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Family owned all-vegetarian health food market and deli offering an extensive selection of natural groceries. Has an onsite bakery, a sandwich and pizza bar, self-serve hot foods & salad bar, and a fresh juice bar. The buffet bar dishes are clearly labeled. Carries meat only in the dog and cat food. Seating available inside. Note that the food bar hours are reported to be unreliable, check ahead. Open Mon-Fri 8:30am-7:30pm, Sat 8:30am-6:30pm, Sun 9:00am-6:00pm.

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23 Reviews

First Review by Dena


Points +22

04 Jul 2023

Loved it!

I found new brands & products that I have never seen before with a healthy nutritional profile , low sodium, low fat , oil-free. Produce looks amazingly fresh. I bought a pound of quinoa from their vast selection of bulk bins

Pros: All vegan groceries , Friendly staff, Produce is fresh and reasonably priced

Cons: Too much plastic is being used



Points +201

31 May 2023

Fun shop

Great vegan cupcake flavors and deli food. Lots of fun vegan products on the shelves too


Points +1285

08 Mar 2023

Can’t believe I missed out for so long

I had no idea how much I would love this place. First of all, their cupcakes!!! Omg!!! so many vegan desserts but my fav is the pistachio cupcake. Their deli has a menu that can be made completely vegan. Also, the prices are great so I’m able to return more often. Love love love!


Points +109

29 Dec 2022

Awesome sandwiches

Excellent Reuben!! Loved the juices

Pros: Vegan rueben awesome, Great juices


Points +22

02 Jul 2022

Crunchy, hippie, tasty

Cafeteria-style selection of fresh daily specials and staples from the hot bar, salad bar, juice bar, and bakery. Emphasis on healthy, high-nutrition offerings. There's a grocery store and two seating areas. Lively atmosphere, fun mix of patrons.

Pros: Healthy, Fresh, Tasty

Cons: Bathroom could use updating and attention


Points +679

20 Jan 2022

Veg heaven!

Love being in a place with no meat! Wish it was all vegan though ofcourse, which I feel like it could be easily. But it's great otherwise!

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Not all vegan


Points +1262

25 Aug 2021

Best little market & eatery

Edge of the Woods is a gem right outside of downtown New Haven. It was my go-to place to shop and eat at while I was in college, and I still make a habit of visiting once a month.

Great little market with fresh produce and plant-based options. They also have soaps/lotions/shampoos/etc section on the top level of the market.

The best part is their bakery and hot food bar. All of their sandwiches and smoothies can be made vegan.

FBLT is probably my favorite sandwich. Spicy nuggets are a must if you see them packaged in the fridge. Strawberry coconut cupcake is to die for.

*if you're visiting late, call ahead of time to make sure the food bar is still open as it operates at different times than the market itself. Unfortunately, the staff can be lazy and will close up the food before they're supposed to. There have been many times where I'd visit 15+ minutes before the food bar closed to be denied service.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-25

Pros: Plant-based bakery, Plant-based market, Fair prices


Points +52

08 May 2021

Great shopping and lunch experience

I love the great vegan options, the fresh produce, the food court/smoothie station and the desserts this place offers!

Pros: Lots of vegan options


Points +18

20 Feb 2021

Loved it!

I did my weekly grocery shopping here today and loved all the vegan options. Plus they had some more difficult to find foods like soy curls and natto! The bulk bins are great!


Points +30

21 Jun 2020

Great vegetarian market+cafe

Nice-size veggie market, bulk foods, bulk spices, hot and cold food bar, juice bar, nice selection of organic produce, great prices, friendly staff.


Points +15

26 Apr 2020


Dis place be tha joint yo check
My homies there be wildin out wit the most mack fly veg food this side of Mars
Fly chicks work there and they have free food for wack homeless people like me yo

Pros: Titute, exute, tate

Cons: erve, Tant, train


Points +72

25 Dec 2019

Great local market

Lots of good vegetarian and vegan products. Great fresh produce. Bakery has many vegan cookies and cupcakes. Hot food is mostly vegetarian but sometimes there are more vegan options.

Pros: Juice bar, Hot/cold sandwiches to order, Food to go + groceries / bulk bins

Cons: Parking sometimes tight


Points +31

31 Mar 2019

Edge of The Woods is a Wonderful Store!

If you are looking for a wonderful store that offers so many items for vegetarians and vegans then this is the place for you. The produce is always fresh and displayed beautifully. The bulk nuts, seeds, grains, etc. are well priced. The selection upstairs (there is an elevator if needed), of vitamins, bulk organic spices, herbs, cosmetics, tinctures etc. is exceptional. They have a great food bar, also fresh juice and sandwiches made to order and a case filled with yummy desserts. Their vegan chocolate cake is fantastic and I also love their vegan chocolate peanut butter cup cakes. Explore this charming grocery store - you won't be disappointed.

Pros: Great Produce and Vegan Protein Options, Wonderful Selection of Bulk Organic Spices, etc., Yummy Fresh Juice and Vegan Desserts!


