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7, rue Notre Dame de Lorett, Paris, France, 75009

Restaurant and juice bar offering raw food as well as cooked vegan food using ingredients including sprouts, seaweed, fresh pollen, mixed herbs. Has organic bread and raw dried crackers, hot chocolate cake, panna cotta made with agar-agar and rice milk, fresh fruit salad with lucuma cream, one cooked soup and one raw soup each day. Gluten-free and vegan. Also sells raw food supplies and ingredients. Reported to be 100% vegan, Apr 2015. Confirmed closed, Sep 2015. Open Tue-Fri 12:00pm-2:30pm, Sat 12:00pm-5:00pm.

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First Review by upior

High Raw - Edit

As mentioned in another review, I think "chic" best describes the ambiance, and "high raw" the food itself. Our party of four ordered different raw entrees, which turned out to be similar variations on a theme of assorted raw vegetables. All were excellent tasting, and presented elegantly. The raw crackers and dip were particularly tasty. We selected green juices to complement the meal. Because the lunch service was near the end, some of the desert options were sold out, but the raw chocolate cake (torte really), was excellent.

The only downside was that our waitress was also working at the co-owned boutique next door, and would disappear for long periods of time.

Yes, the food is a bit pricey, but well worth it for the quality and, especially so if you appreciate the effort that goes into the presentation.

Pros: High quality raw vegan, Food presentation

Cons: Disappearing waitress

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Chic cuisine - Edit

I visited Pousse-Pousse last November and my mum and I were both delighted by the food and ambiance. As a health-food loving vegan, I found their offering perfectly suited to my tastes and the distinct, carefully chosen flavours and attractive presentation were distinctively French I thought - a combination of boldness and delicacy, simplicity and sophistication. Like food generally in Paris it was pricey but I won't consider any future trip to the city complete without a meal here.

Pros: exciting, contemporary food, healthy choices, lovely decor and vibe

Cons: expensive

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Pretty nice - Edit

A nice little restaurant, with a not that big menu, but quite nice anyway. The food was a bit on the more expensive side of my cheap budget, and I felt a bit hungry after my meal, so that was a shame I guess.

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Tried a long time ago but still remember it - Edit

My review might not be of great help as I haven't been there in years (but will edit it when I go back).
But I recall being there with a friend who was an absolute fan of this place, and I did like it very much, although at the time it was a tiny place with a big fridge making noise.
What was really nice (and am pretty sure it is still true today) is that it felt good afterwards. It felt like having eaten healthy, it felt light. And it is one of the only time I enjoyed how I felt after a meal almost more than the meal itself. The person running it was also extremely sweet.
Will go back.

Pros: Healthy, Good, Owner was sweet and helpful

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really good - Edit

Firstly, pousse-pousse is all vegan (even tho it says vegetarian here at happy cow), which is a plus for me because I don't need to worry about finding animal products on my dish. The food is very good and the way it's presented is superb. It is a little expensive compared to other places but I say it's worth it. It's not a place you could go everyday tho, but definitely a great experience. I will go back very soon.

Pros: good quality and taste

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Not my cup of tea but interesting place - Edit

I had lunch in Pousse-Pousse and arrived before the rush of 12pm. Because the place is small, be sure to have booked your table. The room is pleasant, even if you feel a bit cramped. In terms of food, they have smoothies and mainly raw and vegan food. I ordered the smoothie of the day but I didn't really like it. It was a green juice a bit strange. I also had an avocado gazpacho that was great. The main dish was a complete bowl with cereals, hummus, grilled vegetables and cereal steaks. If the vegetables were good (but not amazing), the steaks were really dry. I had some difficulties to finish my bowl without drinking some water to make this go. Finally, I had a vegan raw ice cream with dates and chocolate: it was yummy! Because the place was full and other customers were waiting, I was asked to go away just after having finish my dessert. I understood their problem and they were not rude, but it was a bit strange...

Pros: vegan options, raw food including ice cream, friendly staff

Cons: crowded small area, food is a bit dry, smoothies can have a strange taste, have to go just after your meal

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Best eating experience in Paris - Edit

All I can think about is the day when I can return to Paris and eat at this wonderful place, the food looked amazing and tasted incredible. The thing I didn’t expect was how good I felt for hours afterwards.
I have been looking for the same experience in London but although similar nothing compares.

