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First Review by Parasol

Vegetarian Macrobiotic, mostly Vegan - Edit

Always open, offers macrobiotic vegetarian cuisine, mostly vegan (only exception are some diary deserts).
Tends to promote the fix price daily menu, tasty and healty. Also available à la carte selection, more expensive.
The atmosphere and the cold behaviour of the waiters do not make you feel very comfortable.

Pros: Always open, Healty, Tasty

Cons: Uncomfortable atmosphere

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Dissapointing - Edit

Me and my family came to this resturant and we were dissapointed. The resturant was very hard to find, but that maybe because we are tourists and Spanish is not our first lanuguage.

The service was fast, but menus were only in spanish and we could not make out what most of the food was on the menu.
thefood came cold and we expected that the food had been made earlier that day and had been heated up to serve to us.

We had the vegan option, we were dissapointed that there was only one. the beans, rice and vegetable thing was bland and not very tasty. the dessert was dry and I could easily make out that this was because of the absense of sugar. The tea came Lukewarm.

I dont think this resturant was horrible at all, but they would certainy benefit from many improvements, I will not be returning.

Pros: free water

Cons: bland food , no different languages on the menu , resturant is hard to find

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Great food - Edit

So glad I found this restaurant with my Happy Cow app. They offer a menu of the day with four different course options, from vegetarian to macrobiotic. The soup was great and so was the main course, but the dessert was exceptional. All for 15 euros.

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Good Spot - Edit

I personally enjoyed the atmosphere and the food. My partner found it a little bit "worthy' I.e. eating Vegan or Veggie or Macro should never have the feeling of being a sacrifice - if being a Vegan was difficult, I certainly wouldn't be one! On the whole delighted to have found this little gem - and in one of Madrid's coolest Barrios - las Letras

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I enjoyed it - Edit

easy to find, and next to a small health food shop for stocking up on take-out supplies.
La Biotika offers a 'menu of the day'- something many Spanish restaurants offer (and an issue that seems to have confused many of the others).
You pick an option from sections 1-5 of the menu and pay the price quoted (13Euros, I think...which is pretty good value for 5 courses). A drink is included. Bread and water is free. What's to complain about?!
It's not gourmet standard, but surely you know that when you order a meal at that price. However, it is warm, filling and tasty and the staff are happy to meet your dietary needs

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Just don't - Edit

I arrive, and it wasn't cozy or anything like that, but, i gave it a shoot, with the Vegan menu. the young woman taking orders seemed a little stressed - and that didn't make anything go faster, but what the hell. I got a salat and a soup at first - the salad was sooo! borring -however - the soup was ok i guess (or maybe it was just because the rest of the meal sucked) - the rest of the meal arrived, and looked like something i would do at home, if i wanted a quick dinner - i didn't even bothered to stay for a cup of tea.

oh and by the way, the water that was served tasted like the crappy tapwater spain got - sorry to say - didn't even wanted to drink it.

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Original but Irregular - Edit

I like this place, probably because of the different courses that are included in the menu (a little soup, a little salad, a main plate, desert, tea... that's my kind of meal!). Also, there is always something on my plate which is not in my own cooking repertoire.

But, the people I go with are never very enthusiastic and I can see why. The quality is irregular, sometimes it tastes great, sometimes it is bland and dry. The same goes for the service. Sometimes they are lovely, but it is clear that the staff is not used to dealing with stress. And after the redecoration they did a few years ago it is not as cozy anymore either.

But still, I like it there - all for giving it another chance until they get it all right. I hope they will...

Pros: Each menu has many tastes, Central location

Cons: When busy it becomes hectic, Irregular quality

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Shockingly poor food! - Edit

As a big fan of macrobiotic food I was very excited about finding this little restaurant. It was however extremely disappointing. The place had no charm. The waitress was extremely unfriendly and curt and appeared to lack patience as we struggled to understand the Spanish menu. There is a choice of two set menus. The soup was the only thing that was really quite nice. The salad that came with it was some rather limp iceberg lettuce, very dry grated carrot and half a cherry tomato with what appeared to be vegan mayonnaise. I would have considered it an extremely poor salad even if from a non heath orientated cafe. The rice was the only thing that was reasonable about the main meal. The beans were not even luke warm. I am far from being a fussy eater, and am generally happy with anything reasonably healthy that is put in front of me. However I found myself having to just try and get the food down me for functional reasons as it was so unpleasant. Dreadful food and dreadful atmosphere. i couldn't wait to leave. I'd avoid at all costs. In contrast the heath food shop next door is well stocked with pleasant staff and quite a treat, with plenty of vegan and gluten free choices. I have given 2 cows only because the system does not allow you to give less!

