Macrobiotic cafe connected to a health food store located at 〒451-0031 名古屋市西区城西2丁目15番地13号. Kitchen feel with Hawaiian touch. Lunch set served 11:30am-2pm. Other hours serves coffee and dessert; try the chocolate cake. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-3:00pm. Last orders 4pm.

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28 Feb 2024

For the health conscious!

Definitely a good spot near Nagoya Castle for a healthy vegan lunch - the location and the staff were fantastic. You go into the cafe in the shop, order, and go and pay at the counter. There's the option of the lunch set and a curry. The lunch set seems to change regularly so it may be a luck of the draw situation - the meal is a smaller portion and unfortunately, I didn't love the soup of the day as it was quite earthy. Definitely still worth a visit if you'd like a healthy lunch near Nagoya Castle!

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13 Jan 2024

Tasty lunch meal

Bit of a wait for the food to arrive (they were fairly busy), but the lunch set meal was delicious. The set also came with a drink and dessert choice. The staff were friendly and helpful, and the meal was cheap. If you have the time, it's worth the wait.

Pros: Delicious meal, Cheap, Friendly staff

Cons: Long wait


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20 May 2023

Waiting time… was worthy!

You will wanna take it slow here. Take your time and enjoy the food that is sooo good 😍


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19 May 2023

For health nuts

When I went they had a guest chef making meals, which were the same for everyone (one big sampler plate). The staff were very kind. You pay in the store connected to the restaurant before eating. Might be confusing if you don't know Japanese...

The food was certainly healthy but it was lacking in bold flavors. The croquette-like dish was good. I think if you're an Organic Ultra Healthy Gluten Free No Fat No Carbs No Protein No Calories type of person it might interest you but for me I was left wanting afterwards.

Pros: Nice staff

Cons: Lacking in satisfaction

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22 Apr 2023


Had lunch there and really enjoyed it.
Really tasty, OK price, few options in the menu but I think that's alright

Pros: Good taste, Good amount of food, Welcoming attendant

Cons: Few options


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24 Dec 2022

Wonderfully designed meal

Spacious cafe with seating for 16. Pay before you eat. Great service and food was full of wonderful flavours. #Veganuary

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Pros: Diverse flavours, Filling, Good selection in the shop

Cons: Short hours


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24 Sep 2021

Vegan cafe near nagoya castle

The food was delicious and the shop itself is fairly spacious. It is weird that you can’t order a set without coffee and that you can’t upgrade your drink so if you want another drink you have to order it on top of the price of the set meal.

Pros: All vegan, Healthy, Spacious

Cons: Short hours, A little pricey, Small menu


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23 Dec 2020

Very delicious and satisfying homemade food!

Perfect spot after Nagoya castle visit! Satisfying and super healthy!

Pros: Real healthy food , Super good creamy soups, Nice coffee



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02 Jun 2020


Not many options but healthy and delicious, and the parfaits are amazing!


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07 Mar 2020

Delicious dessert! Organic shop

Good place to eat and shop some vegan grocery.


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19 Dec 2019

Healthy but not tasty.

I can tell it’s healthy but not satisfied.


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26 Aug 2019

High Quality Vegan Cafe with Ice Cream Thick Shake!

Read more in this vegan Nagoya guide:

Close to Nagoya Castle, Pupu Kitchen is a cafe that’s inside a health food store. It only serves lunch from 11:30am – 2pm. So if you want to try the lunch set, make sure you arrive in time.

The lunch set has a selection of small dishes that changes from time to time. The taste and variety are great. I especially like the slightly wasabi flavored creamy potato salad.

The seasonal soft serve ice cream parfait tastes as good as it looks. It uses matcha and black sesame syrups, and a scoop of sweet red bean.

Another must-try is this soft serve ice cream thick shake. Yes, this shake uses soft serve ice cream! The result is thick, creamy and delicious.

The health store outside Pupu Kitchen has a lot of vegan groceries, including noodles, snacks, sauces, and even cookies and ice cream. The owner there seems to be familiar with which item is vegan. When I accidentally picked a non-vegan curry, he was able to let me know.

