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Serves meat, vegan options available. A plant based experience with meat and fish as optional extras. The fixed price plant-based menu is constantly evolving depending on seasons and local producers. Open Tue-Sat 18:30-22:30, Wed-Fri 12:00-14:00. Closed Sun-Mon.

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First Review by mundieh


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14 Jun 2023

Great food

I went there with my non-vegan family, and we had a great time.

First of all, it is indeed true like the last reviewer has written, that it says that you cannot reserve on the terrasse. However, when you book through their online system, you can actually book outside.

On Saturdays they only have a fixed 4-course menu. The one we got was very tasty. Beautiful presentation and flavorful. Fresh veggies with wonderful sauces and crispy additions. For the first dish we also got a thick slice of amazing bread. Still, I agree with the last reviewer that the food could have been more filling, or at least bigger portions.

It is also important to note that although they call themselves plant-based, the set menu is vegetarian, not vegan. If you want the vegan menu, you just ask for it upon arrival. The menus are not very different. You can add cheese or meat, which I did not of course, but for meat eaters I love the concept of having to add them instead of them already being a part of the meal. However, it must be said that for writing so much about how bad meat is on their website, it's quite weird - to put it mildly - that they serve meat and fish at all.

The beer that they serve is great. It was not the case for us that we got cans. We got draft beer, and all the three types I tried held high quality. The service was also good. Beautiful surroundings at St. Boniface.

Pros: Beautiful surroundings, Good beer, Tasty food

Cons: That they serve meat and fish at all, That the menu is not vegan by default



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10 Jun 2023

"Plant-based" here is only a marketing ploy, also make sure all dishes are really vegan!

The restaurant advertises a "plant-based experience". This is misleading. There is only one set menu (so no choice at all), which consists of two starters, one "main" and a dessert. However, the thing is that this menu consists of very small portions which are essentially just veggies. So if one wants to get some proteins (and some satiation), one needs to order the optional extras – none of wich are plant based! There were 7 options that were all meat- or seafood-based, but not one vegan or even vegatarion one! (No tofu, tempeh, plant-based burger, falafel, pulses, or whatever, which should be easy – and a matter of course – for a "plant-based" restaurant.)

The food itself was good, and the ambition of the place is obviously to do some "high-cuisine"-like cooking (the food comes with marinades, sauces, little dots of different purees, etc. and is nicely arranged on the plate). Perhaps this also explains the mini portions, but then 4 courses are not enough; high-cuisine has small portions but then more courses. In our case, the first starter essentially consisted of three slices of zucchini and half a shallot. The second starter was essentially a quarter eggplant. The main was essentially a small pile of slices of cellery root and some mushrooms – and non-declared cheese!!! (So make sure to ask if all dishes are vegan before ordering; this should really not be necessary in a "plant-based" restaurant, especially as they do not list the allergens in their menu, either.) And the dessert was then a small lump of strawberry sorbet with some crumbles and slices of strawberries and shavings of rhubarb.

If the ambition of the place is to be high-cuisine, then they still have a long way to go to really offer a fine-dining experience: The two different beers we had ordered came both in cans! (My friend and I just looked into each others eyes and laughed.) That's not fine-dining and it's not environmentally-friendly (what one would perhaps expect from a plant-based restaurant). Not to mention that our cutlery was never replaced between the courses. So overall, paying over 100 EUR for two people for a bit of veggies, two beers, a water and one optional extra for my friend (which he said was not very good), is clearly too much for what one gets, even if the food in the set menu is good (but possibly only vegetarian and not vegan). Also, on their website they say "No reservations for the terrasse", but when we got there, half the terrass was reserved. Poor service.

Pros: Food was good

Cons: No vegan proteins/extras, Non-declared cheese in the dishes, Price and ambition do not match what is delivered


14 Jun 2023

Hi! Thank you for the very comprehensive review, I love that! Just one question: You criticize them for not being environmentally friendly, and then the next thing you do is to criticize them for not changing your cutlery? Isn't that a bit strange? I agree with you on the protein/filling food part, but I guess it's more about the flavors


15 Jun 2023

Cutlery is washed, not thrown out. Minimal environmental impact. And for a fine-dining experience, I'd rather have not beer in a can and instead new cutlery for a new dish (or not pay fine-dining prices). And the point about the protein is that meat-eaters are fully catered for (in a self-declared "plant-based" restaurant), while vegans are not. So it's not very welcoming to vegans, not inclusive nor thoughtful.


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04 Feb 2023

Misleading "plant based" restaurant

Presented as plant based, all the courses are made non-vegan. The vegan alternatives are smaller. Mushrooms we had were tasteless. Portions are way too small. Pricy.

Pros: Vegan tolerated

Cons: Pricy , Unaware of vegan ethics.


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11 Jun 2022

Paying a concept

Overpriced, portions too small, vegan options could have been more satiating for a dinner menu. Quality is ok, the dishes are very innovative and flavourful, but not balanced in terms of nutrition, portion size and price. Staff is friendly but service is not optimal.


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04 Mar 2022

Michelin star quality

There is one thing you should know about me: i find good food really important. It is a fulfilling exprience when you go to a restaurant where food has been made with passion and love. Savage is this kind of restaurant.

The combinations of taste, the creativity in the dishes, the quality of the food. It is a delicious and happy experience. On top of that: they try to work with as many local (Brussels) products as possible. I would give the restaurant five stars if I could on this app, because Savage is one of the best, I dare say even the best, restaurant I have ever been to. And that for the price of 35€ for a 4 course plant based menu (you can add little meat & fish dishes (to share) with the menu (€10-€18/dish)!

Do yourself a delicious favour and discover what Savage has to offer, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-04

Pros: Local, fresh, good quality food, Menu at 35€ (everyone eats the same menu), Amazing taste combinations

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