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701 E 53rd St, Austin, USA

Vegan Donuts!

5-Happy Cows (and chickens) just for offering Vegan bakery goods! The donuts were all gone by the time I arrived so, I had "Red Rabbit" Apple Fritter (from Wheatsville) instead. I immediately realized i would need to be planning future early-morning road trips to the various vendors carrying other "Red Rabbit" bakery items - in order to try all.

1311 S 1st St, Austin, USA

Requires More Visits

On my first visit, I had the uniquely delicious BBQ Seitan Wrap with flavors, tastes that are not common in the American diet.
The menu is all Vegan(!) with Vegetarian-friendly options.
I will be returning to try other wraps and menu items.

3818 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

To Be Continued ...

After many visits to LA, I finally found my favorite All-Vegan organic restaurant. I'll be dining at Flore during future visits. Very reasonable prices for very delicious food.

4631 Airport Blvd. Ste. 125, Austin, USA

I need a part time job for this one

Love at first taste! Yep, i will need supplemental income after finding this Vegan ice-cream parlor. It's gonna take extra money for gas to regularly drive there so i can try everything on the menu!
There were people lining up for the treats served by Sweet Ritual, nevertheless, service was fast

970 Woodland St, Nashville, USA

New Favorite

There are 2 Turnip Trucks in Nashville and interestingly the smaller store has what I most desire - locally produced products like baked, organic, Vegan (no dairy products) breads, coffees, fresh produce. So two main reasons for shopping here - is supporting the local economy.
The larger store has more products, but I couldn't find my favorite bread there - like that sold at the smaller store(?).
The Vegan type foods selection is small at both stores (but I politely annoy the staff now and then, so maybe this will change?).

120 E North Loop, Austin, USA

A First!

It was around 7:30 in the morning, on a Sunday, and i got one of the finest-tasting Vegan breakfast tacos one could imagine In fact, i never imagined a Vegan breakfast taco could be so tasty, nor at 7:30 am on a Sunday. A first of a kind!
It was so good, I drove back for another an hour later and the following weekend, and ... I will be enjoying Vegan tacos here into the future - hopefully a long future.

1896 Eastland Ave, Nashville, USA

Only One in the Area

I should've written down what foods (entree, desert, some fine tea, mineral water, side dishes) I ate at The Wild Cow, but all were so delicious that I could think only of returning to try another, any, of the other offerings. All staff and the restaurant are very nice with warm atmosphere.

3909 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, USA

What I need

My favorite Trader Joe's (first one) is in SoCal, but Nashville was a great surprise because it has basically everything as the SoCal store(s) - including a great, friendly staff.

3101 Guadalupe St, Austin, USA

Wide selection of Vegan foods

This local-economy store carries (almost) all of my favorite prepared vegan foods (including new favorite - "Red Rabbit Co-Op Bakery" donuts) as well as organic, non-gmo, local produce, fresh foods. Wheatsville also supports other local co-ops, producers, businesses.

4021 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, USA

Very Large Store

I've only been in a few other Whole Foods Markets in other states; by comparison, the Nashville store is very large, therefore more selections. Like the other stores, the products are of high quality, that, obviously, means higher prices. There's a reasonable assortment of Vegan foods, but I still need to mail-order most. Also, I was hoping to find a larger selection of fresh breads (so far, no joy).
People working at this store are always super friendly (same with the customers).

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