Pros: the food, decor, the owner & all staff

Cons: It is only in Paris and not London

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WOW! - Edit

I was skeptical but OMG WOW! This place was great! The lady that owns it is very cool and the food was delish! Even my omnivore-proud husband was extremely pleased with his meal. Thank you!

Pros: great food, quality, felt so healthy after!!

Cons: Super crazy small space

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a healthy and tasty surprise in Paris - Edit

We had lunch at Pousse Pousse on our last day in Paris. It wasn't high on our list of places to try but that turned out to be a mistake! I would definitely recomment a visit if you are interested in vegan food that is both tasty and healthy. We definitely came away feeling we had treated our taste buds and our bodies. (For me the best vegan food pleases both . . .)

I went with my partner and we basically tasted almost everything on the menu (which changes daily). We had juices made to order. (We requested a few ingredients and asked the owner to "create" a juice based on these choices.) We also had two (warm) soups, two entrees (raw but with some cooked grains) and two raw desserts. Everything was delicious and there is a genuine concern for balancing taste and pleasure with the nutritional qualities of the food.

As some other reviews have mentioned, I did find the salad that came with the meal uninspired, which was a bit of a surprise based on the overall quality of the food. It was basically an iceberg lettuce salad with a few sprouts and a rather heavy vinaigrette. I expected something with more texture, colour and flavour, based on the other food here.

Still the ambience created by the owner makes this my recommendation for the "must-do" lunch for a vegan in paris if you can afford it. (Our lunch was 55 Euros and very filling . . . but you could get away with much less.)

Also, the dehydrated raw crackers that came with the soup were the best I've had anywhere!

Pros: healthy, tasty, warm attentive service

Cons: small space

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Pretty good! - Edit

I went here today to give it a try after reading about it online. I ordered a Thai-flavoured pumpkin soup, a chilli with beans and tempeh (which came with a salad and cornbread), and an apple/mint/kiwi sorbet. I found overall that the quality of the food was quite good, but some items could have used improvement. The pumpkin soup, which was unexpectedly quite spicy, wasn't anything special compared to pumpkin soups I've had in the past, including what I've made at home, and I think the sprouts in the bottom of the cup would have been better on the side. It came with come slices of bread and some raw crackers. I didn't eat the bread because I was already a bit full, but I gave the crackers a try and found that they weren't as good as oter raw crackers I've had. They were very heavy on the linseed and not much else was really going on with them. No herbs or spices or anything, for instance. The chilli was quite good, and an uncharacteristically homestyle dish compared to what I've generally had in Paris, which was very welcome. It also came with sprouts on top, and a dressed salad with sprouts. There was something strange going on with the flavour of the cornbread, and that wasn't ideal. It had a satisfying crumbly texture though, so I ate it anyway. The salad was quite fresh. The sorbet was the best part of the meal, and was a perfect palate cleanser. The mint really worked well in it, I found. As others have said, the food is pretty healthy, and you can feel it afterwards, I think. The total cost of my meal here was 22.50 euros.

The staff at this cafe are really excellent and created a welcoming feel from the beginning. When I first walked in, I said "I'm sorry, I can't speak French." The main woman i dealt with while there, who I presume was the owner, simply said "No one's perfect!" and continued in very good English. She consistently checked to make sure that I and the other customers liked the meal, and she such had excellent manners. She was really very warm, and the other staff member on, a younger guy, was less good at English, I think, but he still made the effort and was very helpful and nice.

In the end, I think a good test of how good a place was is whether or not I would go back. In this case, I don't know if I would, which is why I'm hesitant to give it 4/5 (I'm giving it 3, but if I could, I would give it 3.5). Some elements of the meal (chilli and dessert) were very good, but otherwise it was just average I think. Still, do give it a try!

Pros: Generally good food, Amazing staff, Nice vibe

Cons: Some food not that good, Location not near much, Weird opening hours

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Delicious raw food for the soul - Edit

I was really excited to come here, I'd read so many good reviews and I was not disappointed. Lawrence is the clever lady behind the cafe and i loved that she really believes in the health benefits of all the vegan foods I love: sprouts, juices, salads. She was very friendly and enthusiastic about the food. There's no menu here but she was happy to explain what was in each dish. Whichever dish you choose, they all looked healthy and tasted delicious. I had a quinoa dish with seasonal asparagus and artichoke. My partner had a mushroom and onion quiche. Both were lovely and fresh tasting, although I'd recommend asking to dress your own salad because we found it rather heavy on the vinegar. My partner also had a little soup, which was very cute and tasted amazing. We had some lovely freshly squeezed juices, a mix of carrot, beetroot and apple. We also had dessert: I had a tart of almond cream with blueberries while wishing I'd had my partner's amazing part-baked chocolate cake! All in all, a great place for a delicious meal, if you can ignore that's it's a little cramped, there's no menu and not much choice. The ambience is lovely and all the choices taste good.

