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Doomie's Home Cookin'

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Contact 323-469-4897

1253 Vine St Ste 9 (at Fountain), Hollywood, California, USA, 90038

Serves decadent vegan versions of classic American diner food. Vegan except the option to have dairy cheese add-on when one asks for it. Selection of vegan baked goods (cakes, crossants, cookies) displayed in a glass case. Hole-in-the-wall kind decor with lot parking.

Category: Vegan-friendly, American, Fast food, Take-out, Bakery, Southern

Reviews (37)

First Review by Sonja and Dirk

Very disappointed - Edit

I was there with a friend back in 2014, and we ordered a bunch of stuff. We started off with a big sharing platter, and I had some kind of steak with potatoes and gravy - my friend had Southern fried chicken if I remember correctly. All our food was waaaayyyy too salty, and I'm usually adding extra salt to whatever I'm ordering.

Perhaps there was a salty accident, and when I'm back in town, I'm giving this place a second chance due to all the great reviews.

Cons: Way too salty

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The new drug - Edit

I love Doomies, ive been here several times since moving to LA and its the best thing in the world. I bit i to their "Big Mac" and almost cried, it had been years since i had one and it was everything i remembered but better. I also had their chicken wings and those were really good. They have a strawberry cheese cake that is to die for, seriously though hands off my cheese cake, and they have deep fried oreos with a chocolate drizzle. Im working on eating everything on their menu, so far i love what im tasting

Pros: Food is amazing, Doomies is life

Cons: Nothing their the most perfect thing on this plane

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This food is addictively delicious - Edit

There's a Vegan Vloger in youtube called Vegetable Police and he said there are many types of Vegan Diets, The Fruit Diet, the Starch Diet, the High Fat diet and the Processed who gives a F*ck I do it for the animals diet LOL :D
Doomie's food is the last one! It is the kind of food that you go to indulge and if you go often, don't get surprised if you gain a pound of two :)
However, I gotta say that it is SUPER DELICIOUS! I brought my meat eater aunt and she thought the fried chicken was actually chicken. Heck! I'm a Vegan and I knew it was a Vegan restaurant and I thought it was chicken!!! Someone from Doomies answer me, was it chicken? O.o
I had the Vegan version of KFC and you're seriously gonna think it is, the mash potatoes, the Mac & cheese and the coleslaw!! Don't get me started about the coleslaw!!! My brother ordered the Jalapeno poplers and God Dam it!! Those litte things were HOT as hell and I love Spicy food and I'm Latina in case you think I'm just a woose tho doesn't know how to eat spicy food. I couldn't eat more than one, even though I was pretending to be brave :)

To make matters worse for my waist line, the food was cheap so I kept ordering stuff!! I'm seriously gonna have to wait until I lose the weight from the last time to give them another try. I do recommend this restaurant for everyone but beware of the fat and addictive components in this food. If you wanna bring a non-Vegan who is being judgemental about us not having delicious food to eat, this is the place!!! I'm so gonna have to bring more friends here so that they can see you can be Vegan and Fat LOL :D

I forgot to mention that it is located in a small strip shopping center. If you go during brunch, the parking is free but there are signs posted about valet parking but I don't know if they charge. However, please remember that it is near Sunset just a few blocks away from the Chinese theater.

Pros: Delicious Food, Varied menu, nice environment

Cons: Location

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This was by far one of the best meals I've had in my life! The vegan bacon was smoked and my father (not vegan) couldent tell the diffrence! the mac'n'cheese was the best I've ever had, and the service was so amazing! This is by far the best place I have ever gone to and I would tell anyone who is questioning, to go there!

Pros: service was spectacular , bacon, burgers, and food was amazing!!!, The food is heavenly!!!

Cons: None!

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Need to go back! - Edit

I seriously can't wait to go back to this place! They totally let the food speak for itself rather than try too hard on presentation and/atmosphere. but that being said the presentation and atmosphere totally work. Everything was really great, the jalapeno peppers were a little too spicy and not cheezy enough for me but my boyfriend thinks the opposite so who knows! I can't wait to go back and try the secret menu big mac! Definitely check this place out!

Pros: Great food, Great pricing

Cons: Sketchy area

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Wish I lived in LA - Edit

This place was recommended to me by a friend and I'm soooo glad that she did. The carne asada burrito was one of the tastiest foods I've eaten. The nachos were also good. We ended up coming back later that night for dessert. The creme brulee was delicious. Our waitress was also very polite and friendly. Can't wait to visit LA again so I can revisit this place.

