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Native Foods - Costa Mesa

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2937 Bristol St (at The Camp in Orange County), Costa Mesa, California, USA, 92626

Small chain of vegan restaurants originating from Southern California. Offers a menu of sandwiches, veggie burgers, bowls, salads, and others. Order at the counter and food is brought to your table. Casual setting in a unique, yurt-like space with inside and patio seating. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Fast food, Beer/Wine, Take-out, Catering, Fusion

Reviews (67)

First Review by juliotnunes

Quick, Healthy, Affordable - Edit

It's hard to go wrong at Native Foods. I've memorized their menu; I've been there so many times over the years. Portions are filling and prices are reasonable. This is a great fast-casual spot, and they actually have healthy options that taste amazing. My favorites (with sauces on the side): BBQ Chicken Salad, Chili, Soul Bowl, and the Twister Wrap. Desserts are terrific as well. The oatmeal cookie pie! So good! Seasonal cupcakes and the peanut butter parfait are also crave-worthy.

If you live nearby, take advantage of the loyalty program. I've received several free meals from this. Also, Wednesdays are buy one entree, get one free!

Pros: Quick, Dependable, Healthy

Cons: Tough Parking

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AMAZING vegan Mexican food - Edit

First of all, this location is great. It's in a place called The Camp. The whole place is super green and sustainable and super cute, I just loved the vibe. I've heard parking can be tough, but we went around 11:30 and there were a bunch of spots.

I ordered the Baja Tacos with a side of regular fries and my mom ordered the native chicken, bacon, and avo club with sweet potato fries. We also got an order of guac, chips, and salsa to start. The guac, chips, and salsa were very good. We both liked our fries. But the meals were the best part. My mom is an omnivore that eats regular chicken and bacon on a daily basis so the fact that she loved this meal is saying a lot.

Let me get to the tacos. I was hesitant to get these because the few times that I've tried tempeh I was not a fan. However, I am SO GLAD I gave these a shot. The flavoring and texture was absolutely amazing. The sauce was phenomenal. Overall they were just amazing. I already want to go back.

They also have boxed water which is my favorite and eco friendly so that's a plus.

Pros: Amazing food, Friendly staff, Nice vibe

Cons: NONE

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my fav vegan restaurant - Edit

I've only been vegan for a year and I don't get out too much I've tried maybe 10 different vegan restaurants and this one is my favorite one!

There was one entree I wasn't too fond of and that was their fish tacos, everything else I've tried has been really good.

Pros: good prices, you can place your order online , they actually have a children's menu!

Cons: parking can be difficult

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Vegan fast-casual chain: it's hard to complain - Edit

The food is very flavorful at Native Foods, which is helped by the world-class sauces. Ranch, chipotle, etc are often hard to come by for vegans, but these are the real deal.

Get yourself a reuben here and thank me later.

Between the two major vegan fast-casual chain restaurants, this one is the winner.

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Great Casual Place to Eat - Edit

This place is AWESOME! The menu is HUGE with alot of varieties of food! My favorite is the Oklahoma "Bacon" Cheeseburger! You guys have to try it! Omnivores will love this place as well!

Also good service, and friendly staff!

Pros: Delicious mock meat dishes

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Great vegan good! - Edit

If you can find parking, this is a great chain restaurant. The hot chai is a must!! Sometimes, the food is better than other times, not always consistently great but mostly always enjoyable.

Pros: all vegan, hot chai, lavender lemonade

Cons: finding parking

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Nice Native Foods Outlet - Edit

I think the yurt set up is pretty cool ( I find the supposed 'alternative culture' of The Lab and Camp is a little underwhelming). Great all vegan food options that most meat heads would probably be okay with. Menu seems a slightly shorter than other NF places I've bee too but not an issue- guess they have less food prep space here and the options are more than enough (I often get 'analysis paralysis' in places with more than one vegan option...)

Pros: It's in a YURT!, Serves beer

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Not my favorite Native Foods - Edit

Unfortunately this place was a bit of a disappointment, I've been to several Native Foods and this one is my least favorite. The atmosphere is great and it's set in a really cool area but the food left a lot to be desired. Not very flavorful and not very fresh.

Pros: atmosphere

Cons: Unimpressive food

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It's just okay... - Edit

I love that this place is vegan and I hate to say anything negative about any plant-based restaurant,but I'm never really overwhelmed with the quality or flavor of the food. It's good, but not great. I don't go out of my way to go here. They have a good variety of foods but nothing that is memorable enough to make me want to return.

Pros: all vegan, good variety of foods, friendly staff

Cons: nothing really memorable about the menu

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Not what it used to be - Edit

This place has just gone down hill since Chef Tanya stepped down. The food is all processed and heavy, lots of faux meats used. Service isn't the greatest either. Native foods has lost touch with its roots, so sad...

