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Andy Nguyen's

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2007 Broadway St, Sacramento, California, USA, 95818

Sacramento vegetarian restaurant south of Hwy 50 btwn 16th and 26th St exits. Offering Vietnamese food since 1984. Extensive menu includes large bowls of soup, mockmeat dishes, vegetables, beverages. Dishes have Buddhist names such as wish fulfiling jewel soup, peaceful existence curry claypot, and true nature of mind steamed tofu. Vegan dishes are marked. Location is near a temple and busy in the evening. Open Mon 12:00pm-9:00pm, Tue-Sat 11:00am-9:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-9:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, American, Asian, Vietnamese, Buddhist

Reviews (30)

First Review by OriginalGT

A Favorite! - Edit

I love the food here! I have been eating here for years, and never had a bad meal. They have a great variety of foods. Love the thai ice tea as well! Service is good, I believe it is family run. Very nice people. Always a favorite!

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Meh - Edit

I only went here once and I have no desire to go back. Their menu seemed to be all about fake meats and I am not a fan of fake meats. You can also get tofu, but you would likely have to ask to sub it out. The flavors were alright, but I personally would rather just go to my local Thai food restaurant.

Pros: vegan

Cons: Fake meat, Nothing special

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slow service, so so food - Edit

Ate here about a week ago. The restaurant was mostly full but had only one waiter. He did his job well, but was spread way too thin waiting on so many tables. My partner had the burger--ugh. It was not a burger, just a bunch of slices of something sweet. The French fries were really good. He also got a noodle bowl. Again, it wasn't spicy, it was sweet. We asked for some vinegar, and were given some sweet liquid; don't know what it was, but it sure wasn't vinegar. My spicy lemongrass dish was pretty weak too. All in all, a moderate disappointment.

Pros: large menu

Cons: food too sweet, slow service

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Good food, service & ambiance - Edit

Good vegetarian/vegan food & service. Ambiance was nice as well. The food is mostly Asian/Vietnamese. Service was good. Parking was not a problem.

Pros: totally vegan

Cons: too much fake meat

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One of my favorites - Edit

I really love Andy Nguyen's. I appreciate the flavors and variety. I feel like I consistently get a healthy, reasonably priced meal. I also enjoy their teas and fresh juices.

Pros: Lots of flavor , Healthy eating

Cons: Website is non-functional, Service can be slow

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Delicious, centrally located, friendly vegan food - Edit

Andy Nguyen's has been a solid go-to vegan and vegetarian spot in Sacramento for decades.

In the Buddhist Asian vein of food, but a step above the greasy vegan Chinese food options you often see. It's easy to spend a lot of money here if you're not careful, with $7 appetizers, but the lunch specials are a great buy.

Parking is actually easy enough on the side streets, but it's in a great location to bike, bus, or light rail to (there is a light rail stop a block away.)

The staff is typically extremely friendly. The food isn't fast, but I've never felt like I'm waiting too long.

Their website, which used to be bad, has been revamped and is now atrocious: completely nonfunctioning. We had hoped to do a big takeout order the other day, and finally found a version of the menu on some other menu website. Then they didn't answer the phone. Their Yelp page has a decent summary of their menu, just without prices.

So don't try the website: just go on it.

Pros: delicious, reasonably priced, friendly

Cons: atrocious , nonfunctioning website

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Food is not good and not very authentic - Edit

With all the hype about this being one of Sac's best veg spots, I had to check it out. The service is slow, but that didn't bother me so much. It's a small independently-run place, one server for the whole restaurant, so yeah, it will be slow, but that's to be expected sometime when you support small local businesses. I just don't see why everyone loves the food so much. The presentation was lovely, but the flavors and the resemblance to the dish it's supposed to be were huge failures. My friend had the Supreme Noodle soup, which is basically supposed to be like Bun bo Hue, but was actually far from it, with the broth lacking the lemongrass and spicy flavors it should have. I had the "pad thai" which tasted nothing like pad thai as it was lacking in sauce and flavor and the noodles were so dry. We also tried the fresh rolls, which were fine, but the peanut sauce was terrible. I actually loved the atmosphere here, but I wish the food were actually good enough to make it worth the visit.