Points +602

21 Mar 2019

Awesome spot

They have so many vegan products and bulk options that other grocery stores don’t carry. Their produce section is great and very fresh. They also have an entire bakery and hot food section in the back where you can order vegan juices, sandwiches, baked goods and food. The prices are pretty high, but not atypical for small natural markets. Staff has always been friendly. I would be a frequent regular if I lived closer.


Points +2082

16 Mar 2019


I love shopping here. The hot foods bar is solid, but I've never been wowed. I've gotten a few of their fresh made sandwiches, the veggie was especially delicious. I love their bakery case with clearly labelled vegan options. So many choices like strudel, cream cheese danish, cookies, pies,and cupcakes.


Points +692

24 Dec 2018

Local gem

Great local spot with local and organic veggies, lots of grocery and health options. Full vitamins and spices upstairs. Prepared food and salad bar are solid albeit unspectacular options. Soups good. Sandwiches juice bar and baked goods are where they shine. The Edge Burger no cheese is fantastic. Tempeh BLT is also great. Falafel top notch. Very reasonable prices.

Pros: Convenient fair prices great sandwich + juice bar


Points +16

07 Sep 2017

Love it but the salad bar should have everything labeled

Edge is one of my favorite places to shop and has my absolute favorite dessert (coconut strawberry vegan cake/cupcakes!)
Only complaint - I wish that the entire salad bar was labelled with ingredients and Vegetarian or Vegan!

Pros: Tons of options for food, beauty, supplements, Bakery! Juice Bar! , Nicest staff anywhere by far!

Cons: salad bar needs labelling


Points +338

15 Jun 2017

Lots of vegan options

Natural food store with a ton of tofu and meat substitutes, and vegan cheeses.

The dessert display had vegan cupcakes too!

And the salad bar is fun of vegan options! So much good food

Pros: Lots of options , Friendly staff, Fair prices

Cons: A bit crowded


Points +37

18 Nov 2014

Predates all the fads

Edge has been around for a long time. When I moved to New Haven in 1992 it was already an established place to buy organic as well as kosher. It is still great. A very extensive choice of food, cleaning and health products. It has everything and now the cafe is even better. There is pizza day (vegan I believe is also available), baked goods, sandwiches and a hot/cold bar. I love this place. It is supported by the local community which is a nice mixture of people of colour and religious Jews plus a sprinkle of ageing hippy types. Don't miss it.

Pros: Wide choice of products, Good food, Community-based

Cons: A little worn around the edges, Prices (but with organic.....)

mark m braunstein

Points +436

13 Mar 2010

a vegetarian health food store, hurray!

A health food store that carries meat only in the dog and cat food (same as the wonderful Willimantic Food Coop), Edge offers a good bakery and a an even better buffet with everything clearly labeled either vegan or dairy. Seating is available upstairs, but it's setup more for take-out. With Ahimsa closed down, you'll do better to eat here than at New Haven's Claire's Cornercopia, which only pretends to be vegetarian, and even pretends to be on a street corner as alluded to in its name. Indeed, Claire is not herself vegetarian, and she even opened a meat restaurant right next door. While not glamorous, this is the best place for vegans and vegetarians to eat in all of New Haven. And the parking is easy too.

Pros: buffet, bakery


Points +54

14 Oct 2007

What a find!

We had expected a small natural foods grocery. But we were pleasantly surprised to discover how big this store was when we drove in to the spacious parking lot. And once inside ... wow! The produce section was so well-stocked with many organic choices. And the grocery section ... wow again! So many natural food products crammed into this vegan shoppers' paradise! I even found Vitasoy chocolate banana soymilk -- a summer product discontinued -- and key lime flavor Tofutti Cuties, a brand new variety. The point is that the selection was as good as in stores many times its size! And the cafeteria and bakery! Vegan choices everywhere! Had we not filled up at the nearby vegan restaurant, Ahimsa, we would have partaken of the many tempting choices in the lunch buffet. But we did purchase a vegan chocolate raspberry cookie and vegan brownie to take home. All vegan choices were clearly labeled! And no flesh anywhere in the store. Bonus: we could feel good supporting a natural foods store that is not part of a mega-corporation. I have frequented veggie natural food stores for over two decades and of them all, this is one of the best!

Pros: huge all vegetarian selection, cafeteria/bakery with vegan choices, helpful staff


Points +32

28 Jul 2007

I remember them when..............................

This place started out on Edgewood Ave. back in the 1960's just a hole in the wall, but the vision was there. They followed it and look at them now! We go ther once a week and it's always such a joy and very calming, and such great choices for luch.(veg or vegan)

Pros: great food, very helpful staff

Cons: cost


Points +58

17 Jun 2007

Best vegan food in New Haven

Without Edge of the Woods, we could not live in New Haven! This place has an amazing selection of vegetarian/vegan groceries, cosmetics, vitamins, etc. and an extensive bakery/juice bar/buffet. Grocery prices are comparable to what you'd find in a chain supermarket, and the prepared food prices are more than reasonable. The food on the buffet is absolutely delicious and creative...there is always something new being served...most recently we had an incredible seitan pot pie. Everything is clearly labeled with ingredients and vegetarian/vegan status. Staff are always friendly and helpful. We love this place!

Pros: 100% vegetarian, huge selection, great buffet

Cons: not the best neighborhood

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