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A collective run restaurant that's open for dinner only. Reservation required Thu-Fri, make between 14:30-18:00. Sat no reservations, first come, first served. Limited to 50 diners. Menu changes daily and is fixed. A starter, main dish, dessert. Open Tue 19:00-01:00, Sat 19:00-01:00.

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First Review by Dharam


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02 Mar 2023

Non-profit with tasty food

Absolutely loved the food and the place. Delicious vegan meals for little money. Furthermore, they run entirely on volunteers and any profits they make are given away to charities. Can’t ask for a much better place to eat. Highly recommendable!

Pros: Amazing initiative, Quality dishes, Affordable



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25 Jul 2022

Among the best places I've eaten

Easy to reserve, chuck em five euro per head when you arrive, drinks are cheap, food's made with love, a good time all round. Bish bash bosh.


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05 Sep 2021

the best - amazing value & food cooked with love

MKZ is a community restaurant, so the food is cooked by volunteers, there's no waiting staff and you have to do your own washing up. Its actually my favorite place of Amsterdam. There are three courses, normally soup, main with salads and dessert but it's a fixed menu so you get what they've cooked and there's no other choices, but I've been going there weekly for two years and I've never had a bad meal. The atmosphere is so lovely and friendly and the food is cooked with real love and passion. To top it off, the whole thing will cost you €5. Yes, all three courses are only €5. You cannot argue with that! There's a basic bar there too, which is also very cheap. It's not for profit too so everything they make over costs either goes back to the MKZ or is donated to charities or activist orgnaisations. Make sure to call up and book on the day from 4pm or you won't get a place. Don't miss out on this unique Amsterdam institution

Updated from previous review on 2016-07-14

Pros: amazing atmosphere , crazy cheap, huge portions

Cons: can sell out


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02 Mar 2020


Love this type of vegan places. It’s good quality for a very low price. You eat what they make every day something different. Love this style.


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08 Jun 2019

The total package

Delicious, inexpensive and great people —- we could live in this beautiful alternative universe.

Pros: All vegan, Friendly peeps, Delicious


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11 Dec 2018

The best

This was the place that clearly offered the best taste with the most affordable price. If you’re in Amsterdam you definitely should try having dinner in MKZ

Pros: Taste , Cozy , Warm


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13 Mar 2018

Comfy homemade meals

I love this place! It’s like going out for dinner in your own cozy livingroom. In fact, I bet you can show up in your pyjama’s and nobody would mind, that’s how chill this place is. A team of volunteers cook a 3 course menu for you: soup, main, dessert. It’s always a surprise what’s for dinner but one thing’s for sure: 100% vegan and 100% prepared with love. It’s only 5 euro’s for the entire menu and in return you wash your own dishes. Which in fact adds to the great vibe. Must try if you are looking for a unique local experience in Amsterdam!

Pros: only 5 euro’s, unique and authentic experience, cool building with garden


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12 Jan 2018

great food, laid back atmosphere

We went here by chance as my brother googled to find somewhere close to his place where I could eat.

Everyone is really friendly and the three course meal (only one choice each night) was delicious.

Washed up our own dishes as staff are volunteers.

Profits go to social or grassroots initiatives so top up your bill if you can.

Pros: tasty food, friendly atmosphere


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04 Sep 2017

Great food, good atmosphere

The food here ranges from pretty good to really good. The atmosphere is quite squatty, you have to like that to feel relaxed here, but they're very welcoming.

And the prices are great as well, 5 or 6 euros for a good three course meal. Donating more if you can spare it is recommended, it makes sure they can continue running and give others who don't have money to spare a place to eat out.

On some days you have to do your own dishes, totally fine!

Pros: great food, cheap, various beers

Cons: it's a squatty atmosphere


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22 Apr 2017

Great value

It's almost unbelievable that you can get a 3-course meal in Amsterdam for €5. Yet, that's what you get at MKZ. Don't expect fancy dishes or table service.

The menu consists of a soup, a main and a dessert (nothing to choose from) and you do your own dishes in the end. The food is honest and portions are big enough.

We were happy to have a vegan 'pastel de nata' (a typical Portuguese pastry) as dessert. It was a happy coincidence for us (born and raised in Portugal).

Pros: Value for money, All vegan, Atmosphere


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18 Jan 2017

Alternative Place For The Curious

The MKZ is an interesting place to discover. It's community driven and has that typical people's kitchen squat vibe, where you aren't served and clean your own dishes afterwards. This should not be a problem, just perhaps something to keep in mind before going there. The soup and dinner was great, however, the dessert was some weird chocolate jelly, but my guess is we had bad luck that day.

