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16/4-5 Patak Km.2 Rd, Tambol Karon, Amphoe Muang Phuket, Phuket, Thailand

Santosa Wellness Center offering accommodation, yoga, juice bar, and a terrace restaurant that serves raw and vegan food (except for honey). Offers buffet every Sat night, and pickup service within Kata and Karon area. Perched high in the hilltops overlooking Kata Beach. Open Mon-Sun 11:30am-10:00pm.

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19 Reviews

First Review by leab

amazing! - Edit

Food and service Was amazing. Big menu, good view. We tried the lasagna, sphagetti with pesto, hercules drink and another drink We dont remember the Name of. Ordered two panini with veggie ham to go. Recommend everyone to try this resturant if you are in phuket!

Pros: everything, view, food and service

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Vegan Buffet near Kata Beach - Edit

Based on the reviews, I really wanted to love this buffet. I think it important to keep in mind that it is being rated as 5 stars "for Phuket", meaning, in terms of the food you can get here, Santosa is a nice change of pace from other places on Phuket, but it is not 5 star food in terms of what is available worldwide.

We were a bit disappointed with the variety of food, which amounted to 4 hot dishes, 2 pizzas, a roll, a cold soup, and a small salad bar. Again, great for Phuket, but based on other reviews we expected to see some pasta dishes and just more variety generally. The omnivore I was eating with struggled a bit, even though he generally isn't fussy about vegan eating.

Personally, I've been in Phuket for over two weeks so being able to eat some Western style vegan food came as a nice change of pace. The pizza was good, as were the polenta and cauliflower dishes I tried. I left feeling like I'd eaten enough and that the food was of good quality. For Phuket. Though again, I would have liked another choice or two.

The restaurant itself is a very nice environment, and the ocean views are beautiful. Get there around sunset for the best result.

At 499 baht, which at the time of this review is approximately $16.50, it's not a super great value. It is easy to vegan eat in Thailand for $5-6. But the nice surrounding and Western style foods may make it worth splashing out on if you are in the area. Unfortunately, the addition of one drink and a dessert add a whopping 200 baht to the meal, and we passed on that. Instead, we decided to eat some of the fruits that were at the end of the buffet. Well, turns out those fruits though right next to the buffet were not part of it, and we were charged an extra 100 baht for a mango and a couple of bananas. Not a fantastic surprise at the end of a meal that was already very pricey for Thailand.

I think Santosa is best for those who have been on the island awhile and want a break from Thai food, or those traveling here not interested in a truly Thai experience, or those who are traveling here in which money isn't really an object. If you're on Phuket for a budget beach vacation, Santosa won't be for you. Otherwise...perhaps check it out.

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Among the best non-Thai restaurants in Thailand - Edit

Santosa's restaurant is a foodie's paradise with a lovely view over Kata.

Serving an inventive mix of gourmet Italian cuisine and international raw food standards, plus a variety of soups, salads, drinks and desserts, Santosa has something to please just about everyone. As of Feb 2018, they say everything is vegan (whereas honey was used in the past, so vegans might still want to ask to be sure).

Our favorites were the pumpkin ravioli, the lasagna bolognese, the salads, and the desserts. The drinks are great, too, though steeply priced for the portions.

Our only complaint is that they charge 3% extra for payments by credit card, which is unreasonable considering how expensive this place is. Elsewhere in Thailand (and around the world), restaurants of this category do not nickle-and-dime their customers with extra charges like this. But even if Santosa insists on continuing this unorthodox practice, they should do a much better job of informing their customers about it *before* the order is taken, not at the very end when it's too late for those who aren't carrying sufficient cash.

The Saturday dinner buffet (6:30 pm onward) is good value if you're hungry.


Updated from previous review on Saturday February 07, 2015

Updated from previous review on 2015-02-09

Pros: Delicious vegan food, good mix of raw and cooked items

Cons: 3% credit card fee (wasn't made clear in advance)

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Delicious Vegan Cuisine - Edit

Santosa is not to be missed if you are about the veg life and in Phuket. It is a wonderful spot up in the hills with a nice view of the beach. They have a great fully vegan menu with lots of raw options as well. Certainly the tastiest meal I had in Phuket. Don't leave without trying some dessert!