Pros: carne asada burrito, open late, friendly service

Cons: none

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Great diner food - Edit

I will admit that I wasn't impressed with the chili (at all). It tastes more like gravy.

That being said, I really loved this place and would definitely go back. The spicy chik'n sandwich is really good, but I'd try something different, just to see what else they have.

Pros: Delicious, Friendly

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2am eats - Edit

Had the Philly Cheesesteak and deep fried avocado. The philly was extremely tasty, not bland or dry. The fries that came with it were hot, fresh and crispy. The deep fried avocado was interesting, first time having that, the breading was a bit thick but had good flavor.
It wasn't extremely busy, with a group of 11 the service was actually pretty great, didn't take forever to get all of our food and drinks.
Looking forward to going back, they have so many options it was hard to choose what to get!

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Awesome food! - Edit

Great variety of food and everything I've had has been delicious. Service is usually poor (overworked staff) but the food totally makes up for it. My favorite is the spicy chicken sandwich and the big mac and the jalapeno poppers and the super fries and I could go on and on.

Pros: delicious, portion sizes, knowledgeable staff

Cons: they offer dairy cheese , service, prices

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American fast food...all veggie - Edit

Came across this on HC whilst staying in Hollywood.

The ambience is a bit dull, but the food is something I've never tried before ...and I've been to many veggie and non veggie restaurants around the world looking for good veggie food.

We had the spivey buffalo wings, Asian chicken salad and bbq pulled pork burger. The wings were out of this (veggie) world. Pull pork burger...never tried anything like it. Salad was good and healthy but I've had similar.

Food was slightly expensive...but well with the novelty factor.

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Heaven for the Vegan Junk Food Junkie! - Edit

I went around 9 or 10pm on a Saturday night and apparently on the weekends parking is valet only. However, someone left from one of the 15-min parking spots in front of Doomie's so we parked there and placed a to-go order.

I wanted to try many things, but they were sold out of several things, like the Country Fried Steak and mashed potatoes, so I settled on the following:

Fried Shrimp -
Vegan butterfly-looking shrimp, served with cocktail sauce and tartar sauce. Delicious vegan shrimp, although I did not care for their tartar sauce.

Doomies Southern Fried Chicken -
Drop the phone! If the world knew that vegan chicken could be this good, there would be no KFCs! The batter is SO crispy and flavorful; it is truly like Southern Fried Chicken, sans the cruelty. Mind = blown!
It came with 2 pieces of vegan fried chicken, a roll, corn on the cob, and since they were out of mashed potatoes, I got roasted red potatoes, which I didn't like at all. They lacked any flavor and were just blah. Everything else was excellent.

For dessert I tried the Southern Strawberry Shortcake and the Deep Fried Oreos.
I was not impressed with the strawberry shortcake, which included a dry shortcake biscuit (it should be soft and moist), and lots of syrupy red sauce.
The Deep Fried Oreos, however, were a winner! They were sprinkled with powdered sugar, and came with a little chocolate sauce on the side. Sinfully indulging!

After ordering, the cashier mentioned that there was a secret menu, but she refused to tell me what was on it! This peeved me tremendously, but I will still return to try that Country Fried Steak.

Pros: amazing southern fried "chicken", deep fried oreos!

Cons: parking on weekends is paid-valet only, secret menu is TOO secret

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Management? - Edit

I am an avid HappyCow user and almost always have positive things to say about vegan and vegan friendly restaurants and I have to start by saying I love Doomie's for the comforting food they produce. What is in question here is management.

First off, HappyCow recommends users with unhappy experiences to contact the owner directly. I have had a few negative experiences here but never so bad to write about. So, with that in mind, I searched for an owner or manager contact email or number. None to be found. Maybe there isn't a manager? Maybe the owner just doesn't come in to see how the restaurant is doing? Regardless, each time I go in, the servers never know what is going on and there are always new servers. Which, coming from a restaurant background, tells me that the management is the issue.

