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Small farm-to-table cafe that supports local farms and food artisans. Offers plenty of raw food options and desserts along with burgers, pasta, soups, salads and rice dishes. Updated menu 2020 indicating allergens plus keto- and kid-friendly dishes. Has daily juice and meal delivery and hosts occasional food workshops. Mostly vegan besides honey in a couple of desserts; ask staff to clarify. Majority of dishes contain alliums. Reported closed January 2024.

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First Review by endofcity


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17 Nov 2023

Massive portions!

We clearly over-ordered... We were excited to try their menu but it was a bit too "raw" for me. I prefer my sweet potato fries to be, well, fried (and definitely not soggy). The gluten-free bun is made with rice, which is unusual but really good. Their lentil flaxseed nuggets are amazing, especially with that garlic cashew ‘aioli’ sauce.

Pros: Everything is hand-made, Great vegan sauce

Cons: Fries are not fried



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10 Nov 2023

Closing soon - enjoy while it lasts!

Their last day of operation will be November 30. I love their food and the atmosphere. Anything with their vegan cheese sauce is delicious, such as their baked sweet potato fries 🍟 Nothing is fried here btw - generally the food is rather health focused but that doesn’t mean it’s not tasty. Try their TomYum Zoodles, homemade dips and ofc the cheese sauce while you still can!

Pros: Healthy innovative food


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23 Jul 2023

Vegan cauliflower cheese

Loved the cauliflower! Also got the beet juice which was nice


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18 Jul 2023

Cute & tasty

Very tasty food in a nice relaxed atmosphere. I had the meatball starter & the taco main and both were delicious. I found the portion size to be just right. The staff were very nice too.

Pros: Vegan, no fake meats!, Nice atmosphere , Tasty food


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23 May 2023

Shiny but not tasty

We are both vegans and were excited to try a vegan restaurant but unfortunately I can't recommend this place.
It is nicely decorated and has a relaxed vibe and friendly staff but our food was really not great. They don't seem to have an option to deep-fry the food, so for example the sweet potato fries were actually boiled or maybe cooked in a pan. The lentil nuggets tasted like uncooked falafel (again, not deep-fried) rather than nuggets... There was a mix-up with our starters which isn't a big issue, but it doesn't help creating a better impression either. The salad as a main was good though I didn't like the home-made vegan feta - it didn't taste like feta at all, so why call it that and raise expectations?
In conclusion: for the quality offered the prices are way too steep and we won't be going here again.

I don't think it was an isolated experience because when we bought some vegan cake this morning and told the salesperson we'd been to Afterglow, they immediately shrugged and said it was known not to be very good.

Pros: Lots of wonderful tasting options

Cons: Everything we had tasted rather dull


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19 Jan 2023

Afterglow by Anglow (Singapore)

Interesting venue with an imaginitive and healthy menu (that includes some organic and some raw food items, hence the hefty prices). The guy serving inficates its all vegan other than honey use. He was friendly. The lady serving was very serious and businesslike rather than personable maybe she's simply had a bad morning which let's face it, can happen to any of us). Budget diner's should eat elsewhere.

Pros: Interesting menu with healthy options, Lots of vegan options

Cons: All vegan is always better, Not for budget diners


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15 Jan 2023

Posh nosh

Really yummy food but quite expensive! Sushi was amazing 🤤


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19 Dec 2022

Vegan Whole Foods, Raw Options

Tried the Teriyaki 'Meat'Balls, Mediterranean Tahini salad - both really delicious and Smoked Stack Burger which was good but not out of the ordinary.

Interesting menu and healthy food including raw options.

Would recommend but took 1 star off as I thought it was quite pricey.

Pros: Healthy, Vegan, Raw options

Cons: Pricey


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11 Dec 2022

Was just ok :(

To begin with, we had three sharing plates (nuggets: yummy but fell apart, fries: good, loads of curry leaves, but not all fries cooked evenly, avo rolls: nice kimchi but the almond ‘Rice’ wasn’t our jam). The sharing plates were small and even with three we were still
Hungry. I DO recommend going friday or Saturday to have a tart. The fruit one I had was outstanding.

Pros: Vegan. , Nice location.

Cons: Too expensive for small sizes of dishes , Left hungry 🙁


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03 Dec 2022

Vegan except honey

Don’t forget to make a reservation, a great small cafe.

Pros: Super helpful staff, Wonderful wine selection, Awesome dessert!

Cons: Open at noon and fills up fast, Honey I’m drinks makes it non vegan


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28 Nov 2022

One of my favorite restaurants in SIN

I always come here when I’m in Singapore. The food is super fresh and tasty. You won’t feel heavy afterwards. The sushi rolls are to die for!!!
Price is totally ok!

Pros: Many healthy and even raw options, Delicious , Chill area


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18 Nov 2022

Supervantastic 😁

I love their food, new every friday& saturday vegan tarts for 13$

Vegan Victoria

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26 Oct 2022

Delicious Vegan Food even Non-Vegans Enjoy

I invited 4 mostly non-vegan friends to join me for lunch and they all loved the food and the setting. The teriyaki meatball plate to share was especially good. The Tom yum zoodles were very spicy and the raw lasagna had a nice crunch to it. The Kyoto salad had a fabulous miso dressing

Pros: Great variety of food , Lovely setting , Friendly prompt service

Cons: Not inexpensive


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16 Sep 2022

Worth Every Cent

Afterglow has a very wholesome and welcoming vibe. Ordered the famous avocado rolls and lentil nuggets. I had the raw vegan lasagna which was the best raw meal I have ever eaten. Also ordered zoodles which were on par with everything else. Already planning to come back!