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Great Place - Edit

They have various types of food from gyro to thai elements to "meatball" sandwiches. They also have great desserts. I take my non-vegan friends here, and they really enjoy it. I highly recommend this place!

Pros: Excellent food/Big portions, Nice Vibe/Great outside seating, Friendly Staff

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Tasty Food, Good Service ... but the parking! - Edit

The food at Native Foods tastes great! I've eaten there on and off for several years, and the flavors are wonderful. Except for the salads and bowls, I'm not too sure that they are healthy - but then, they aren't claiming that they are - just good, and vegan.

They've made some changes over the years - one positive one is that gluten-free items are now listed directly on their menu (you used to have to ask for a separate menu). You order at the counter, and they bring your food to you - which I don't like because I don't really like standing in line, and if I want something else, I don't want to have to go back in line, plus I never know how much to tip. Regardless, that is the routine here.

The parking used to be great, but then something happened about a year ago and now the lot is almost always full. Street parking isn't an option, so two of the last three times I've tried to eat at this shopping center, I've decided to go someplace else because of the parking.

Back to the food - most of the food here is focused on fake meats, which are in the sandwiches, salads, and bowls. They are great, but that seems to be the focus. I used to get the sandwiches a lot, but then it hit me that eating bread with tempeh isn't really very healthy - so now I get the salads or bowls - and they are great.

I just wish they could do something about that parking!

Pros: Good tasting food, Large variety

Cons: Parking, Counter service, Parking

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best mock meat dishes - Edit

I don't eat the fake meat and dairy alternatives. They just are not any good and I love fruits and veggies. Ran into this place and tried the Soul Bowl. Wow, the fake chicken was excellent. My wife got the portobello and sausage burger. It too was amazing. So much flavor. I certainly wish I lives near one of these stores.

Pros: flavor, price, service

Cons: not at my house

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Long Lines... No parking... GREAT SERVICE & FOOD! - Edit

I work about 7-10 mins from this location... I usually head to The Camp (name of the outdoor mall) around 12 for lunch. It takes me sometimes 15 mins to find a parking spot and usually is farther from Native Foods. Lines to order food usually go out the door. They have 2 people taking orders during the lunch rush. It is very difficult to find a place to sit inside at a booth. There is outdoor patio seating but fills up very fast. The good thing about The Camp is they have outside seating all over the place and the restaurants there are good about trying to track you down. I don't like eating outside when it's hot so I have to wait around usually mins before my food comes out of the kitchen. The staff are "annoyingly" always asking if they can bring you something or refill your drink, sometimes ask if they can get you dessert. First of all i usually have my face stuffed with food when they come by or I am so close to the drink station i can get my own refill. Still though it's great customer service. The staff is all very nice. Always greeting you, always saying thanks for stopping by. The staff is very patient when ordering and seem to know their stuff about the menu. I highly recommend visting this location just NOT during the lunch rush.

Pros: Great Service, Great Food, Knowledgeable Staff

Cons: No Parking, Long Lines, No place to sit

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A great vegan restaurant - Edit

Despite being in an unpleasant surrounding area, this Native Foods makes up for it. Great food, as are all the Native Foods restaurants. The building is inside The Camp and is a cute area which was cool.

We've been there almost weekly, and highly recommend it. Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburgers with Native Fries are amazeballs. This chain is definitely one of the most redeeming features of Orange County!

Pros: 100% vegan, socially conscious, freakin' delicious!

Cons: in Southern California

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One of the best Native Foods - Edit

This Native Foods is located in an eco friendly mall and fits right in. The food is great and very tasty and the service friendly and fast.
We had the special of the day and were not disappointed.

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unfortunately gone the bigger-means-better route - Edit

i've been eating at native foods for years, since the days of only having the palm springs locations. they were great, being a vegan restaurant at a time when there were a lot fewer of them than there are today. though since then, i've decided it's just not a good experience eating there anymore.

over that time i've seen the sides disappear and the prices rise - though this is pretty consistent other places as well. and i've had experiences of servers (palm springs is table service) forgetting to place our order and then offering not even an apology, just gruffly putting a dessert list in front of us and telling us to pick something - which might also be an isolated incident. but the worst part of it all is with their expansion has come douchey manager types offering to 'buy me a new watermelon tea' and just the upselling in general. they're clearly going the bigger-means-better route, but it's just created a nasty businesslike atmosphere. something that i tend to like about vegan restaurants and that i liked about native foods is just not there anymore. didn't think i'd miss the days of stoned kids taking my order here, but i'd welcome them back in a second over staff running around and hurriedly trying to ring me up too.

overall, the food tastes great - though tends to be a lot of starchy not-exactly-healthy fare - and i think it's great that vegan places can attract non-vegans and flourish in the first place, though because of how this place has declined and become pretty growth-oriented, i would recommend looking into other nearby places that are still small businesses and not onboard with the fast-paced high-efficiency upselling marketplace vibe.

