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Exotic Tropical Green Smoothies

Exotic Tropical Green Smoothies

My Exotic Tropical Organic Green Smoothies are the easiest health solution yet! You can bond with friends and family while blending, and you never know what wonderful health improvements you can expect from adding organic greens to your life! Directions: 1.) Add to a blender the following (high powered blender is best because you really need high power to liquefy the greens): 1 cup organic liquid (organic unpasteurized fruit juice, organic…

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Organic Pineapple Express

easy pineapple smoothie

Pineapples are full of Vitamin C and manganese, which are good for your bones, among other nutrients! Delicious clean eating! I’m not a big fan of blended or juiced fruit. I give different guidance on this depending on the person and their blood sugar issues. However, if you’re drinking soda, beer, or eating refined sugar, then this is probably a fantastic upgrade!     ORGANIC PINEAPPLE EXPRESS Ingredients: 1 sweet organic pineapple* 12 filtered…

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EASTER GIVEAWAY – Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates

EASTER GIVEAWAY - Sjaak's Organic Chocolates

Have you heard of Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates? They are an amazing family-run company that produces some unbelievably delicious chocolate—including a GREAT selection of vegan options! The Sjaak’s Story began on the Southern beaches of Spain. This is where Jacques and Pam met and fell in love. They soon came back and settled in Eureka (northern CA.) where Pam had grown up. They began a Chocolate business that grew into a household…

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“This is My Rutabaga…It’s Very Special To Me”

This Is My Rutabaga

“This is my rutabaga…It’s very special to me…” this pronouncement from 7 year-old Joe, one of my 2nd grade boys, made in the usual trailing interrogatory prosody of  “sharing time,” our version of show-and-tell. The typical array of items carried carefully into school by the hands of doting parents or shoved in the bottom of backpacks ranges from trophies and vacation pictures and art projects to more exotic artifacts like…

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Watch: Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram – Raw Vegan Food Tips

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram

At Southern California’s ‘Raw Living Expo’ event in Thousand Oaks, CA, the Cows met up with Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, a vegan raw foodist and founder of the Rawfully Organic food co-op. Based in Houston, Texas, Rawfully Organic is the largest non-profit raw fruit and vegetable co-op in the United States. As a long-time raw foodist, Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram advocates a raw plant food diet for optimal health, and shares her tips…

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