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Video: World’s First All-Vegan Ocean Cruise!

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First All-Vegan Ocean Cruise / Tilbury, England  to The Norwegian Fjords, September 25 – October 5, 2017

Team HappyCow joined a group of over 1100 mostly vegan people on the world’s first all-vegan ocean cruise organized by Dirk Bocklage and his team at Vegan Travel, Ltd.

Below is our video containing highlights from the cruise. Join HappyCow’s Ken Spector as he interviews cruise director Dirk Bocklage and vegans traveling on the cruise regarding their impressions and highlights of the cruise.

Speakers and celebrity attendees on the cruise included:

Dr. Michael Greger (See our interview with Dr. Greger on the cruise here), Tim Shieff, Macka B, Dr. Melanie Joy, Tobias Leenaert, Sebastian Joy, Chefs Boris Lauser and Stina Spiegelberg, Ken Spector,  Dr. Regina Hecker, Wendy Turner Webster, Joyce Tischler, and Gene Baur.

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