Pros: food tastes great, good locations

Cons: too many douchey upselling experiences, high efficiency has replaced quality

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Great food, great people! - Edit

I've been eating at Native Foods restaurants for several years now. The one thing which comes to my mind more then even their delicious food I've been indulging myself are the people who are working there. Their stuff is engaging and delightful. Happy People, happy Food! :)
My favorite one is the their Costa Mesa location!




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Best of all Native Foods locations, so delicious! - Edit

I would rank this as the 2nd-best vegan restaurant I've ever been to, after Foodswings in NYC. This place is delicious, fresh, friendly, has tons of options (and all of them are great!).

The layout, seating, decorations and whatnot are also really cool.

There aren't enough good things to say about this spot, so just go here.

Pros: All-vegan, Plenty of parking, GREAT food

Cons: None

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Good Food, Unfriendly Staff - Edit

The food was great here but the atmosphere and staff made me feel very uncomfortable. I might come back here if I'm ever in the area again, but I wouldn't go out of my way to come here.

Pros: Vegan, Good Food

Cons: Staff, Too Far

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Great Space and Food - Edit

I had read about this place on happycow, and here's my Native Foods - Costa Mesa review.

Native Foods rocks. There are currently a handful of locations in southern California.

My husband and I have eaten just about every thing on the menu. While we don't like every dish (we have some favorites), we are impressed with the originality and the creativity behind the food and the whole Native Foods concept. It's all vegan and organic.

This particular space is architecturally unique. The restaurant is housed in a space shaped like a large yurt (round). A round counter in the middle of the room is surrounded by booths all around the edge. There is also a nice little patio space outside.

Kudos to Tanya Petrovna, the lovely creator, chef, and woman-in-chief. She holds the recipe for the best tempeh, seitan, tofu, and pizza. Recommended when in the area.

Pros: yummy, like fast food but better, organic

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Too far away - Edit

We've e-mailed them nicely but they flatly refused to deliver their crunchy Native Chicken Wings with Ranch, (please bring back the) Philly Cheesesteak or even the Good Luck Cupcakes to Dapto, NSW Australia. They told us to "eat peace". I tried it but I'm still hungry and want to sit at the fire pit table with some chili cheese fries and a pale ale. Originally from Tennessee I didn't have many vegan resturaunt options but when we fly back from Australia my wife and I always try to make it to Native Foods if we can.

Pros: Varied Menu, Firepit tables, good comfort food

Cons: Bloody tollroads , Kayaking to Japan

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I can't say enough about this place. My only complaint is that there isn't a location close by me! Very affordable for the quality of food and quantity. I love that the sides are extra so you have the choice of getting it. Nice atmosphere, and helpful staff. I need to make a trip back here just to stop here again!

Pros: GREAT food, nice place, ALL vegan

Cons: not close by!

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So good! - Edit

Love this place! Staff is always friendly and helpful, they have a nice outdoor patio as well as inside seating, and the food is great! Gets very busy around peak hours like lunchtime. The chicken run ranch is a favorite of my meat eating friends and me as well. The meatball sub is great. Friends who have tried the pizza and items made with sliced seitan were not impressed, but they really liked the other two sandwiches i mentioned. You have to try the vegan ranch, its identical to the real thing!

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The Best! - Edit

Native Foods is the best vegan place I've been.
I dream on having a Native Foods near my hometown.

Nice place, very fast serving, plenty of options, beautiful dish presentation, delicious, healthy, ethical food.

Pros: taste, fast, all vegan

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Amazing vegan food! - Edit

Okay the first thing I loved about this place was that it didn't advertise that it was vegan! I loved that because I don't feel that restaurants should have to make a huge statement that they are different because sometimes it puts people off. It is stated on the menu, at the bottom, that very is 100% plant based but it isn't a huge advertised deal. The place had a lot of people there and it seemed like the type of place that all kinds of people frequented. The staff was so friendly and helpful and they had a great system to accommodate the amount of people that come. The food was very good and neither I or my husband were disappointed with the quality of anything we got. This location is beautiful and all the shops in the plaza are eco-friendly. It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend anyone try this place.

Pros: Amazing food, Great location, Wonderful staff

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Get the Oklahoma Cheeseburger! - Edit

This location is certainly different than the others and in my opinion it's almost hidden. We drove past this place several times and just never found it. Finally I just called them and they told me the trick. This NF is a circular restaurant, it's pretty neat. We (me and 3 non-veg's) ordered at the counter and awaited our food at out booth. I ordered my favorite, the Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger and my friends ordered the Chicken Run Ranch Burger, a Twister Wrap, and a Spicy Meatball Pizza. Everyone loved their meal - and those 3 non-vegans said they'd go there on their own because they loved it so much. When we finished we couldn't resist the tasty looking cupcakes. Let me tell you, the rose infused cupcake was to die for. I think Native Foods is not my favorite vegan chain restaurant - lucky me because I was told (and I confirmed) that three locations are opening in Chicago this summer, hooray!

