Serves meat, vegan options available. Italian chain restaurant with locations in several countries and a focus on tomatoes. Offers Napoli style vegetarian pizzas that can be made using vegan mozzarella. Other vegan options are clearly labeled and include bruschetta, two types of pasta, and one pizza. Vegan cheese can be used in place of dairy on any pizza. Open Mon-Sun 12:00-15:30, 18:30-22:30.

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Mostly Veg
01 Dec 2023

Pausa pranzo Ardiss

Ho provato l'hamburger vegano del menù per gli studenti, convenzionato con l'Ardiss. Buono, anche se migliorabile, magari con del formaggio vegano o con una qualche salsa per renderlo un po' meno asciutto. Accompagnato da delle patatine fritte e da una salsa ketchup. Per quello che ho comunque pagato come studente, lo consiglio per una pausa pranzo veloce



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24 Oct 2023

pizza con mozzarella vegana

uno dei miglior posti dove mangiare una margherita con una buonissima mozzarella vegan!


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20 Aug 2023

Gluten-free vegan pizza in town

The place offers normal and gluten-free pizzas. Cheese can be replaced with vegan mozzarella.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-20


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19 Jun 2023

Perfecto ♥️

Perfect vegan pizza option. Great service and very friendly staff.

Pros: Vegan rice cheese


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10 Jun 2023


Bruschetta was delicious but the service was horrible! Pizza was ok as well! Have a lot of vegan/vegetarian options as well as vegan morzarella!


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27 May 2023


Tried their vegan pizza, it was really delicious.


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10 Mar 2023

Vegan cheese pizza

Classic Napoli style pizza. Quite fancy and formal restaurant but the price for the classic margharita with vegan cheese was fine. Delicious.


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04 Sep 2022

Do not go there

We ordered one completly vegan pizza, which was okay but not very tasty. We also had one Margherita with mushrooms and vegan Cheese, but they brought us one with real Mozzarella. We told them and the waiter didn't believe us and promised that it was the vegan Cheese, which it was obviously not. We decided to eat it because he didn't offer to change anything and we were really hungry. After the meal we told the waiter again that it was definitly not vegan Cheese and he basically ignored us and went away instead of apologising or talking to us. Mistakes can happen but the way the staff here treats the customers is a joke.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-04


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04 Sep 2022

Got real Mozzarella but ordered vegan one

We ordered the veganotta (only fully vegan pizza) and a vegan magerita with fungi. The veganotta came just perfect, the magerita was with real cheese although we talked a lot about it with the waiter. We asked for help and he was absolutely sure, that it was the vegan one. We ate it, and it was real Mozzarella! We are vegan for three years now, we know how real Mozzarella tastes. The veganotta (the other pizza) had the mozzarisella on it and it looked and smelled completly different. We asked two waiters and both ignored it. Service was also really slow and unfriendly.

Cons: Gave us real Mozzarella instead of vegan one, Unfriendly and slow service, On big street, really noisy


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16 Jun 2022


Not bad but also not that good. You can find better places in Triëst.


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18 Apr 2022

Yummy Vegan Pizza 😍

Best italien vegan Pizza I‘ve had. The rice mozzarella was very delicious 💚


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11 Oct 2021

Great Pizza

What he said. (The description)


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21 Sep 2021

Beste Pizza!

Die Pizza schmeckt hier wirklich super lecker. Habe mich für die Marinara entschieden (ohne Käsealternative) und war absolut begeistert.

Pros: Auf Wunsch veganer Mozzarella, Super lecker

Cons: Karte nur auf Italienisch


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02 Sep 2021

Vegan mozarella :)

I ordered the signature pizza with different tomato varieties. It was good but a bit too sweet (I think "real" mozarella would balance the tomato sweetness out better than the rice mozarella that they use for vegans). I think that's also why my pizza fell apart... Just too many watery ingredients on a thin dough :/.

I recommend this place, but maybe order another kind of pizza, with less tomato, so you don't run into the same problems I did. :)

Pros: Vegan mozzarella substitute


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25 Aug 2021

Great Neapolitan pizza, the vegan way

Great Neapolitan pizza, we had the “Picciotta one”, with Roma tomato sauce, vegan rice mozzarella, vegan sausage, mushrooms, artichokes and olives. The pizza dough is also made with wholemeal and chickpea flour. Greatly recommended.

Pros: Clearly-labelled vegan options, Great Neapolitan pizza , Vegan sausage and rice mozzarella


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11 Sep 2020

Great Pizza with vegan Mozzarella

You can habe any pizza on the menu with vegan cheese, even the pizza fritta😋


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28 Aug 2020

Great vegan pizza

Had a relaxing evening here in summer, got the last outdoor table for 2 and I had the multiple tomato pizza with the vegan cheese. It was delicious.

Pros: Good pizza option, Friendly staff

Cons: Cheap


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19 Aug 2019

Good pizza, typical posh environment

The pizza was really great with untypical dough but truly good! There is only one vegan pizza to order but you can combinate another type with vegan cheese to make own vegan one (you can even order on pizza whatever you want without any problem.


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16 Aug 2019

Super good napolitan pizza

I had the pizza pomparella with vegan mozzarella (rice)

Pros: They have vegan mozzarella (rice)

Cons: None😄


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20 Nov 2018

good vegan pizza options

You can order every pizza with rice mozzarella. I can recommend the wholemeal dough! very fluffy and tasty. The rice mozzarella tastes good but not like cheese, in my optionen more like vegan bechamel sauce. english speaking stuff and english menu available.
I paid 13 euros for pizza (wholemeal dough, rice mozzarella an vegetables) and water (0.5l).

Pros: vegan mozzarella option, wholemeal dough available , english menu

Cons: a bit expensive


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06 Oct 2018

good service, delicious food

Its possible to order vegan cheese for the pizza but there are also already vegan and glutenfree options on the menu. Service was very friendly.


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17 Aug 2018

Delicious pizza with lactose free mozzarella

Amazing food! I’ve come after 6:00pm, directly after the opening, and the service was very quick. After 7pm becomes rather crowded. Highly recommended

Pros: Few good vegan options and plenty for vegetarians, Very tasty house wine:)

Cons: Not so expensive. Pizza available from 6euro


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27 Apr 2018

The best vegan pizza

I always go there when I visit Trieste, because they offer really good vegan pizza with vegan mozzarella. Last time I was there, vegan options were not even listed on the menu so you just have to ask. The tomato sauce and the dough are to die for. They do not have any vegan desserts though.

Pros: Best tomato sauce, nice staff and service, locatio

Cons: Not very cheap and there should be more different


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15 Dec 2017

awesome pizza

The restaurant is pretty big and crowded, but for a good reason..the pizzas are delicious! They have vegan cheese, however there are not may vegan friendly pizza options (not many veggies, more fancy cheese and such) but the tomatoes are the real star, so going for a simple margerita is the best. You can also costumise your pizza with different add-ons like eggplant or arugula.

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