Pros: Lovely atmosphere, Beautiful presentation

Cons: Food is not good

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Very Pleasantly Surprised!!! - Edit

This place is outstanding. Feels like more than just food going on.

The menu names are just as cool as the food. You can tell a lot of love goes into it, really.

Some of the best food I have ever tasted, I'm surprised it's in Sacramento.

Pros: taste, presence , quality

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Awesome experience for the palate - Edit

Great food! Especially the spring rolls (Karma rolls) and Lemon Salad. Everything was extremely fresh and invigorating and the staff was very attentive. Would definitely go here again!

Pros: excellent food, healthy, friendly staff

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One of the Valley's best - Edit

I LOVE ANDY'S!!!! the atmosphere is Heavenly and the staff is always polite but sometimes slow...I really love the fact that they switched a few years ago and have maintained being forerunners in the Valley. Favourite dishes include Awakening of Mind and 10'000 Buddahs burger, which can be made Vegan!
Their desserts are mouth watering and they also make fresh juices and teas.

Pros: Consistency, Atomsphere, Filling

Cons: sometimes slow

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Review Update - Poor service - Edit

I used to really like Andy Nguyen's and the food remains fresh and delicious, but the service I received on my last visit was so bad I don't think I'll ever return. We went last week to use our Groupon and it was busy, which we expected. We had four people and were told we'd have to wait 30 min. We were third in line for a table. Over the next hour, people left and tables sat empty, but we still had no table. After the hour mark, with 3 empty tables, I asked about getting seated, which finally happened (glad I asked...). Then we were asked to move tables to accomodate a larger party. No sorry or please or thank you about anything. No apology for waiting....We were even told "your drinks are gonna take a while, ok?"

The kitchen staff here is amazing. The food is delicious and when the kitchen staff brought our food out they were very courteous and helpful. But the waitstaff/front of house is HORRIBLE and I highly recommend they consider restaffing or retraining for better customer service.

Also, I don't remember the exact pricing last time we were here, but it seems to be quite expensive now, especially considering the location.

Sorry, I won't be back.

Original Review from a couple year ago - I have read most of the reviews about Andy Nguyen's and was worried to try it due to many reports of inconsistency in quality and service. I have only been once so far, so I don't personally know about the consistency, but on the day I went, the food was outstanding. The best Vietnamese food I've had in quite a while. The dishes were full of flavors that were all different and the dishes offered a great balance of flavors and textures. I loved their use of fresh herbs as well. The serving sizes compared to price were pretty good as well. I don't know if there are different priced menus (lunch vs dinner), but we went around 3 pm and many entrees were around $8 for a nice-sized portion, which is pretty good for Sacramento. I also went with someone who eats gluten free and it was pretty easy to find items that both of us could share. The only lacking part of the experience was the slightly inattentive waitstaff (waiting to order, waiting for check, etc), but the wait was not excessive. I can't wait to go back, I just hope I don't experience some of the problems previously reviewers have had.
Updated from previous review on Monday January 05, 2009

Pros: fresh delicious food

Cons: HORRIBLE customer service, expensive, not all vegan

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Some good dishes, but more than a few drawbacks - Edit

I love Andy Nguyen's, have been a regular customer for years. Their food is delicious and creative, and prices reasonable. However, sometimes their dishes lack consistency, oftentimes they run out of ingredients and sometimes you have to wait a VERY long time for your food. The enlighten mind rolls are amazing.

Updated from previous review on Friday July 18, 2008

Today at Andy's my husband and I noticed several changes on the menu. The menu now indicates whether dishes are vegan, can be made vegan, contain dairy, and other dietary information. To our disappointment, many of the dishes that we love here are not vegan and can only be made vegan by taking out some of the main ingredients, namely the soy chicken and soy ham which contain whey. In the past we were told these items were vegan, so naturally, we decided to speak with the owner. We were told they switched distributors and that some of their previously vegan ingredients are no longer vegan. We hope the explanation is accurate because we are very serious about our vegan lifestyle and would be very upset if we've been unknowingly eating whey all this time. Regardless, we are very disappointed at Andy Nguyen's for their lack of commitment to providing quality vegan food. Andy Nguyen's is still great for vegetarians, if you don't mind the poor service, but vegans beware! I would put a lower rating but Happy Cow won't let me. *1 cow*

Pros: some great dishes

Cons: bad service, inconsistant, progressively less vegan-friendly

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Thank you - Edit

I went to this restaurant, waited, and waited, nothing happened, finally left before ever placing an order. And listening to the grumbling of the people next to us who still had not received their food.