Pros: All Vegan, Ice cream thick shake is delicious, Right next to a vegan friendly grocery shop

Cons: Only serves lunch


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21 Aug 2019

Delicious stop in Nagoya

Super friendly staff, great menu of clean, healthy food with lots to choose from - especially milkshakes and parfaits for dessert which is great if you're a sweet tooth like me. Well priced for the portion sizes and a nice bike ride away from Nagoya castle. Fantastic!

Pros: Great menu, Delicious , Well priced

Cons: Small (seats only maybe 12?)


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12 Jul 2019

Excellent food

The lunch set with rice and soup on the side is delicious! The soy milk shakes and parfait are also amazing. The health food shop has a good selection of vegan soy “meats”.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, English menu, Dessert


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07 Jun 2019

Delicious food

For a big city, Nagoya's vegan options are very limited. But luckily there's a place like Pupu Kitchen. We had the daily lunch set and a parfait for dessert. The food was amazing!


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02 Jan 2019

Finally a Vegan Ice Cream!

Definitely makes your mouth water seeing all the dairy soft-serve ice creams basically near all the castles. Was soo good to finally dig into one that didn't have dairy in it (plus cruelty-free!). I tried their ice cream, chocolate parfait and hot cocoa. I didn't enjoy the chocolate parfait too much because it had a citrus layer to it that used oranges. Would have liked it with just chocolate. That's a personal preference though. The ice cream was delicious. It had a topping that was sweet and biscuits inside that were fantastic. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the staff were friendly.

I was disappointed to see animal ingredients (namely fish) in their health shop...

Pros: Friendly atmosphere, Options, Healthy

Cons: Not sure about all the ingredients


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06 Sep 2018

Amazing soft cream and vegan products galore!

When I was here, I got the mango soft cream parfait which was absolutely heavenly! It is extremely hard to find vegan soft creme in Nagoya, so just having it is wonderful, and it was the perfect level of sweetness!

The store next to it had a wide selection of organic products, and some hard-to-find vegan ones, such as vegan ice cream, vegan ramen packs, and soy chips.

I had a great experience, and will definitely be back here in the future.

Pros: Tasty desserts, Friendly staff


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30 Oct 2017

Excellent store, not very interesting restaurant

The store is excellent, the staff are well-informed and very kind.. They had excellent goods. The adjoining restaurant, however, left a lot to be desired. The experience wasn't interesting, and even the dishes you would think were (e.g. the vegan soft ice) didn't taste of very much. A plus for some of the local delicacies, but still, left too much to be desired. The store gets a 5/5, the restaurant gets a 3/5. .

Pros: Excellent store with good staff, Affordable lunch deals , Local dishes in vegan versions

Cons: The restaurant left a lot to be desired, Bland food


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24 Oct 2017

fantastic food

Microbiotic set Lunch was amazing. Plus the desserts are a must here.


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01 Jul 2017

just what we wanted

Pupu Kitchen and Health Store, Nagoya, Wednesday 28/6/2017 4pm
What a find! We were famished (with stomach’s grumbling) and although we arrived after the hours for serving lunch, the staff obliged us by making two vegan pizzas (which were nice enough) and then a berry smoothie and a parfait (both of which were divine). All vegan menu as far as we could make out. Nice setting in a fairly spacious café. Although the adjacent Organic store sold non-vegan foods (included dairy/eggs), very helpful staff told us which were which. Is within a short distance of the entrance to Nagoya castle – cross the moat and turn right. Just before the road turns right at the Westin Hotel Nagoya Castle, turn left. It’s only another 2-3 mins from here but I can’t remember directions precisely and don’t want to mislead anyone. Then ask somebody or use your knowledge of the address system in Nagoya (it’s at Josa 2-15-13). Reasonably priced at about 3300yen for what we had.

Pros: welcoming and helpful staff, food delicious, reasonably priced


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30 May 2017

Vegan soft serve!!

