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Rua Francisco Sanches 39, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Hide, simple and perfect

27 May 2010

This restaurant its very simple with a typical portuguese decoration of the traditional coffes but with vegetarian things.The prices are great and you can choose between a big plate or a small one.Also you can eat all the dishes in the menu in one plate, they separe it in the plate with small portions.They change a lot the menu and its always great.
Been there once at lunch and two at dinner.The second it was full.You dont wait a lot for your food.
If this restaurant was close to my work i defenitly would go there a lot.

Rua 1 de Dezembro 65, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

the best

07 Jan 2010

this is one of the best shops and they are getting more and more, some of them sell food and have a little canteen for you to eat, but in the shop you can find everything you need but if you know the names you also can look in the regular supermarkets and you will find the same and sometimes a little bit cheaper.

Pç Ilha Faial, 14A, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal


07 Jan 2010

I went there once and to be honest to food is ok, nothing special and the restaurant is to dark for me.If you dont have other place to go, its ok.They also have a bookstore but i just didnt like the way that the food are display, it looks like you are in prison canteen.I ear that at lunch its better and the area of the coffe is nicer than the restaurant...
The price is a lit expensive for what you get and the staff are kind of wierd to.

Probably it was a bad day...

Calçada do Sacramento 36, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

My favourite at the moment

07 Jan 2010

At this moment all of the vegetarian restaurants in lisbon are kind of busy and fashion, so this is a great option.In the center of the city, always quiet, simple decoration great price for a buffet - Lunch 7€ and dinner 9€
Very nice staff, the food is great but simple is not that kind of restaurant with a table like the weedings.
Non smoking and its nice if you wanna take some non vegetarian people to try it.

At the moment and so far this is my favorite :D

Eerste Schinkelstraat 16, Amsterdam, Netherlands

great but spicy

13 Jul 2010

Me and my husband went here one night.We call in the afternoon and they only need your name and number of people. Then we walk all the VOndelpark and went there. The place is great, decoration is great and the concept is great also with the price, but i cant eat spicy food! The soup was spicy to but not too much, but the main dish that was looking great and full, wow it was very spicy. I ask the volunteers working there and they told me that that is normal. So the soup and the dessert with the beer (bio at 1€) was good and very cheap.
But remember if you dont like spicy food you may think in go to another place closest to the center then walk all the vondelpark and return!

Rua do Salitre, 117, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal


07 Jan 2010

This is a nice restaurant, but have just a few dishes.The desserts are great and if you choose the day menu is cheaper and nice.
Its better to make a reservation because its always full.The schedule isnt nice and they only accept money for payment.

The plastic tables with chairs in the "garden" is quite strange with all the buddhhism decoration on the inside of the small restaurant.The location is nice.

Avenida Barbosa du Bocage 107C, Lisbon, Portugal


07 Jan 2010

this restaurant have a great decoration a nice desserts but the buffet is very simple and you dont have many choice.the price is expensive for what you have, but its nice to try it once if you want to change a bit.

157 King Street, Hammersmith, West London, England

good value

29 Jan 2011

This was a good surprise, we had dinner and its have a great service and the food are good. the dishes are ok, not big but the value its ok.

Rua da Palmeira, 15, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Very nice

07 Jan 2010

this is a great restaurant with a big buffet that they are changing all the moment with more fresh food.If you have the opportunitie go to the garden, its beautifull, but even in the inside its cousy and nice.The value is great for what you have.Only the drinks and the desserts i think that they are kind of expensive.
They also sell magnets, cockies, japamalas and so on

Non Smoking

at dinner they normally have groups so sometimes is a little bit hard to be there, it gets very noisy.

Its not in the center, but is not hard to find it, the price is normal for what you have, but dinners can be very expensive...

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