Small place with good food - try the sesame 'chicken' sandwich or rice plates and steam buns. Operated by disciples of master Ching Hai. Also known as "Ben's" after the friendly owner. Reported fully vegan Jan 2018. Open Mon-Fri 9:00am-6:00pm, Sat 9:00am-5:00pm. Closed Sun.

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21 Feb 2024

Homemade Food from Humble People

I have a lot of affection for this place because a friend who inspired my passion for the veg lifestyle introduced me to Chef Benjamin decades ago. The fact that he is still in the same shop serving up delicious pho, banh mi, and all kinds of straightforward delicious vegan food warms my heart. I pay them a visit every time Iโ€™m in the area.



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26 Jan 2024

Great price and great portions

Great price with huge portions

Updated from previous review on 2024-01-26

Pros: Great food , Fast service , Better price than other restaurants in the area

Cons: Bring cash, they charge more for card payment


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19 Dec 2023

so so good

we got the banh mi sandwiches ($7 each, tax included) one with grilled veggie pork and one with chinese veggie sausages. they were absolutely incredible. the portions were big, the vegan meat was savory and delicious, and the veggies were crisp. they tasted like they cost double what we paid. make sure to bring cash!


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11 Nov 2023

Tasty and worth it

Ordered spicy noodle & Appetizers shrimp shaped one.
Itโ€™s easy to miss the spot,

Pros: Food was tasty, Portions are huge

Cons: Finding the spot first time was slightly hard


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27 Sep 2023

Great food.

Had the Vermicelli with soy based chicken. Great flavor and good portion. The place is small. The owners are great.


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20 Sep 2023

My San Jose staple

Affordable delicious Vietnamese vegan food. Combo meal well priced. Dessert and side order options aplenty (check the fridge or next to cash register).

Cons: Place Could use a deep clean, They microwave ppls food. I take mine as is.


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09 Jun 2023

Delicious and affordable

Really good and affordable food with friendly owners. Good place for take out as well.

Pros: Lots of Vegan options, Good portions

Cons: A bit small size restaurant


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13 May 2023

Great value

Had their $10 rice and two sides offer. Great selection to choose from, taste was ok, but could also have been my selection. Place is a little bit small and dark to dine in.
Note: Only offers card payment over $20 and with 3.5% extra.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-13

Pros: No plastic dishes


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20 Mar 2023

Rice and two items for 10 dollars. Literally insanely good .

Also got the โ€œporkโ€ wrap mouth wateringly delicious. We let them choose the combo items and he absolutely got us right.

Pros: Cheap


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15 Feb 2023

Amazing Tofu restaurant

The place was small but amazing food and staff.

Pros: Loads of Vegan Options , Staff are friendly and helpful aka nice, Big portions and very good price.


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18 Jan 2023


Yummy good priced food in a smaller area.


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28 Nov 2022

The Best Vegan Pho!

This Mom & Pop shop is one you might miss if you weren't looking out for the storefront. It reminds me of shops in Southeast Asia that are tiny businesses that pack a punch. They have a very small inside area for dining (2 people max per party) and a few tables outside.

We loved seeing the range of items on their menu. You could either select a a combo plate and order yourself a variety of entree items along with a grain, or pick some main specialty items. We ordered the Summer Rolls ($6), Tofu Teriyaki ($6), and their vegan Pho ($10). The two appetizers were excellent - nicely seasoned and a vegan fish sauce to dip your rolls. Our hearty bowl of pho came with an amazing veggie broth that honestly mirrored the likes of my former days eating meat. The fake meats included were also pretty good too.

We also love that it was so affordable. So many vegan restaurants charge a higher premium that makes plant-based eating seem bougie and expensive. This shop doesn't do that and offers a fantastic meal for a no-frills experience.

I have fallen in love with this place and the wonderful and helpful owners. I hope they continue to thrive and offer the community more of their vegan deliciousness.

Pros: Very affordable, Excellent pho

Cons: Very limited dining area


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19 Nov 2022

Not Gluten-Free friendly

The only Gluten Free offering is plain mixed veggie. Hoping they add more GF options.. Iโ€™ll update the review when that happensโ€”would love to give this place another shot, itโ€™s so easy to make delicious GF options, please make it happen Tofoo Com Chay!