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14 Sep 2022

Whole Foods Plant Based and Raw Vegan Dishes

Quite pricey. The menu is made entirely whole-food plant-based, including raw vegan dishes and keto-friendly options. Alliums are clearly indicated. The Kimchi Avocado Rolls and Spicy Asian Zoodles I had were good. The Raw Vegan Mango Cheesecake was extremely disappointing (I've eaten quite a few raw vegan cheesecakes). Would probably recommend getting Zerah Patisserie's (non-raw) vegan tarts instead, only available on Fridays and Saturdays!

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-14


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27 Jul 2022

Edited July 2022

Really enjoyed our lunch here. We went and reviewed in 2019 and hadn’t been back since. It was so good to see the effort put into the updated items for the menu. Each menu item is made with care and flavour and texture have been carefully considered. The portions of the mains are generous so the price feels reasonable for what you are getting. Service was very attentive and friendly and the atmosphere was also friendly and very relaxed. We will definitely be back. The chocolate salted caramel dessert was delicious as was the kimchi sushi, fysh and veg burgers. It is good to be in a place making good vegan food with local ingredients with generosity, care and great flavour.

Updated from previous review on 2019-05-04

Pros: Tasty items, generous portions, Friendly and attentive service , Varied menu


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12 Jun 2022

Nice food and atmosphere

Enjoyed our meal here with our non vegan friend whom also liked the food. The "fish" burger was way too spicy for us, so much so that we couldn't eat it. The rest of the food was amazing though! Really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere.

Pros: Fully Vegan, Easy to get to, Yummy food


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Mostly Veg
24 May 2022

Good for gathering

Second visit.
Appreciate staff’s attention to diet and restrictions.
Food is fresh and flavourful.
Popular place, thus recommend to make bookings.


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28 Apr 2022

Nice cozy cafe, friendly service, cafe prices

(taste and (my) review is subjective)

Pros: Variety, Reasonable price, mains are +/-22, Clean, friendly staff, Good food

Cons: Can't think of any


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07 Feb 2022

Cooked or Raw

Real vegetables, not manipulated and re-formed into something resembling a food that I would not want to eat. Service felt like they cared about the food and the business - success, viability. I wouldn't disagree with those who say "expensive", but I felt like t hy e quality was good, even if the quantity was not overwhelming.


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29 Nov 2021

Great find in Singapore

Absolutely loved this place ! Amazing sushi and amazing zucchini


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21 Nov 2021

Vegan spiced fish burger with brown rice bun

Most of their dishes contain alliums, ordered the alliums free version of their vegan spiced fish burger, the patty tastes like nyonya otah, the brown rice bun is crispy outside soft inside, the salad is refreshing, the sweet potato fries are tasty, overall satisfied with their food, worth trying.


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06 Oct 2021

Amazing food!

The staffs were all really friendly and attentive. Decent amount of food choices, really liked their kales chips and burgers!! Ambience was great too. Will definitely visit again to try the other food options!

Pros: Delicious food, Great ambience


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15 Apr 2021

Tasty plant-based

Truly plant based (no meat subs etc) and very tasty with lots of options


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04 Dec 2020

Good vegan options

Lots of good raw vegan options, such as cauliflower Mac and cheese, and kimchi sushi. I also really enjoyed the spring rolls!

Cons: Expensive!!


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24 Nov 2020

Great ambience, mediocre pricey food

I went on a weekday afternoon and there was only 1 other table occupied with other tables reserved. I love the ambience of the place upon stepping in, and the wait staff were friendly and accommodating of my dietary requirements of no alliums. However, the food did not meet my expectations.

Perhaps the Kyoto Summer Salad was a redeeming point; my guest and I really enjoyed it. It was packed with flavour but somehow was able to be light and refreshing at the same time. It was the sort of salad where I felt I could continue eating and not get sick or full from it.

The Smoked Stacked Burger was underwhelming and did not have any wow factor, with the small stack of roasted sweet potato cubes on the platter becoming the star of the show.

The 'Mac n Cheese' Cauli Bites was pretty much just boiled cauliflower with the 'cheese' sauce drizzled over. However the water hadn't fully drained after they had boiled the cauliflower, resulting in a watery pile on the plate. I reckon the 'cheese' sauce would have tasted a whole lot better if the cauliflower base was roasted.

If anything, the Kyoto Summer Salad would be the only one worth coming back for.

Pros: Separate allium-free menu, Great ambience

Cons: Expensive, Mediocre taste


Points +63

07 Aug 2020


Shared a stacked burger, kimchi avocado rolls and a chocolate dessert (can’t recall the exact name). All very good. The friend I went with to this cafe isn’t vegan and she was really impressed with the food :)

Pros: Friendly service, Nice, quiet space, Great selection of vegan food😄

Cons: None

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