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First Review by DJAlbertFreeman

Fantastic Place :) - Edit

I've travelled quite a lot within the UK and in Europe and been to many a Vegan store. I loved this place and think it has edged into my favourite out of them all. It's well stocked, quite a few products I hadn't seen before too, and the atmosphere is great. I could have spent a lot longer wandering around the aisles but we were on a tight schedule. The deli counter was an added bonus and we were able to pick up a healthy and filling lunch to take away. There is a seating area outside though. It was busy, cars queuing to get in the car park but the only time it felt really crowded was around the fridge section. The staff were all friendly and helpful. The products also seemed good value and excellent quality. I loved the ethos of the place and the thought that has clearly been put into every aspect of the store. Not local to me but I can see that I shall be making frequent trips to visit the Unicorn.

Pros: Everything!

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Fantastic place - Edit

I was in Manchester for a long weekend, and delighted to see my weekend workshop was in Chorlton, only a 3 min walk from the Unicorn Grocery!

I was amazed to see it so busy on Sat and Sunday lunchtimes, cars were queuing to get into the car park! The place was packed, which is brilliant.

I bought fresh savoury and sweet dishes from their own deli counter - everything I had was amazing. It was also good to get 15p off each time I re-used one of the tubs. Large range of vegan beers/ales, it was a shame I couldn't carry more back! I also bought things I don't see where I live and am looking forward to trying them.

Having first shopped here in 1998/99 when visiting family who moved away in 2004 it's great to come back after 10+ years and see it still thriving.

Pros: 100% vegan, Cakes, Deli counter

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Couldn't be better - Edit

Going to the Unicorn Grocery is such a treat, as soon as you walk through the doors there is the delicious faintly spicy smell, a brilliant choice of fresh fruit and veg, and even a range of organic seeds with some I haven't seen anywhere else for growing your own.
There is a good range of non foods and branded grocery products, and a really extensive chill cabinet. For me the most exciting thing is their extensive bulk bagged range, which is really reasonably priced. Their own bagged vegan gravy mix is unbeatable!
As I live quite a drive away, the final part of my visit to Unicorn is always going to the deli counter to get something to eat for lunch straightaway, and something for evening meal later.

Pros: Fantastic range of vegan food, Bulk bagged selection, Delicious deli options - savoury and cakes/dessert

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Vegan heaven - Edit

This is the place to go for all vegans so much high quality delicious, organic food to buy. To make it even better it has a cafe with all vegan food !!! Shame it is all the way in chorlton, there need to be more places like this in Manchester

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Fantastic Shop! - Edit

Wonderful place to go as an ethically motivated vegan shopper. So refreshing to be able to put ANYTHING in my basket without having to check the label - it's ALL vegan. Also great to know the shop looks after its workers well and supports local and global social justice. I wish every city had a Unicorn!

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Perfect grocery store - Edit

An institution in Chorlton...you won't be disappointed.
Great supplies of locally sourced fruit and veg.
Heaps of vegan fridge items.
Plentiful supplies of household goods, soaps, etc.
And then there's the cold fridge!

Pros: Cooperative , All vegan , Allotment sourced veggies

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This place is amazing. - Edit

Whilst visiting a friend in Manchester, we shopped at Unicorn twice and would've gone again, but sadly it is closed on Mondays. They have a fantastic selection of fruit and veg, reasonably priced and all organic. The refrigerated section is bursting with all kinds of hoummus, vegan cheeses, burgers, salads (we had a Laura's Idea salad that was fab), and hand pies. There were these little raw cacao bars available in so many flavors it was overwhelming: we chose only one and regretted it because it was SO good! Then there is the deli counter: the vegan pasties and pies were amazing, and the selection changes daily. We tried two flapjacks but they were a little dry. Unicorn also has a great selection of pulses, grains, nuts and seeds, which are prepackaged (by Unicorn) bulk items. Not much in the way of crisps or packaged snacks, and only a teeny tiny freezer. If I lived in Manchester, I would shop here all the time. We are visiting again next year, and this time I will be prepared to stock up! I wish we had someplace like this in NYC. Unicorn is truly one of a kind.

Pros: Great selection, All vegan, Co-operative

Cons: Not in NYC

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great for grocery shopping - Edit

I enjoyed my shopping experience here and as a resident of The Netherlands I was glad to see a sign at the cash tills saying they accepted Euros. Sadly their card machines would not accept my Dutch bank card, nor did the cash machine outside. Only Visa.