Pros: the soup was nice

Cons: Cold food, old dry salad, Atmopshere, Unfriendly staff

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Nice spot - Edit

Prepared with Love
Not a lot of choice but delicious macrobiotic food.
Thanks for the lovely evening

Pros: nicely prepared plate, fast serving , highly frequented Restaurant

Cons: not so many choices

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Good experience - Edit

Good, welcoming and moderate.
I was served by a man who explained me how the menu worked. Very gentle. All was good except the cake made from "beans" which was a bit dry. Pity ! It could have been perfect.

But good experience: may be the "rude" waitress is not working anymmore in the restaurant.

The price is moderate (10

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Average experience - Edit

Came here looking forward to a tasty dinner judging by previous reviews. My very long review in short: service was bad and food was bland; would not recommend especially compared to other places in Madrid.

Sat down and was brought some bread in a basket - asked the waitress if it was vegan, and she replied 'no tengo ni idea' - she had no idea. She went and asked the man in the kitchen and came back saying it was.

She then brought me the menu and came back no more than 20 seconds later (no exaggeration!) to ask me quite brusquely what I wanted. I vaguely asked for the vegan plate because I hadn't had enough time to see that the menu includes 5 separate courses - soup, salad, main, dessert, and hot drink. She corrected me quickly and I hurriedly made my choice (the only vegan choice there was). I felt extremely rushed with her standing over me which was bizarre because I got there two hours before closing and they weren't busy at all.

The food is all pre-prepared and the soup and salad came very quickly. The soup - creamed cauliflower - was quite nice, the salad had various elements in it but the mayo was bland and there was a lot of it. I was about halfway through the plates when I looked up to see the waitress and the chef looking at me and obviously talking about how I was getting along with my food so they could bring out my next dish. I had just finished my salad and still had about half the soup to go when the main plate was brought to me. It consisted of brown rice and artichoke topped with roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds, a chickpea casserole-type thing, and some cooked vegetables. It reminded me very much of a basic Hare Krishna-type meal. The rice was nice and the seeds added a great crunch, the chickpeas were savoury but just okay, and the vegetables were nothing to write home about. I felt like I could have cooked the entire thing myself just as well at home.

As I was sitting eating my meal a woman walked in and walked around the restaurant offering jewellery for sale. This was obviously an arrangement she had with the restaurant. Not sure if I was just grumpy by then but I didn't appreciate someone trying to sell me jewellery in the middle of my meal.

I turned down dessert as the meal was very filling, and I'm glad I did because the poached pears I saw going to another table looked about as squishy as they could possibly get.

When she realised I wanted to pay with my card not cash the waitress had to have the card machine fetched from the store next door which took a couple of minutes.

All in all I was not overly impressed, but the meal was filling even without the dessert and drink, it was certainly healthy and vegan, and at 13.50 not badly priced either. There are just better options in Madrid in my opinion.

Pros: Healthy, Reasonably priced

Cons: Service

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Nice, tasty and cheap - Edit

They offer a menu with a soup or gazpacho, a salad, a main dish (3 possible option: one vegetarian, one macrobiotic vegan and one which is a combination of the vegetarian and vegan), a dessert and a coffee/tea.
Everything was delicious. We paid just 10,50 each and ended up very full.
The waitress was not the nicest person in the world, but ok enough. There was a man, who seemed to be the owner of the restaurant, who was very kind.
Totally recommendable vegan option in the center of Madrid.

Pros: Macrobiotic and vegan, Price, Taste

Cons: None

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Wonderful - Edit

This is my favourite restaurant in Madrid. You get to eat healthily and never leave hungry. I am allergic to sugar and here I can find delicious vegan carrot and algarroba cakes with no sugar. Simply delicious.

Updated from previous review on Saturday August 10, 2013

Pros: Fresh, healthy ingredients, Friendly staff and environment, Price

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Would Not Recommend - Edit

After spending all day on a bus from Barcelona, I went to this restaurant since it was open late and it was close to my hostel. I was very disappointed and wouldn't recommend it. The staff seemed completely uninterested in serving me and took a very long time to bring my dessert (even though it was pre-made and they weren't busy with other customers). Also, a fruit fly crawled out of my salad.

Pros: open late

Cons: uninterested waitstaff, could be cleaner, language barrier

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Warm, peaceful, wholesome - Edit

La Biotika serves salubrious food in a relaxing atmosphere. Some items have very simple flavors, while others have a little more.

Menu of the day provides good value and vegan options.

Baked apple dessert was nice. Fresh juices are a plus.

