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181 Cuba St, Wellington

I will fly to Wellington to eat here again!

22 Aug 2012

This restaurant is my new favorite in New Zealand. The food was amazing. Clean flavors of lime, spice and other deliciousness. The vegetables were insanely fresh tasting and perfectly cooked. They had plenty of vegan options on the menu (including a chocolate brownie dessert). The owners were both knowledgeable and friendly about the vegan options. Highly recommended!

595 Highgate, Maori Hill, Dunedin

Veg friendly cafe

20 Oct 2012

I stopped here for a drink and snack before dinner. The menu had vegan options marked. The staff also seemed very knowledgeable and willing to make substitutions. They made me a really nice bread and dips platter (subbing out the non-vegan ones). There were other good sounding options on the menu, including some breakfast/brunch items. I'd definitely go back.

5-1, Sec. 4, Alley 75, MinSheng East Road, Songshan District, Taipei, Taiwan

An oasis in Taipei

16 Nov 2014

I was in Taipei for a conference recently, and I was getting pretty tired of the bland conference food. With some trepidation, I thought I'd check out Sophie's Garden -- even though I wasn't sure I could navigate the alleyways to find it, and I had read an English language blog saying that it might be closed.

Fortunately for me, it was easy to find...and it was most definitely open. Even better, the food and the atmosphere were simply wonderful. As others have commented on, the blend of Taiwanese and European flavours is delicious and there is loads of choice. Do try the tiramisu, really.

The other pro to this place is Sophie herself. She is charming, engaging and generous with her time. It was fascinating to chat with her about veganism in Taiwan, as well as many other topics. As someone who was travelling alone and (sadly) only speaks English, the opportunity for me to have a normal conversation was great!

Others have commented that Sophie's Garden is a little bit pricey by Taipei's standards. From my foreigner's perspective, it was a great amount of delicious food for a small amount of money. Very highly recommended.

114 Albany St, Dunedin

Fresh tasting food - friendly staff

10 Nov 2012

I think the best thing about this place is that they grow many of their own veggies - and it shows in the finished dishes. The food has a lovely fresh quality to it. Unlike many other places, their dumplings don't taste like they've come straight out of the freezer. Good food. Not a ton of vegan options, but more than most restaurants in dunedin, and the veggie/vegan options are clearly labelled. Well worth a visit!

30 Shotover Street, Queenstown

Good food. Eat here.

18 Jan 2011

Really good, healthy-ish food. You have to ask to figure out what is vegan/not vegan, but the staff seemed knowledgeable. Portions were a bit on the small side, but the prices were reasonable and everything I tried was delicious.

35 Hobson St, Auckland


18 Jan 2011

Very good food. Not cheap, but a good place to go for something a bit nice. A bit like a vegan restaurant with a few meat options, rather than the typical meat restaurant with 1 vegan option. They've recently expanded their menu and it now includes vegan brunch, bar food, lunch, high tea and the usual dinner/dessert. I would highly recommend it.

33 Beach Road, Kaikoura

Great cafe

22 Aug 2012

This cafe was a great find while on a roadtrip! The food was absolutely delicious. The menu had clearly marked which items were vegan and/or vegetarian. It is a lovely, clean and sunny (at least the day I was there) cafe. Definitely a good place for a civilized meal!

337-339 George St, Dunedin

Great brunch place

14 Oct 2013

This cafe has great food. There are lots of vegan options, all clearly marked on the menu. They also have vegan options in the cabinet. In particular, their cinnamon rolls are amazing.

Modaks is my favorite breakfast/brunch place in Dunedin!

26, Moray Place, Dunedin

Great (veg-friendly) cafe!

20 Mar 2016

Excellent food with plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans. Vegan menu items are clearly marked, and the staff is knowledgable (and friendly - they offered free samples!). There is a good mix of filling main/savory options (the tempeh sandwich is particularly good!) plus decadent (vegan) dessert options.

I highly recommend this cafe!

765 Cumberland Street, Dunedin

Lovely cafe

20 Mar 2016

I've eaten at this cafe twice now. I normally wouldn't go anywhere with no vegan options on the menu, but both times have been work-related lunches. It is a charming little cafe with lovely staff. The chef has been very good both times at putting something together (which I appreciate!), but I hate having to ask the counter staff and stand there holding up the line while they check! The food is fresh and tasty. I would definitely recommend it for vegetarians (and/or coffee drinkers), and also maybe for vegans that aren't quite so self-conscious!
Updated from previous review on Tuesday June 12, 2012

Note: I've been back multiple times since my original review. I've had multiple instances where I've ordered vegan food (usually soup) and it has come with cheese on it (and/or on the bread rolls). Something to be aware of when ordering! It has put me off going here a bit..

Otago Farmers Market, Dunedin Railway Station, Anzac Ave Dunedin, Dunedin

Excellent food

12 Jun 2012

I ate at their Saturday Market caravan. The food was delicious and the portions were exceedingly generous. I am excited to go back as they had an extensive menu (I'm not used to having so many vegan options :)

They also had great desserts - I had an oreo-type cookie and a chocolate "knicker" which had caramel, nuts, chocolate and was completely amazing.

218 Dominion Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland

Really (really) good

12 Mar 2011

The food was good - lots of vegan options and a very vegan-friendly/knowledgeable staff. Also, the vegan options were clearly labeled on the menu. But..most importantly..they had a vegan banana split! First time in 15ish years of being vegan that I've seen one on a menu. It tasted great too.

286 Princes St, Dunedin

Great pizza

22 Aug 2012

The pizza here was fantastic. It is a nice (slighly upmarket) restaurant that you could easily take your Nana to and she could find something to eat that isn't "weird". I really enjoyed my cheeseless pizza (lots of rich toppings such as artichokes, sundried tomatoes, etc). I would definitely recommend it, and I will definitely be going back.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday August 22, 2012

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