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Exceptional & Original Vegan Eats - Edit

I traveled all the way to Costa Mesa just to try this place twice in this same week. The food here is really worth it. I tried the rueban sandwich, in which I am thoroughly impressed. Nothing was missing from this deli classic, aside from the cruelty if you know what I mean. I also tried the sweet potato fries which were crisp and not overly greasy. They were delicious! I took a bite of my boyfriend's "Chicken Run Ranch" burger, which leaves nothing to be missed of the real deal.. in fact I think this food is better.
On my next trip I tried the nachos which were half off for happy hour. They were a huge portion which was more than enough to share with my boyfriend. Covered in original cheeses and plenty of soy-meat with lots of beans, gauc, veggies, etc... it was exceptional. I also ordered a portabello sausage burger, which if you love garlic and mushrooms you can't miss this.
The drinks are 2.50 and you get unlimited refills on their watermelon fresca, Lavender Lemonade, and Iced tea, which are all super great! I drank so much of the watermelon drink and I loved it. The first restaurant I have ever been to that doesn't serve the normal fare of nasty soda pops.
Overall, I love this place and wish there was a location in the Inland Empire. The portions are a good size, but I wish the prices were a couple dollars cheaper on the meals.

Pros: Decent Portions, Nice Staff, Friday Happy Hour

Cons: Expensive, Can Be Crowded

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Fresh and Ultra Tasty! - Edit

On my recent vacation to southern California, I had the pleasure of trying out Native Foods for the first time (the Costa Mesa location). My boyfriend had raved about the food during his previous trip to the west coast, so I was anxious to see what all the fuss was about. To my delight, he didn't exaggerate! I loved the Ensalada Azteca, specifically... the service was top notch and speedy. During my nine day stay in Anaheim, we went to Native Foods five times! Chef Tanya knows her stuff, that's for sure.

Pros: all vegan, speedy service, friendly staff

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Different looking location - Edit

While we have been to Native Foods many times, this was our first time at this location. It's located at The Camp and the whole shopping center is eco modern and funky. The restaurant is actually shaped like a Mongolian tent which made for odd shaped booths which really were not big enough for our party of five, so we sat outside on the patio area instead.

We all had just been to the Animal Acres' Compassionate Cuisine event the night before and spoken with Chef Tanya (who kindly gave us all $5 gift cards!). We told her we were coming for the new reubens today. Three of us got those while Dirk went with the special of the day: portobello sausage burger since it came with a free side of the lemon dill potato side (the rest of us had to upgrade for it). Our friends' daughter got the new roasted vegetable pizza which looked just divine. We all enjoyed the reubens, but our friends really liked the quesadilla as an appetizer. They had the chicken wings as well. We went with the new nachos which were extremely filling. We all took desserts to go as well...rose cupcakes, chocolate cupcake and cheesecake. Yum yum and more yum!

While the food is the same yummy stuff as the other locations, I didn't particularly care for the lay out here due to the shape, but you can never go wrong with Native Foods!

Pros: yummy comfort foods, easy parking

Cons: building lay out

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Yummmy! - Edit

Native Foods is among the best. Variety of menu items including bowls, sandwiches, salads, and pizza. My favorite items include the Ensalada Azteca,the Twister Wrap, and Baja Surf Tacos. The food is manages to be both light and filling at the same time. I especially enjoy splitting items with the rest of my party to enjoy a little bit of everything.

Pros: Yummmmmy, Variety

Cons: Edamame is the only free side dish, option to accompany your meal, must pay extra if want fries/soup/salad

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Best Vegan Restaurant in Orange County - Edit

I stopped in yesterday after being in San Francisco for a month and tried their new menu. I was blown away with the freshness and delicious artichoke and barley salad. It was amazingly tasty. The one thing you are never sure of is a chain restaurant can pull off consistency in quality. Native Foods is always very consistent in every detail.

I met Chef Tanya and was very impressed with her not only as a gourmet vegan chef but as a compassionate person towards animals and her dedication to the environment, health and a vegan lifestyle. I am also impressed with her entrepreneurship as Native Foods is thriving and every aspect of the restaurant is on par with a 5 star vegan restaurant.

The staff is very accommodating and couldn't be more attentive and caring to your needs. I highly recommend Native Foods whether you are a vegan or not. The food is not only delicious, the quality is the best you can find and the prices are very reasonable.

