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VegReady: A Ready-To-Eat Vegan Meal Delivery Service Coming To Your Plate Soon!

We are excited to share VegReady, a vegan meal delivery service. A lot of people want to make a change to a plant-based lifestyle, but give up because they find it too hard. VegReady wants to make that lifestyle easier, and more exciting. VegReady carefully sources ingredients, cooks them to perfection, and delivers meals right to your door. Every meal is ready to eat, and easy to travel with. Great…

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3 Survival Tactics For Vegans In An Inter-Dietary Household

Whichever reason prompted you to go on the vegan path, it all started with one person making a choice. But ‘no person is an island’ says the oh-so-true edict, and many vegans have long standing relationships with others who have not (yet) made the same choice. This is the case with my love and I. When we became a couple she was already a vegan. I respect her choice, and…

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VegFest Colombia – Insider Tips And Highlights

Team HappyCow traveled to Colombia, checked out vegan restaurants and attended Veg Fest Colombia in Bogotá, Colombia on January 7-22, 2017. Ken interviewed Nadja Troeger, the founder and organizer of the 2 week event, and two local residents discussing highlights from the event and exclusive insider vegan tips. Veg Fest Colombia consisted of plant-based food and product booths, speeches, live music, hikes, city and fruit tours, and more! Below is…

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Find Out How Being Vegan Makes Travel Better

Being Vegan Makes Travel Better

Do you think travel as a vegan is hard? I know I certainly did before I actually tried it. After learning about the horrors of the meat, egg and dairy industries, I definitely felt compelled to go vegan. I knew deep down that it was the only way of living that was truly aligned with my most deeply-held values – the values of peace, non-violence and compassion. But there was…

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