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The Table

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1230 Wellington St, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, ON K1Y 3A1

Large vegetarian buffet spread in a cafeteria style setting. Spicy stews, raw food dishes, tea, and vegan desserts, and more. Vegan items are marked. Pay for food by weight. Est. since 2000. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, International, Organic, Western, Buffet, Salad bar, Take-out

Reviews (28)

First Review by marturey

Best Place in Ottawa & Favorite Buffet Ever! - Edit

This place has always been my favorite place to go to in Ottawa. Food is always full of flavor, there is always something new and exciting to try. Even though the menu isn't 100% vegan, the vaste majority will be. The staff are also very friendly. I recommend the seaweed salad and the coconut and pineapple pie if ever you stumble upon it. And the patties that are always first on the buffet line are a must!

Pros: So many vegan options, which will be enjoyed by no

Cons: It can be a little pricey, but I promise the food

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Home made feel - Edit

Many options for vegans and vegetarians all clearly labelled. gluten free labelled as well. lots of desserts Too!! has a cozy atmosphere and food tastes like it was made at home with love.

Pros: clearly labelled options , pay by weight , the cornbread!

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Easy to ID exactly what you're eating + DELICIOUS! - Edit

For Vegans and Vegetarians, nut allergies and no gluten, the labeling makes The Table so easy and the food is excellent! Full of people and warm with local art on the walls. It’s a buffet that has a WIDE variety of vegetarian and vegan food including large variety of desserts and one soup. Just grab a tray and dish and start loading up your plate. Everything was completely clearly labeled with all of the ingredients for each dish on the label. That’s very helpful. If you don’t like mustard, avoid it. If you want quinoa, find it. Clear and easy to identify what was vegan and gluten free or both. All of the salads were made (no salad bar, per se), but they had salads with beets, dandelion, kale, chard, spinach, cucumbers; every veggie main was accounted for. Full hot main dish bar including tofu dishes, rice dishes, curries, samosas, etc. I’m guessing the selection changes daily. Separate dessert bar with fruit dessert choices like crumbles and killer vegan chocolate cake and carrot cake. You pay by the weight of your plate. I had potato dill salad, hot mushrooms, and then a cold mushroom salad, dandelion salad, chard salad, kale salad with tahini dressing, spinach salad in balsamic hot beets in a Dijon sauce, raspberry vinaigrette salad, rice pilaf, and more. They had tofu fritters with onion chutney, curried tofu and many other dishes that I just didn’t have room for, and bread as well. There are many buffets and deli counters in the world, but you really don’t know what is in the food. It would be great for the customers if everyone listed their ingredients like The Table does, (and the vendor would be held to a higher standard if they disclosed what was in the food.) The Table is the kind of place where you could eat daily and I’ve already been there again!

Pros: Excellent Flavors

Cons: Few No Oil Foods

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Pretty good - Edit

Decent place for a casual meal. They had separate stations for hot food, cold food/salad stuff, and desserts. Almost everything was vegan as far as I could remember (except for a dairy cheesecake), and a lot of dishes were gluten-free as well. Ingredients were wholesome, food wasn't greasy or heavy, actually quite healthy in general. I only had the hot food, some were tasty, some were just okay. The highlight, though, was the desserts! Make sure to sample some of them before leaving. My partner and I shared three different cakes and the chocolate pudding stuff. They were all delicious without being too sweet.

However, my main gripe with pay-by-weight buffet is always the price, and this one was no different. When there're so many choices lying in front of you, you'll want to try a bit of everything, and the next thing you know, you'll be spending too much than you would've liked. Be prepared to pay $20 per person for an adequate plate of food with dessert... Or just don't come starving :)

Pros: healthy food, great desserts, nice staff

Cons: pricey

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Horribly Expensive - Edit

I was frankly shocked at the price of the food. My plate was over $20 and it wasn't a lot of food. The food itself seemed to be made of decent ingredients but wasn't well presented and not really hot or fresh enough, especially considering the price. I won't be going back.

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One of my favourite spots :) - Edit

I love going to the table - always a good meal! Great selection of very different dishes, made healthfully, and they list all the ingredients so that you can choose exactly what you'd like to eat. Fantastic selection of teas and desserts, and they have soups but I always forget to look for them before loading my plate :) They also have a frequent customer card, which is great. My favourite stop for lunch on the way home from a trip to MEC in Westboro :)

Pros: delicious healthy food, great staff, great value

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health-food; it's a misnomer - Edit

Eating at "The Table" - for the most part; it's the experience that matters more. As to the food choices; you won't go hungry; the hot/cold buffet has a bit for everyone and the variety of foods are so good, you can't help but putting a little of almost everything on your plate.

