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Large and well-stocked natural foods supermarket chain, acquired by Amazon.com in 2018. Offers selections in natural groceries and specialty foods, nutritional supplements and vitamins, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well home cleaning and natural body care products. Find vegan foods like tofu and soy products, plant milks, vegan ice cream, vegan cheese, frozen meals, vegan burger patties, cereals, nuts, and much more. Has deli and prepared foods department. This is Whole Foods Flagship store located near where the first location started. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-10:00pm. Open daily.

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24 Reviews

First Review by beatsutra


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20 Feb 2024

The Flagship WF

This is in a central location and has good parking availability but like all WF stores is overpriced.



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18 May 2023

Amazing selection and great location

Whole Foods never disappoints. You can find everything your vegan heart desires. From coffee roared in store, to local treats, sustainable cleaning supplies and cosmetics, etc. This particular store is nicely located as well.


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28 Aug 2021

Lots of choices

You won't be disappointed with the amount of options here. Hot bar, cold bar, sandwiches, pizzas, calzones, and treats! They've got an outdoor seating area to if you want to relax!


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18 Jan 2020

So many options

The prepared foods here are dangerous you can spend alot of money. So many vegan options in this store. This whole food is very busy and parking is like navigating a maze.

Pros: So many options

Cons: Parking is crazy(but free), Very very busy


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12 Jan 2020

A wondrously fecund garden for the aggregation of sundry wort.

Our wait, many years ago, for the flagship store to move to this location has been largely forgotten, and today it seems that it has always been here. Back then the Lamar store was more quirky and possibly even parochial; now it is more like grand central station.

Updated from previous review on 2020-01-12


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23 Sep 2019

Whole Food - as we know them

If you are looking to buy beauty products or ready-made dinners, or groceries to cook, you can find just about everything that you at Whole Foods.

Bonus: At this particular location, there is a vegan burger bar attached.


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08 Sep 2018

Huge selection

This is a great WF. Spacious, well stocked, with tons of vegan items. The only downside was the prepared foods—some vegan things, but everything is mixed together, so you have to hunt for them. Plus, only some vegan things are marked vegan. It would be great if they were grouped or at least more visibly labeled.


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24 May 2018


Guaranteed to have gluten free and vegan options. Price might be a little more


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30 Apr 2018

Good selection

I always come to theses stores when they’re in the area

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Organic

Cons: Can be expensive


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12 Nov 2017

Massive - don't miss the cook stations

This store is massive! I've been there a few times during my business trip - to stock up on groceries and cosmetics as well as for food to go.
It wasn't until I went with a colleague though that I realized that there is a Ramen station (near the produce isles) as well as a stir fry and some other cooked to order stations beyond and towards the left of the salad and hot food bar.
Those are great as I personally didn't find the selection of vegan items in the hot foods section that exciting - salad bar is fantastic though and you'll find vegan 'chicken' salad/falafel/baked tofu and other protein options.
Lucky I was staying just 2 min down the road - I'll be back!

Pros: Massive selection, Location

Cons: Outside seating = pigeons


Points +663

12 Oct 2016

very good selection

So many vegan options. It's like being in heaven (if you ignore the meat and dairy section ;) ) So many nuts, seeds, fruits, meat substitutes and more.

Pros: good selection

Cons: a bit expensive


Points +115

19 Jun 2013

Flagship Store

Second largest tourist destination in Austin... No Joke...
Tons of Vegan options!


Points +2815

21 Mar 2013

Mecca of Whole Foods!!

I was so stoked to be able to check out this place because, obviously, it's Whole Foods' flagship! Basically it was the main reason for my trip to Austin, and it lived up to my expectations. The store was HUGE, had a lively atmosphere and loads of dining options, even including a completely vegan one called "Green". Both times we were there, the food didn't look all that good, so we opted for the salad bars instead. Now if only my local Whole Foods were half as awesome as this one...

Pros: dining options, great vibe


Points +24

02 Aug 2011

an experience!

I love this place! It's enormous, easy to find, with great vegan food! I love the salad bar, bread, and vegan indian hot food bar (kale and potato curry with brown rice!) the vegan desserts are great, but NOT healthy at all (ingredient list the size of my arm, including corn syrup and no organic ingredients)

Pros: vegan-friendly, tasty

Cons: expensive, not all healthy


Points +844

05 Apr 2011

Wish I could always shop here

Great Whole Foods, I couldn't help spending a couple of hours here just looking at all the products and deciding what would fit in my suitcase. The staff was also really helpful and went out of their way to help me find a very specific brand of vegan cookies whose name I couldn't remember! Eating a wonderful cajun tofu dish and kale salad under the sun in the terrace was an added bonus.