The shop next-door sells fresh produce and many vegan items.

Pros: healthy, wholesome food, vegan-friendly, good shop

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A new experience: Macrobiotic - Edit

This is a small macrobiotic restaurant with a strange vegetarian menu with vegan options. They bring you small quantities of several different foods combined in a healthy way. Afordable price. It has a store with a lot of products in next door premises.

Pros: Halty, Different food

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good for those belly rumblin's! - Edit

I went to La Biotika today, and even despite all of the positive reviews, I was pleasantly surprised. It was fairly busy (something that I always like to see with veggie places) and as soon as I got my food, I understood why. Everything was absolutely delicious! If you are, like me, a veggie on a budget with foodie tendencies, I would thoroughly recommend this place! Things to keep in mind: You pretty much need to stick to the menu of the day. However, there are lots of options there based upon diet (veggie, vegan, micro). Also, one menu of the day is a fair amount of food. My friend and I polished off our individual plates with gusto, though that meant that we were fairly stuffed walking back home. This is also within easy walking distance of the Prado. Additionally, if you are going on sunday, the restaurant closes at 5. (It isn't listed in the info up top!) My only complaint is that my vegan carrot cake wasn't the best. Regardless of the dessert, I fully recommend this to anyone jonesing for some veggie treats after a full day of art appreciation!

Pros: healthy cuisine , good value , free water

Cons: occasionally over-salted

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Friendly and Great Desserts - Edit

I visited La Bio Tika today and thoroughly enjoyed it. As other reviewers have noted, the lunch menu has five parts: soup, salad, main plate (with three dishes), dessert, and tea. The waitress who seated me was very friendly and when she realized that my Spanish wasn't so hot, she translated all the words I didn't know and explained the menu. I felt very appreciative. Ultimately, I ordered the vegetable soup with tofu and potatoes, the standard macro salad, the macrobiotic plate (which had a vegetable and grain pilaf, curried cabbage, and white bean stew), carob tart, and kukicha tea. The soup and salad arrived first. The soup was unobjectionable, but bland -- more the sort of thing one would want to eat when sick. They'd used vegetable stock that erred a bit on the celery side and that was a little watery, and there were no vegetables, potatoes, or tofu to speak of -- only cabbage and a dark green. The salad, in contrast, was excellent, with crisp lettuce and little piles of grated carrot, finely chopped purple cabbage, and alfalfa sprouts topped with a yogurt-y dressing (though it was milk-free) with a little lemon. Very good. The main course came next and it was good, but not particularly outstanding. The vegetable and grain pilaf was mostly grain (bulgar and wild rice) with perhaps a few mushrooms (?) -- I couldn't really taste them though. It was more like eating rice. The curried cabbage was exactly what one would expect. It had curry and cumin in just the right amount...I'm just not a huge cabbage lover. The bean stew was the best of the three -- smokey like baked beans with soft cooked carrots. After the main course came the best part of the meal: dessert and tea. I ordered the carob tart, which dairy and sugar free. It was like banana bread (made with millet perhaps?) with carob topped with a really sweet carob icing. So. Good. I could have eaten three more! The kukicha tea that accompanied it was perfectly brewed so that it had a robust flavor but hadn't yet gotten bitter. It was almost maple-y (though not sweet). After that, I sat and read a bit, and, because it was late, the restaurant slowly emptied. The staff were so nice about it and said I could stay as long as I wanted. They gave me a free cup of tea and the whole family said goodbye to me as I left. It made me feel very uplifted and good. Definitely visit La Bio Tika!

Pros: Super nice people, Amazing tea and dessert, Cheap with big portions

Cons: Main dishes and soups a little bland, Plain (but friendly!) interior

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Super healthy vegan foods. - Edit

I have been eating here since 97, usually on Sunday afternoons, as the food is always guaranteed to make you feel better after a weekend of Madrid's partying.
It is located on the Sunday route between the top of the Rastro Market and Retiro Park.
Super healthy food.
La Bio Tika has been recently refurbished, and the shop has moved next door.

Pros: Super healthy food, good location, english spoken

Cons: Only super healthy food

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simple yet delicious - Edit

I used to come here very often when I lived in Madrid. I'm not a macrobiotic dieter, but that doesn't matter: this was, and is, an excellent place to eat. The staff are friendly kind, the food is cheap and yet it won't leave you feeling hungry or unsatisfied, and there's a small shop where you can buy food and other items before you leave.

Definitely recommended.

Pros: healthy, excellent value, good location

Cons: small-ish, usually full

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Very useful store - Edit

I only made use of the store, but the deli items did look interesting.
The range of produce was brilliant, some very hard to find things indeed such as specific grains, vegetables and Asian products.