Pros: fresh fruit and veg , delicious ready-made vegan pies

Cons: unable to take Maestro cards as payment

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The Famous Unicorn Vegan Co-op - Edit

Finally got around to visiting Unicorn after living in Manchester for over a decade and it didn't disappoint.
The store has a lovely welcoming warm feel to it. I was impressed by the range of veg and how fresh it all was. I would imagine nothing stays in the shop for long, based on how busy it was was when we went on a week day lunch time.
Managed to find a few things I hadn't seen like Red Kale elsewhere and other stuff that was cheaper than my local health-food stores.
There is a cute little area for kids to play in with a big basket of apples they can help themselves to.

well worth a visit!
I wish it had a cafe.

Pros: All vegan, Quality fresh produce, Low prices especial buying in bulk.

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Great.. depending on what your after. - Edit

So it's super busy this store most of the time which is its downfall. The parking is incredibly small and sadly I don't believe the cars are all for the store.
They have the best dates in the world!! Nice selection of nuts and dried fruit. I found there fresh fruit and veg average and reminded me a bit like Asda (nothing special). Great if your a fast food vegan.. Bars, crisps, ice creams etc. not very good if your a raw vegan or watching what you eat. The deli is ok but I wouldn't say the cakes are amazing.. In fact the cake we purchased was very sad and dry. So the shop is great for "cheat day".

Pros: nice selection of nuts and dried fruit, large selection of "naughty food", lovely staff

Cons: parking could be regulated a better, like to see more organic fruit as website betrays, deli could be improved

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Vegan Supermarket - Edit

The only 100% vegan supermarket I know of.

So good not to have to check the labels of everything.

Lots of vegan products that can be difficult to find elsewhere, all under one roof.

Good deli counter.

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Reviewer Avatar

Superstore - Edit

Wonderful range of organic food at reasonable prices. Great variety of cheap fresh fruit and veg. and basic wholefoods. Good deli takeaway. Service usually good and friendly.

Pros: Wide range of wholefoods, Deli takeaway

Cons: Not open on Mondays, Could do with a cafe

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If only there were a Unicorn Grocery in every city - Edit

I've come in here a few times on visits to Manchester, and it's always somewhere I stop by if I possibly can! I was first brought here by someone I was couchsurfing with who knew I was vegan to get lunch for a conference, and was blown away from the moment I arrived. So much delicious food! And then it got even better when I found out that everything in the whole shop was vegan. I ate so much delicious food (and especially their awesome cake) that weekend.

Pros: Everything is vegan! , Loads of choice, Great food and ethics

Cons: There isn't one in every city on Earth

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Laura's Idea - Edit

So who ever this Laura is, I like her ideas! They sell these ready made dishes from this LAURA.... delicious!! The deli counter has some amazing stuff too. The bread choice is great as well! The best is of course the best fresh vegetables you get from the store. There is plenty choice and I guess you get everything you need for a weekly shop but I recommend do twice a week so that you do not waste the vegetables!

The best in the town! Trust me if you shop here, you will not shop anywhere else ( only applicable for the wonderful veggies and vegans)

Pros: Choice, Location, Very friendly staff

Cons: some things pricey

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The ULTIMATE Vegan store - Edit

Massive choice, You can do ALL your shopping here. Recycled Toilet Roll to Organic Hemp oil with everything inbetween. A wonderful local veg patch you can help with.

The people running Unicorn are doing so much to help ecological farming and the community.

Pros: Massive selection, Wonderful Staff, Amazing place


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Amazing. - Edit

Chorlton is a nice little neighborhood, and Unicorn makes it stand out. Great prices on bulk food (though it's not fill your own bag, the bulk food is already in specifically sized bags ie. 500g, 1kg, etc). All vegan; local organic produce (including some from their own farm outside the city). Their bakery section includes some wonderful bread from local bakeries as well as great flapjacks and cakes and Halva (don't know how much is baked by them and how much is just sold there), also a great tofu cheesecake. The beer/wine selection looks great too.

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Brialliant vegan grocery store with great takeaway - Edit

Huge totally vegan 'supermarket' that stocks an amazing range of products. Vast selection of organic fruit and veg, spices, alcohol etc. Delicious vegan takeaway sections with sweet and savoury foods plus hot soup. Brilliant play area for children and good value prices. Just cannot recommend this place enough.

Pros: Vegan, Excellent choice , Great Value

Cons: Too far from where I live!!

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A life saver in suburban Manchester - Edit

I love Unicorn. It sells organic fruit and veg, plus a good array of seeds to encourage you to grow your own veg, it has helpful staff/co-operative members, it has a deli bar & chiller cabinets with delicious vegan food, and it sells my favourite soya milk in six-packs. You can also get eco-friendly toiletries and household products, and they sell both sturdy re-usable bags and string bags that scrunch up small enough to put in a pocket and expand to carry your weekly shop. Whether you're just someone who wants to take care of the planet more, or someone who's a committed vegan, if you live in Manchester, Unicorn is a great place to shop.