All in all, I would definitely return to the MKZ for a good and cheap dinner. I'm not the biggest fan of radical ideologies (anarchy) connected to places I go to eat out, but everybody seemed nice and it wasn't shoved in your face. So if you know what to expect you'll surely have a good time!

Also, we came a bit too early and checked out an anarchist library/ café across the kitchen. It was really interesting to see, so you might wanna check that out, too.

Pros: Alternative vibe, Cheap food

Cons: Anarchy atmosphere might have you feel misplaced


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20 Aug 2016

A Must for Vegans in Amsterdam

We went there with our three little kids. Volunteers were very friendly and kind. Food was excellent and served in more than sufficient quantities. Atmosphere very easy going and positive. We can only highly recommend going there.

Pros: Atmosphere, Food, Price

Cons: It can get very late for small children (21H00)


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01 Jul 2016

The Spirit of Autonomy & Resistance Lives!

MKZ is a self-managed space that grew out of the autonomous and anarchist scene in Amsterdam. It's a fine example of making veganism accessible for non-priviliged folks (underpaid, refugees and migrants, etc.) and community building (take part of discussions, watching a documentary, picking up your food and cleaning up after yourself) around social justice issues.

To sign in for the dinner you just have to call the collective through the phone and tell them your name. Then you're on the list and welcome to enjoy your 3 course all vegan dinner for just €5!

The first time I've been there with some of my friends from Bulgaria, the collective of De Binnenpret/MKZ was raising money in solidarity and financial support of an autonomous social center in Warsaw, Poland. So in addition to supporting great projects like De Binnenpret, MKZ, Bollox Infocafe, OCII music space and more, you're also showing solidarity with international autonomous projects in need of support.

The location is also really great, it's just next to Vondelpark.

Pros: Affordable to non-priviliged people, Great food, Collectively run and autonomous


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20 Apr 2016

Tasty, friendly and cheap!

It is a lovely place with charms and the food is quite tasty and delicate.. 3 course meal for 5 euros only! It was quite crowded on Friday night but still was totally worth the visit. They had pumpkin soup, curry/rice/hummus/salad/tofu something for main, and churros/chocolate sauce for dessert. Need to make reservation except for the Saturday! But they don't reserve a table or anything.. just that you are on the list and they know how much to cook. Tell your name when you get there and they will find you on the list.

Pros: tasty, cheap, charming place, good cause

Cons: could get crowded


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31 Jan 2016

3 course meal for 5 euro

Great food for 5 euro! I finished everything feeling very satisfied. I had: soup as starter, vegetable curry as main dish (very good but also spicy) and a peanut chocolate tart as dessert (which was amazing!) You have to call in the afternoon to make a reservation for the evening and you have to wash your dishes after the meal.
They sell drinks apart, still cheaper than you would get in any restaurant.


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29 Jun 2015

Always great!

I've been to MKZ several times now, and it's always been delightful. While they have several rotating cooks, I must say my favorite day to visit is on Saturdays.

The atmosphere is very welcoming, and it's definitely very affordable (which is hard to find in Amsterdam!). Their soup is always fantastic, and the portions are really filling. You won't leave hungry! Beer/Wine and other drinks are also really cheap, and you can also choose to stay for their information, or music nights (only some nights).

People (other patrons and volunteers who run the place) are absolutely friendly, and it's nice to know your money is supporting good causes! A must for any vegan visiting Amsterdam!

Pros: hearty portions, affordable, exotic flavors!

Cons: only one set menu per night, hard to find if you're a tourist, rotating cooks!


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05 Dec 2014

Extremely cheap, alternative, and vegan!

The place is really chill, got a nice vibe, it was sooo cheap only five euros for a three course dinner, really alternative as well and the food was really delicious but you might have to wash your own dishes which I didn't mind doing at all.

Great place! A++

But if you would like to go somewhere fancy and with table service then you might want go elsewhere....otherwise I would recommend you to try it out.

Pros: Cheap, Cool vibe, Delicious food

Cons: No table service, Everyone washes their own dishes


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28 Sep 2014

Good And Cheap

Excellent choice if you want a cheap, healthy and sustainable dinner. For as less as 5 euros, you can have a 3 course dinner. Profit goes to charity, so that's a big plus.

Pros: Price, Vegan, Location

Cons: Reservation Required, Not The Tastiest


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20 Jul 2014


This place can be easy to miss; the entrance is through the burgundy gate - look for the sign for the, “anarchist bibliotheek,” - then turn right.