Pros: good food, friendly staff, a nice place to eat

Cons: a bit short on floor space, only when busy

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Wonderful! - Edit

This is one of my all-time favourite restaurants. The first time I walked in, I instantly felt the good energy. It's a real relaxed atmosphere always decorated with local artist works. It's definitely a perfect spot for a date or a meal with mom. Everytime I finish my food (which is assorted vegan buffet) I not just feel full, but FULFILLED. There is a difference! The desserts are fabulous as well.

Pros: Excellent food, Great variety, Super healthy

Cons: A tad pricey

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Delicious - Edit

I took my 11 year old here for lunch (under protest, she wanted to go to Wendy's!) we both really enjoyed it - the food was delicious!

Pros: Healthy, Tasty, No parking issue

Cons: Dont know cost until it gets rung throug

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Love it! - Edit

I love your location but especially your food choices. I also love your environment as most people do not wear stinky perfume, and this is important to me as I experience Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. I believe its because of similar values and beliefs.

Pros: excellent healthy food, safer environment (less perfume/cologne), friendly staff

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A Standby - Edit

Been to this restaurant many, many times. A relative thinks its the best restaurant in Canada, although I have found the heated foods not hot enough. Creative and healthy selections, and introduced me how to eat kale (mashed potatoes, sesame salad), parsnip (mashed, savory pie), and other foods. Generous discount if you show your National Capital Vegetarian Membership Association card. I love the wood tables/chairs. The deserts are wonderful but there are so many you could easily overdue you budget (financially and calorically speaking). You do have to pay attention to the ingredient lists if you are vegan, but useful for those who have food sensitivities. They use a self-serve water cooler that purifies the water, so it tastes much better than tapwater. They have a bulletin board in the entry so you can find out what is going on in town.

Pros: fast, healthy, ingredient lists

Cons: tepid

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Good consistent food - Edit

I am not yet a vegetarian, so my first time at the Table was a revelation. Yes, there are choices I make that are not quite to my taste here, but there is enough variety that I always have a satisfying meal. There are plenty of dessert options. I particularly enjoy the cheesecake and the chocolate raspberry cake. There are gluten-free options. The avocado an tomato salad DOES have citrus and cilantro in it. I visit once a month when I am in the area for business. They have a special offer, eat there 10 times paying at least $10. and the next visit get $10. off the meal. I am not fond of the "paying by weight" either, but I usually pay about $13.00 for dinner which includes the patties, some veggies, perhaps lasagna, avocado salad, slaw, and at least two small portions of dessert. I took a meat lover friend here, and he loved the food. I think it is a good place to eat, and will return many times.

Pros: good food and selection, great desserts, convenient location

Cons: small trays, cramped buffet layout

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Good food but poor presentation - Edit

My omnivore boyfriend and I recently went to the Table for the first time thanks to a great review from a family member. As a vegan for 2 years I avoided the restaurant because I was not fond of the cafeteria setting and pay by weight. When we first entered the restaurant we were a little uncomfortable. The buffet tables were dated and sloppy looking and the decor was pretty old looking. However, being hungry we loaded up our plates with a huge variety. To our surprise the food was DELICIOUS!! Great flavors, hot, good variety and totally satisfying! My only complaint would Be in the dessert department, ok but nothing special. I would go again for the food but its very casual and doesn't really have a restaurant feel to it. Price wasn't too bad for the quantity.

Pros: Good food, Friendly staff, Spacious

Cons: Buffet style, Dated decor, Pay by weight

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I like it but..... - Edit

If I didn't personally like Simon Saab as an individual, I'd likely stick to the Green Door. The food always seems to clock in a little bit into the territory of "good/great" but a bit more than I want to pay for it.

Easily accessible, lots of parking and usually always a free table. Art on the walls consistently tacky and *blech*

Pros: very good food, nice staff, good spot for corner watching

Cons: price, art on walls

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The Table - Edit

I enjoy both The Table and The Green Door, and although the Green Door tends to have a wider selection, The Table has improved in this aspect. I prefer the seating at The Table - the tables aren't as close together so it doesn't feel as crowded.
Either of these restaurants are a sure thing if you're looking for quality vegan/vegetarian options. If you don't load up too much on the heavier foods, the price will be reasonable considering the quality of the food.

Pros: excellent food, healthy cuisine, choose your own portions

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Nothing special but not bad either. - Edit

Like i said about The Green Door, this place can be nice to find vegan food, but there is nothing exciting about the flavors. They have limited choices of vegan sweets. They have a lot of different food, but i was not inspired to try everything. I ended up with a big salad, some steamed veggies and tofu, and tried the desserts. I still think that this kind of places is useful when you're vegan. I just wish they could make food that's a little more creative.

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The Better of Two Veggie Buffets - Edit

I prefer The Table to the Green Door - no question - in terms of value for the (still pretty steep) cost, and food selection. There's always an option for vegan desserts (and one that doesn't include chocolate, which I personally appreciate!) and I find that there's usually a very quick replacement of food which keeps food hot and selection high. Finally, there's a pretty diverse set of food options (salads, curries, pies, veggies, raw options, soup, etc), so it's likely that everyone you go with can find something, and eat the amount they want. There's a good amount of seating also, and Westboro is a great location if you want to wander around before or after!