Points +5270

18 Sep 2010

very large flagship store

While visiting friends in Austin, we wanted to see the flagship store to compare to others. It is really large and has a lot of stuff inside, but doesn't have as open a layout as some of the other newer stores. It was the first time I saw a separate nut bar (with options to make your own butters too) as well as a trail mix bar to make your own. The vegan raw counter is separated from the rest of the deli section, so it was sort of annoying to walk back and forth looking at the various options. The vegan counter is mostly raw, but it's all together whereas in the regular deli section, all the vegan stuff is intermixed with the non-vegan stuff, so you have to go looking at the labels are every counter. There is no separate hot bar/cooked vegan area like I've seen in other stores although there were plenty of different types of deli sections in general. And they make sandwiches and pizza with Daiya. We tried both of course and the sandwiches were particularly tasty. It's a make your own, so we chose Field Roast and Daiya which different breads and toppings. They grill it for you too. Really really yummy. Okay, still thinking about it....anyways, the rest of the store was quite extensive and they have a separate refrigerated beer section in the middle that you walk through (beer alley). Overall, we really liked the store, but I never give WF 5 cows as they sell meat, dairy and eggs (and promote the humane nonsense).

Pros: large store, variety of deli counters, lots of vegan items

Cons: sells meat, dairy and eggs


Points +2359

18 Sep 2010

Flagship store, crazy to miss if you're in Austin

I spent about an hour wandering the aisles looking for items that weren't in my local Whole Foods. Its a great store, however, the new stores around the country may have surpassed it in grandness.


Points +95

22 Aug 2010

huge store

Unfortunately, the vegan/raw prepared foods section is way in the back, nowhere near the other prepared foods section, and so I never got there when I went for lunch. Big beer selection and a lot of local TX produce. Nice outdoor seating, except there are tons of homeless people sitting out there! They carry a lot of local coffee beans, which is great. I wish more Whole Foods would carry as many local products as this one. And they offer Daiya vegan cheese on the pizza they make, although I didn't get to try it there.
Updated from previous review on Sunday August 15, 2010

Pros: a lot of local goods, lots of vegan/raw food, great produce

Cons: vegan/raw prep. foods is hiding


Points +65

18 Aug 2010

They got everything

Who says being a vegan is utterly boring? This store has got the widest variety of vegan, kosher, gluten-free, etc. etc. foods of all in the world. I totally love the baked goods section with the vegan cookies, brownies, parfaits, pies and cakes. They even have Daiya cheese, which you can get in packets or on a pizza by the slice at the deli. And of course the nut butters that are freshly ground and not processed with a jillion different ingredients. Seriously, you gotta check this place out!

Pros: Large store, Pleasant atmosphere, Great selection

christopher byron

Points +106

19 Jan 2010

best whole foods ever!

This whole foods is awesome. Its huge and has a great selection of groceries and a great place to grab food. If you're in austin, you need to go here!

Pros: huge, delicious

Cons: expensive


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02 Jan 2009

Nice vegan resource

A huge store with a great selection of stuff for vegans. Pretty much has anything you'll need. The prepared foods areas especially are spectacular - there's a raw/vegan station near the produce section, vegan pizza with FYH in the pizza station, vegan baked goods in the bakery area in the back, among others. Awesome stuff - you gotta love grocery stores that essentially double as food courts! Prepare to shell out some cash, though, if you do a lot of you're shopping here. Plus the meat department is unfortunately huge as well.

Pros: Big with a great selection, Great prepared foods, Good parking, central location

Cons: Expensive!, Can be tempting to overspend, Size can be overwhelming to new visitors

Digital Ghost

Points +50

16 Sep 2008

Good vegan selection

This is a large store with a good selection of products.
On the day I was there they had an unusual selection of gelati with some funky vegan options.
I especially love the self-checkouts and really wish more stores had them.

Pros: Gelati, Self-checkouts, Large store

Cons: Not really any different to most stores


Points +17199

22 Mar 2008

Holy Huge Whole Foods!

Holy huge Whole Foods! I didn't realize that this was the flagship Whole Foods when I went, but oh my. I nearly got lost in there...it's that huge. They seriously sell everything there, even clothes and jewelry. They also have an amazingly beautiful patio with a mini river flowing through it; nice place to enjoy a snack.

Pros: They Sell Everything, Nice Patio


Points +37

07 Jun 2007

grocery shopping = field trip

I wouldn't do weekly shopping here as it is a big expensive, but specialty shopping or eating lunch here is definitely a treat! Parking is taken care of with an underground parking lot, the store itself is like [censored] wonka's chocolate factory, and the bistro food is unusual and delicious. Lunch offers options for meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans, and raw foodists- something for everyone!

Pros: fun foodie experience, hard-to-find foods

Cons: expensive, crowded at lunch

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