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Natural food market specializing in all natural and organic food products. All organic fresh fruit and vegetable. Bulk staples, packaged foods, beer and wine, and more. Has another location in Clarksville and is operated by the same owners as Great Sage restaurant. Open Mon-Tue 8:00am-8:00pm, Wed 9:00am-8:00pm, Thu-Sat 8:00am-8:00pm, Sun 8:00am-7:00pm.

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First Review by joker111481


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11 Jun 2023

Huge variety of plant based

Love everything about this place. The options are expansive and delicious. Plant based items are well marked. And the staff are always super helpful.

Pros: Tons of options , Super fresh produce , Tasty “in house” items

Cons: Slightly expensive



Points +119

07 May 2023

I come here when I want a treat

I absolutely love roots, I’ve been going on and off since I went vegan in 2017. If ur vegan , u will love the sandwhiches they make in store. And my go to’s are always the beyond chicken nuggets and Yukon fries, so yummy . It’s expensive I will admit but ofc , that’s to be expected with a store that has as many healthy and local options as it does

Update: but they have the BEST Mac and Cheese in their hot bar I love I do so much! Their garlic kale and garlic potatoes are the bomb too in the hot bar

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-28


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22 Nov 2020

One of the best grocery stores in Maryland with Vegan and Plant Based options

There are 2 Roots markets that I frequent and I prefer the Olney location because of it's larger floor plan and selection of beer and wine. I can always find any plant based or vegan food in either market, but the Olney store allows me to also select a vegan wine to match with my meals for the week. My only complaint is that like all specialty markets, Roots bills at the cashier sometimes cause my limited hair to stand on end. With that said, quality is great in everything I've ever bought and it's a truly enjoyable experience to shop there.

Pros: Great service, Incredible selection, clearly labeled vegan wine and beer

Cons: higher prices than main stream markets


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06 Aug 2020

Great for vegan products

One of the best specialty grocery stores I've been to. I've found them to be very good at stocking new vegan products that come on the market.


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17 Jul 2020

Goodies galore

Love visiting this store and stocking up on Vegan products.


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08 May 2020


Lovely grocery store, tons of amazing new products, great health food . I LOVE how the meat and dairy are separate ❤️

Pros: So many vegan fresh food and frozen , New products , Great stock


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04 Jun 2019

One of the best markets in Maryland

Roots is easily of one the best vegan friendly markets in all of Maryland. They have an extensive selection of grocery personal care items that you won’t find in most stores. One too, pay attention to expiration dates.

Pros: Amazing vegan options , Hot food , Friendly staff

Cons: Small eatery


Points +122

21 Mar 2019

The Best of the 10 Markets in Olney

Roots is my happy place when I am at home.
They stock many vegan and natural products.
Their vegan baked goods are amazing... get the oatmeal cream pie and thank me later.
I do wish they stocked more natural (crap free) vegan products.


Points +34

27 Feb 2019

Roots Market

Consistently exceeds expectations

Pros: All produce is organic, In- house delicious vegan desserts, Fresh, clean interior


Points +150

02 Aug 2018

go to spot

Roots Market has become one of my go to spots to shop and find hard to find item's. Also, the vegan ravioli and pastries are the bomb!


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10 Jul 2018

Rewards Member

Shop here weekly great place all the Vegan favorites and growing, lots of events are held here with free tastings, you can bring your carnivora friend or sibling there hot and cold bars to accommodate both, also they serve both at their made to order sandwich bar.and vegan made and ready to go section. The hot bar at their Clarksburg location is all Vegan.

Pros: Vegan Products, Organics, Organic Wines

Cons: Close at 9:00pm, Not all vegan bar at one location, Ready made salads can be cheaper


Points +22

04 Jun 2018

Great place

This place has the most vegan options of any store, just about everything’s organic too! They’ve got a variety from foods to health and beauty.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Can be quite pricey sometimes


Points +81

17 Mar 2018

Wonderful shop

I love love love Roots!

I only get to go once or twice a year when visiting family in the area, but I always make sure I head to Roots a couple of times per visit. I love discovering what's new since my last visit.

They have such wonderful vegan products. I don't get much produce there, as that's already available where I stay, but I love nosing about the new (to me) vegan cheeses and Roots-prepared baked goods, dips, sandwiches etc. I am a big fan of their own artichoke spread and always take some home with me. Their guacamole is great too. The harvest bread and rolls are wonderful.

I just love everything about the store, whether it be hanging out in the body care section for half an hour or spending 25 minutes deciding what vegan cheese I'm going to try next. It's a really nice space. While pricey for some things, it's really not that bad comparatively - and they can have some pretty good sales.

I live in Canada and it's no longer possible to find Earth Balance chips/puffs so I generally stock up, especially on the "cheese" puffs.

Staff are very nice and helpful, although some can be a bit cool/distant.

Updated from previous review on 2018-03-16

Pros: lovely space, great selection


Points +1341

14 Jan 2018

Best vegan grocery store in the area

Don't let it's size fool you - Roots has even better vegan options than the larger (by square foot) sized Whole Foods. They've everything a newly transitioning vegan would want (faux meats and cheeses, frozen vegan foods, vegan bakery options, vegan deli options, etc) as well as a beautiful produce section that has a great variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also has bulk foods (grains, beans, nuts, dried fruits, etc). Staff is extremely helpful and responsive - if they don't carry something you are looking for they will try to get it for you.

Pros: Full range of vegan grocery options, Friendly staff

Cons: They do sell animals and animal products


Points +32

14 Jan 2018

Has best vegan options in Maryland

Lots of Vegan choices and is very vegan friendly.