Native Foods is exceptionally clean, the food is delicious, the staff is very accommodating and friendly. I have been a customer of Native Foods for many Years and the owner has certainly created a great chain of vegan restaurants. I love the salads and the bowls; the vegetables are always fresh and organic. Every time I have been there, the place is packed and the customers always seem very happy and i hear nothing but compliments.

The presentation of the food is also very appealing and again, everything is freshly made to order and organic. I have been a vegan for most of my life and I am really happy to see such a great success and run by people that are also vegans and very knowledgeable about the food. you can really tell that the staff loves to work there and put a lot of effort into making Native Foods the best vegan restaurant in Southern California......

Pros: creative, fresh, delicious

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Love Love Love!! - Edit

I seriously can't get enough of this place, despite the fact that it's not in my budget to eat there as much as I do. Alot of items are pretty much vegan junk food....but it's SO darn good! The Chicken Run Burger, Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger and the Soul Bowl are my favorites. Sweet potato fries are also great. It's dangerous working across the street from here. mmm mm!

Pros: Friendly Staff, Yummy Food, Variety of Items

Cons: A bit expensive, To go portions are smaller

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Pretty Cool! - Edit

Finally after hearing so much about this place I made time to go. It wasn't a bad hang out spot. I went to the one in Costa Mesa. Super friendly staff. I took a few non veg friends and they enjoyed their meals. I also enjoyed my meal. They don't have a bad variety of choices. I ordered a Gandhi bowl which was good; the only thing I didn't like was the "meat". I'm sorry but I don't know what that was, but I was like oh hell to the no. Other then that it was an an enjoyable meal. I even received a Native Foods rewards card. I would have never signed up for one if I wasn't planning on going back. So obviously I do plan on making another apperance. Go for it and give this place a try!

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If only it were in my home state... - Edit

I live in New Jersey and I've been to Native foods about 5 times in two trips. This place is great, I've tried something different every time and it's all great! The free refill drinks (usually watermelon, iced tea, and lemonade) are a huge bonus! I've also gotten the Native Foods cook book, the food is that good!

Pros: great food!, great selection!, free drink refills!

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Native Foods - Edit

A friend from work took me to Native Foods for my first time. It was at lunch and I had the Ghandi Bowl and their own blend of ice tea. I found it excellent. The tempeh was seasoned subtly and it was delicious. I really enjoy the seasoning of the veggies and brown rice too. I think I'm gonna get her cookbook and see if I can do some of the easier stuff at home sometimes. The setting is very open and they have a sunny pation for dining as well. Highly recommend this place to anyone who loves veggie dining, and to the omnivore who dabbles in healthier foods occasionally.

Pros: Healthy, masterful seasoning, great ambience

Cons: a little pricey

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Costa Mesa Native Foods - Edit

I went to Native Foods when I was on a business trip and the the food was very tasty. It is a pleasant casual dinning experience, and the help were friendly. I would highly recommend the Chicken Run Ranch Burger. I hadn't tasted "Ranch" dressing that good since going Vegan. I went back another day and had the Tacos, and they weren't as good, but they weren't bad. I don't know when I will be able to go to Native Foods again because I live in the South :( If you live close enough to a Native Foods, and you haven't been to one ... GO NOW! :) I give Native Foods a thumbs up.

Pros: great food

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One of the best vegan establishments anywhere - Edit

This place is fantastic, and of any Native Foods locations, this one is the best. I think chef Tanya favors this location, as she's there quite often and holds several events here, including vegan thanksgiving. The food is *spectacular*. The menu has recently been updated, so old reviews may not reflect how this place is now, and the location itself does make small changes all the time-- more and different staff, new items on the menu, etc. All the normal items on the menu are all good, one of my favorites is the Chicken Run Ranch burger.

However, here are the things here that are AMAZING, and you should get them if and when you can: sweet potato fries have recently been added to the menu, which are phenomenal. The seasoning really makes them-- some kind of combination of salt, cinnamon (I think), sugar, anise, and some other magic potion that makes these super uber delicious.

Then, there's a special sometimes, not often enough, of vegan chicken-fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy, and oh.my.god. Never had I had anything so delicious. If you find yourself fortunate enough to stop by here when that special is being served, you are obligated to try it.

Other than that... everything is really good, although sometimes the burger buns seem super fresh and make a huge difference in the meal, and sometimes they seem not so fresh. But, really, the food here overall is just delicious, and of all the vegan options, this is definitely a top contender.

I haven't experienced rudeness from the staff, but I'm pretty laid back and wouldn't notice that a whole lot anyway. Anyway, I don't go there for service-- it's mostly self-serve, anyway, after you order. Food is brought out quickly and have I mentioned how good it is? :P

Oh, also, the location is really neat. The cafe is in a yurt, and it's in this hippie-ish complex with other neat stores and atmosphere around, so the whole experience is that much cooler.

As an aside, Wheel of Life in Irvine has much better cheesecake :P Also, Au Lac in Fountain Valley is another stellar place to go, though the cuisine is quite different.

