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501 Main St Ste E, Huntington Beach, USA


The food was OK and the location is nice. I wasn't terribly impressed but it's good.

4879 Voltaire St, San Diego, USA


My sister and I went there yesterday. I was starving and had wanted to try the goodies for so long I was excited to hear they have pizza too. We got there at about 2pm and ordered a cheese pizza with artichokes & got some other goodies. The brownie was disappointing. I'm a big brownie lover and it was more cake like and too fluffy. My sister got a brownie tart with cream on it and it was an odd combo. My brother-in-law said it had too much salt in the cream. The Tollhouse cookie bar was really great though. Unfortunately we sat on the bench inside the very hot bakery waiting for our pizza for nearly an hour. The flaky blonde girl who took our order was standing at the counter almost that entire time and never came to tell us if our pizza was ready. I waited until the other woman was done talking to some customers and asked about our pizza. She said it was right there on top of the oven and had been waiting for "quite a while". My sister said she seemed nice but was shocked that the woman did not apologize to us for making us wait. I was absolutely famished and had just spent my first Mother's Day without my mom (who died last Feb.) and I hadn't eaten all day. I was really mad. If that's the kind of flaky service Stephanie's Bakery offers then even the Tollhouse cookie bars won't get me to go back there. Plus, once we finally drove all the way back to La Mesa to eat our pizza it was rather gross. The cheese is too salty and cream-cheese like, and the pizza is as greasy as the kind we had in Junior High School that had to be toweled off. Not worth it at all!!!

90 Rivington St, New York City, USA

Uber Amazing!

I was so excited to go! I order a sandwhich but got the salad version of it. It was so good I didn't say anything about the mix up. The chocolate cake is real competition for Wheel of Life's (Irvine, CA) amazing cake. The prices were really good and the tea is amazing. The servers were really friendly and the woman who helped me pick out tea was so helpful. I went home from my trip with lots of tea to keep me warm. It's such a cute place I can't wait to go back!

2937 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, USA

Yummy in my Tummy

I practically lived at Native Foods in the summer of 2006. The food is great; has a very specific taste to it. The iced tea is my favourite. I suggest the Portabello Sausage Burger with a side of ranch dressing. Some of the desserts are not so good and they changed their fake chicken strips so now they taste like KFC and it's not so good. The prices are pretty insane but if you can afford it or want to slurge on a great meal it's good food. Other favourites include: Native Nachos, Mama Mia Pizza and the French Dip. THe atmosphere is kind of cool but it gets really cold inside in the winter and really hot in the summer.

947 E St, San Diego, USA

So true.....So good but so rude...

Yes, as others have mentioned they really are the rudest and most arrogant servers. No one ever smiles there and they practically throw your food at you. I call ahead and pick it up on my way somewhere else so I don't have to sit in there. It's a cute, punk-rock, little place, but I can't stand bad service. I return for the food and the food alone. The Tofu, mushroom, potato burrito is better than sex and I've heard great things about other menu items (although I can't seem to pick anything else). I tip low or take it to go so I don't have to tip. I honestly don't think that tipping is a requirement. Like any job we should all get paid well and it's not my fault if they don't. I get extras and gifts at my job because I do my job well and I'm very friendly. These folks get low tips because they are SUPER rude. It's not that difficult to be friendly to customers. If it is then get a different job!

4642 Park Blvd, San Diego, USA

So yummy!

I found this place years ago when I lived in SD. I love the veggie supreme burrito. I take off the dairy and it's vegan. Also the potato rolled tacos with guacamole are super delicious. Great area and the people have always been very nice. The restaurant is cute & prices good. What always made me go back is the salsa. I love it!

5501 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, USA


I took my mom there last week since so many people keep mentioning the place. It took forever for our order to be taken and once it was we waited sooooooooo long to get our food. Even our drinks. I had to remind them they hadn't brought my drink and when it came it was not what I'd ordered. I had to remind them about my soup and when it came it was luke warm (otherwise would've tasted good at least). My mom got so tired of waiting that she complained and they said they'd rush our order but no one came to tell us what was going on, if there was a problem or why it was taking so long. No one seemed to care. Our waiter said he didn't know anything about the food or drinks because he's new. The people next to us got their food before us and they arrived at least a half hour after we did! We were going to leave but the lady assured us our food would be right out. About another 10 minutes we had our food and my mom liked hers but mine was the chow mein and it wasn't very good. I complained at the front counter that the whole thing was a terrible experience. We got there at about 6pm (or earlier)and our food arrived just before 7pm. We waited at least 45 minutes! It was fairly busy and there were only two servers but they weren't totally packed and there were a lot of employees standing around not doing anything. They took a few charges off our bill but should have just comped the whole thing. After all that hype that San Diego has a vegan restaurant I am really dissapointed. We'll never go back. Don't waste your time.

4630 Palm Ave, La Mesa, USA


Why are they always so rude at this location? It's without fail that every time I go to the La Mesa Henry's I get irritated by the rude people who work there.

14370 Culver Dr Ste 2G, Irvine, USA

Best Food in California!

I love this place! They have an afternoon buffet that allows you to try several items from the menu depending on what they made that day. They almost always have the orange "chicken" which is one of the best. I suggest the chow mein, spring rolls, fried wantons, "chicken" broccoli, and the sea food sizzler. The thai iced tea is amazing and quite a sugar rush, and for dessert you must have the chocolate cake! There really is nothing else like it on earth! The people who work there are very nice and it's a cute little place just off the freeway. Don't miss it; it's the only good thing in Irvine! :)

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