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Serves meat, vegan options available. Indian food restaurant located in the old city near Yerebatan Sarnıcı. Offers some lacto-vegetarian dishes, marked (dairy is used). Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-1:00am.

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15 Reviews

First Review by kismetk8


Points +72

26 Jul 2023

Good vegetarian platter

The food was tasty. The vegetarian platter was flavourful. The korma had authentic Indian flavours.

Beautiful view of the blue mosque

Overall 9/10

Pros: View on top floor , Flavours



Points +20

12 Nov 2022

over spicy and overpriced

I went for vegan, with relatively inexpensive potato curry, which I asked to be mildly spicy...but it was very spciy and so I had to dilute with huge amount of white riced. Nan was ordered but instead got one unleavened thin portion, along with very thin lentil soup. The total cost was over $25 dollars as all the additional items (nan, rice, orange juice, and soup) were overpriced. It did not fill me and was so spicy I had to use tons of rice......I left, unfilled, and went to another restaurant. $25 in a tiny cafe with minima; cham (basic shabby) for such a meal is wayi too much. I would avoid.

Pros: location, in central location

Cons: too spicy even when told it would be mild, overpriced, uinfilling for $25.


Points +56

05 Nov 2022

Really nice central restaurant with a few vegan options.

There were a few options but enough to satisfy most people…

Pros: They were happy to explain options., Nice clean rest rooms., Staff were friendly and kind to the stray cats.


Points +18

23 Feb 2022

Very, and I mean very spicy food

They have quite a few vegan options and they are good but again the food is very spicy


Points +33

07 Nov 2021

Great place

Very welcoming and helpful staff. Lovely table on covered terrace with views of hagia Sofia. Really enjoyed our all vegetarian meal.

Pros: Lovely ambience, Good portions, Great authentic tasting food

Cons: Very steep stairs - but worth climbing for views, Quite difficult to find if you’re new to Istanbul


Points +576

26 Oct 2019

Incredible curry dishes

This place is delicious. I took a walk to see the blue mosque and then over to this place for lunch. The food was great, service was excellent!

Pros: Tasty food

Cons: None!


Points +139

29 Mar 2019

Good indian food

It has good food and clearly labelled vegatarian options with loads of choice. If you want vegatarian indian food in Istanbul than this is the right choice.

Pros: Good food, Clear menu, Cheap


Points +160

24 Aug 2018

Pleasantly surprised!

I was a bit dubious about eating Indian in Turkey but we had delicious meals. Palak paneer and the chana masala were delicious! Would definitely recommend eating here. Paneer was so soft and delicious.


Points +32

23 Jul 2018

Helpful with vegan food

They did not originaly have any vegan and gluten free food on the menu, but they had a few vegetarian dishes that could be made vegan and gluten free. Very helpful staff and they had no problem with understanding English and my allergies. The food is very spicy, but then again, this is an Indian restaurant, so that should be expected.

Pros: Helpful and friendly staff, Understand what vegan mens , Cozy music


Points +320

27 May 2017

High quality

Its in the first five stars hotel in Istanbul where has a good view. It may be good ıf you have made reservation before. Service has a good quality. Menu has a lots of vegeterian options. Also you can find vegan choices and they can help you about it.


Points +74

Mostly Veg
11 May 2014

Bad food and expensive prices.

We were completely diasappointed. The food wasn't tasty at all, but the prices really high for Istanbul. We didn't enjoy eating here and I could have cooked any dish we had way better. Any other restaurant we had during our trip was far above Dubb!

Pros: Interior Design

Cons: Food is disappointing and tasteless, Service slow, Expensive!


Points +365

23 Oct 2013

what is vegan, what is not

I was excited to come here.
But after asking the waited what was without dariy and what was not, he seemed very confident.
But when i got my food - i think it was kofta or korma it seemed to ahve paneer in the balls. Even though i did ask the waiter. He stated it was rice... it wasnt rice...

So, i guess if you order something simple that you know would be vegan dahl or something then its safe.

Very expensive for a meal by my standards and the flavours seem to be toned done, not very spicy or tasty. :(

Pros: some vegetarian food

Cons: what is vegan!?, expensive


Points +98

24 Aug 2013

Very good and not neccesarily expensive

I went to Dubb Indian yesterday for dinner, and so far for me this is the best place for a vegan to go in Istanbul (for a dinner, there's plenty of snack/sandwich shops). I had chana masala with naan bread and got more than full. Tasty too, and the perfect amount of curry being used. Also very good looking food and restaurant, and the staff the friendliest i've encountered so far.
Me and my girlfriend got super full for 69 TL, the price including the biggest beers the place could offer, two main courses and naan bread - we chose not to have rice with it simply because there was so much food in the main course itself.

Only downside is the price. Compared to other Istanbul restaurants, this is not cheap. You can clearly see that this place is a little fancier than your average tourist restaurant, both menu-wise and because of the location. That being said i'd gladly pay a lot for good food, especially in a city where vegan food sucks so bad...

Go for it, and bring your rich parents/uncle/lover ;-)
Updated from previous review on Saturday August 24, 2013

Pros: Tasty food, High quality, Very vegan friendly

Cons: Price


Points +819

07 Sep 2012

Spicy food in Istanbul

Traditional and everyday Turkish food is not really very spicy, which might seems a little strange given the popular image of bustling bazaars.

Anyway, spend enough time in the city and you may be starting to miss something with a little bit more of a kick. Dubb does a pretty good job in this regard - the dishes are well made and full of spicy flavour.

Vegetarians will appreciate the layout of the menu, as well as a dedicated Veg. section for mains and a set Veg. menu option, most of the starters etc. are also veg and marked as such. A little more detail here though would be beneficial for vegans and non-egg eaters.

The prices are high compared to other places, it's unavoidable since it's Istanbul and anything "ethnic" is something of a novelty, however the servings are very generous so it's not that bad really. You'll find that a single dish of rice is easily enough for two people.

The view from the top floor is superb, so it's worth hiking up the 4 or 5 flights of stairs (just hope there's a free table when you get there!).

Pros: Spices!, Extensive veg. menu, Location/View from terrace

Cons: Price, Not entirely veg., Vegan/egg etc. menu status not described


Points +16

12 Apr 2012

Beautiful Indian Restaurant.

This restaurant is a charming restaurant with real attention to detail. The fourth floor has a wonderful night view of old Istanbul. It is a stone's throw from the main tourist attractions.
I have a gluten allergy and the menu explains which flours are used in each dish. I do not eat dairy but I'm not strictly vegan-the dishes suited me.
Oh, and the food is absolutely delicious!

Pros: Delicious food, clear menus, good service

Cons: steep stairs

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