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VegFest Colombia – Insider Tips And Highlights

Team HappyCow traveled to Colombia, checked out vegan restaurants and attended Veg Fest Colombia in Bogotá, Colombia on January 7-22, 2017. Ken interviewed Nadja Troeger, the founder and organizer of the 2 week event, and two local residents discussing highlights from the event and exclusive insider vegan tips. Veg Fest Colombia consisted of plant-based food and product booths, speeches, live music, hikes, city and fruit tours, and more! Below is…

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Red Tea No. 9 : Plant-Based Food In China

VegNews – ~ Concern for health, humaneness, and the environment has led to the vegan Chinese population to increase to more than 50 million. ~ 2013 article & BBC audio – ~ An estimated 4 to 5 percent of the Chinese population eats a plant-based / cruelty-free diet, which means more than 50 million Chinese people no longer eat meat or dairy—this is a larger number of herbivores than in the US. ~…

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Free Guide: 55 Media Angles For Vegan Business Owners

From Katrina Fox – 55 media angles to help you brainstorm ideas to pitch to journalists so you or your vegan-run business gets featured in the media.  Go here. Click on the Download Now – button. Share your details. Confirm that you are real by clicking on a link which will arrive at your email address – our link took a few minutes to arrive. Download this very helpful file. We are an 80+…

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Producing Vegan Wine Biodynamically

An Earthworm Podcast – Scott Poynton talks with Swiss biodynamic winemaker Pierre Fonjallaz about his vineyard and winemaking practice on the hills beside Lake Geneva, Switzerland. Pierre talks about the motivations to change his approach, his new 5000 year timeline for sustainability, and his discovery how – as he started implementing biodynamic processes – that he began to learn from the land and the plants about other aspects of life.…

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