We ordered food from here for pickup an hour before we actually arrived assuming they were busy on a Friday night. They were busy, as expected, but when we arrived an hour after we ordered by phone to pick up, the food wasn't even started by the cooks. We waited an extra 30 minutes for the food to be ready and meanwhile the one (1) server that was working was running around the restaurant trying to get everyone's orders in as well as answering the phone, packing up take out orders, dealing with the cash register, and serving all the tables in the restaurant which were all full. To have 1 server scheduled on a Friday night is ridiculous and impossible for one person to do anyway. The servers work so hard and even tonight while dealing with the full restaurant, phone orders, chefs, and walk-ins, I watched 4 customers put $0.00 on each of their tip entries for the one server working after she split their bill four ways for them. This is unacceptable and the reason this is part of my issue is because of what I see as poor management. No one was there to help the server. No one was there to help with massive phone orders and no one was there to guide the chefs in their duties.

This place has great food. No doubt about it. Our food was poorly made tonight, that is unfortunate for us, but management needs to take control of what is going on.

Doomie's is a great spot for a lot of people and a beacon for a lot of us vegans. Don't let it become a memory of what could have been.

Pros: Great food, usually, Great selection, sometimes, Buffalo legs are great

Cons: No managers, slow kitchen, slow service

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American diner food veganised! - Edit

I was totally excited as an English visitor to come across a vegan restaurant serving all the classic American diner food, my friends went for burgers and pulled 'pork', and I went for a big bowl of mac n' cheese. It was all very good, reasonably priced, and I enjoyed the ambiance of the place, quite a pinky/alternative vibe. Recommended.

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proof that vegan food doesn't have to be healthy - Edit

So so so so so so good! Vegan jalapeño poppers, bacn topped burgers, and so much more. Desserts are also incredible. If you're visiting the area, this is a MUST DO for vegans and vegetarians alike!

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as good as everyone says - Edit

Wow! Our first visit was great. We will be back. The sampler was a great taste of a bunch of different things. Pulled Pork had all the right textures. And, the fried Oreos are a taste of heaven. Vegan, yes. Healthy, no way. But it's a great treat.

Pros: awesome food, spacious

Cons: dark

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Comfort food, veganized! - Edit

Decadent? Check. I had the patty melt. And while it has been years since I had the meat version, this looks and tastes the way I remember it. For dessert I had the creme brulee, and this too was spot-on. In fact it was so good, I had to ask to be sure it was vegan (yes, almond milk)

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Deep Fried Comfort - Edit

If you want to be a bad vegan, Doomie's is the place to go. Almost everything is deep fried and it is amazing! I couldn't eat at Doomie's all the time but I enjoy splurging here.

I wish they had a bar, I feel like it would go so well with the style of food and the style of the place. It seems like a pub inside, not really a restaurant or a cafe, but that can't take away how devilishly good the food is.

Pros: The Bad for you Food that is SO Good!

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Wow awesome burger! - Edit

My husband and I had the Vegan big mac at the Vegan Beer festival and it was amazing. We were full all day. Large burger, way bigger than what I remember the big mac to be and deliciously cruelty free. What more could you ask for? :)

Pros: large portions, friendly staff, great vibe

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Pretty Good! - Edit

It was nice to get some vegan home cooking and have an Alkaline Trio themed restaurant experience. They were out of fetuccini alfredo, but everything was good. The chicken fried seitan was somewhat rubbery, but they may have fixed the recipe by now.

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Comforting great food - Edit

It was a nice quiet atmosphere with a large menu. We got the appetizer sampler and were very pleased. Best vegan cheese sauce I've had yet. I would recommend the Jalapeno poppers and the mac and cheese. The cupcake icing was great but cake itself a little dry.

Pros: friendly staff, Great food, creative approach

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Viva Doomie's!! - Edit

Gotta love Doomie's. Vegan soul food/comfort food with insane desserts that you will swear cannot be vegan. Pasta dishes are all great - chicken-fried steak is also a favorite. Get your sweet and savory pastries to go if you don't have room after the enormous portions!

Pros: Great comfort food, Amazing selection of vegan baked goods, Fun punk-rock atmosphere

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Total Decadence - Edit

Had read about Doomie's for so long on HappyCow and finally was in that area, so my friend and I stopped in for a bite. Here's my Doomie's Home Cookin review.

If you are looking for a healthy or light meal, you won't find it here. If you are looking for a tasty, fatty, salty meal, you'll find it at Doomie's. It's total indulgence kind of food.

From the menu we shared a southern fried chicken plate which came with a side of mashed potatoes and a plain white dinner roll. The chicken was thickly breaded and tasted very much like Kentucky Fried Chicken-esqe, greasy, fatty, and very delicious. The mashed potatoes were just right. The roll we didn't bother.