Pros: amazing sweet potato fries, otherwise really good food, awesome location

Cons: food is just a *little* pricey, doesn't have the good specials enough, desserts leave something to be desired

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YUM!!!! - Edit

On a road trip we stopped at Native Foods in Costa Mesa.

I had the "chicken" sandwich and "wings" with soy ranch and cheesecake. My boyfriend had the burger with "bacon." Everything was delicious, and the customer service was stellar.

Pros: great customer service, great food, cool shops nearby to check out

Cons: parking sucks

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Worst service EVER!!!! Go to Veggie Grill instead! I'd give it one star if I could - Edit

Updated: 03/2016 We drove from Las Vegas and we were looking forward to eating at Native Foods. My husband had never been here, but I had many times. I was excited to show him the vast vegan menu and he was excited that even though I am allergic to wheat, I could get some food. We had some questions and Kelly N offered for us to go to her line. They she reneged her offer and took the person in line behind us because we had questions and they did not. They knew what they wanted. This was strike one - I was floored at how rude she was with this. When it was finally our turn, we had some questions and she seemed not only annoyed to answer the, but very frustrated at us for not being 100% sure of what we wanted by the time she was ready for us. When she made a suggestion for my husband and I turned to him and let him know that I had that dish before (tempeh tacos) and it was disgusting and he might want to consider something different, Kelly started to make remarks under her breath. Strike 2. We finally decided on what to order. We went to get our water - the beverage bar was filthy and there were employees just "hanging out" and counting tips. Strike 3. We decided to sit outside and it was very dirty. It looked like nobody had swept in a couple of days. Gross! Strike 4. The music was nauseating and not something that you can digest your food well with - Strike 5. When our food came, the vegan gf Mac and cheese was tiny - only two bites. Strike 6. It's usually more substantial. The gentleman serving our food got the manager since I wanted to have an explanation of how two bites of Mac and cheese and about 15 tiny fries could be $5. Kelly was the "manager" on duty. She said they portion control their food and about a year ago the portions changed. This was very strange to me. I then was honest with her and let her know that her attitude to us was awful and that the survey on the receipt was taken and was honest, slamming her attitude. She said "ok, I can refund your meal". At first, I said no I just wasn't happy and wanted to go boxes because I had no appetite since she was so rude to us. She said fine with a terribly rude tone. At this point, I said I would take a refund. She eventually brought the to go boxes and threw the money done on the table. Strike 7. I will never go back to this location and her attitude makes me never want to go back to my one of my favorite restaurants in Southern California.

Pros: Vegan Food

Cons: Terrible attitudes, They don't care about customers and service, Filthy

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first time favorite! - Edit

Native foods was the first vegan restaurant i've ever been to, and their food is what turned me to seriously considering becoming vegan! I forget the names, but i got tacos which were really really good and piiiiled high and delicious, and my boyfriend got the chicken sandwich, which when i took a bite i was almost confused as to whether or not it was fake! (i think most frozen veggie chicken tastes like cardboard haha)
i also got one of the dessert cups which was amazing, it was some sort of vanilla chocolate yogurt cup and it was soooo good
no complaints, just wish there were more and one closer to me!

Pros: great great food!

Cons: want one closer to me!

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Terrific in every way - Edit

I read the less-than-5-cow reviews, and I don't understand. Maybe they improved. I was in the area for 9 days, and I ate there 4 days. The only reason that I didn't eat there all 9 days is that with the limited time, I also wanted to enjoy some of the other fine vegan restaurants in the area. The salads, soups, entrees, deserts (especially the deserts) and the very friendly waitstaff are all the best.

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Best restaurant I have ever been to my in life - Edit

Best place ever. The fried items such as save the chicken wings are amazing. Textured soy meats will fool any omnivore. Amazing flavor. Portion size is very good (it better be at those prices). Everything I've had there is at least "pretty good" if not "amazing."
I told the guy "please do not blacken the veggies." That doesn't matter. Expect your vegetables in a bowl you order ot be burnt to a crisp every dang time.

Pros: Super tasty, Variety, Portion size

Cons: Pricey, Expect burnt veggies

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Delicious and addictive - Edit

We ate here on a recent trip to Southern California.

Beware: the place is difficult to find. As others have noted it is located in an outdoor-sports-and-yoga-themed strip mall, basically. We drove by twice before finding it.

But once we found it it was totally delicious. No complaints whatsoever. We had the scorpion burger, fish-style tacos and fries. Delicious, fast-food style meal but light, fresh, healthy and completely vegan.

It was nearly empty when we were there and we had no problems with the service. If we lived nearby we would eat there often!

