Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Belgium

Belgium (1885 listings)

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Travel Notes:
The Flemish part of Belgian is more vegetarian/vegan friendly than the french speaking part. Gent is one of the best cities for vegetarians in Europe with many cafs and restaurants.
However, in a lot of places, the few vegetarian options will include cheese. Things are changing though, more and more health food stores are opening, and there is a vegetarian/vegan section in most very supermarket.

Useful phrases:

I eat vegetarian
Je mange végétarien
Ik eet vegetarisch
I do not want...
Je ne veux pas…
Ik wil niet…
I do not eat meat
Je ne mange pas de viande
Ik eet geen vlees
I do not eat fish
Je ne mange pas de poisson
Ik eet geen vis
I do not eat eggs
Je ne mange pas d’œufs
Ik eet geen eieren