and frosted while the specialty are 1.79. A great price for delicious yeast doughnuts that are also vegan. They were the best doughnuts I've had - soft, sweet, not dry, and delicious. We were going to take them home, but ended up eating them all there. The jelly filled has always been my fav and my husband and I both loved the jelly filled the most. I would definately go back!

Pros: Best tasting doughnuts, Helpful staff , Easy to find location

Cons: not totally vegan


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Mostly Veg
16 Feb 2019

The new place sucks.

I grew up with the greasy but tasty products at the south 6th. Avenue location , I knew the old place was pretty run down, and shut down several times due to the owners not keeping up with the city ordinances, I couldn't wait for the new place to open , I made a recent visit only to find out that now is owned by new, management , I ordered two fruit empanadas hoping to find the same taste, nothing close to the old stuff, I believe an old piece of leather from an old shoe will taste better, the price was ridiculous, $1.79 for one empanada, perhaps the new owner wants us to pay for the new location within one year or less. I wouldn't recommend this new location to anyone, Dunkin Donuts, Safeway, and even Fry 's have better products .

Pros: Nothing , Nothing , Nothing

Cons: Very bad taste , Service not the best , Very expensive


24 Feb 2019

As far as I know, the empanadas are not vegan. All the doughnuts I had were AMAZING! The regular doughnuts (glazed, frosted) are only 1.29 each and 1.79 for the specialty. You can't get vegan doughnuts for cheaper anywhere else in Tucson so it's a great deal. In comparison, vegan cupcakes are 2-3 times the cost of these doughnuts.


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26 Jan 2019

Beat vegan doughnuts in Tucson!

Super friendly staff, great location, great selection. Highly recommended!


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13 Aug 2017

The glazed donuts are outstanding!

We visited Le Cave's Bakery in November 2015 and have been dreaming of their donuts ever since.

Pros: good vegan selection , excellent flavors and textures

Cons: minimal parking


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07 Aug 2016

Best Vegan Donuts in the SW!!

The best vegan donuts that I have ever had can be found right here. (Yes, even better than you-know-who, in Vegas!) I didn't arrive until the afternoon and wasn't sure what, if anything would be left. When I arrived, there was plenty left. Once I reached the counter, I was informed that the only non-vegan items in the main donut case were the cream-filled donuts and the empanadas; everything else was vegan-friendly. She mentioned that it's because the empanadas are made with butter. (Butter is one of the easiest things to veganize so maybe there's a vegan empanada in their future?) This still left a variety (a majority of the donut case) from which to choose. There were regular glazed donuts (which they called "vegetable glaze"), chocolate "raised", maple glazed, a variety of fruit-filled powdered donuts, apple fritters, and a cinnamon bun/roll. (There were more but I cannot recall them all.) Prices vary based on the type of donut chosen, and some of the donuts are not included in the base dozen price (but you can get them for an up-charge).

There were 2 other cases of desserts. One had a variety of cakes and such, the other had a variety of what resembled macaroons and some churros. I was told that there were no vegan options in those cases.

I wasn't expecting their donuts to be so soft, light, fresh, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious at 2pm, but they were! They reminded me of Krispy Kreme donuts, but they were vegan! Such a win! The apple fritters were a little too thick for my liking, and the lady at the counter seemed a little "short" with her patience and attitude, so they lost a star. (Although she did warm up when I mentioned that I'd driven down from Phoenix, and she thanked me for my business.) However, make no mistake: these are 5-star (vegan!) donuts!

The prices were reasonable. Accepts cash or credit cards. (A $6 minimum purchase amount is required to use your card.) The place was easy to find, using GPS. Street parking (no meters). (There is a parking lot across the street, but I don't know if it belongs to another business or not.) I'll certainly return for more of their scrumptious vegan donuts.

Pros: delicious vegan donuts!!


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18 Mar 2016


These are delicious! There are only a few different options but they're really good! The only negative I could find was the lady working seemed a little rude and parking. The donuts itself were delicious and I recommend anyone to come try them! You have to ask which are vegan since there is no sign but I believe it's the third row down.

Pros: Yummy variety of vegan donuts

Cons: Parking, Kind of rude/impatient staff


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09 Sep 2015

BEST vegan donuts anywhere!

I've traveled all over, but I keep coming back to these donuts as being the best tasting ones around. It's a simple little storefront (no seating, but a large lobby) with only a few types, but those types...are AMAZING! The simple glazed is the best glazed doughnut in existence. It is fresh and light. They also have vegan empanadas, apple fritters, and more. They are the real deal with no gimmicks. Prices and service are great, too.

Pros: Best donuts around!, Nice simple variety, Good service and pricing

Cons: No super fancy flavors (I don't mind), Not 100% vegan (ask when in doubt)


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28 Dec 2014

Best vegan donuts

I love donuts; and while there are plenty of options for vegan cake donuts, it's rare to find a good yeast donut that's vegan. This place isn't a "vegan donut" shop; it's an old-fashioned donut shop that just happens to have lots of vegan options.

Their mango-filled donut is incredible. It's just the right balance of tart and sweet. And the chocolate covered ones remind me of the chocolate long johns I used to love as a kid. Le Cave's is a must-stop location any time I'm in Tucson.

There is no seating, so you'll have to take your treats to go.

Pros: Mango donut is amazing, Plenty of vegan options, Very reasonable prices

Cons: No coffee, No seating


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22 Dec 2013

Just wow!

Le Cave's makes AMAZING vegan doughnuts. I take all of my out of town friends here. Rivals vegan doughnuts from "big-city" vegan doughnut shops. Makes my vegan life so much easier and better. And - I hear the whipped cream filled doughnut is ridiculous.

Pros: Yummy

Cons: Location

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