Pros: Organic produce, Healthy food, Friendly staff

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I worship the ground this grocery walks on - Edit

Wonderful in every respect. Beautiful, organic veg, as locally sourced as possible, some even grown by the grocery itself, seedlings on sale, normal and bulk-size bags of grains, beans, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, flours, everything you could think of. Conscious, dedicated to direct relationships with suppliers, co-operative, helpful, groovy workforce, natural cosmetic available, local, decent breads, lovely place just to be in.

Pros: Great organic veg, Excellent value, Beautiful ethos

Cons: Deli counter might enjoy a revamp

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Great vegan grocery - Edit

A fantastic choice of vegan and mostly organic wholefoods... everything you could need. Flour, cereals, legumes, condiments, breads, cakes, biscuits, drinks, milk, tea, coffee, spreads and also tinned and bottled foreign foods. A well stocked deli, fridges filled with snack foods and tofu products. Fresh fruit and vegetables at mostly a better price than the big chains.
I love the organic stone ground, part rye bread with sunflower and poppy seeds - I will always pop in and buy that if I'm passing.
They also have vegan beauty products and cosmetics, household cleaners, bottles of wine and beer.
They also have a good range of seeds for growing your own stuff.
Well worth a visit... a thumbs up from me.

Pros: tidy, organised, well stocked

Cons: none that I can think of

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Reviewer Avatar

i - Edit

and ADORE Unicorn!!! I've not been since last summer - we live a bit away, you see: but I've been pormised a trip over there beofe I start college - I love buying the small jute-bags and filling them like mini-hampers for my family - SO much more environmentally friendly than gift bags and SO cuteee too! Great choice of food - if I wasn't going into modelling I'd happily eat myself to death by their deli ;D YOU HAVE TO GO!!!!

Pros: Environmetally aware, choice and brands, car park

Cons: bit hidden, bit privcey

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Top! - Edit

Great to have an all vegan shop on our doorstep. And somewhere that sells Palestinian Olive Oil. Mmm, and the deli is always worth a look-in...

Pros: good value, good range, child-friendly

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Unicorn Grocery- Out of the Ordinary - Edit

Unicorn offers an exciting range of products way beyond the normal offerings of smaller health food/vegetarian stores. I particularly liked the variety of tofu products on offer; tofu slabs, sausages, burgers etc, with varieties I haven't encountered before.

They also have some excellent vegan pies and savouries, including some very tasty items such as a tofu calzone and a Hungarian Goulash pie, again the likes of which I haven't been able to buy elsewhere. The fruit and vegetables I tried looked and tasted top drawer.

As well as a good range of toiletries, they carry some make up items such as mascara.

A good selection of vegan wines, ales and ciders. Enjoyable and easy to browse owing to the wide aisles and well thought out layout. Very pleasant staff. Well worth a trip.

Pros: offers hard to get items, cooperative, open Sundays

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Health Central - Edit

A hugely successful vegan organic supermarket with the best deli counter in Manchester. A totally ethical place, and the range of fruit and veg is very impressive. 2 small niggles: I do find their policy of sugar-free a bit contradictory. They won't stock things containing brown sugar, but will stock things with corn syrup or molasses. I also don't like the amount of SUVs in the car park. Many of the customers are clearly 'Observer-reading organic mums'.

Pros: Affordable organics, it's all vegan, the carob fridge cake :)

Cons: Some of the customers

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Wonderful - Edit

Truely is a wonderful place to shop the staff are friendly and helpful. The products are wide ranging and the choice of organic fresh produce is amazing no small crappy carrots here! Just because it's organic does NOT mean it has to be tiny (don't believe tesco ! In fact DON'T shop at Tesco shop here!) The prices are fabulous. It is a Coop which is wonderful. Being a vegan who can't eat sugar nor Yeast I find this place a life saver ! :) The range of stuff on offer is great ! Only problem I have is that they have stopped selling Buckwheat flakes :( So I go hungry at breakfast now ! :(
Oh, if yu have children they get a free apple or fruit as you walk round , they also have a play area !

Pros: Excellent value, great friendly staff

Cons: no buckwheat flakes :(

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The pinnacle - Edit

This really is the ultimate vegan shop, there are many that are great, but this really is the pinnacle. Their policies on what they do and don't stock are spot on.

Pros: variety, organic, local produce

Cons: I don't live in Mancs

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