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Organic market & vegan cafe serving daily breakfast, brunch, and lunch foods plus healthy drinks, and a selection of sweets. Find options like waffles, grain bowls, brown rice sushi, tofu scamble, green smoothie, raw entrees, and raw pies. Hosts workshops and community events. Est. since the 2000s and under current ownership since 2010. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by abrigham


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28 Sep 2023

Healthy and good

The golden curry noodle dish was good. My only complaint was it was more of a soup than a bowl of noodles, veggies & tofu.



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02 Sep 2023


One of the best smoothies I’ve ever had - Pink Haze. Cute store with friendly staff. Ethical approach


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16 Aug 2023

Rápido e delicioso

Comida saudável, saborosa, bonita, rápida. Tudo perfeito. Num ambiente agradável e q vc ainda a pode fazer compras

Pros: Rapidez, Sabor , Ambiente


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10 Jun 2023

Delicious Raw Dishes!

Tasty and wholesome raw dishes. Very healthy options!!


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21 May 2023

Healthy vegan food!

I was super excited to try this place - a lot of vegan restaurants and cafes mostly serve junk food so a healthy option was much welcome change!

I got the waffles - I know they were a healthy alternative so they weren’t going to be the same but they just seemed a bit flavourless and dry. I found them difficult to eat with a knife and fork. Unfortunately I only tried the waffles but maybe next time I can try something a little more tasty!

I did however enjoy browsing the store and picking up a few organic and sustainable supplies!

Pros: Good location , Healthy vegan options, Convenient health food store

Cons: Disappointing waffles


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02 Feb 2023


Every year I miss it, but this year it was made priority! Today I had the pleasure of trying the Rosy Qi hot chocolate and it was out of this world delicious! It’s a must try (only available for the next two weeks 😭)

Pros: All vegan

Cons: A little on the expensive side


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31 Dec 2022

Fresh, healthy and delicious!

Wow! What an experience at Eternal Abundance. Everything we had was top-tier. All organic, all fresh, and all healthy! We ordered the Kale Caesar, the incredi-bowl, spicy kimchi rolls, raw sandwich, and crackers and dip. As mentioned before, everything was great. If I had to choose, I’d say my favorite was mini slaw salad that came with the raw sandwich. Also ordered a few desserts which, from what I tried thus far, is delicious as well.

This restaurant is also a market with all organic produce, spices and other things. I would definitely be a regular here if I lived in Vancouver.


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19 Aug 2022

My kind of restaurant!

Healthy, light, delicious, lots of raw, minimal oil and salt, whole and unprocessed, fresh, creative, many choices

Pros: Lots of raw options , Minimal or no salt, oil, sugar, Tasty and fresh

Cons: None


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06 Aug 2022


Super fresh menu, with cute outdoor space and a very nice supermarket! Also great for people that are gluten free.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-06


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30 Oct 2021

Best vegan/ raw vegan place in town

I LOVE coming here! It’s the best place for raw vegan food! The sushi roll is to die for and the Caesar salad a piece of poetry! I always come here when I’m in YVR, even though it’s an hour walk from my hotel. Thank you for surviving covid and for offering truly healthy plant based food!

Pros: Amazing + healthy raw food options, Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sweets! , Little shop with cool stuff


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04 Oct 2021

Amazing place!

This place has such a amazing vibe, and the food is what I think of as “traditional vegan”, meaning the focus is mostly healthy Whole Foods but made delicious. The fact that they have a small grocery section (mostly spices and the like from what I could see), is just another plus. Definitely give this one a try if you’re in the mood for something healthy but still filling (the portions were pretty big in my opinion)!


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20 Apr 2021

5 Star YUMM!!!

I bought the Alex’s Salad (delicious dressing) and the Spicy Kimchi Roll (5 Star YUMM) for my ferry ride back to the Sunshine Coast and it really hit the spot. I already look forward to my next trip to the mainland.

Pros: Great selection , All organic, Super tasty


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20 Jan 2021


Fantastic food in a great area!!

Pros: Vegan options , Really yummy


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08 Dec 2020

I love it

This place has great food! Super healthy and good options. I like that I can try raw vegan here!


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06 Sep 2020

The vegan homemade butter!!!

