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Ten Best Vegan Bakeries

Following are the top 10 best rated vegan bakeries on HappyCow, as rated and reviewed by our huge number of vegan and vegetarian users. This list shows some of the Best Vegan Bakeries and Vegan-Friendly Bakeries from around the world. If you think it’s impossible to find all your most-loved bakery goods in plant-based form, think again! These incredible bakeries are showing that all of our favourite goodies, from cupcakes…

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5 Tips for Taking Beautiful Vegan Food Photos

Everybody loves food. We love talking about food, we love eating food, and we love beautiful photos of food. But we don’t want to see someone else’s veggie dinner hastily thrown together on a weekday night; we want to be inspired and tantalized by amazing gourmet experiences. With just a few tricks, you can up your photography game to share edible moments in a way that’s artistic, appealing, informative, and inspiring.  Whether it’s…

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