Thank you everyone for the reviews. Great food or not, it sounds like I will avoid this restaurant in the future due to the service issues. It does not sound like my experience was just a one time thing. Eating out is too expensive to put up with these things.

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Great Food - TERRIBLE Service - Edit

Positive - Andy Nguyens has fabulous food that you just can't get anywhere else! If you haven't tried it, you absolutely have to!

Negative - The service is the worst I have ever encountered. Except to wait 30 min. just to be seated, another hour before they even take your order, and fully expect them to forget someone's plate, or get the order wrong, and not fill your water a single time. Everybody I know who has eaten there has had the same problems, and it is the same everytime I go, no matter who is working.

Having said that, I keep going back because the food is great!
There is another Andy Nguyen's on Folsom Blvd. in Rancho Cordova. They don't have the same vegetarian selection, but they do have some very good vegetarian dishes, and the service is a 100% turn-around. I definitely recommend the Rancho location.

Pros: Unique Food, Good Food

Cons: TERRIBLE service!

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Good food, but... - Edit

I really want to like this place because the food is tasty and the dishes have cute names. I've eaten from here twice. Each time, there has been quite a wait for your food. In understand waiting if it's busy and I'm generally a patient person, but when told it will be 10 minutes, I plan to wait 10 minutes, not 25 minutes for a to-go order. The food was good though, but kind of expensive!

Pros: many choices

Cons: long wait for food, price

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Vegan With A Great Meal - Edit

My partner and I have eaten at Andy Nguyen's on a regular schedule for the past five years and have never had a bad meal. The food is always excellent and a place that can almost be guaranteed to satisfy guests, especially out of town guests, whether they are vegan or not. Many of our guests have committed that it is one of the best meals they have very had. There is a wide range of Vietnamese foods on the impressive menu and all taste of fresh ingredients, individually prepared, full of exciting flavors, and with a professional presentation. I do not think that there isn't a better vegan restaurant in Sacramento. My partner has to have an Andy Nguyen's fix at least once a month.

Admittedly, the service can be slow so allow yourself some extra time for a please meal; this also includes lunches. If a person plans to have slow relaxing and fantastic tasting meal at very competitive prices for excellent quality, Andy Nguyen's is the place.

Pros: Great Menu, Fantastic Food, Competitive Pricing

Cons: Service can be slow.

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Tasty food but poor service/price - Edit

I have been to this restaurant several times over the past couple of years and although they serve delicious vegan food, their service, portions and price seem worse and worse as time goes on. The last time I went there with a party of 4 and 2 were served their entree 20 minutes before the other 2. The restaurant seems to always be understaffed. The portions seem to have significantly shrunk recently. It's hard to justify going here when there are other local options like Au Lac and Noble with better service, portions and prices.

Pros: Good presentation, Tasty food, Good atmosphere

Cons: Prices, Portions, Service

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Delicious and fast - Edit

I really enjoyed the variety of menu items. The portions are just right too. My absolute fav is the Treasure Rolls. A very appropriate name, they are truly a treasure.

Pros: Clean, Fast, Friendly

Cons: Located on busy street

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Is this Sacramentos Best? - Edit

We ordered two dishes that were recommended, and one was over cooked, and the other was just okay. I was quiet underwhelmed at the overall experience. Being a Vegan, it is tough finding good food which I define as Herbivore in San Francisco. I will continue to look for the place in Sacramento !

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Spotty quality, service - Edit

Like the reviewer below, I no longer eat at Andy Nguyen's. I've had great food there, and I've had food there that was bland, served nearly room temperature and barely edible. There are enough vegan-friendly places in Sacramento I no longer need to bother taking the risk on another disappointing meal.

