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Vegan eatery focusing on comfort food. Est. Apr 2019. Black-owned. Open Wed-Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

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29 Dec 2023

Best mac I've had

I'm obsessed with the mac here, although you may not like it if you don't like herbs. I do, and I think this has a lot of flavor for it. The vegan cheese steak is also incredible BUT it is very saucy and if you're getting take out that means the bread will be very messy and soggy by the time you get home. I recommend eating it there if you get the cheesesteak sub. For takeout, stick to the loaded mac or something similar that won't get soggy.

Pros: Tons of flavor, Perfectly seasoned, Never bland

Cons: Too expensive, Too saucy, which can make food soggy for takeout



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10 Dec 2023


Refocused Burger with bacon and cheese was delicious! Such a large burger I needed to use a fork to eat it! My husband loved the mac and cheese (both on his burger and on the side!).


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08 Oct 2023

So good!

Great fast-food style soul food. Everything is amazing, but as other reviewers have mentioned, the Mac and cheese is truly the star of the show.


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28 Sep 2023

Craving killer

This place has some of the best vegan “fast” food. We got the loaded cheese steak fries, crab cake sandwich, chicken sandwich, Mac n cheez, truffle parm fries, fried shrimps and cookies. Everything was AMAZING except the shrimps. The flavor was good but the texture was not for us. The Truffle fries were so crisp and flavorful. Chicken sandwich was on point! We added bbq and onion. Mac n cheez was on a whole-notha- level. So flavorful and creamy. Not your standard yellow American Mac. It’s very well seasoned almost gives pesto vibes. Loaded fries…… I can’t even. They were so warm and creamy but the fries were still crispy. Everyone working there is so kind too. I would literally move to Baltimore for this food.

Pros: Black owned and operated , The food is 🔥, Customer service on point.


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22 Aug 2023

Upscale fast food

Best mac and cheese in Baltimore by quite some distance (all vegan), likewise excellent vegan crab cakes. Unusual vibe inside - kind of like a fast food restaurant where you order at the counter, but also has a bar. I usually get the food to go then walk 2 minutes to St. Mary's Park, which is really nice (also where Bike Party usually starts, so hitting Refocused before that on the last Friday of every month is a must).


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08 Aug 2023

Amazing fast food

I tried the fried chicken sandwich with mushrooms, texture was on point, flavor was outstanding 🤯 My gf tried the mushroom sub and she loved it as well! We will go back and try the rest of the menu when we visit Baltimore again, it's a must!!! I love love love vegan fast food restaurants like this one!!!

Pros: Flavor and texture, Varied menu, Clean


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18 Jul 2023

Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!

Refocused is a great place if your craving what I’d call delicious Americana style food made vegan! The portobello cheesesteak sandwich is SOOOOOO GOOD! As is their Mac and cheese and Parmesan fries! I also love their black bean burger!

Pros: The food is delicious , Prices are not to expensive , Food arrives promptly when delivered

Cons: Bigger size of the Mac and cheese please!


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27 May 2023

Best Mac & Chez Ever!

This place was great! The max and chez alone was worth the drive but the sausage and cheesesteak put it over the top. Thanks so much for great service and food!

Pros: All vegan, Lots of variety, Best Mac and chez

Cons: None


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16 Mar 2023

Top All Vegan Spot In Baltimore

I can’t get enough of this place I just wish they had another location or was closer. I would eat here every Friday or so.

Pros: The owner and staff are great , Love that they have a bar , Food is the best vegan spot I’ve had yet!.

Cons: Not many locations , Not as close to me as I would like , Nothing bad about this place


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30 May 2022


Great atmosphere! Food was very fresh. I had the shrimp wrap and it was delicious. Will definitely return!


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24 Apr 2022

Amazingly Delicious!

My family of three stopped here driving to DC. So glad we did. Shrimp and crab cake burger is the bomb. My daughter has the chkn burger that was super super crispy. Loaded Mac and cheese was pretty good as well. The crab cake is really on point though.

Pros: Fried items super crispy but not dry, Great selection , Ample seating


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27 Mar 2022


Super friendly staff and the food was delicious

Pros: Lots of options

Cons: You have to order on your own


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15 Dec 2021

Food is good.

Chickun salad sandwich/ wrap is very good.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , love the food

Cons: Chips to go with chickun salad sandwiches, Better drink options


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22 Sep 2021

My go to Grub Spot

I love this establishment. The customer service and the food is always on point. I've introduced countless people to Refocused. The Best Mac n Cheese is the best around and the vegan wings are top notch.

Pros: Food , Decor, Customer Service

Cons: Parking sometimes


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21 Sep 2021

Dishonest ownership

Went to an event organized by this restaurant's owner and felt that it was misrepresented ($20 entrance fee x2 and barely any food). I had traveled to come to this event from over an hour away and was STARVING. Within 5 minutes of arriving I was standing in a LINE of disappointed customers asking very nicely for their money back, but he refused ALL of us. Most expensive forkful of food I've ever had. Vowed never to spend a dime in his restaurant if this is how he treats customersm

Cons: Dishonest, Unethical


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03 Aug 2021

Well-done Junk

While it's novel to get a deep-fried battered patty and nice to get fries you know are truly vegan (ie vegan fryer given vegan establishment), the menu is so disappointing: it's plantmeat and white flour, with a slice of tomato or leaf of lettuce thrown in. Basically, it's the vegan fast food. And I eat it occasionally, but then I feel I need to avoid it for weeks to restore proper nutrition haha.