Pros: Delicious, Get a fast food fix but fresh and vegan

Cons: Hard to find

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All vegan is alll riiight! - Edit

Well, how can you not love a place that is all vegan and you don't have to worry about double-checking every menu item to make sure you're getting something that fits your diet? The people at this location are incredibly rude and the prices are pretty steep, but the chickenish wings are good and they have vegan ranch! I've had a few of their sandwiches and some of the desserts. Everything's decent, but not the best. I'd love it more if they weren't so rude every time I go in there. My husband won't go there any more - he says the foods not worth putting up with the attitudes.

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Yum Yum Yum - Edit

I am so excited I found this place, and I have eaten here 5 times in the last two weeks. It is a bit pricey, but it is a joy to be able to order anything I want off the menu without having to tweak it in some way. I love the nachos and the scorpion burger, and the lemon cupcakes!!! Yum! The staff needs a personality transplant, but other than that, I love the place!

Pros: Great Food, Vegan and Organic!, Large variety on the menu

Cons: Pricey, Bored Staff, Need more locations!

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Reviewer Avatar

Way too hot ! - Edit

The food, like all Native Foods chains, is very mild, light, and earthy in flavor. So if you like juicy sauces and toppings, this may not be the place for you. 100% vegan, and very eco-friendly, which is awesome. They also have a small table with vegan-related pamphlets right when you walk inside. I enjoy their dishes, but have yet to find a dessert I like. The staff was not welcoming, and I don't know if it was just that day, but the room was very hot, humid, and uncomfortable.

Pros: Eco-friendly, Okay food

Cons: Humid room, Difficult to find, Pricey

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Verry cool - Edit

A friend took me here while I was visiting SoCal. It is a really neat place with fun food in a really neat little area. I want to come back and try everything on the menu.

We do not have places like this in Chicago. Maybe someday.

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Wow! - Edit

The food was absolutely delicious! I live in NZ, but came to the states for a holiday, and I soooo wish we had something like native foods in NZ! My sis got the 'save the' chicken nuggets and didn't believe that they were vegan (which is saying something, since she's obsessed with real chicken nuggets) and my brother (he has a phobia of vegan food) had fries. Then he tried some of my sisters nuggets and loved them! I got a scorpion burger which was delicious, I've never seen tempeh in NZ. The staff were really friendly, the food was great and now my siblings have realised that vegan food isn't that bad! There are only two veggie restaurants in my area, and one of them just sold to a new (meat-eating) owner, who sells meat dishes and almost nothing vegan.

Pros: Great food, Friendly staff, Great food

Cons: Nothing, it's perfect!

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A really cool vegan destination - Edit

I had no idea this Native Foods was in a super eco vegan environmentalist compound. There is so much cool stuff! Humanitare a vegan outfitter / patagonia lots of outdoor stuff and the architecture of the whole place is top notch. The Native Foods itself is really cool, its like a hut with a huge fan and booths all around a center island. You really have to go there to see! I recently decided I was DONE with Native Foods in Westwood, but I wanted to see this one since its the mothership. My gf and I split the Special and it was OFF THE CHART!!! Some setein quasadilla and we had the lentil soup. I think if you split your meals here you can make off pretty decent in the wallet and the waste. I wish they'd switch to oil free because its too unhealthy for me to eat there frequently.

Pros: specials, design

Cons: oily, fatty

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Used to be better! - Edit

All the comments below are genuinely correct. The food has started to lose a bit of its flavor after they switched to cheaper ingredients. The burger buns are dry, portions have reduced, and the food there is overall just not as good as it used to be.

Most of our family's business has since gone to Veggie Grill in Irvine (very similar type of food, but WAY more tasty), and to Mother's Market and Kitchen (more home-cooked fare).

Glad Native Foods is there in an emergency, but there are better restaurants out there. It's a pity too.

Pros: vegan, California chain

Cons: expensive, decrease in quality, just not as good as it used to be

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Great place. - Edit

I give four carrots to this restaurant. I was on a date with a lady I met through VeggieDate, and who lived in this area (I was a visitor). What a treat! An nice lady for company and a great vegan dinner as well.

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Cutting Corners, and it shows! - Edit

Once a beacon of veganism in Orange County, Native Foods is now a hollow shell of what it once was.

After seeking investors to help expand its reach, the quality of the food at Native Foods has taken a hard hit. The new investors care only about the bottom line, and it is obvious.

Prices are rising, portions are shrinking, quality is falling greatly.

If you know better, Native Foods is the kind of place you only end up going to a couple times a year.

Pros: It is vegan

Cons: The quality is getting worse

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Our FIRST Favorite! - Edit

I'll never forget te day we discovered Native Foods! Never thought a place like that existed! What a wonderful feeling to be able to order ANYTHING on the menu! Everything VEGAN, FRESH and DELICIOUS! The cheesecake in UNbeatable! We always leave feeling totally stuffed and happy!