The moment I stepped into this place I was convinced I was at the right place at the right time. Citar music playing in the background. Very nice and authentic staff! I ordered a meal on the brunch menu (I think you can ordered it until 2pm). Quinoa and oats waffles with hemp milk. Topped with homemade jam, coconut shreds if I remember right and the delicious homemade vegan butter. It came with a side of fruits and real maple syrup!! When my meal came to the table it looked medium sized but happily the waffles were surprisingly very filling. I love that it's all vegan and organic!!
The masala latte was good. Although, I would suggest a tid bit more of cardomom. I recommend this place 100%. Lovely place to explore and to bring an omnivore😉I sha'll next time!

Updated from previous review on 2018-08-28

Pros: Amazing food, Friendly staff, Nice vibe


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17 May 2020

Everything is vegan 🌱🎶

I love how you can walk in and have so much selection of great local products💗 they offer a market, small book selection, and some great vegan food with love and care. 😊


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23 Feb 2020

Great for breakfast

I had waffles and matcha latte, and really enjoyed it. The service was OK, I felt a bit like I was interrupting the guy at the counter’s day, he took my order and payment and didn’t tell me where to find cutlery or assure me that my food wouldn’t be long... interaction done. That’s aside the staff didn’t bother me once I had my food, which I like, some places check in far too often. The cafe is set at the front of a small grocery store which has a lot of vegan products, fresh fruit and veg. I really liked the vibe of the place but didn’t need any thing from the shop as I was rolling through as a tourist. As a POC I didn’t perceive and micro aggressions or micro invalidations but this may be because the very characterless/utilitarian service in general, if you want to feel human warmth then bring your own.

Pros: Good vegan breakfast, Little shop, Nice bright decor

Cons: Impersonal service


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06 Feb 2020

Day key lime pie tho

Stumbled upon this lace and needed to escape the rain! Bought a key lime pie and it was worth every penny. So damn good and made out of avocado which is something I always wanted to try!!!


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06 Feb 2020

Great organic market with awesome raw treats

Had the nainamo raw pie and it was delicious!


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08 Oct 2019

Amazing Business to Support

Eternal Abundance is an entirely vegan-run grocery store and cafe. The food is delicious and the groceries are local, organic and there is very limited packaging and a good selection of bulk items. I had the burrito bowl on special when I ate there and it was so so good. The sunflower sour cream was like nothing I’ve ever had before!!

Pros: Delicious, Local & Organic , Large Portion Size for Entree

Cons: Price


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28 Jul 2019

All vegan and organic

Delicious, healthy meals on the Drive. Cafe has small selection of well-priced produce and groceries. Also sells raw desserts at counter.

I found the Raw Mushroom burger to be tasty and filling. The onion bread (instead of lettuce wrap) was so good! Others enjoyed the Nori rolls and vegetables. Will have to visit again and try more of the menu!

Pros: All vegan, Raw options, Grocery and produce selection


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30 Jun 2019

Great place for raw

This place is a raw-based place with some good food selections that also sells produce. Came here for lunch, some raw juice and a snack and did some shopping as well.

Pros: All vegan


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21 Jun 2019

Amazing little place

I love how EVERYTHING is vegan and that I don't have to worry about anything. Also it's so cool that it's a three in one. Market, shop and restaurant. This is probably gonna be my new go to place on the drive. The atmosphere and the staff are also very nice.


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11 May 2019


Smoothies bowl with rawnola was good. My cousin had a salad bowl and she said it was really good. Love the space.


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11 Apr 2019

So healthy

Most nutrient dense food you can find! Such an amazing place. Very fresh grocery section too. Thank you!

Pros: Everything


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03 Apr 2019

Loved it!

Raw food for the people! High integrity market with cafe attached. I can’t say enough good about this place. So many high vibe raw items on the menu and for sale. And they served without plastic and take care to be waste free. In fact, you can purchase herbs, powders, supplements in their glass jars and bring them jars back for deposit refund - they will sterilize and reuse. How it should be. I’m a sucker for ceasar and their Kale Ceasar with raw croutons and olives is fantastic. Loved the raw slaw. Also, the mix of fresh lemon ginger cayenne in their shot is perfectly balanced. Love it.


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03 Mar 2019

Good place

Good whole food vegan raw selection.

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