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429 King St, Charleston, USA

A nice Vegan choice...

27 Apr 2014

It was nice to find a restaurant with Vegan choices. We had 2 wraps and split them - Green Beach Wrap and the Portobello Wrap. Both were quite good. I think the pricing is a touch high but not terrible.

All in all it was a good experience and we'd definitely go back.

110 S Beach St, Daytona Beach, USA

It should be 5 stars...

28 Mar 2014

We live on our boat and seek out interesting, Vegan-friendly restaurants in each town we visit along the coastline. Dancing Avacado seemed like a nice place although we wished they were open for dinner. We re-arranged our day to get there for lunch.

The staff is friendly and helpful. The food was fantastic. We split a V-BLT and a Vegan Iguana burrito along with two cups of the Vegan soup of the day. The food was exceptional. I was thinking through the meal that this place should get the maximum number of stars allowed. I accept that their menu has vegetarian and meat dishes for others - they need to survive as a restaurant in a non-Vegan world. That was all OK with me.

What killed one star for me was the checkout. It literally took 10 minutes to pay our bill. The problem is that there is one cashier who handles take out orders and all payments. Because we were forced to go for lunch, multiple people were waiting for take out including one poor woman who had about 6 orders from different people all paying separately with a handful of credit cards she brought from her office.

That's really poor guys. Fix that. Give the wait staff the ability to pay take my money so it all feels like a better quality place. It was such a shame to put a negative end on an otherwise great experience.

1624 Laskin Rd Ste 740, Virginia Beach, USA

Exceptional food

16 May 2014

The food is top notch. There's no question. They use the best, freshest ingredients and prepare interesting Vegan meals. The prices are a little high but I don't mind that when everything is such a high quality. I wouldn't want to see them lower the price and then look to save cost by cutting back and using less expensive materials.

My wife and I split the Southwestern wrap and Thai salad. We loved both. We then split two very rich desserts - carrot cake and a chocolate mousse cake. We had to ask twice if they were really Vegan. Both were exceptional and unique in quality. They're not something I'd want every day but they were treats. The carrot cake especially was unbelievable.

If there were anything I'd like to tell the owners, it would be that they should make the in-dining experience a
little nicer. They shouldn't serve their food in clear plastic, snap together, take out boxes. It gives a very mixed message especially when the food is more expensive. Real silverware that gets washed would be nicer than throw away plastic too. If they want to get to the next level, they need to stop thinking of themselves as a carry out sandwich shop with a few chairs and tables. They're a restaurant. I think their present impression with the plastic and low service leads people thinking their higher priced food is over-priced.

No matter what, I'd come back when in the area again.

116 N Beach St, Daytona Beach, USA

Don't go for dinner...

27 Apr 2016

I really wanted to have a better experience at Kale Cafe. My wife and I have been Vegan for 4 years and always go to Vegan friendly restaurants in our on-the-water travels. So we arrived in Daytona and went looking for a place to have dinner. Dancing Avacado was closed since they are only open for lunch. Kale was open until 7, which is a strange closing time.

It's now obvious why it's only open until 7. The food appears to be all pre-prepared for lunch. Then it sits around for hours hoping some unsuspecting visitor will fall through the door for dinner. We were the only ones there from 6-7. We were unsuspecting.

Prices were OK and the staff was excellent. But ultimately, the food has to be great too. The food was fair at best. It seemed to have a fair amount of oil that just didn't feel right for Vegan food - and we sampled about 6 different dishes, had specialty juices, and even took home some dessert. All of it felt really heavy and old.

Take a hint from Dancing A - close for dinner. You lost me from ever coming back and I honestly feel no joy in that.

Vegan restaurants have to be better than others. This one isn't, at least for dinner. Sorry guys...

119 2nd St N, St Petersburg, USA


13 Jan 2014

It was our first time here. We're visiting St Petersburg by boat and just happened to come across Meze 119.

We shared an assortment of appetizers. All were fantastic. There's a nice attention to detail and quality here missing in so many restaurants. Service was the perfect balance of being attentive and not bothering.

We'll only be in town for a week but we'll be back.

307 Belt Ave, St Louis, USA

An excellent choice...

27 Sep 2013

My wife and I cruise year round on our boat. We're usually on the east coast, Bahamas, Keys, or New England but this year we've been on the Great Lakes and are now coming down the major rivers. We're vegan onboard and try out Vegan restaurants all along our journeys.

The Mississippi River brought us to St Louis so we tried PuraVegan. It was fantastic. They have a great selection of interesting vegan dishes made to perfection. We tried a few things and all were great. The zucchini noodles were quite nice and perfectly prepared. Everything was exceedingly fresh and high quality.

All in all, it's a first class place and one of the best we've seen anywhere. It was definitely PuraJoy to be at PuraVegan.

224 W King St, St Augustine, USA

Worth a 5 mile walk...

31 Mar 2014

We live on our boat and have to walk to restaurants when we land in a town. The Present Moment is a mile from the St Augustine City Marina but I'd walk much further to come back.

The food is outstanding. Definitely in the top range of all Vegan restaurants we've been at along the east coast. Prices are reasonable, service is friendly, and the total experience is worth 10 stars. We had dessert only because we didn't want to leave (we were pretty full). Even that had us asking each other if it would be OK to lick the plates!

We'll come back to St Augustine again. But next time, it'll be because of The Present Moment.

2164 Gulf Gate Dr, Sarasota, USA

A wonderful vegan experience...

18 Feb 2014

We like Veg a lot. It's small and a reservation was needed. The service was polite and friendly.

We had the Vegan Thai tacos as an appetizer along with a couple of entrees and shared a dessert. Everything was exceptional. I would have given it 5 stars except 4 is the maximum allowed for a non-vegetarian restaurant.

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