Pros: Friendly staff, Lovely ambience, Delicious and healthy

Cons: No menu and not much choice, Cosy seating, Not as filling as some for the price

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The Best Raw Chocolate cake - Edit

I have tasted raw chocolate cake in many raw restaurants in London, New York and Florida...this beat them all by a mile!! The best raw chocolate cake I ever and hazelnutty!...excellent! Thanks

Pros: The best chocolate cake, Raw food in Paris!

Cons: Not a lot of seating, feels a bit crampe, Would like more variety choice of raw sa, fresh wheatgrass not always availabe

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A Must Visit when in Paris - Edit

The most wonderful fresh organic raw vegan food available in Paris. Menue changes daily, one leaves Lawrence's food at Pousse Pousse feeling like you could fly through the air.
Non vegetarians also love the food, we sat next to one on our last visit. Some lucky locals eat here daily. We ate there three days in a row, then again the following week, such a luxury.

Pros: excellent food, healthy cuisine, friendly staff

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A unique place in the 9ème - Edit

The first time I visited Pousse Pousse I had just switched to a veg diet and found the food too "different" for my taste. A few years and many visits later, Pousse Pousse has become one of my favourites. The food is perfect for the warmer weather: soups, tartes, salads... I usually pick the menu with soup and whatever dish is on offer (always something creative and new) and am never disappointed. Healthy, colourful and very tasty. It is also extremely accomodating to vegans and gluten-free diets. The restaurant serves as a shop too and there are only a few tiny tables packed among sprouts, juices, books etc. Make sure to book a table as it is very popular! Take away is also a good option as you can sit on the steps of the nearby Notre Dame de Lorette church and enjoy the Parisian sun.

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An oasis of goodness! - Edit

I had lunch here on November 19, and it was fabulous, and just what I needed to have the energy to walk around in Paris for many hours.
I had a soup, a tart with salad and for dessert the most delicious raw chocolate cake ever made, I'm sure. It made me almost speechless when the staff asked me if I liked it.
The soup was green, creamy, and tasty and sprinkled with sprouts and something yummy and crunchy. The salad was crisp and full of purple sprouts which I'm sure prolonged my life with several minutes alone. The tart was savoury and perfect together with the other items on the plate, onions and apples and something that I think was hummus...
And last but not least, the apple/carrot/ginger juice was to fresh and good to be true.
Thank you so much. The staff was very friendly and gladly took their time to explain the menu to me :)
And the decor made me feel like home, only nicer!

Pros: fresh food, the big chandelier, passionate staff

Cons: no such thing

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Very accomodating - Edit

We arrived after the lunch hour. When she realized we were leaving the next day, she said there was soup (cooked) and raw chocolate cake. The soup was creamy and the raw crackers were great. we also had caviar de legumineuses. I was impressed with the sprout seeds and bought some to take home and raw crackers for the flight back to the states. I wish we had gotten the opportunity to see the full lunch menu. As a vegan who tries to eat 50% raw it was great to be able to find a raw food restaurant in Paris. I would highly recommend it for the raw foodist or someone willing to try raw food. They also had a nice selection of books on raw food.

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff

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Such nice people! - Edit

Although we arrived after they had stopped serving lunch, they cheerfully accommodated us with a delicious vegetable tart, salad and chocolate cake for dessert. We were so pleased with the quality of the food and the warmth of our reception that we returned for lunch a few days later. We highly recommend this restaurant. Only open for lunch.

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Great Service - Edit

We went there at lunch time (they serve no dinner), got an outdoor table which was great. A stunning, very friendly and upbeat lady (originally from New York) welcomed us and told us the menu of the day... We just said that one of us was vegan, the other raw vegan and let her choose the entire meal.
We were served in no time a delicious meal, colorful, meal, great fresh squeezed juices, and dessert was vegan chocolate cake for one and raw vegan ice-cream for the other. Couldn't be better. If you're a gourmet raw food person, this is the place to go when in Paris.

Pros: Personal Service, Very Friendly/Savvy Staff, Good Quality

Cons: small space, no foreign cards accepted

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