Pros: No MSG

Cons: Not Gluten-Free friendly


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07 Nov 2022


I really wanted to love this place but itโ€™s lacking in many ways. It really is a typical โ€˜hole in the wallโ€™ and I was worried about cleanliness of the food. I had the spicy noodle soup, fried wontons and summer rolls. The food came out super fast so everything was premade but I would have appreciated heating up of the dumplings. The soup was way too watery and bland. The summer rolls were pretty bad too. They broke apart immediately when I picked them up and the bean sprouts looked wilted. I couldnโ€™t finish and realize Iโ€™ve been tremendously spoiled by excellent vegan Vietnamese cuisine in Vancouver

Cons: The price is too high for mediocre bland food


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13 Sep 2022

Small Vietnamese Restaurant

My brother brought me here 10 years ago when he was attending San Jose State University which is nearby. I loved it but haven't been back. Was glad to return and it looked exactly how I remembered it. The food is just as tasty as I remembered it. It was one of those hot sweltering day but still had pho which was delicious. I did want more noodles since I am use to lots of noodles at typical pho places and it would have been nice to have more veggies. My partner had the two items over rice where you can pick from several premade items on display. She had the eggplant over rice. It was tasty over the rice which was purplish and soft and tasty as well.there is only three small tables inside and three outside so limited seating

Pros: All vegan , Affordable , Friendly service

Cons: Limited seating , Wanted more noodles and veggies in soup noodles


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19 Aug 2022

This place is my fav!

I go to Tofoo every time I visit San Jose everything Iโ€™ve tried has been amazing! I love the spicy pho and the pudding they have!

Pros: 100% vegan , Vietnamese owned , Small business


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14 Jun 2022

My favorite

The family that runs this place has always been very kind. They have a variety of options. I even had a cheeseburger here one time which was amazing. My favorite is the sesame chicken which they sell in circular slices and cut up rectangles. They offer lunch boxes so you can get 2 sides and the option of rice or noodles. They have drinks and desserts like pudding. This is my favorite place in all of San Jose.

Pros: Fully vegan , Kind, Cheap


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10 May 2022

Great food

Small place but great, amazing food

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-10

Pros: Amazing tofu


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10 Apr 2022


A fully vegan authentic Vietnamese food joint? I thought it impossible before today. There were five of us who got a pretty good range of items and were pleasantly surprised at how tasty everything was. I would definitely eat here again! Highly recommend the Thai Tea! We wanted to sit outside and one of the owners jumped up and set us out a table with chairs. Loved the ownersโ€™ enthusiasm for their business. Great place!

Pros: Everything is vegan, Inexpensive , Lots of options and combos

Cons: Not much sitting area


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06 Jan 2022

Awesome vietnamese food

My husband introduced me to this establishment as his go to place during school (even though he wasn't vegan then). The food, the price is all very good. Especially love the lemongrass tofu in a banh mi and the pho.

Pros: Great food-all vegan, Price

Cons: Smallish place


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20 Feb 2021

A big Let down

Im very supportive of all vegan places but this one was a big dissapointment. The place is dirty and the food is all precooked and sitting there for who knows how long. The egg roll was soggy and cold. The teryaki sauce was gross, tasted like ketchup and bbq sauce mixed together . Everything was rubbery and cold. The staff was pushy and rushed my order after ignoring all the customers. Also they will only take cash which is extremely inconvenient.

Pros: The lemon grass tofu and the chow mein tasted good, But were cold

Cons: There are too many better options to go back.bye


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08 Feb 2021

Love this place

They have so many options I couldnโ€™t believe it was all vegan! So many different textures and flavors !

Pros: Delicious vegan โ€œmeatโ€ options, Inexpensive

Cons: Only one table outdoor


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03 Aug 2020

Love the banh mi and drumsticks

The banh mi and drumsticks are the best here! They have a variety of different dishes to try, very affordable. It's a small place with limited seating.


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26 Jul 2020

Perfect hole in the wall

I found this place while in SJ looking for bahn mi, didn't even realize it was fully vegan until we got there. What an awesome surprise. I stop by whenever I'm in town, or even just passing through. I've tried almost everything and it's always amazing and really affordable.


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17 Jun 2020

Happy Food

Their food is amazing! It tasted so yummy and left us feeling happy and satisfied! Plus they are doing great work during these times with delivering to health care workers. Definitely gonna come back and support them :)


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07 Jun 2020

Such good soups

I have only ever gotten three things here because they are so good I never want anything else: the summer rolls, the pho, and the spicy noodle soup (it has these super yummy mushroom stem pieces and delicious chili broth ...). Everything is vegan, the thai iced tea is tasty, and sitting out on the sidewalk is really nice. And if you forget to bring cash to pay, there's an ATM in a shop across the street. One of my favorite places in San Jose

Pros: Delicious, Delicious, Delicious

Cons: Only a few tables


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28 Feb 2020

Tofoo Com Chay

Their food is delightfully surprising

Pros: Lots of dishes to go

Cons: Small space

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