Pros: Amazing food, Wonderful view

Cons: A bit far away

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Wonderful place for people in to whole foods and raw - Edit

The restaurant is connected to a yoga/detox retreat up on the hills. It has such a nice view and the staff were extremely friendly.

Everything is vegan! *thumbs up* As I understood by the waiter and when I looked through the menu. (There is honey in a few things tho!)

Awesome food! Small but great green juices and smoothies. Many nice raw dishes but also plantbased whole foods. It felt very clean and fresh.

The main dishes were about 200-300 and with smoothies desserts and appetizers you will land on approx 1000 bath so kinda high prices (for thailand) But soooo worth it!

Mushroom risotto was AWESOME!
And the raw zoodles with pesto

Pros: Menu, Staff, The view

Cons: You have to take a taxi there

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Full of fantasy dishes. Fantasia Vegana ! - Edit

Un chef italiano crea una carta diferente y creativa.
Los Miércoles y Sabados a partir de las 18:30 tienen buffet, mejor reservar sitio, el lugar se llena, es muy bonito con vistas al atardecer y el mar.
Tuve agradable charla con el chef, debo decir algunos platos no me gustaron mucho como la coliflor rebozada, no estaba rico para mi gusto, el gazpacho era fuerte para mí . Lo demás era muy rico y el postre. Creo es mejor venir por carta no al buffet.
Tengo que ir a probar muchos de los platos veganos que tienen.

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Highly recommend coming to Santosa.. BEST vegan buffet I have ever had! Well priced and will definitely be coming back here again! I love it here!!

Pros: Buffet

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Best vegan food in THailand - Edit

This place is a vegan heaven . Food is really good and the quality is really high .
Try the mushrooms fettuccine , lasagna, pumpkin ravioli , the pesto linguine , the cakes and panna that is a aubergine big cotolette
Everything is so tasty , big and well presented portions . The Chef is Italian and that 's the secret .
Staff really professional and nice . Place relaxing and good price . The best ever tried in Thailand .

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Really worth it! - Edit

You'll miss thai prices, but the food and the service is outatanding!

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Buffet is amazing!! - Edit

Watch closely for the Wellness center sign on the highway as the driveway is on a curve on a hill.


Beautiful place set on the side of a hill. You look down the mountain to the ocean far below.

Friendly efficient service > with one exception. I asked for water, on the bill was the ridiculous charge of 120b for the one small bottle of water!

The waitress said that is correct. We looked at the menu. It showed a glass of water for 15b and a bottle of water that was 60b (already crazy expensive) then an “Italian” water for 120b.

Why did you bring me a 120b bottle of water with no checking in with me? She said they were all out of the other water. I told her I did not feel comfortable with paying 120b for water and asked that the price be dropped. She said that she would not.

What a disappointing end to what was a very enjoyable experience up to that point. I felt mistreated and don’t know if I will ever return, in spite of the good food.

On to the food > Started with a dish called “Path” 250b – Exquisite taste!!! By far the best vegetarian dish I have eaten on Phuket Inland so far. Often I will find a really tasty dish that makes my mouth sing for the first few bites but then the novelty wears off. Not this dish, every single bite was a very pleasurable experience. It is made with pappardelle, garlic, king oyster mushrooms, and luohangue. Wow! Thanks to whoever came up with this dish!

Spring Panini 170b (Not cooked on a traditional Panini grill, just a sandwich on a bun really) Multi-grain bun was light and tasty. Veggie ham, veggie mayo, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Very good but not near the level of excellence of our first dish.

“Mindfulness” 220b – raw zucchini spaghetti, basil pesto, tiny traces of hemp protein, and almonds. It was okay.