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05 Mar 2014


Really good food for taste and the amount you get, they are usually okay with you having seconds (which you will prob want to) as long as everyone has had at least one serving and there is more left. Incredible value for 5 euros soup main and desert.

Informal service, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on the indiviual

There's also a really cool anarchist bookshop/cafe across from the kitchen

Pros: Price, Food, Atmosphere

Cons: The wait can sometimes be long


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25 Jul 2012

A nice place to go

I went to MKZ with my omnivore family, and it was very different than I thought. In the good way. You have to go up there and get your food yourself, and when you are done, you take the dishes. But it really doesn't matter that you have to do it yourself, because the atmosphere in there is so great and undescribeable. The food was great, they only had one menu, of course, but it tastes good.
It was very cheap, because it is runned by volunteers and it is a non-profit place.
A lot of 20 to 30-year old people came there to meet up, so it is a very local place.
But to sum up, it was a really great experience and defineatly worth a visit.

Pros: Nice staff, Great food, Fantastic atmosphere

Cons: Very local


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18 Apr 2012

one of the best squat meals

Far more food than what you get at Joe's Garage (though you pay a little more at MKZ, 5 euro vs. 3 at Joe's). Dessert is included, unlike at De Peper where you pay extra. For that reason it makes it a good choice for an Amsterdam squat meal. If you've never been to a squat meal in Amsterdam this is a good place to try it out.

Zinnia N

Points +90

06 Apr 2012

Worth a visit

I had some reservations about going here because 1) it's way out of the way and 2) the person on the phone was pretty brusque, so I was worried it might be a bunch of crazy anarchists. Luckily it was a nice building and the people there seemed completely nice. The 3-course meal( where else can you get 3 courses for 5 eur?!!!) included sweet potato soup (sweet potatoes are expensive in Europe!), a plate with coucous, hummus, bread, cucumber salad and mixed vegetables and beans with sauce, and a cinnamon roll. The portion size was very reasonable. One negative is the doing the dishes by yourself, because you're basically at the mercy of your fellow diners and can only hope that they are thorough when cleaning. Also it was wholesome but I felt that the night I went wasn't super duper healthy, as the meal included refined couscous, white bread and the cinnamon roll I think was full of sugar. But I know not everyone is as concerned about these things as I am. Also a negative is that it is only open M-Fr after 19:00.
P.S. The correct time to call is after 14:30 (even though some sources say earlier)

Pros: Yummy, Price, 100% vegan, good cause

Cons: Location, Not super healthy, Ltd hours


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02 Dec 2011

Food you would make at home, in another place

MKZ is a place where you can eat whatever the kitchen has prepared for you. The place is a legalised squat, of which they are using a part as a kitchen/restaurant/bar something like that, it's not really something to define, you just have to experience it! It's possible to eat there for 5 euros, and then you get three courses, if you eat less then the three courses, it will be even cheaper. Everything they cook is vegan, and so far has been, really tasty! Imagine the food a bit to be as if you where cooking at home, but then you will eat that in a place with a great atmosphere, nice music and nice people (I'm not saying that that isn't possible at your own house;). What you will have for dinner really depends on who is cooking that day, and unlike the other review here, the times I went, the food wasn't that spicey, so I guess it really depends, and of course, how much spices you are used to. Last time I was there we missed out the first course, so we started with te second, which included: some cooked barley with olives and spices with tomato sauce. Then there was some kind of tempeh burger with humous, a salad and some cooked vegetables. The dessert was amazing! It was some kind of cake/pie, made of cocos with cookies and nuts, with a thick chocolate cream layer, delicious! But as I said before, the food really differs every time! One thing you have to be willing to do, is washing your own dishes (I think they changed that now, because the other review is saying something else). I think it helps even more with the aspect of giving you the feeling of being at home.

Pros: Amount of food, The price, The atmosphere


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13 Jul 2010

great but spicy

Me and my husband went here one night.We call in the afternoon and they only need your name and number of people. Then we walk all the VOndelpark and went there. The place is great, decoration is great and the concept is great also with the price, but i cant eat spicy food! The soup was spicy to but not too much, but the main dish that was looking great and full, wow it was very spicy. I ask the volunteers working there and they told me that that is normal. So the soup and the dessert with the beer (bio at 1€) was good and very cheap.
But remember if you dont like spicy food you may think in go to another place closest to the center then walk all the vondelpark and return!

Pros: Price, Place, Organization

Cons: Spicy, location

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