Pros: DELICIOUS All vegan food!, Reasonable prices, Casual and conmfortable atmosphere

Cons: Wish there were MORE locations!

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Love this place - Edit

I really love this place because of the menu!! I always get the Chicken Ranch burger and Chili Fries but my husband always gets something a bit healthier like one of their bowls. What ever you choose get a Root Beer with it!

Pros: Menu, taste, Always things to read about Veg. News

Cons: price

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Yummy in my Tummy - Edit

I practically lived at Native Foods in the summer of 2006. The food is great; has a very specific taste to it. The iced tea is my favourite. I suggest the Portabello Sausage Burger with a side of ranch dressing. Some of the desserts are not so good and they changed their fake chicken strips so now they taste like KFC and it's not so good. The prices are pretty insane but if you can afford it or want to slurge on a great meal it's good food. Other favourites include: Native Nachos, Mama Mia Pizza and the French Dip. THe atmosphere is kind of cool but it gets really cold inside in the winter and really hot in the summer.

Pros: Portabello Sausage Burger, Iced Tea, Native Nachos

Cons: Prices, Desserts, Sometimes the Service

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Good food gone bad. - Edit

When Native foods in Costa Mesa opened up, it was a godsend. The food was amazing. Large vegan pizzas topped with pesto. Chabatta bread burgers. Bowls filled with fresh veggies and covered in a delicious sauce.

But times have changed. It is very sad to see how much they have been cutting corners on the food. Portions have decreased tremendously.

Ask for a side of rice instead of cole slaw and you are given a cough-syrup cap full of rice. (cost to them, ~3 cents)

Ask for nachos , you used to be given a lot of toppings yet now your chips are almost entirely dry and taste like something you would get at a ballpark.

The pizza now has a bird poop sized portion of pesto sauce on it.

The chicken fingers look more like shrimp in size and are seasoned poorly as with most of the dishes on the menu.

The sandwich buns are now the ones from the supermarket that look like they have a high-gloss waxy top to them.

These are the tell-tale signs of a company that has lost its passion for food. And a company that loses its passion for food is doomed i am sorry to say. The customers will eventually catch on and begin to slowly disappear.

It is really hard to be picky when you are a vegan when it comes to going out to eat, but still, i am sorry to say i rarely go there if ever anymore. I really hope they get their act together, i would love to see it the way it once was.

Pros: Variety of food., The prices are okay.

Cons: They are cutting corners on the food, Shrinking portions, Cutting back on spices and toppings.

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"save the chicken" fingers are amazing! - Edit

I ate at this place twice during my trip to LA and everything I had was great! The save the chicken fingers appetizer is by far the best vegan chicken I have ever had! I also got the mad cowboy bowl which was delicious! My traveling partner got the jerk seitan sandwich which needed a little more jerk for our tastes but was still a tasty sandwich and the peppersteak sandwich which he loved and commented that the bread was fantastic. I wish there were more of these restaurants around than just the few in southern california.

Pros: excellent food, delicious, amazing

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I'm now an addict. - Edit

My boyfriend took me here a few weeks ago for the first time and we went again the other day.

I seriously CRAVE the Mad Cowboy bowl (homemade tempeh with BBQ sauce and the most AMAZING grilled veggies!!!) The peanut-butter parfait dessert is heavenly. The vegan philly cheesesteak was impressive. The nachos were addicting. Seriously, everything is good.

This is certainly my favorite vegan joint of ALL TIME.

The only drawback is how hot it gets in there in the summertime.

Pros: Food, Food, Food

Cons: Heat

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VEGANS! - Edit

Since this was the first vegan restaurant I had been to ever and it was for my birthday I have to say I loved it. The food was very very good and I got a free cheesecake and a candle to blow because it was my birthday. I was so happy and proud to be vegan.

Pros: A lot of vegans, Best cheesecake, A lot of choices

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Thank you Native Foods - Edit

I have been going about once a month since it opened. It used to be noticably better, but it is still my favorite place to eat or order take out. The Yurt design is inviting and the menu includes homemade tempeh that is incredible. The combination of spices and flavors is special.

Pros: homemade tempeh, unique

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Good food but not so good service. - Edit

I have been going to Native Food for a while now and almost every time I go the employees have been rude. For some reason it seems to me as though they only treat people nicely only if they look a certain way. It's actually pretty sad, but I just ignore it and enjoy the food. There has been a lack of flavor in the food recently, and the prices are getting too high. Out of curiousity have any of you had the same experience with the service? Maybe it could be my tough luck...

Pros: good food, easy to park

Cons: rude employees, too expensive

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Native - Edit

This place is soo good. I love all vegan places. To some people the workers seem rude. I get that sometimes when I go in. It's all vegan and I go there no matter what. Very very good. The Boogie Bar is the best treat there. It is very pricy here but well worth it.

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