In spite of the water incident returned to try their buffet. What a spread!!
Yellow Curry > superb!
Ratatouille > yummy!
Pumpkin Soup > sweet but very good
Stuffed Tomatoes > okay
Potato, Dill, and Olive Salad > delicious!
Bean Salad > very good
Papaya Salad > yummy
Carrot Salad > good
Cucumber Salad > okay
Dragon Fruit Salad > okay
Kimchi Salad > I am not big on fermented foods but this was very good
Mango Salad > Wow!
Wrap made with white flour > no thanks
Pizza made with white flour crust > tasted good but where is the whole grain flour??
Potato Gnocchi > superb flavor but made with white flour
Fettuccini made with white flour > okay

Pros: Location, Fresh tasty foods

Cons: Expensive, Using white flour instead of whole multigrain

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Beautiful Food - Edit

Amazing vegan menu, gourmet. A little pricy but definitely worth it. Try the Attachment pasta, it is absolutely to die for!

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unexpectedly good - Edit

Having had no big expectations, my husband and I decided to give it a try and headed to this restaurant, that is located up on the hills. Unfortunately it took much more time and efforts to get there (Google maps was suggesting one more comfortable way but we took other route and went up the hill, eventually passing through some private property). A little advice for those, who is interested in visiting this restaurant - demand a pick up. it's available.
If you are in the town for a weekend, make sure you don't miss out on vegan buffet, which turns out to be quite delicious and it's according to my partner, who is not even vegetarian. A variety of salads, a soup, mock meat, lasagne and veggies were offered. If one desired so one could order at no extra costs additional dishes, on our night: risotto with mushrooms and pasta with tomato and eggplants. I indulged in a dessert and ordered a raw vegan raspberry cake, that we both found very tasty.
They offer a lot of juices and smoothies and have even a wine list (presumably not vegan).
The general atmosphere was chic and the view over the town was very special.
Staff was friendly and forthcoming.
Very worthwhile and highly recommended!

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Wonderful food! - Edit

This place is excellent! A great find in Phuket on Kata Hill overlooking the ocean. They have a good range of food that is international and includes some interesting dishes. Everything is vegan apart from one dessert that contains honey and they told me they are starting to use coconut flower sugar instead so they'll soon be 100% vegan. They sell nice wine too! Fantastic!!

Pros: Unique options, Great tasting dishes, Dine with a view

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Good place for dinner - Edit

Very good place. Tasty food. A bit expensive prices. There are raw and vegan food. Coffee made with cow's milk and soy to your choice. I recommend ravioli with pumpkin, zucchini lasagna and raw chocolate.

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Best - Edit

the best vegetarian restaurant in Phuket. many dishes on the photo in the menu anymore.

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this is by far the best vegan food I've had in all over thailand. I come for every meal. exceptional food at a fair price. all vegans must come here. this food rivals vegan food back in New York City it's that good.

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Beautiful food, stunning location - Edit

Great menu as described in other reviews..

Phenomenal service and exceptional quality for price!!

Love it!! Will be back!!

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Easily the best entirely vegan menu & restaurant in Phuket if not all of Thailand!

Have struggled to find many on-purpose vegan eats in Thailand but this place is easy to find - just look for the big "Vegetarian and Vegan food" sign on the big hill on your way to the Big Buddha from Kata beach.

The people are amazing; super friendly and extremely accommodating. They even gave us a bunch of samples and entrées totally free of charge!

The food is possibly some of the best vegan food I have ever had! A perfect blend of comfort foods, pastas as well as well thought out raw and super healthy options. The juices are incredibly real! The mock meat options are also amazing and don't taste glutinous or overly soy based but still taste epic!

Can't say enough kind words about this restaurant. Will definitely not disappoint and a must go for all types of vegans, vegetarians and juice lovers.

Not to mention the view is incredible; overlooking all the town near Kata beach. You can even see the Big Buddha from the deck.

Thank you Santosa! We will be back many times :)


Pros: Amazing view!, Amazing food!, Amazing staff!

Cons: Trying to explain to a taxi where it is.

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A very great place - Edit

We found the restaurant by chance. The place is really beautiful with an awesome view. There are a lot of choice for the juices and the smoothies. There are two pages of vegan meal and one of raw vegan. You can take a big salad too.
The peuple are blithe.
But if you want to go you need your own means of transport. The price was great for the quality.

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