Points +80

10 Jun 2015

One stop-shop for vegan items

If you are a vegan, this may be the only store in town where you can find non-dairy cheese and suitable meat-replacements. When it comes to these items the prices are quite reasonable, but you may need to go elsewhere to find certain canned vegetables or hummus at a much lower price. Although I must say the roots brand hummus, at it's high price, has texture and flavor yet to be surpassed by any other brand in my experience.The selection is outstanding, specifically for me in the varieties of rice and cereal. They offer many different types of dried fruit at reasonable prices as well, a tasty snack for any occasion or situation. The nuts by the pound are reasonably priced and costco can't do much better (costco only has a 2 dollar discount when buying 3 pounds in comparison).

Pros: Vast vegan selection, Houses all my needs, Very polite and welcoming staff

Cons: Marked up items that are found elsewhere, Minimal selection on pita bread


Points +5837

31 May 2015

Superb selections

As soon as you walk into the store, you will notice an abundance of fresh, local and/ or organic produce. Apples, bananas, onions, lettuce, spinach, potatoes, carrots, leafy green veggies, berries, citrus and whatever else you can find in the stores around Roots. Also, there is a fresh salad bar and juice cooler right by the produce, as well as a respectable collection of bulk items. There is also a hot bar section... Though it has some animal flesh, the majority is vegan- for now, the hot items are mainly the veg stews from a local Ethiopian restaurant.

The bulk items are fun for snacks like dried fruit, raw nuts and snack mixes. The juices include raw and processed, with a selection that competes with or exceeds the selection of other stores. It does have a few local juices missing from the case, but still a great cooler to browse at and admire.

The salad bar had a bunch of vegan salads made with Beyond Meat chik'n. Most items on the salad bar are vegan, and many are organic.

As you walk further into the store, expect to find traditional area for canned goods, frozen items, nondairy milks, grains and cereals, to name a few. They have a nice wine selection, a few vegan/gluten free baked goods, and many toiletries for the vegan shopper. There is also a raw section for crackers, cookies and the like.

This store is very vegan friendly, but it can be such fun that it might not be too friendly on your wallet if you buy every vegan item you see. If you are looking for vegan whatever, you can probably find it here.

Pros: Produce, Salad bar, Raw choices

Cons: Location


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06 Jul 2011

Groceries for the conscious shopper

Whatever diet you can come up with, Roots can probably accomodate. Plenty of vegan, gluten-free, organic, free-trade, raw, etc. They have a great vitamin/supplement section, and a lot of hard-to-finds drinks as well (alcoholic and non). It's not as big as a chain grocery store, but is quite substantial.

I tend to buy fruits, vegetables, and basic groceries locally and drive over to Roots every now and then for specialty items. The prices for the soft drinks/packaged foods/snacks I buy are as good or better than anywhere else. I suspect their organic vegetables cost more, but still in line with Whole Foods or similar stores. They have a lot of bulk grains and legumes.

Roots is on Georgia Avenue near the exit for the ICC. That being said, it is still a ways to go if you don't live in Olney. I wish Roots would open up a store in Gaithersburg or Rockville (their pet food offshoot, Bark, has done both). Other than that, my only criticism of Roots is that it's not entirely vegetarian/vegan (apparently it once was). It's a nice-looking, friendly place with great hard-to-find goods. I don't know of any better such stores in the area.

Pros: Selection, Price, Cleanliness

Cons: Location


Points +7596

21 Jul 2008

Compassionate / Vegan bias.

This business is very well worth supporting.

Related article here discussing Roots Market & the connected businesses - http://www.nbc4.com/goinggreen/16889288/detail.html
Conscious Corner Provides Green Shopping In Md.

Group Of Stores In Clarkesville Shopping Center Helps People Go Green

UPDATED: 3:08 pm EDT July 15, 2008

CLARKESVILLE, Md. -- Imagine being able to go green in one location -- everything from groceries and wellness, to pet supplies and housewares.

Now people can do just that at a group of stores called the Conscious Corner in a Clarkesville, Md., shopping center.

Like most things that grow, it started with Roots, an organic market and wellness center that Holly Kaufman and her husband Jeff started seven years ago.

But the gift and home section got too crowded so Nest opened next door.

Soon they wanted to open a deli, but there wasn't enough space. They expanded once again and opened Great Sage vegetarian restaurant.

When the pet food section was getting squeezed they opened another space and created Bark.

The Kaufmans, who are vegans, started Roots because they wanted a health food store that focused on organic produce from small farms and carried products free of chemicals and additives.

Being vegans, the Kaufmans didn't carry meat at first. However they now carry organic meat so their customers can get a healthy alternative.

At nearby Nest, customers can browse through a wide array of home items including recycled glass from The Green Glass Company.

They also have books, gifts and clothing made from organic cottons like hemp, soy and corn silk.

Great Sage serves up gourmet vegan cuisine, including a bar full of organic wines, beers and mixed drinks.

After people eat, they can feed their dog or cat at Bark, which offers an array of organic pet foods and supplies.

With the green movement flourishing and more consumers coming on board each day, the Kaufmans are trying to keep up with demand and keep up with the growing consciousness.

The organic food industry reached $17 billion in sales last year and it's not slowing down.

The Kaufmans just opened a second market in Olney this summer and are wondering where else their roots will take them.


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Non Veg
05 May 2008

A lot like Whole Foods, really neat place

I discovered this place by happenstance, I was driving by and I stopped to check it out. It's a lot like Whole Foods, and they have another store called Bark! which is a line of natural pet supply products. I really like it, whenever I'm up in Montgomery County I try to stop by here on my way home.

Pros: good variety, items from local companies and farms

Cons: it's a bit far from my house :-P

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