The jalapeno poppers were the bomb. Breaded and deep-fried outside, each with a large preserved, spicy jalapeno inside that's stuffed with a cheese that oozes when you bite into it. Yum.

We also tried their mac n cheese, and that was very tasty. I believe they make their own vegan cheese, and I suspect there's a lot of yellow margarine involved.

My friend also tried a BBQ pulled pork sandwich. I had a bite only, it was sweet, faux pork had a texture like beef jerky.

For dessert we shared a crossiant and chocolate cake. They make their own croissant and cakes, which I thought was impressive. Both tasted fine.

Overall, I think I would eat here once in a long while. The food is good, but it's all very fatty and indulgent. An interesting and taste-filled experience nonetheless.

Pros: all vegan, food taste good, prompt service

Cons: hole-in-the-wall, high fat and salt

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Amazing Chili Cheese Fries! - Edit

Went there for the first time with a friend. We had chili Cheese fries (vegan) for appetizer and they were soo good!!! Also we shared the taco salad, which is huge but wonderful, and the fried "chicken" entree, also amazing. The place itself is small but cute. The wait staff wasn't the best, kind of slow but the food is amazing i would go back.

Pros: vegan

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I'm not going there - Edit

Last year when I went there the place was awesome everything was orgainized this time. I don't know what happened but, it went down hill even there secret menu sucks. Ordered onion rings and it was burnt to hell. I can't believe I spent soo much money to have a gross meal. That was a waste of my money that went down the drain. The bathrooms were filthy. The place was dead for the first time I ever saw it. It really needs a big time improvement. And have the food tasting like it did once before.

Cons: friendly staff, saying no to a customer is not right, the taste of food sucks

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Alternative to Asian - Edit

This place is a GEM! what is fantastically appealing about this place being Vegan/Vegetarian is that it's NOT ASIAN food! Hello!! Vegetarians eat more than vegetables...and especially those who come from meat backgrounds we want more variety and we want the food to taste the same as what we're used to. Finding DOOMIE'S was a Food Miracle! I ordered the BBQ pulled "pork", Mac n "cheese" and fries (of course!). Ummmm... "YUMMMMM".. Even the next day re-heat was amazing. There's another reviewer who complained about the "greasy" food -well that doesn't bother me and doesn't negatively affect the taste -though I did not get the feeling of "greasy". Sure the decor is a bit rough (dark red/black walls) however the FOOD IS ENLIGHTENING!! bring a friend and chat with your mouth full -it's all the same! Any of the other caveats mentioned (parking, ambiance, location) are just not any reason to stay away. There's NO OTHER restaurant serving THIS STYLE. It's a comfort to know LA is opening more conscious eateries offering choices other than Thai or Indian. Americans are conscious eaters too!! THANK YOU DOOMIE'S!!! (was so satisfied with my meal that I left without ordering dessert so I will be back...)

Pros: CHOICE!!, Taste, Friendly staff

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Doomie's - Edit

I did my research before going to Doomie's, so I knew full well to get the vegan big mac, which is not listed on the menu (you have to ask for it) - best decision ever!

I'm just going to throw this out there now, I felt the restaurant was kind of dirty and it was filled with clutter in some areas. But given the type of food this establishment offers (greasy home cooking), I figured it went with the territory.

The jalapeño popper appetizer was really good - they even make the cheese in-house. My favorite part of the meal was my entree, the vegan big mac, it was pretty awesome. I don't know what a real big mac tastes like, but this one was good. Only thing is, after eating this I didn't feel too well, only because I'm not used to eating greasy food anymore...but I would totally eat the big mac again.

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I gave it multiple chances. - Edit

I know many people who love this place and I just don't get it. The food is greasy, way too salty, and not particularly tasty. There are menu items that they have never had in stock the 4 out so times I've been in there. The people who work they have always been nice to me, so there's that, buy I hope I never have to eat they're food again.

Pros: good service

Cons: bad food, greasy, mean dog

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Delicious Doomie's - Edit

I ordered the "Western burger" with onion rings. It was amazing. I also got deep fried Oreos. They were so good, but very "rich," so don't eat too many. The waitress was friendly. There is some outside seating, but the view is of a parking lot. I would rate them five cows if they dropped the few non-vegan options so the restaurant would be all vegan.