Unfortunately, while the food is at times very good, the service never seems to be better than mediocre. Waiting a long time seems to be the norm, even when the place is almost empty, as does receiving one plate well before the others. Like the previous reviewer, I've never had anybody come to my table and apologize for a delay, let alone bring out an appetizer for the wait or knock a few bucks off of the bill when there's a problem, which would be standard practice in most places should such a delay occur.

Finally, I know they have no control over this, but parking in the back and walking around, considering the neighborhood, leaves me a bit concerned about both my safety and that of my car.

Pros: food can be very good

Cons: food can be very bland and uninspired, service is dreadful

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Tofu to the next level - Edit

My husband and I ate here on 3/30/2008 and it was absolutely super! We have dined at just about all the vegan bay area and San Diego area restaurants and this place is at the top. They did things with Tofu that were so tasty and amazing. Ordered the Four Noble Truths & Enlightened Chowfun. They were light and full of flavor. The Egg rolls were to die for !! I would recommend this place to everyone.

Pros: Fast service, TASTY FOOD!, Light & healthy

Cons: So far away

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Marred by inconsistent quality and service - Edit

My wife and I have been dinning at Andy Nguyen's on Broadway occasionally for the last three years or so, and I regret to say that, despite many positive aspects, I cannot recommend the establshment to anyone, owing to inconsistent quality and service, and the apparent lack of caring regarding the same by those who work there. We just returned today from what was our final lunch at Andy's - we won't be going back. On too many occasions, we've ordered lunch together, only to have one meal come out and sit, growning cold while we wait, wait, wait 10 minutes or more for the other dish to come from the kitchen. We've ordered an appetizer - and it arrives *after* the main dishes have been served. This has happened when the place was sort of busy, but also when it was not busy at all. When questioned, the serving staff just shrug their shoulders and say that they bring it out when the kitchen makes it. They seem to have no concept of the idea that people who are dining together would like to get their food at roughly the same time - no more than five minutes apart in any case! We put up with this and kept going back because the food itself was always wonderful - until today. Both my wife and I ordered the same dishes that we each had just a week ago, and they were completely different. Way too much rice, not nearly enough vegetables, the seasoning seemed weak, and mine had to be reheated in their microwave because it arrived more than ten minutes prior to my wife's dish (apparently they have no way to keep food warm until the whole order is ready)! The spring roles were OK - not my idea of dessert, but since they served them to us last, I guess that's what they were! We did not rant or yell at the server, but got no apologies for the service, and in fact our server would not even look me in the eye when I paid the bill. I guess they've had complaints about this before. We're voting with our feet - no more Andy Nguyen's.

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Good experience - Edit

My family and I ate here sometime in November. My husband had ordered some spicy "beef" and broccoli dish - I loved it! It was really good. As an appetizer, we had ordered this spring roll dish with noodles and faux meat. We had to dip the wrapper in hot water and prepare the rolls ourselves, which was a little fun for me but might not be for someone who just wants to get right on to eating (like my husband). :D

The majority of the dishes, except for maybe 4, were vegan, so that's a plus. Overall, it was a pleasant experience. Not the best veg food I've eaten for the price, but well worth a visit.

Pros: Friendly staff, Good food

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too realistic. - Edit

the place is really nice. but I didn't like so much the noodle soup, full of faux meat, faux chicken, faux fish etc etc. it was too much for me and too realistic!my non-vegan friend liked it a lot!! the other food was good.

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Tatiana 13 Dec 2007 - Great point. Looking at a lot of the reviews for this place it seems a person liking it would be dependent on preference. For those who really like the mock meats this may be the place for them but for those who are not fans might not enjoy it as much. ^_^

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Can't Wait to Go Back! - Edit

The food here is extraordinary! This restaurant has been labled the "Best in Sacramento". I don't think so. I say that it is the best in all of Northern California. They have lots of great tasting fake meats so bring your non-vegetarian friends. I think they will be suprisingly pleased.

Pros: EXCELLENT food, friendly wait staff

Cons: dining area smallish

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