I was beginning to think vegan ice cream in Japan was a magical unicorn - non-existent! Two other places I tried (in Harajuku and Nagoya) were either closed or not serving ice cream. Hooray for this café! I had the most incredible large parfait for ¥900 which included soft serve, berries, granola, fruit syrup, biscuits and some sort of custard. Totally satisfied my sweet tooth! My partner ordered the smaller parfait for about ¥500 which he enjoyed too.

Pros: Vegan ice cream!!

Cons: None


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29 May 2017

Lovely place

The place is near the Nagoya Castle.
When we got there, they said the menu was sold out, but the waitress went to the shop and brought two vegan bento box which were delicious. It was really nice of her. Then I ordered the parfait and it was delicious!!

Pros: Friendly staff, Amazing food


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18 Mar 2017

Must go place in Nagoya

It's a famous vegan cafe and food shop in Nagoya. Just near the Nagoya Castle. I love this place so much. The food is delicious. I love their rice. It's soooo good. Unfortunately I couldn't try their vegan ice-cream because their ice-cream machine did not work. There are many vegan foods in the natural food shop that I found. There's no English menu and the staff does not speaks English but it's ok because there's not much choices in their menu and all their foods are very good that I don't need to bother to make any decision.

Pros: Convenient locations, Delicious food


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01 Oct 2016

delicious food slightly overpriced

they have a set time for lunch and barely made it, and the waitress was really nice. Theres a daily set menu which changes daily, and it was a creamy croquette (amazing), seaweed daikon, beets, grilled veggies, a salad, a bowl of soup, and a bowl of rice which you can choose the type (white, brown, etc). All in all it was extremely filling and nice to have some quality vegan food. Even though we were stuffed he had to get some dessert, we chose the mango parfait which unexpectedly had frozen mango (wasn't bad considering it was a frozen treat and was also topped with a giant oatmeal cookie which was the best thing ever) and a blueberry cheesecake. Let me just say that it was the best vegan cheesecake I had so far. Slightly over priced but then again veganism isn't as known here and I was satisfied.

Pros: quality food, great dessert, generous portions

Cons: location (far from station), slightly expensive


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30 Jan 2016

Macrobiotic and vegan restaurant

I was pleasantly surprised by the shop, which had a good size of vegetarian shop (some vegan choices). The restaurant is within the shop and both are well organized, clean and cared by love.

I went there with my Nagoya vegan meetup group, and we were all happy. The lunch set is 1,150 which includes drink, brown rice, soup, and variety of vegetables in season.
They also serve soy milk soft ice cream (not included in the lunch set).

The staffs were all very friendly and welcoming.

English website -

Not all macrobiotic restaurants are vegan in Japan, but this one is. Although, seems like what they sell in the store has some dairy and egg products, so if you are vegan, you have to really check the ingredients.

About 10 min away by train from Nagoya station and 5 min walking distance.

Pros: clean and organized, vegan, good vegan lunch set

Cons: limited open hours, away from Nagoya station, packaged foods are not vegan


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29 Jun 2015

Great lunch and friendly staff...

I arrived in Nagoya on a rainy day and a helpful neighbourhood resident directed me to this cafe when my GPS didn't get it quite right. When I got to the cafe, it turned out I had arrived too late for lunch but the friendly staff agreed to make me a pizza and this was fine by me. I also ordered a dandelion coffee and a strawberry smoothie. The pizza was topped with Hijiki (a type of seaweed) and a delicious cheesy sauce (vegan of course). I hadn't missed out on lunch at all. The smoothie was delicious too and so thick my cheek muscles got a workout (not in a bad way). The staff were chatty and we talked about favourite vegan restaurants in Tokyo. I wish I'd had more time here to come back and try something else - including the desserts.

Pros: Delicious pizza and smoothie, Friendly staff


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30 Mar 2014

Great lunch sets

Pupu Kitchen has really delicious and interesting lunch sets. Sometimes, they have a guest chef who prepares a special meal. Reservations are always recommended, but are required for the One day Chef lunches. The location is very convenient, as it is close to Sengencho Subway Station. I would highly recommend this cafe.

Pros: Friendly Staff, Bright atmosphere, Delicious and Interesting Food

Cons: Need to make reservations by phone

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