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Video: World’s First All-Vegan Ocean Cruise!

First All-Vegan Ocean Cruise / Tilbury, England  to The Norwegian Fjords, September 25 – October 5, 2017 Team HappyCow joined a group of over 1100 mostly vegan people on the world’s first all-vegan ocean cruise organized by Dirk Bocklage and his team at Vegan Travel, Ltd. Below is our video containing highlights from the cruise. Join HappyCow’s Ken Spector as he interviews cruise director Dirk Bocklage and vegans traveling on…

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Travelling in Spain and Guatemala with Veganbnb Travel – an interview with Emma Fry

As the years pass, being vegan is becoming more widely accepted around the world and it certainly is much easier to go on vacation as a conscientious traveler. With the increasing popularity of vegetarian and vegan friendly accommodation, I had however, until recently, not managed to track down any travel organizations that specialize in exclusive vegan travel. Much to my delight, at the annual VegFest event in Brighton, England, I…

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Just a Pack’s Top Ten Travel Tips for Vegans in Central America

Just A Pack's Top Ten Travel Tips for Vegans in Central America

Before I started my year-long journey, which was originally to include all of Central and South America, I wondered what challenges my dietary restrictions would create and whether or not I would have to resort to surviving on bread and crackers or consider breaking my diet along the way. Luckily I haven’t had to do either and have been pleasantly surprised at just how easy it has been to keep…

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Swiss Vegan Foods Review

Switzerland might remind you of Heidi running around near the Alps, the happy cows roaming freely on the green fields, the chocolate and the cheese, the beautiful mountain cottages and… the heavy meat dishes. Yes, Switzerland is a heavy meat consumer, but I was impressed by the variety, quality and taste of the many vegan products you find at any supermarket. Some of these supermarkets label their products in different…

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