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Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Turkey

Turkey (153 listings)

Useful Turkish phrases:

  • English: I'm a vegetarian
    Say: (ben) vejetaryenim
  • English: I'm vegan
    Say: (ben) veganım
  • English: I do not consume animal-based foods    
    Say: Hayvansal gıdalar tüketmiyorum
  • English: I consume only plant-based foods
    Say: Sadece bitkisel gıdalar tüketiyorum
  • English: I do not eat...
    Say: yemiyorum
  • English: I do not drink...
    Say: içmiyorum
  • English: meat
    Say: et
  • English: fish
    Say: balık
  • English: chicken
    Say: tavuk
  • English: milk
    Say: süt
  • English: cheese
    Say: peynir
  • English: egg
    Say: yumurta
  • English: honey
    Say: bal
  • English: yoghurt
    Say: yoğurt
  • English: butter (made from milk)
    Say: tereyağı
  • English: clotted cream
    Say: kaymak
  • English: gluten free
    Say: glutensiz

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