Pros: comfort food, good value

Cons: not all vegan, strip mall location

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Not that good - Edit

I feel kind of bad leaving a less than five-star review as it seems everyone who reviewed Doomie's thus far genuinely liked the place, but I went twice now and both times I was let down. I mean, for the most part, you can get the majority of the menu items at other establishments in the area; the food menu (outside of a couple desserts) wasn't very unique. I have tried NINE different menu items, and all have been WAY too buttery/greasy/fried/salty. I brought food home in a (Styrofoam, GRRRR) take home container once and when I transferred it into another container, there was a puddle of butter/oil at the bottom that glistened like leaky car fluids on black top. I know this is supposed to be comfort food, but Veggie Grill is comfort food and theirs is way healthier, tastier, and cheaper. The location is bad, too, and you have to pay a lot for parking if you go at night. Again, all the food is already available at nearby restaurants, and not only that, it seems like the bottom of the rung, basic vegan food that you eat when you're transitioning to a vegetarian diet from an omnivorous one. It's food most people can cook at home using your basic vegan cooking book, like 'Vegan with a Vengeance'. There's nothing overly creative about it, nothing that stands out as unique. The service was also horribly slow both times I went even though there weren't too many people in the restaurant. There were two parties that got their food before mine even though I was only in a party of two and ordered the same thing as one of the people in the other party. The employees kept to themselves and barely spoke, even when I ordered, they just kind of stood there and almost grunted their way through helping me. I left a good tip both times regardless and smiled my way through (the smile wasn't returned). All-in-all this was a big disappointment, and I suggest you either cook this food at home or go elsewhere for your cravings. Doomie's is a recipe for a non-tasty, vegan heart attack.

Pros: Somewhat large menu selection, Mostly all vegan items

Cons: Cold, unfriendly, slow staff, Greasy/salty/unhealthy food, Weird area/expensive parking

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The most delicious vegan food ever ! - Edit

Doomie's is the place to go in LA...support the young, local LA owned vegan restaurant on Fountain & Vine. The prices aren't any higher than your average chain...but the vibe is great, the service is excellent. And that's not even talking about the food...O M G....mouth watering chicken drumsticks that might freak out someone if you haven't had meat in a while. This vegan food doesn't claim to be healthy but for someone not into "Vegan" food because they are a carnivore this is a good place to take them to change their mind. Anything and everything on the menu is made fresh in house and by the chef himself..Doomie. You can't go wrong with any item on the menu.

My favorites are the chicken and the philly cheese steak.

The desserts are to die for as well.

=) Go ! Go ! You won't regret it !

Pros: Mouth Watering Flavors, Great vibe, Amazing meat alternatives

Cons: Not super healthy

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Deep Fried Oreos! - Edit

If you are in Hollywood and you want great food and friendly service go to Doomie's. Don't forget the deep fried oreos. They taste like a chocolate churro. :0)

Pros: friendly staff, vegan , delicious

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Zoom to Doomie's ASAP!! LOL! - Edit

I went to their soft grand opening and the food was unbelievably good!! It's a vegan paradise, people! I have had their food at a couple different functions, too, and I just melt when eating it! Thank you Doomie's!!

Pros: Big portions, Friendly staff , DELICIOUS food!

Cons: Parking

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amazing home cookin' - Edit

We went to Doomie's tonight for their grand opening. It was fabulous. We had already been to the brunch just before Thanksgiving which had started late and apparently ran out of food right after we finished, but everything went smoothly tonight and service was attentive and friendly. For the first weekend it was reservation only, so we arrived at 6pm, but the parking attendent was already there with a sign that said it was $6.50. We parked down the street for free.

As for the food, OMG! The menu had me drooling just looking at it and I plan to return many times again to try everything! We started off with the jalapeno poppers (which we had at the vegan beer fest) and the mac n cheese. Both yummy! We shared our dinners as well. Country fried steak with roasted potatoes (or option of mashed potatoes) and the soup of the day which was beef noodle: amazing and the soup seemed like the original version. Philly cheesesteak with onion rings: the sandwich was good, but I wouldn't rave about it. I would rave about the onion rings though! The texture and flavor was unbelievable and it totally reminded me of my pre-vegan days. And to cap the whole evening off, we had the deep fried Oreos a la mode. Words fail to describe how amazing this was. It really was the highlight of an already fantastic meal.

Bottom line, if you like fried down home cooking vegan style, you must go to Doomie's. Their space is basic and unassuming in a strip mall, but don't let that distract you. Focus on the food!

Pros: fried goodness, Oreo dessert, vegan versions of down home cooking

Cons: parking

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