Pros: vegan establishment, fun atmosphere, ease of ordering (/online)

Cons: limited/ fast food menu


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13 Jun 2021

Wildest vegan food

This place serves food that dances on your tastebuds. Mac & cheese, cheesesteak, fried shrimp… all the yummies. It will make omnivores forget about eating animals.

Pros: All vegan yumminess , Comfort eats , Expansive menu & dine in


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13 Mar 2021

good quick food

great but a little pricey for what it is. it has a fast food feel (though takeout only during covid might be somewhat responsible for that) and probably involves some store bought fake meats etc., as other reviews have mentioned, but the chicken in the chicken wrap was very crispy and it had a flavorful sauce. the mac and cheese side was creamy and uniquely flavored with herbs. no daiya detected.

Pros: very friendly and attentive staff, covid safe procedures, delicious and filling

Cons: somewhat pricey for basically fast food


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07 Feb 2021

Will come again

The food was good. However, there were some mistakes with the order. The great part was the owner refund the things I didn't get. So, I will give it another try.


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13 Jan 2021


We got chicken sandwich, cheesesteak on a roll, crab cake sandwich, Mac and cheese, and fried shrimp. The sandwiches were GREAT (Chicken & crab cake especially)!! The Mac and cheese was good, but not super cheesy. As a vegan I liked it, but thought the one I make at home is better... the fried shrimp were just imitation shrimp and the breading wasn’t thick. Still giving 5 stars because the sandwiches were SO FREAKIN GOOD.


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07 Nov 2020

Customer Service Needs Work

My family and I were in town for a few days from Georgia (this experience happened 8/28/20) and were looking for a good spot for some vegan food. This was not our first choice (we originally were going to a spot inside Lexington market- that may not be the name anymore but that’s what it was called years ago when I lived in MD and worked at the DNA lab across the street).

When my daughter and I walked in, a guy was sitting at the counter evidently on the phone taking an order. He looked at us and continued to sit in silence listening to the caller for FIVE MINUTES. I could see two people in the back who weren’t doing anything and finally after making eye contact with a female in the back, she came to the front and said something to the guy about taking my order. Eventually he put the call on hold and took our order. Honestly that is the only negative thing I have to say about this place. I opted not to get anything but my daughter ordered their “cheezesteak sub” and chocolate chip cookies. She loved the sub and thought the cookies were “ok”. I would have given 3 stars because good customer service is EVERYTHING to me but my daughter insisted I give them 4. I believe in second chances so we may try again when we’re in town.

Updated from previous review on 2020-10-19

Pros: Good menu choices, Tasty food

Cons: Customer Service


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17 Oct 2020

Chick’un sandwich!

Stopped here after another vegan place was closed. So glad I did!!
Chick’un sandwich was awesome! Crispy! (Next time I’ll ask if they can add a spicier sauce to it.)
Ordered loaded mac to try. Delicious too, but after the sandwich, too full to eat much of it. Leftovers for later! Winning!
It was crowded, but guy at the front was very nice and apologetic. Don’t apologize for being busy! They were hustling to get orders out, so can’t fault them for it at all. I wait 60 mins for a 60 ride at Disney, I can wait a bit for great vegan food. Worth the wait!

Pros: All vegan , Good food , Modern, clean


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27 Sep 2020


It’s a bit harder to rate places during covid because they aren’t able to offer you the normal / full experience. I ordered take out in person. When i got there it took a minute for the staff to notice me. No one else was there as a customer at the time. The person who did was super nice and helpful. Food came out pretty quick. My breading didn’t stick to my shrimp like shown in another picture on here. I used to buy the Yves ones when they were out and dig them but yes it’s an acquired taste or texture! I liked the cocktail sauce. My philly wrap was pretty bland, would pick something else if I went again.

Pros: Good selection of food , Vegan shrimp! , Vegan anything! Nice menu boards too.

Cons: Everything is pricy these days I guess but, yeah , Bland wrap , Covid, but that’s not their fault!


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15 Aug 2020


Me and my husband were roadtripping down from CT on the way to NC and had to stop off the highway to this amazing black owned vegan restaurant!! Food came out super fast and absolutely delicious. My hub is not vegan and he said the choc chip cookies were the best cookies be ever had period. Also; the mac is amazing! Vegan chik sandwich is absolutely massive, a bit greasy but definitely satisfying! I still have to try the vegan wings and philly ( we are so stuffed from the chik sandwich) but i bet theyll be amazing

Pros: Affordable, Fast , Delicious


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29 Jul 2020


I'm from Cleveland ohio and we dont have many plant based options there so when I saw this on happy cow I just KNEW I had to come. The atmosphere was beautiful, clean. Staff was very friendly and the food I had was phenomanal. I also got the truffle parm fries so will have to update when I am hungry again and eat those 🖤🤤🤤🤤


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30 Apr 2020


Was so happy to find this place. The food is delicious. They have vegan shrimp which is hard to find and something I love. It is a family run establishment that has great atmosphere and music. They cookies and burgers are amazing as well as the nuggets and Mac N cheese. You have to give them a try.

Pros: All vegan, Great flavor , Great atmosphere

Cons: It is definitely not low calorie


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02 Mar 2020

At the counter...

...the young girl at the counter is part of why I can’t wait to go back. That- and the amazing food. Please become a chain and have many restaurants!!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Other restaurant food in-house, Delicious, eat like a “normal” person

Cons: None, None, Seriously none

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