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Maria Treu-Gasse 3, Vienna, Austria

was not vegan friendly ...

My review of this restaurant was removed and the description changed, fair enough - but I just want to emphasize that when I visited this restaurant in May (a month ago), they had no vegan options, and we were told very clearly that all of the crepes were non-vegan (made with eggs). It seemed like a friendly place for vegetarians though.

Dohány u. 1/b, Budapest, Hungary

very tasty

Super convenient location, all vegan, fresh and tasty food. We especially liked the olives, flavored with preserved lemon, mm. Friendly owner. Another plus was that they had good Hungarian beer. The pitas could have been better, but they were tasty enough, and everything else was great.

Wolfova ulica 14, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Excellent ice cream and one vegan cake

This is a quite busy cafe, less atmospheric than other cafes in Ljubljana but still friendly - and worth visiting if you want a slice of vegan cake (they have one kind - chocolate with layers of fruit).
DEFINITELY worth visiting in the summer when they sell ice cream outside - with a whole separate cart for rice-milk/fruit based non-dairy ice cream. Hazelnut, coconut, and chocolate are very recommended!
The other locations in BTC and Hotel Slon are equally friendly and offer the same menu.

Koprska ulica 72, Ljubljana, Slovenia

friendly homey food

My boyfriend and I have been here a few times - the food is not amazing but it's decent and all vegan! Our favorite is the wienerschnitzel (Dunajski zrezek), good in a fried way. Also had a very nice squash soup once, and the falafel and burger are also recommended. Chow mein a bit greasy. Tiramisu is pretty good.

The current location is inconvenient if you don't have a car ... but if you do and need a quick lunch, it's a good place to go.

Celovska cesta 56, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Friendly and tasty!

My boyfriend and I went to Mihalek a few weeks ago and really enjoyed our visit. We sat at one of the 3 tables inside and had coffee and cake - we shared a slice of vegan raspberry cake, tasty. Also took home a slice of chocolate pecan pie (almost like a truffle) and chocolate layer cake, and got to taste some spelt cookies. Everything was nice but the chocolate pecan was the best!

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