Pros: Location, Range, Fresh produce

Cons: No seating

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Really nice - Edit

I didn't have big expectations on this place but was very surprised.
They offer a 5 course meal, everything really tasty and healthy.
The place is small and a bit old looking, but the food is so good you won't care.
Really cheap plus there's free water (tap).

Pros: cheap, free water, vegan options

Cons: small

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Yummy and healthy - Edit

For only 10 euros at lunch the menu del dia consists of soup, salad, a main course (either vegan, veggie or macro) and a dessert and tea (which I think was kukicha). We had the vegan option which consisted of a lovely bean dish with quinoa and slow cooked veggies, with carob cake to follow. Totally yummy and we felt really good on the inside afterwards! I would definitely recommend this place. Service was efficient and fast.

Pros: Healthy, Vegan options!, Good value

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Big portions, small price - Edit

I'm sometimes in the mood of treating myself to a nice healthy meal. You know - The type that makes you feel full but good inside.
I'm not thinking about a elegant or fancy restaurant. It's actually like dinning in you own living room. That's when "La Biotika" comes to my mind.

It is located in the center of Madrid, near Puerta del Sol, in Huertas. The outside of the restaurant doesn't call much one's attention, but as soon as you walk in, a small store of bio-products catches your eye, and the waiter welcomes you in. The inside is simple with an open kitchen.

As soon as one sits down, the waiter brings water, bread, and some nuts.
A minute later, the menus are handed out, and the fun begins.

The meal consits of soup, salad, a main dish with 3 different veggie-dishes, dessert, and tea. There are normally two differents soups to choose from. Also, one may picks a macrobiotic or a vegetarian meal. For dessert, they offer home-backed cakes (Algarroba is espectacular!), baked apple, soy yogurt or kefir. Teas vary from day to day.

Great place to enjoy with friends or family. Even better for dates, specially if your sweetheart likes vegetarian food. It's always crowded for lunch during the weekend, so it is better to make a reservation. At night, on the contrary, it's enought to go a little early (around 9 o'clock is fine). It also makes a good choice for celebrating birthdays. Once can order a cake... they are great.

It is a very affordable restaurant. Plus, every now and then they have 2x1 promotion for dinner during weekdays.

So... anyone feeling like some homemade vegetarian food?

Oh! Almost forgot. On Sunday afternoons they offer cooking classes, so the restaurant is closed. They also have different events :)

Pros: healthy, excellent food, good price

Cons: small, too hot in summer, busy for lunch during weekends

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Kind and nice place - Edit

I live in Barcelona and everytime I travel to Madrid I love to eat in this place. I am macrobiotic and you cand find there your perfect meal for low price. Veggie-friendly, little store to get your products, and very kind people. It is a must in Madrid.

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Worth a visit - Edit

I was the only vegan amongst carnivores in Madrid so I was the only one to eat here. I had lunch (12 Euros). For that you get 5 courses - soup (I didn't bother), salad (very nice side salad), main course - only 1 vegan option and you get 3 items. Mine was a slice of tofu in miso sauce, veg paella and broccoli with mayo. I thoroughly enjoyed it. About 4 of the 8 desserts are vegan and I opted for the baked apple. I didn't have the 5th course of coffee as we short on time. I would have happily gone back if it had been closer to where we were staying. My friend who sat with me wasn't too impressed with the venue but I found it fine. The female staff member spoke enough English to explain what was vegan. I'd recommend it.

Pros: Great value, Free water, Lovely food

Cons: Only 1 choice for vegan

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Terrible - Edit

3 of us ate there Feb 6, 2010. 2 vegetarians. Food is downnright bad tasting, and the presentation is awfull. Among the 3 of us we tried all the options on the "menu of the day". The only edible item was the desert, a baked apple that was way over-baked, loosing all shape, but this is the only item they did not manage to destroy.
We waited 20 minutes at lunch. What a waste of time and money..

Even Madrid has many better places...

Pros: not expensive

Cons: Tastless food, Bad presentation, Crowded

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nothing special - Edit

I arrived very excited after reading the reviews on this site, but I found this place a disillusion. I didn't found nothing special here... I recommend to go to other place if you can!

Pros: quite cheap

Cons: small portions, chaotic (very small), very normal food

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Nice little Marco Biotic place + small grocery - Edit

Very nice staff/owners you can choose the Vegan option. The place filled up fast as we ate. You don't have much of a choice, but its inexpensive and comes out quick, which is why its a popular healthy lunch spot.

