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72 Rue Cardinal-Lemoine, Paris, France

Decent vegan food

The staff were friendly here but I was a bit disappointed with the food. It had a lot to live up to, given that it was the venue for our final meal, after having eaten in 6 or 7 other vegan or veggie restaurants over 3 days. I had the plate garni with tofu, while my partner had the same but with tempeh. The waiting staff were friendly, but the setting was cold and the cafe was a little shabby. The food was ok - the Plate Garni came with various steamed veg and salad. The contrast of hot and cold was a little odd and the rather limp salad had been dressed with far too much oil, making it somewhat inedible. The tofu was also undercooked but not as bad as some places. My partner didn't enjoy his and he thought the veg tasted like it had been cooked in fausty water. His tempeh also had a rather rubbery taste. Overall, the vastly different conponents of the dish just didn't work together. We wanted to like it but probably wouldn't go back.

7, rue Notre Dame de Lorett, Paris, France

Delicious raw food for the soul

I was really excited to come here, I'd read so many good reviews and I was not disappointed. Lawrence is the clever lady behind the cafe and i loved that she really believes in the health benefits of all the vegan foods I love: sprouts, juices, salads. She was very friendly and enthusiastic about the food. There's no menu here but she was happy to explain what was in each dish. Whichever dish you choose, they all looked healthy and tasted delicious. I had a quinoa dish with seasonal asparagus and artichoke. My partner had a mushroom and onion quiche. Both were lovely and fresh tasting, although I'd recommend asking to dress your own salad because we found it rather heavy on the vinegar. My partner also had a little soup, which was very cute and tasted amazing. We had some lovely freshly squeezed juices, a mix of carrot, beetroot and apple. We also had dessert: I had a tart of almond cream with blueberries while wishing I'd had my partner's amazing part-baked chocolate cake! All in all, a great place for a delicious meal, if you can ignore that's it's a little cramped, there's no menu and not much choice. The ambience is lovely and all the choices taste good.

24 rue Rambuteau, Paris, France

Must-visit for vegans

This restaurant is what most vegans dream of: friendly staff, plenty of choice, clear descriptions of each dish and delicious food. I had a vegan quinoa burger and my partner had a vegetable gratin, both of which were amazingly tasty and so filling that we didn't have room for dessert. No problem though, the friendly waitress boxed up one of their vegan cakes to take away. I'm so glad we did because it was delicious! A light moist cake topped with chocolate mousse and raspberries. The only downside here is the cosiness, with tables packed in very close, but it does give you chance to get to know some other travellers!

92 Boulevard de Beaumarchais, Paris, France

Hearty nosh

I'd read mixed reviews about Loving Hut. I read that the food was a bit plastic and focused to much on fake meat. There are a lot of 'alternative' dishes using fake meat or cheese but I thought they were well-considered, hearty dishes that made a nice change from all the salads. I had the tofu quiche, which was tasty and such a huge portion that I couldn't finish it. My partner had the spaghetti which he loved. I'd also read that the atmosphere was a bit off-putting with blaring TVs, but they were all on mute when we were there and the atmosphere was lovely, relaxed and friendly. The waitress was helpful and fast, and the food arrived quickly as well. The desserts were also great, we shared the chocolate cake and ordered ice cream on the side. Divine! We loved it there so much, we even stayed for coffee and I had a delicious soya hot chocolate. There was loads of vegan choice on the menu and plenty to tempt us back. Overall, a pleasant surprise!

36, rue Monge, Paris, France

Good for a picnic

These stores are all over Paris so if you're stuck for breakfast or fancy a cheap picnic lunch, there's a decent choice. They sell all sorts of soya milks and breakfast cereals, as well as cakes, breads and fruit and veg. There's a special fridge for ready-made food, including a nice cous with veggies, a lentil and tofu dish (bit salty but tasty), veggie wraps and spreadable tofu with cucumber. I'd advise taking your French dictionary because the staff were useless.

41 Rue des Bourdonnais, Paris, France

Good for vegans in Paris

While the service and surroundings may not be brilliant, the food was tasty and filling. I had the Assiette Composée, a variety plate of different things - I thought this would be a good way to try the cuisine and if there was anything that I didn't like, it would only be a small part of the dish. I needn't have worried though because it was all good - the best bits were the delicious hummus, black olive tapenade, vegetable 'shrimp' (cooked aubergine and red pepper), plus shredded carrot, beetroot and cabbage. There was also some decent onion chutney (a bit sweet), tofu with sesame seeds (a bit undercooked) and mushroom pate (a bit plastic). The only thing I didn't like was an odd aniseed chutney, and I had to ask for some bread to make it a bit more filling. I'd definitely recommend this plate as a way to try various dishes, especially if you plan to eat here again. My partner had the burger and found it very filling. We also had dessert - I had the creme chocolat, which tasted almost too good to be vegan! My partner had the Mango Delight, which came with some lovely fresh fruit. Overall, this is a great place for good vegan food in Paris.

53 Rue Mouffetard, Paris, France

Delicious vegan treats

I loved this place! I'd go there every day if I could! The lady there was very friendly and spoke great english so we had a lovely chat. There was a great choice of cupcakes, all with fun and tempting names like John Lemon, Jonny Nutsville and Austin Flowers. There's also a cupcake of the day. I had a chocolate hazelnut cupcake and i could've eaten 3 more of them, they were delicious and not too sweet. My partner had an almondy cake with a lovely creamy topping. We ate ours on the premises, at a cute little bar. I loved them so much, I bought a box of 6, which I brought home and have been enjoying every day since! Just a word of warning if you try to do the same, get them packaged in two boxes of 3 because the 6 box is huge! Also get them in the fridge ASAP because the toppings melt fast! I had to wrap each cake in cling film to get them home in one piece. Oh, I didn't mention the savoury cakes: basil and tomato, falafel with hummus and a curry cupcake. I bought a basil one and it was yummy, not at all sweet and full of flavour. If you're a vegan in Paris, don't miss this little gem.

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