Pros: location, food selection , dishes quickly refilled

Cons: cost

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Wonderful meal - Edit

This is one of my favorite restaurants. It had a calm and cozy atmosphere. About 98% of the dishes are vegan, and all are absolutely marvelous. Although a meal can quickly add up, because it is organic, vegan (for the most part), and fresh, it is well worth the price. A meal for two people with desert is about $40.

There is no waiting for meals to be brought to you, as it is buffet style, or to be seated. Take-out is also a simple serve-yourself option. This restaurant is truly a worthwhile experience in and of itself.

Pros: healthy, friendly staff, delicious

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A good, reliable veg buffet - Edit

I like this place. The atmosphere is really nice, there's always interesting art on the walls from local artists, it's bright and spacious. The food is good; sure sometimes I get a bit bored with it because I tend to eat the same stuff every time, but at least it's consistently good. Their onion chutney is amazing. The corn & dill patties are excellent too, and sometimes they make a vegan pastry thing that is to die for. Plus the avocado tomato salad, very nice. And of course, the desserts are great.
Everything is clearly labelled with ingredients, which is really helpful.

Pros: Tasty food, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Can be pricey, Hard not to eat too much!

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You get your money's worth - Edit

I had mixed feelings because of the mixed critics on HappyCow, but I'm really glad I went! So yeah it's a 'bit' pricey, like $19.90 per kilo (I had quite a big meal, incl. $8 of desert, and it came to $24), but the food is reaaaally good. Some of the things are just OK and not as worth it, so of course if you pile all lot of the wrong thing onto your plate you're going to come away thinking it was bland, but I was really satisfied having taken a little bit of everything. The really delicious things way balance out the more 'average' things!

The staff was really nice and helpful, the labels were very clear and showed all the ingredients, there was lots of choice, and the atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable. Some people complain about the cafeteria side of it, but I think that's being a bit difficult. I like being able to chose what I eat, and to have a multitude of different tastes, and it means you don't have to wait to be served! Also, buffet = not tip needed.

I wish there was something like this in Montreal.

Pros: Lots of tasty and healthy choices, Amazing vegan deserts, Nice staff and atmosphere

Cons: Bit expensive but definitely worth it

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veggiewoman 26 Aug 2009 - There is! Le Commensal.

A Family Favorite - Edit

The TABLE is where we eat when we want a sure thing in the standard of food. Their food is great. Friday night is wheat free lasagna!

The secret is to not eating too much is to use a small plate for your meal then there is room for dessert.

The food here is made by chefs and it tastes like it is made by chefs! Their cheesecake is outstanding! Vegan desserts don't usually fly with me, but the coconut pie is delicious!

Price is very reasonable for the quality.

Pros: healthy food, many choices, fresh/raw

Cons: None that we see!

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Delicious - Edit

I've been to this place a couple of times, and it's a real treat. I love the buffet, the only problem is I end up taking way more food than I can actually eat because I want to try a bit of everything!

Pros: Great buffet selection, Delicious food

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Lack-lustre - Edit

I thought the food was way too over-priced. Sure, it's by weight, but it's a big rip-off. The desserts were pretty good, but the salads were a joke- I mean, HUGE chunks of avocado and tomato with some oil on it. Where's the flavour...what about a lime and cilantro dressing?? The food was somewhat cold and lacked flavour. I know places like that try to cater to everyone, but lack of spice shouldn't mean lack of flavour, and it shouldn't cost three people over 50 bucks to have a light dinner and drinks. I'd recommend the Green Door and the Wild Oat far above this rip-off. The only thing cool about it is the sign outside and all the great postings at the door. Or maybe you could go there for tea and desert.

Pros: good desert, lots of community postings, large variety

Cons: food is COLD and overpriced!, lame atmosphere, ghost-like service

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A "Table" Critic - Edit

I went there today and it was just great. It was clean, bright and had very nice music playing creating a good ambience. The staff was very attentive and the pricing was reasonable, about $1.50/100 g. There was a good selection of food, especially salads and desserts. Everything was labeled clearly. The "meat"balls were very good. The pizza I found very dissapointing, but the lemon cheesecake was to die for.

Pros: variety of healthy food, good ambience, affordable

Cons: some foods dissapointing

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The Table - Edit

This place was ok but nothing special.. I am not a fan of the pay by weight buffet concept but despite that I found the food rather bland.. There were some good choices though.. I really liked the tempeh patties they have.. The atmosphere in the restaurant is quite nice (relaxing).. This place can be a little expensive though because you pay by weight.. The location is about 15mins drive from downtown.. We walked from downtown and it took close to one hour.. Don't get me wrong, this place wasn't bad but I didn't find the food anything special..

Pros: atmosphere, a lot of variety

Cons: price, food not outstanding, location

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