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macrobio - Edit

Since I have started my macrobio theraphy six months ago, travelling has turned out to be a burden. It was a relief to have at least one proper macrobio meal per day in Madrid.

I would recommend La Bio Tika it to everyone. Good food (follows macrobio principles and there is another relaxed options for vegetarians), variety (soup,salad,main course, desert, drink, of course free water and they ask you if you want more=which I dont think would be necessary in most cases s the whole meal portion is absolutely decent) nice staff, good value for money.

do not look any further while in Madrid.

The menu of the day, like in all other macro/vegan restaurants I ve been is the same for lunch/dinner.

there is also a little shop with organic food.

they are closed only on Sunday night.

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Excellent Meal - Edit

I have eaten here numerous times over the past 10 years and I absolutely love every meal. We came here for dinner and found great vegan options from the menú. The gazpacho was incredible, along with the hearty bread. When the second course came, it honestly looked greasy and colorless, but what it lacked in presentation, it made up for in taste. The seasoning was delicious and there was a perfect balance of flavors among the three mini-portions on my plate. They served organic beer and the staff was super friendly. My boyfriend, who isn't into the Indian seasoning, although it was mild, wasn't as excited about the meal. Everyone else loved it!

Pros: Delicious food, charming diningroom, helpful staff

Cons: set menu, less variety

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Excellent allround! - Edit

We visited this restaurant mostly because of the mention of the free caraffe of water, but it turned out to be excellent in every way. In our fout-day trip we came back a second time, and would have eaten there a third time if it wasn't closed on Sundays.

The menu is limited to a daily choice with five courses:
- A choice of two soups
- A salad
- A choice of a vegetarian main course, a macrobiotic main course or a combined main course. Each option has three different dishes on a single plate.
- A choice of dessert (about 8 choices if I remember correctly).
- A choice of tea or coffee.

The food was all excellent with decent portions. We were even given the option of having seconds.

The price is very, very reasonable: we paid about 10 euros per person for lunch, which includes the five courses and free water. For dinner, the price was about 15 euros per person.

The staff was very nice. Their English was not always too great, but there was always someone around to help.

We didn't buy anything in the store, but it looked like a typical small vegetarian store, with most of the things you'd expect there.

All in all very much worth a visit if you're in Madrid!

Pros: excellent food, free water, very cheap

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Nice staff and free water! - Edit

You are not going to find a huge carafe of free water on your table ANYWHERE else in Spain. Even if Biotika had no food at all, this would be enough to earn the place three stars.

There were two menu del dia choices when we visited, one vegetarian (not vegan) and one macrobiotic (which, luckily, was vegan). The macrobiotic plate consisted of a pile of chickpeas, a pile of cooked greens, and a third pile that I'm sorry to report I can't remember. It was probably a grain. Taste-wise, this was not the most interesting meal I had in Spain, but the woman who ran the place was very nice, and the food was okay. Again, there is the free water! There is also wine, but most places make you choose between water and wine as your menu del dia beverage, or pay for the second drink, so this was a nice change. La Biotika is non-smoking.

Pros: nice staff, free water, decent food

Cons: small menu, not very exciting

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Good for vegans - Edit

The food wasn't as boring as you would expect from a macrobiotic restaurant! Menu del dia was vegan (even the mayonnaise type sauce) and tasty. Quite filling. Staff were helpful and understood needs of vegans, though didn't speak any English.

The shop is very small and didn't have much ready-to-eat food.

Pros: Vegan menu-del-dia, Decent food, Handy location

Cons: Fairly unimaginative food

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Macro to the teeeee! - Edit

This is also a strict Macro restaurant following all our principle guidelines. It has been at this location for 17 years so is one of the first in Spain. I had their baked apple 3 times in 2 days, it is great! The food is delicious....what more can I say go there!

Pros: Baked apple!!!, good portions, in the center

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Nice Little Place - Edit

This is one of six restaurants we visited on our trip to Madrid. It is open from 10 am - 5 pm and again from 7 pm - 12 am.

My companion and I each had different items from the Menu del Dia which costs 11 Euro. It's good value and filling - the selection of food on the main course plate I got was varied and tasty (seitan, yellow rice, green salad, beets, piece of tempura).

No coffee is available. Very small, cozy place but bordering on dingy. The store in front may be good by Spanish standards but by North American standards, it looked like a store you might shop in if you were vegetarian in the 1980s and desperate for anything that didn't have meat.

Staff was very friendly - the waitress did not speak English but the chef did and he was happy to step out of the kitchen to walk us through the menu.

Great location if you're in the center of Madrid!

Pros: Good Value, Friendly Staff, Creativity of Food

Cons: Venue a little dingy, The shop

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